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  • ENTOURAGE agency brings together a team of young professionals, backed by the work on many projects. We provide our clients new insights into their business and innova-tive business solutions.We believe that every good brand must have a carefully considered planing, strategy, marketing and brand story.

    Why us? Because we are entourage at your business, Your success is our success!





    Each project includes brand-ing ie. visually presenting the client on the market.That includes exploration of the market, research of opportunities, client unique story and all together must be combined with the desire of the client.

    OPG PERKOVIBranding&Marketing

    OPG Perkovic from Retkovci are in the production of goat cheese. The design of the logo, labels and other visual materials we found in traditional clothes specific to Retkovci.


  • YOUTH LOCALPROGRAMBrandingThe project aims to improve the quality of life of young people in the area of the Old City, but also the whole area of the LAG koji (island of Hvar and Vis)

    The project consisted of 7 themes through which is created the project plan for young people. Accordingly logo consists 7 parts by following specific topics through the project. Parts of the logo can be used separately in different forms depends of the project theme.

  • AMOSFERABranding

    Coworking space in Split, Croatia.Place where you can work, meet, network and hang out.

  • Identity by igor djugaBranding

    Brand created for a fashion designer from Split. The new logo and the line were represented on the days ''Montura'' in DiocletianPalace.

  • TramontanaBranding&Marketing

    Happy and unusual brand created for client Tramontana, whose vision is creating an unique atmosphere.

    Local travel agency based in Beli located on the northern part of the island Cres. Their goal is to provide its customers a unique active experience in the natural environment, and they also provide information on local traditions, history, gastronomy ...

  • Each project includes brand-ing ie. visually presenting the client on the market.That includes exploration of the market, research of opportunities, client unique story and all together must be combined with the desire of the client.

    INCLUDE, PAMETNKA KLUPABrandingAt first glance, this product looks simple, but behind this product there is unique story about the quality and innovation. This is what we wanted to achieve with the brand. The entire brand, along with the logo looks very simple, but behind is an interesting story.

    Starting with a name of a product. According to an old English language, Steora in translation means a star.The mean between the letters is 7 and number 7 is the most significant number in the world.The dash in logo is one simple, minimal line that means so much:

    Represents the upper surface of the bench. The location of the line is important. By placing the line about the letter A, it's defin-ing brand as an A+ Class. The logo is like the benchs own digital signature. The line has been carefully measured. It is not just drawn in, but crafted to balance perfectly and mathematically.


    7 is the most symbolic numberThere are seven days in a week.Isaac Newton identied the seven colors of the rainbow as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.Seven circles form the symbol called The Seed of Life.The tangram is a puzzle consisting of seven at shapes, called tans.


  • Eko-stBranding&MarketingEko ST is an eko store that wanted to be represented as a new, natural and eco-friendly store. Marketing strategy was followed by a good visual design and slogans that increased number of visitor into the store!The logo consists of two parts: the typography and descriptors.Brown and green colors emphasize the naturalness of the overall story, where brown represents earth, while green represents its fruits.

    *From the newspapers

  • FTMBranding


    + +FTM

    Foris tuus mundus=doors of two worlds

    Due to the very meaning of the name of the company, a copy of the left and right side (which is not identical) reminiscent of the two doors, and two sides.

    The logo intertwined letters F,T,MThe logo takes the form of the building as seen from the corner, and blanksindicate the windows of the building.





    a+b = = 1,618

    FTM is a company that provides products for the houses and buildings (PVC windows and doors)

  • Braki PahajBranding

    Design won a second prize for the competition of the project ''Brac Pahaj''

  • LandingBranding


    Posters are made in a way to highlight the message of a client. The technique that we use most often are illustrations (with the consent of the client) in order make some differentiation from standard posters.


  • packaging Design

  • WEBsite

  • references

    I can strongly recommend to work with Entourage. All requested work had been

    delivered on time in the most professional quality. There was excellent

    communication before, during and after the project. They understood my ideas and

    put them in to life just they I imagined it

    Karl Schneider, Founder Kapetan Komore

    After meeting Entourage team and seeing their energy and enthusiasm we didnt't doubted whether we should engage them for a youth club in Split. Time has shown that we were not wrong; They built

    a distinctive style of the Club, and attracted numerous customers. I want to put an accent on their expertise and timeliness, respecting the wishes and suggestions of the speakers and the presentators

    we had in Club, visual identity, while leaving their own artistic mark in each work. Always available and ready for high-quality work, Entourage team had proved a reliable collaborator with whom is a

    pleasure to communicate and work.

    Romana Cakta, Youth club Split manager

    The company EntourageI worked on creating visuals Conference: Entrepreneurship in Tourism,

    organized by the Association 3PSplit. It is my great pleasure to collaborate with

    Entourage which is in line with our idea and story proposed solution to our posters and

    other visuals. For this I would particularly pointed their energy and enthusiasm, with

    the aim to better tell the story of the project. We have all the necessary

    discussions and arrangements done by mobile phone and mail in record time.

    Prof. Ivana Bili, Faculty of Economics

    Entourage team helped us in planning andmanaging marketing activities for which we

    are really thankful! They gave us good advises and everything was according to

    deadlines! We strongly reccomed Entourage company as a partner!

    Nina Malesti, Tramontana

    Entourage agency has helped us a lot when we organized a series of talks for students on entre-preneurship in Split. Petra was doing graphical marketing materials such as event posters and

    social media visuals. I'm hard to work with when it comes to graphics as I'm very specific on what I

    want in my marketing but Entourage team has positively surprised with the quality and timing of deliverables. Almost all materials I have accepted

    without any changes which is very rare case. Besides that, Petra is very communicative person

    so we never had any case of any miscommunication. Thank you, Petra. Always

    pleasure working with you.

    Andrey Shtylenko Creator, Communicator, Intermediary, Performance Marketing & Anatyt-

    ics Enthusiast

  • Entourage d.o.o.E-mail:

    Telefon: +385 91 158 2523Adresa: Iloka 11, 21000 Split