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English Phrasal Verbs in Use Intermediate-Viny

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Text of English Phrasal Verbs in Use Intermediate-Viny

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English Phrasal ----, Verb 1n


70 units of vocabulary reference and practice

Self-study and classroom use

Michael McCarthy Felicity O'DellPDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com



The Pitt Building, Trumpington Street, Cambridge, United KingdomCAMBIUDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS

The Edinburgh Building, Cambridge CB2 2RU, UK 40 West 20th Street, New York, NY 10011-4211, USA 477 Williamstown Road, Port Melbourne, VIC 3207, Australia Ruiz de Alarcon 13, 28014 Madrid, Spain Dock House, The Waterfront, Cape Town 8001, South Africa http://www.cambridge.org Cambridge University Press 2004 This book is in copyright. Subject to statutory exception and to the provisions of relevant collective licensing agreements, no reproduction of any part may take place witho)..lt the written permission of Cambridge University P ss.> First published 2004 Third printing 2004 Printed in the United Kingdom at the University Press, Cambridge Typeface Saban 10/12pt. System QuarkXPress [oo&I]

A catalogue record for this book is available from the British LibraryISBN

0 521 52727 9 paperback

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ContentsAcknow ledgements Using this book34

Learning about phrasal verbsI Phrasal verbs: the basics 2 Phrasal verbs: what rhey mean 3 Parricles in phrasal verbs4 Nouns and adjectives based on phrasal verbs

5 Metaphor and regi ster

Key verbs6 Come 7 Get 8 Go 9 Look 10 Make 1 I Put 12 Take

Key particles13 Up

14 Out15 Off

16 l7 18 19 20 21

On and in Down and over Around and about For and with Through and back Into and away

Concepts22 lime: spendi11g time 2J rIOJC: passing of time24 Location '1.5 Cause a nd dfccr 26 Change 27 Success ond foilurc 28 Starting and finishing 29 Actions and movement 30 Destroying and reacting to destruction 31 Communication

Functions32 33 14 35 36 Decnbing people and places Describing publ:c events l) cribing smoarions Giving a nd getting informa tion Solv ing problems

EngiM PI!rosa/ rl>s in U.e


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37 Decisions and plans

38 Dis:tgrecing

39 Persuading 40 Praising and criticisi ng 41 Exclamations and warnings

Work, study and financeThe cbs>ruorn aud lcaruing Student hfe: courses and exams Srudem life: re.cling nd wriring Work: jobs and carer 46 Work: being busy 47 Money: salaries, bills, payments 48 Money: buying and sell ing 49 llusinc>> 50 Telephoning 42 43 44 45

Personal life51 52 53 54'iS

56 57

5859 60

Feelings Relationships Relatiousltips: problems Secrets aod conversations roge.< through life Health Sport Homes and dail y routines Socialising Food and drink

The world around us

61 Weather 62 Travel 63 Driving 64 Technology 65 Computers 66 News 67 Cnmc 68 Power and authority 69 American and AUStralian phrasal verbs 70 New phrasal verbs

Key l46Mini dictionary 183

2 En1ish Phrmol Vorl>s In Use

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AcknowledgementsThis book, like all our other books in the In Use series, is the result of the work of many people. Cambridge University Press editors, reviewers, designers, marketing staff, sales and publicity staff have all contributed their advice and expertise, and there are just too many to name individually here. Particular thanks must, however, go to the following two people at Cambridge University Press: N6irfn Burke, whose expertise and vision have guided us throughout the writing of this book, and Martine Walsh, who has steered the project from its beginnings through to publication with consistent insight and thoroughness. We are very grateful to them both. We also owe a great deal to the Cambridge University Press lexicographers who worked with the Cambridge International Corpus to produce the Cambridge International Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs. We drew heavily on the database of this dictionary when selecting verbs to include in this book and when compiling the Mini dictionary at the back of this book. We have also received invaluable feedback from both teacher and student reviewers. Their comments have had a great influence on the final manuscript and we are very grateful to them. In particular we would like to thank the following teachers, students and institutions from all over the world who reviewed and piloted the mater'tal throughout its development: Kristi Alcouffe, Bonelles, France Margarida Busatto, Sao Paulo, Brazil Philippa Dralet, Paris, France Gill Hamilton, Valencia, Spain Olga Vinogradova, Moscow, Russia Marilyn Woolf, London, UK Kevin Rutherford, Warsaw, Poland Julie Moore, Cambridge, UK Eilwen David, Munich, Germany Ewa Modrzejewska, Gdynia, Poland Yuri Hara, Tokyo, Japan Finally, as always, we would like to thank our domestic partners and loved ones for their unfailing support while we were taken up with this project. Michael McCarthy and Felicity O'DeJI

