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ESS-2460BD Decanter Centrifuge

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  • Whether you are working toward maximizing product recovery or looking to get the most out of your zero-discharge closed-loop system, Elgins field proven solids control and dewatering centrifuges are a perfect choice. With over 550 centrifuges installed worldwide, Elgins ESS-2460BD is a field proven solution.

    The ESS-2460BD features a 75 hp main drive motor, circulating lubrication system with integrated flow meters & temperature sensor and a 140:1 ratio gearbox. The carbon steel or stainless steel rotating assembly is 24 (610 mm) in diameter and 60 (1,524 mm) in length. With a maximum speed of 2,600 rpm, the ESS-2460BD can impart up to 2,350 Gs of force for efficient liquid / solid product separation. The rotating assembly is given further stability by the use of SKF premium bearings installed into precision-machined pillow blocks. The rotating assembly liquid-end is fitted with four epicentric discharge ports that can be adjusted to required pond depth by simply loosing the set screws. The solids-end utilizes four, wide-mouth tungsten or ceramic-lined discharge ports and can handle large volumes of erosive solids without damaging the centrifuge. The internal conveyor can be configured as a single, double, or triple lead for increased performance. The large feed zone along with oval shaped ports ensures maximum throughput during operation.

    Four Stainless Epicentric Liquid-End

    Discharge Ports

    Key Features and Benefits


    Heavy-Duty Pillow Blocks with SKF


    Four Wide-Mouth Solids-End

    Discharge Ports

    SA-69 Gear Box with 80:1 or 140:1 Ratio

    ESS-2460BD Decanter Centrifuge


    Touch Screen Control System

    To ensure maximum operator flexibility, Elgin has invested in the development of a proprietary touch-screen VFD control system designed. Each stainless steel, NEMA 4X panel is built from the ground up using the most sophisticated electrical components and Yaskawa A1000 variable frequency drives. Elgins VFD systems include a variety of enhanced features including, internal lighting, ventilation and heating, Ethernet porting for diagnostics and programming updates, and a custom designed user interface that allows for maximum operating flexibility and control. Elgins proprietary user interface provides complete control of all systems, as well as, a sophisticated set of diagnostic tools, information libraries and read-only fault logs. Class 1 / Division 1 explosion proof panels available with air conditioning and purged-air protection systems are also available.

    Industries Served

    Food Rendering, Oil & Gas Horizontal Directional Drilling

    Petrochemical Industrial Wastewater

    Contact Elgin Separtaion Solutions for more information about our

    complete line of decanter centrifuges.


    Model Number ESS-2460BD

    Equipment Image:

    Maximum G Force: 2,350

    Maximum Speed: 2,600 rpm

    Maximum Flow Rate 450 gpm (28.4 lps)

    Bowl Construction Carbon or Stainless Steel

    Bowl Diameter 24 (610 mm)

    Bowl Length 60 (1,524 mm)

    Weight: 8,000 lbs (454 kgs)

    Dimensions:124" (3,150 mm) L x

    76" (1,930 mm) W x

    35 (889 mm) H

    SA-69 Gearbox Ratio: 80:1 or 140:1

    Shale ShakersElgin manufactures high-G linear & balanced elliptical motion shakers.

    Modular Solids Management Design

    To maximize space, Elgins packaged treatment systems utilize

    hydrocyclone technology to ensure a small footprint.

    Decanter CentrifugeElgin has a complete line of

    decanter centrifuges.

    Complete Fluid Management SystemsIntegrate Elgins centrifuges with a host of polymer and chemical systems to provide a complete

    treatment solution.

    ESS-2460BDDecanter Centrifuge


    Decanter Centrifuge