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<ul><li><p>Ian Jones - English 1A - Fall 2016 </p><p>Essay 4: Cause and Effect Essay </p><p>- Brainstorming Map due (1%), due Nov.14 </p><p>- Annotated Bibliography due (5%), due Nov.21 </p><p>- Rough Draft due (5%), due Nov.23 </p><p>- Peer Editing Workshop (1%), due Nov.28 </p><p>- Student One-on-ones (1%), due Nov.30 </p><p>- Final Draft (10%), due Dec.5 </p><p>- All of these must be typed using MLA format </p><p>Topic: </p><p>As we have discussed in class, there are many important themes in E&amp;Pfor example, bullying, </p><p>abusive families, and navigating interracial identity are all important parts of the novel. You need </p><p>to choose one of these themes and write a research essay exploring the causes of and potential </p><p>solutions to your chosen topic using the book as your starting point. </p><p>For example, you might have been asking yourself as you were reading the novel why Eleanors </p><p>mom, Sabrina, stayed with Richie even though he is abusive. Starting with this particular </p><p>question (why does Sabrina stay with Richie), you might extrapolate a more general research </p><p>question (why do victims of abuse often stay with their abuser). </p><p>Next comes the research. How can you test your hypothesis? What research will support your </p><p>claims? As you move into this stage, be open to the possibility that you might have to refine your </p><p>hypothesis; perhaps while researching bullying, you find that your initial focus was too broad. </p><p>You will need to investigate alternative causes. </p><p>You will be structuring this paper in an inductive style. That is, start with a broad hypotheses and </p><p>then move through the potential causes and evidence before thinking about solutions (i.e. is </p><p>Sabrinas decision to stay with Richie the result of the gender inequalities in our society? How </p><p>then do we best rectify this situation?). </p><p>For any topic you choose, you need to use five (5) research sources (not including the novel </p><p>eleanor &amp; park) to help form and support your argument. You must use at least three (3) </p><p>different types of sources: </p><p>o At least one source must be from a Chaffey library database. o At least one source must be a book, anthology or textbook. o At least one source must be from a credible website, appropriate for academic </p><p>use. </p><p>o The paper should not over-rely on one main source for most of the information. Rather, it should use multiple sources and synthesize the information found in </p><p>them. </p></li><li><p>Ian Jones - English 1A - Fall 2016 </p><p>Tips for writing a successful Cause and Effect essay: </p><p>- A Cause and Effect essay starts with a clearly stated research question rather than a strong thesis statement; however, this does not mean that your essay will not have a main </p><p>argument. It just means that you will pose your question, work through your evidence, </p><p>and reach a conclusion. </p><p>- Remember to use the novel as your starting pointyour introduction should use the novel to introduce this question; likewise, your conclusion should make bring the novel </p><p>back into the discussion. The body of your essay will, most likely, not involve the novel. </p><p>Rather, you will be introducing and analyzing your research sources. </p><p>- This is a research essay. You must use at least five good research sources to inform your discussion. By inform your discussion, I mean more than using a line from a source to </p><p>simply rephrase what you have already written. You need to engage with ideas you </p><p>introduce from your sources. </p><p>Structure &amp; Content Checklist: </p><p>_____ Write an informative yet creative title for your essay; write an inventive hook as well. </p><p>_____ Identify your Research Question in the introduction. </p><p>_____ Organize your supporting paragraphs carefully. Include clear topic sentences and </p><p>transitions. </p><p>_____ You must engage with your sources in every supporting paragraph. </p><p>_____ Write a strong conclusion that wraps up the essay and brings the novel back into the </p><p>discussion. </p><p>_____ Edit and proofread your sentences so that they are as clear and correct as possible. </p><p>_____ Include a properly formatted works cited page. </p><p>_____ Format your paper properly: double-spaced, one-inch margins, 12-point font such as </p><p>Times New Roman. </p><p>_____ This essay must be written in the third person. </p><p>Process You must complete and submit all of the following with the final draft: </p><p>____ typed final draft &amp; works cited page </p><p> Please feel free to email me ( at any point in your writing process. </p></li></ul>