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ENSIFERUM LYRICSalbum: "Ensiferum" (2000)Intro Hero In A Dream Token Of Time Guardians Of Fate Old Man Little Dreamer Abandoned Windrider Treacherous Gods Eternal Wait Battle Song Goblins' Dance

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album: "Ensiferum" (2000)

1. Intro[instrumental]

2. Hero In A DreamA witch read from the palm of his hand that his life would turn into darkness and alone he would face all demons from his past that he tries to forget An elder king warned of the dangers that lie in the valleys of north and his only chance was to find his shadow so he had to set forth He is the man who travels in the land of dragons and magic spells

He rides in the winds of fire and snow and he rules the forest of elves Slash of the golden sword a flash in the burning night Curse of the evil lord He is fighting for his life for the last time Oh such beauty in time, but it's just external He cannot see the truth with his eyes, so he is bound by a lie The snow starts falling in paradise, as he gazes at the stars He will be born again in the sky, when the night turns into a dawn On the way to the ancient castle of time he will soon be damned by rage so that his pride could betray him when it's time to set him free The fears in his mind had to be pushed aside as he walked through the gates He will never die 'cause he is truly a Hero in a Dream

3. Token Of TimeHarvest the field of time with the old man's scythe The narrow path of the chosen one reaches beyond life I set sails for the ageless winds No fear of dying or a thought of surrender I threaten every barrier on my way I am bound forever with Token of Time Among the humble people Everything is torn apart but I'm blessed with faith and bravely I shall go on Are thou the bringer of hope and joy that I've waited for years I shall fight to restore the moon Wisdoms of time are carved on the sacred wood Do thou possess spiritual powers

that would dispel all my fears I shall not die until the seal is broken Token of Time is trusted in the hands of the chosen one

4. Guardians Of FateRace with the wind The night is ending They will win when the sun is rising Stories have been told for years about the rebel man riding in the lands of unknown No one has ever seen their furious beings and their secret remains untold Their deeds shall be heard Their legend will live forever They are the Guardians Of Fate As they shouted their last battle cries their destiny was to be dead Their future was in no one's hands like the prophet of the moon had said Those who travelled far away from home, they'll never return and those who crossed the seas of hope, they all will burn

5. Old ManSo much farther off than time could reach Today it would be too late So much despair he has bled but will he wither away No one knows that you must keep this Old Man wide awake 'cause no one knows that he could feed our lives with a brighter flame [CHORUS 1:] Hush little dreamer, the bearer of light has come to set you free Now little dreamer at last you can sigh 'cause the nightmares will be released [CHORUS 2:]

Sweeter far than life from I found that love was Sweeter far than love to die as he did [J.L.Runeberg] [REPEAT CHORUS 1] The stars fell from the night sky as he reached his hands in the air As the sun peeked between the trees the Old Man burst to tears [REPEAT CHORUS 2]

6. Little DreamerOnce there was a boy back in time of the heathens Day after day he just kept dreaming things that would make him weaker His father could not make him see, that there is more than dreams But he wouldn't listen to the words of his father, 'cause he's a little dreamer Along his quest for solitude A wise man came and told him to follow the stars He ran to the forest with whirlwinds by his side He's lost in this world of lies Take him back where rivers flow upwards He is the one who lives under a moonless sky looking for time Take him back where stars are shining bright Far in the lands of icetop mountains far on the other side pictures are appearing so serenely into my mind Far in the lands of meadows of fire deep in forgotten life memories are drifting away so silently from light Along his path of misery A wise man came and told him to follow... the stars Little Dreamer...

7. AbandonedSing for your tears a song of the hatred

No one can hear 'cause your life is forgotten I want to give my life to you but my will is tied with puppet strings I am fighting and screaming alone inside this empty room They let you down, threw you in the rain They let you down, sent you away... without a name The night is dark when you're alone and sometimes it can be so cruel The rain keeps falling on me so coldly 'cause your wishes didn't come true Nothing seems real anymore as I dive into the sea of lies I don't understand this sorrow that keeps me sane

8. WindriderHe appears from the mists of a dismal lake and the sky crumbles as he flies through the dimensions alone The night has laid a cape on his shoulders and with a grin on his face he attacks with his loyal soldiers, into the unknown There's no place for him in this world, and no ties and all this hate and grief unite in his mind Windrider - seeks freedom with vengeance on his mind to escape from the crimson skygrave and fly away Windrider - is waiting for the final day when he'll be released from the shackles of a slave In the eye of the storm he rides with jaded memories of his life as the fires are dancing colorfully, he is struggling to survive Trapped in a maze, can't get away, what have you became now Take the hammer of the elders and crush your way out His presence is shaking the land as he stands at the mountain peak His instincts are getting weak, but there is still hunger in his eyes, that keeps him alive He wears the mask of the hunted Arts of light for him have been granted

He lives in the fragments of time waiting for his time to die ...Windrider...

9. Treacherous GodsThe Land Is Silent... Before The Storm! On the vast fields of snow, the wind is blowing strong With its frozen cold and relentless touch it leaves a dead and hollow land of ice I have seen through the eyes of a wolf and felt all its pain and loneliness The beautiful land opened before my eyes wild as a beast I ran into the night The Calling Of The Howling Wind Is Raging In The Realms Of North Creations Of Ice Rising Mighty Into The Skies And Treacherous Gods Shall Fall Watching through the falling snow there's no sign of life The fire has gone out in the whirl of time Behold the face of thunder the storm is getting near When the sky calls my name, I have no fear They brought us misfortune, but their honor is about to be crushed My blood flows cold as streams of the North We'll never let them take our souls The calling of the howling wind is raging in the North Creations of ice, rising mighty into the skies and Treacherous Gods shall fall Time And Time Again I Witness The Birth Of A New Born Star I Climb The Highest Mountain To Find The Essence Of A New Era

10. Eternal WaitOver the Forgotten sea Voice of angel is calling for me Somewhere, where the mountains collide That's where I'll find my new life I have carried this burden so long for you that nothing but sorrow I feel I have let myself believe that nothing would hurt deeper than the truth Never has the wind blown like thousand years ago Everything that I've known has left me on my own Never have I felt the rain fall down like the burning flames All I see is the face of eternal wait I hear your silent cry lost in the rainy night No reason to live for one reason to die for I am the one who has fallen into the path of shadows (and that road never seems to end) I am the one who has drowned into the river of tears

11. Battle SongHear the sound of swords fulfill the night Feel the winds of death on your skin See the arrows fly, flaming in the sky Hear the screams of men, as they die We won this battle wit might and fearless hearts We came and we fulfilled our prophecy So now we shall march back towards our kingdom With heads up high and glimmering eyes we returned with our glory Silence now falls upon this blood red field Vultures feasting with the flesh of dead bodies "This is a great moment for all of us but now it's time to head back home victorious"

12. Goblins' DanceOnce in the time of chaos, of sunless days and of unhappiness The statue of the triumphant master stood proud and grim In the light of three descending moons, it twisted and cracked open Unleashing the Goblin King, once again, for the last time "Now the Victory is ours!" "Let us dance the dance of Immortals" They shrieked, as they marched up and down the hills, in the sighing face of earth Misfortune and Chaos, Grief and Destruction The works of Dreaming evil, and the joy of unholiness No soul was left alone, in the mayhem of the human race "Hahahahaa!!!, Let us joy, Let us dance!!!" So they danced