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ENT 2017 LENT: BOOT CAMP FOR THE · PDF file Stations of the Cross Devotional Our Lenten devotional this year is a little different. Rather than 40 different reflections, it based

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    Through a series of sermons, readings, and

    discussions we have just finished an extended

    conversation about what is needed to renew our

    church in order that it might make a spiritual impact in a rapidly changing 21st

    century. No doubt each of us engaged in different ways with the messages of

    these past weeks. But one thing we have in common no matter what

    challenged us individually is that we will more likely act on those ideas the

    stronger we are spiritually.

    So it is timely for us to be now entering the Lenten season as this series of

    vision-casting and challenge ends. Historically, we approach the Lenten

    season prepared to journey inward, looking at our interior life, taking

    personal assessment, prepared to be contrite where we’ve fallen short, with

    God’s help, to live more faithfully in the future. Yes, Lent is the one season

    where we undertake the intentional work of seeking a change of heart or


    Reflection and change take work. Lent can be likened to a boot camp for the

    soul. In order to be effectively engaged, we need to become stronger

    spiritually and this happens by practicing necessary spiritual disciplines. This

    year’s Lenten lectionary readings cover the full breadth of lived human

    experience from creation to death and new life. Here we have the

    opportunity to see more clearly a pathway to a virtuous life in contrast to

    one snagged by temptation and drained of spiritual resiliency. I invite you to

    join me on this spiritual journey, utilizing the resources provided during the

    season to further examine your interior life, and to let God’s Spirit search you

    and guide you toward that part of the divine mission you are best equipped

    to meet.

    Faithfully Yours, Pastor David

    LENT 2017

    Ash Sunday First Sunday of Lent March 5 @ 9:45am

    Annual Meeting

    March 5 @ 10:30am

    Pancake Breakfast March 19 @ 8 & 10:30am

    Palm Sunday April 9 @ 945

    Maundy Thursday

    April 13 Dinner @ 6:30pm

    Worship @ 7:30pm

    Good Friday April 14

    Dinner @ 6:30pm Worship @ 7:30pm

    Easter Sunday

    April 16 @ 9:45am

    “See, now is the

    acceptable time; see,

    now is the day of


    2 Corinthians 6:2

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    Lent 2017


    SUNDAY, MARCH 5 @ 9:45AM

    Our Lenten journey begins

    on the First Sunday in Lent

    with ashes and Holy Communion



    Help create artwork to be used during Holy Week

    by stopping by after worship, or during the week,

    to color our stations of the cross posters


    SUNDAY, APRIL 9 @ 9:45AM

    Reenact Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem

    with a joyful procession of palms and instruments



    DINNER @ 6:30PM; WORSHIP @ 7:30PM

    Put your worship into service by bringing food to share

    and eat with our Family Promise families…

    followed by an intimate worship experience

    of foot-washing and Holy Communion in the sanctuary



    DINNER @ 6:30PM; WORSHIP @ 7:30PM

    Service of darkness and hope led by our WPC youth


    SUNDAY, APRIL 16 @ 9:45AM

    Festival service of Word and Holy Communion, joyful music,

    delicious pastries, and an Easter egg hunt for the children

    Winnetka Presbyterian Church 1255 Willow Road

    Winnetka, IL 60093 847.446.7777main 847.446.7790 fax


    David Boumgarden Interim Senior Pastor


    Geoff Duffy Director of Music

    Associate Director of Worship


    Nancy Holly Director of Children’s Ministry


    Rev. Diann Santschi Parish Associate of Pastoral Care & Counseling


    Rev. Kathy Dale McNair Specialized Minister

    Mental Health Ministry

    Dina Price Administrator


    Michael Jin Accountant


    Chris Kenneally Custodian

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    Worship and Music

    Look Around This Lent Geoff Duffy Director of Music, Associate Director of Worship

    The heavens are telling the

    glory of God; and the

    firmament proclaims his

    handiwork. Day to day

    pours forth speech, and

    night to night declares

    knowledge. –Psalm 19:1

    Psalm 19 is a beautiful

    reminder that, if we just

    open our eyes, our ears, and our hearts, there are

    messages from God swirling all around our universe.

    Perhaps there is no better time than Lent to see this

    reality on full display. For 40 days, the church takes

    a mini-retreat to reflect and prepare for the

    upcoming celebration of Easter. And, all along the

    way are signposts from God’s creation.

    This year, our scripture readings during Sunday

    worship are drawn from the most ancient Lenten

    scriptures. The stories from the Gospel of John were

    used by the early church as they prepared converts

    to be baptized on Easter. In many ways, they are

    the primary Lenten scriptures. And they are full of

    imagery from creation.

    On the First Sunday in Lent, we will go with Jesus

    into the barren wilderness to be marked with ashes,

    and fed with the bread of life and the cup of

    salvation. On the following Sundays, we will see

    God revealed through living water, brilliant light,

    and rolled-away gravestones.

    Even the flowers that will bloom during the Easter

    season have a story to tell. On the Second Sunday in

    Lent, we will hear Jesus say to Nicodemus: “God so

    loved the world that he gave his only son…” Take a

    look at the dogwood. It tells the story of God’s love

    without even saying a word. The flower is in the

    form of a cross, the petals are tipped with four

    blood-red scars, and the center resembles the

    crown of thorns.

    So take a look around you during the next 40 days.

    How is God being revealed to you? And how can

    you let that revelation of God’s love change and

    transform you?

    Stations of the Cross Devotional

    Our Lenten devotional this year is a little different.

    Rather than 40 different reflections, it based on the

    15 Stations of the Cross. Our former Associate

    Pastor, Adam Walker Cleaveland, has created some

    beautiful images to color; and our Director of Music,

    Geoff Duffy, has written meditations and questions

    (for adults and children) to accompany them. The

    children will be given the same images, but

    simplified for their level. In addition, we will also be

    coloring the 15 large posters of the stations to be

    used in our Holy Week worship. There will be

    opportunities for families to take the posters home,

    as well as opportunities for everyone to contribute

    their own talents right here at the church. Hopefully

    working and reflecting on this project together will

    help to make our Holy Week worship as a

    community more meaningful. You can pick up your

    devotionals in the narthex or at the front office.

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    February Worship & Music

    Children’s Ministry

    Sunday School

    Kindergarten - 5th Grade

    Children in Kindergarten through 5th grade completed their journey through the books of the Old Testament and now are preparing our journey to the cross with the first day of Lent beginning March 5. During the season of Lent the children in Sunday school will be studying the same Gospel scripture used in worship each week. This provides opportunity for families to talk together about these 40 days leading up to Jesus crucifixion and resurrection.


    of the




    So far five families have taken home our stations of the cross coloring posters and are already actively engaged! We are encouraging these families to send us pictures as they work together on their posters. Check out our bulletin board in the atrium for the latest.


    We delivered over 70 bags of food to the New Trier Township Food Pantry, but before we did Geoff blessed the food with the children on February 5.

    Cookie Baking for Kairos Prison


    During the months of March and April we will be making placemats and signs for the Kairos prison ministry led by Kirk McInerney for WPC. We will also host a cookie baking day after school with a date TBD.

    Hot Cocoa Social

    We hosted our first annual Hot Cocoa Social on February 8 in the CLC. Children and their pare

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