eRecruit Focus Group - August 2010

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eRecruit Focus Group - August 2010. Application – Current Employee. myHR Self Service > Careers Job search Application Resume & Cover Letter Other Attachments. Job Search. Keywords Locations Job Families Job Opening ID Hiring Manager. Application. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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eRecruit Focus Group - August 2010Application Current EmployeemyHRSelf Service > Careers

Job search


Resume & Cover Letter

Other Attachments

- Functions like an applicant dashboard can access all job search, application, resume/cover letter, other attachments. Can also see notifications sent by departments. - Can complete a basic job search from this page or can click through to an advanced job search.2Job SearchKeywords


Job Families

Job Opening ID

Hiring Manager

Advanced job search can search by keywords, locations, job family, job opening ID (vacancy #), hiring manager.

Locations: ColumbiaMissouri Central RegionMissouri Northeast RegionMissouri Northwest RegionMissouri Southeast RegionMissouri Southwest Region**What other regions do we need to have?

Job Families:Administrative/Office SupportAlumni/Development/AdvancementCampus Services/Facilities/SafetyCommunications/Marketing/MediaDining/Hospitality/Retail ServicesExtension Program SupportHospital Licensed NursingHospital Non-Licensed Patient CareHospital Allied HealthInformation Technology & TelecommunicationsLibrary/Reference Services/MuseumNon Hospital Health RelatedProfessional MiscellaneousStudent Affairs/ServicesSupervisors/Managers/ExecutivesTeaching & Research FacultyTechniciansTemporary Positions3ApplicationApplication is specific to the job

Resume/Cover letter is specific to the job

Different types of attachments (word, excel, pdf, pictures)

Applications: - Applicants can review all applications that they have submitted over time. All applications are printable. - Once an application is submitted it cannot be edited. If there are changes the applicant will need to submit another application.

Resume/Cover Letters: - Specific to the job. If applicant saves more than one resume copy can choose which one to assign to the application. - Need to be linked into one document to show up with the application for the hiring manager to print.

4ApplicationResume/Cover letter is selected for each application

Special Recruiting NeedsPositions not posted to the webSpousal AccommodationsEmergency HiresDirect Promotions

Business ProcessSubmit requisition and supporting paperwork for approval. Once approved send to HR.Candidate enters application materials onlineHR confirms salary and start date (staff)HR completes offer approval in erecruit.Business Process: - for academics we could still run the offer approval process and have the offer letter approved in eRecruit. Or we could have it approved with the requisition at the start of the process and then we could just link it and have the recruiter do all of the approvals. ** WE DO NOT HAVE A DECISION ON THIS. NEED INPUT FROM DEPTS AND PROVOST OFFICE**6Establishing Screening QuestionseRecruit has multiple screening levelsMinimum Qualifications Preferred Qualifications

Help Us Set Up Screening QuestionsCurrent preferred qualificationsSpecific skill setsWhat jobs could we set up standard questions for?Clerical, Research, IT, PoliceIn the department: peoplesoft skills, software skills, programming languages, etc.7Sample Screening QuestionsPlease select the option that best reflects your skill level with Microsoft Word:

No experience with Microsoft WordEntry LevelIntermediate LevelExpert LevelHow much supervisory experience do you have?

Less than 1 year1 year2 years3 years4 years 5 or more yearsStrategies to Improve Office Recruitment and Selection

Academic Hiring Transition to eRecruitPositions in position entry or position approvalPositions in candidate entryPositions in search approval, recommend hire, or hire approvalPosition Entry or Position Approval: - We recommend that these be cancelled in OARS and entered into eRecruit. - If you are part way through position approval and want to finish the approval and then move the position into eRecruit to start recruiting, that would be ok. You will not have to get an additional approval.Candidate Entry: - If you are working on recruiting and have a good applicant pool you can finish your recruiting in OARS. - If you do not have a good applicant pool and want to start over, you can close the position in OARS and enter it into eRecruit and keep advertising. You do not have to get additional approval.Search Approval, Recommend Hire, Hire Approval: - We recommend that you complete the offer in OARS.10