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Enjoy Life to the fullest! - Greatness Leadership ... MARCH, 2017 Enjoy Life to the fullest! A warm welcome to this newsletter, which - I hope - finds you savoring your Life to the

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Text of Enjoy Life to the fullest! - Greatness Leadership ... MARCH, 2017 Enjoy Life to the fullest! A warm...

  • MARCH, 2017

    Enjoy Life to the fullest!

    A warm welcome to this newsletter, which - I hope - finds you savoring your Life to the fullest… The next pages aim at adding

    further spice and inspiration to it  😃

    We look at 15 healthy practices for your emotional well-being, at 10 easy activities to enhance your inner-peace and mindfulness and at ways to control 7 fears thwarting leadership.

    We also celebrate Women leaders, and ask you: “Are you leveraging both your feminine and masculine traits enough?”

    For further inspiration, I share a few snapshots of my travels this quarter, and hope you will also find time for the joy to meet new people along yours.

    Tools and resources complete this edition. Happy reading!

    Here’s to the Greatness in You! Jean-Francois Cousin

    Jean-Francois Cousin

    Speaker, Author and Master Certified Coach

    Director at the Global Board of International Coach


    Chair of Program and Speakers Committee,

    APAC Coaching

    Game Changers at the Circus

    How Leaders can Unleash Greatness in their Organizations


    Share your thoughts and comments by dropping us an

    email at


    “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” Charles R. Swindoll

  • MARCH, 2017

    SPEAKING EVENTS Keys unlocking Asian leaders’ potential

    to become Global Leaders

    Fortune 500 companies’ CEOs (limited) diversity:

    • 10 Asian

    • 4 African-American

    • 10 Latinos

    • 25 Women

    With a vibrant group of Regional HR Leaders and a few CEOs in Singapore, we discussed

    • What value would Asian leaders bring?

    • What is holding them back?

    • Which steps should corporations take to facilitate their rise?

    • What can CEOs and HR executives practically do to help Asian leaders become Global Leaders?

    Drawing from my latest research and from my experience coaching over 700 leaders in Asia, I shared

    • Asian leaders’ strengths and common developmental areas vis-à-vis global leadership requirements in a VUCA world

    • Keys for Asian leaders to gain further confidence and influence, to empower and collaborate effectively across cultures, and to take a world-wise view of business

    • Simple, effective actions CEOs and HR executives can take to support Asian leaders’ rise

    Read More

    With a passionate small crowd of coaches and HR leaders gathered at ICF Bangkok Chapter’s invitation, we explored those 2 questions in depth. And also “what to do with ‘difficult’ or uncommitted colleagues/clients”.

    We discussed ‘victim’, ‘aggressor’ and ‘rescuer’ postures as well as ‘child’, ‘parent’ and ‘adult’ mindsets, and how to nurture and strengthen personal accountability.

    Everyone came up with a deeper understanding of their accountability mechanisms and formed goals for 2017 anchored in solid commitment.

    Read more

    Watch the video - ICF Peer-Coaching evening about ‘Managing Progress and Accountability’

    I invite you to join ICF Bangkok Chapter Activities when you are in town, as they are open to all, and fantastic boosters of personal and professional growth.

    You can keep up to date with them on the ICF Bangkok Chapter’s Facebook Page

    Asia weighs 40% of the world’s GDP… Why then so few Asian leaders operate at high

    levels in multinational companies?

    Asian CEOs / Senior Executives / Board Members in Fortune 500 companies

    Top 50 U.S.

    CEOs 2% 2%

    Senior Executives 5.4% 4.6%

    Board Members 4.8% 2.6%

    Enhancing People’s Accountability

    Who are you when you achieve your goals? Who are you when you don’t?

  • MARCH, 2017


    Visit our Website Blog Page to check out

    Jean-Francois’ bi-weekly articles!

    Partner with others to combine and

    unleash all of your talents and you’ll

    shine together

    Start your day with gratitude for the best parts of you

    and your life!

    Authenticity and trust inspire reciprocity







    7 FEARS THWARTING LEADERSHIP and ways to control them!

    But the victors are rewarded with further clarity about who they truly are, as well as with higher self-esteem and level-headedness.

    Shall we lead the first assault - confront your major fears, consider what impact they may have on you, and find your way to control them?

    Read more



    Worthwhile as it is, ‘conquering yourself ’ is quite the battle! It involves controlling your insecurities (self-doubt & controlled vulnerability) and your fears.

    “It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles

    - then the victory is yours.”

    - Buddha -

    As is the case with everyone else, you may occasionally suffer from anxiety, a bad temper, irritability, anger or mood swings.

    We will review a number of ideas which can help you take better care of your emotional health, or - to put it simple - your ability to understand and appropriately express your emotions, and to nurture meaningful social interactions and connections.

    Read more



    Physical stamina will grow your resilience, intellectual vigor will help you think at your best, and emotional well-being will maintain your balance and security.

    Spiritual health will heighten your mindfulness, your presence to yourself and others, your peace of mind and your sense of self-worth.

    Feelings of emptiness, anxiety, hopelessness, apathy, hate or conflict may signal a lack of ‘spirituality’ in your life. The good news is you don’t have to be a ‘guru’ to enjoy benefits from spirituality. Simple practices normally suffice.

    Here are 10 of them – may I invite you to select a few amongst the following list?

    Read more

    You will be great only when you feel great.

    Physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

    Real humility and sincere gratitude

    are the hallmark of great people

    Give your best Double-A Gift !

    Undivided Attention &


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