Development of this publication has made use of the Cambridge International Corpus (CIC). The CIC is a computerised database of contemporary spoken and written English, which currently stands at 600 million words. It includes British English, American English and other varieties of English. It also includes the Cambridge Learner Corpus, developed in collaboration with the University of

Cambridge ESOL Examinations. Cambridge University Press has built up the CIC to provide evidence about language use that helps to produce better language teaching materials. The publisher has used its best endeavours to ensure that the URLs for external websites referred to in this book are correct and active at the time of going to press. However, the publisher has no reponsibility for the websites and can make no guarantee that a site will remain live or that the content is or will remain appropriate.

English PhrasalVerbs in Use


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Using this bookWhy was this book writtentIt was written to help you improve )'Our know ledge of phrasnl vecbs in Engli!; Phrasal vecbs are verbs which have a main verb .ltld a h. particle which, together, create one meaning (e.g. a plane takes off from rhc airport; an adulr loos after a child). You will come across a grcm many phraecome familiar with rhe way phrasal verbs operare and with rhe terminology tha t is used in the rest of the book. After thar, you may work on rhe uoirs in any order that suits you.

What else do I need In order to work with this booktYou need a notebook or file in which you can write down rhe phrasal verbs that you study in rhi, book as well as any others that you come across elsewhere. You also need to ha access to a good dict1onary. We strongl y recommend ,e rhe Cam'>ridge llllemattoflall)wionary o( I'IJTasal Verbs a thigi ve> exa 'tl y the liuu of informJtion th.tt you need to have about ph ra;al verbs. Your reacher, however, may also be able to recommend other dictionaries that you will f ind useful. So. w hopthat this book will help y ou understand and use new or difficult phrasal verbs that crop up tsee Unit 44 -Student life: reading aod ,-.iring) in your reading und listening in English a nd that, by the time you finish the units, youll be saying: 'English ph raee Un it 69 American and Au ralian phrasal verbs).

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Ellffish l'llrosal Verln m Use 5

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Phrasal verbs: the basicsA What are phrasal verbs?Ph rasal verbs are verbs rhar consisr of a ve-rb and a parricle.

verblook get

particle exampleup throug h out You can look up any new words in your dictiooary. I tried co phone her but I couldn't aet throuah.

meamngYou can find the rne3ning of any newwo back "" oitler. I'd love to ask Sall y out.[invite Sally to


eat out


an object brine back sth or bring sth bck u k out sb or the verb must have anon+human object

the verb must object


bout have a humanthe object can be either human or non..humandie object must come

go to a place l l an interesting book in the library. I took down the tide. Here it is. 3 We a>kctl '"'"" fnc:IIL.b .uuunJ 10 wath a fi lm, but the video was playing up nd it e'enrJally broke down. 4 I broughr up rhi< prohlrm .. rhr hsr meeti ng. It's really rime (0 sort Out me problem. 5 I wish he'd stop messing us about! I lc's pul the meeting off three times and now he wantto C311 it off a l together. 1.2 Match the. rwelve phrasal verbs from semences 1-5 i o cxcrdsc 1.1 above with !heir meanings from the box below.cause i'lconvenienang brings bak memories of my days at college. 2 She looked rite children after w hen their mother was in hospital. 3 I promised to ring my brothr back He called erlirr when I was huay,/ asked I

Jill3 his bouse I romorrow. I Jim I back I me i has invited I10

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4 when he I Paul/ his driving resr. I his parents I he'd f il..-1 I only having I was I rulc.l thtm/ oo 5 tomorrow? I What I you I on I do I have 6 rhe light I in her bedroom, I was I she I at home. I Sue I had IIknew I on I so

i:npsh Phrasal V.rb.s in Use


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4 Nouns and adjectives basedon phrasal verbs.__...:A ;

Nouns made from verb + particleIn English we often creare nouns from verbs, e.g. to nwite I an i11

itation. In the same way it is omerimes possible to create a noun from a phrasal verb. Look ar these exJmplcs. Tom: 1got ripped off w hen I phoned that 0877 number [informal: wa;charged too much]. The ca' l cost five pounds a minute! Yes, those numbers are a big rip-off. Lily: Mo11a: Iter ;on dropped our of college l ast year. [gave up his course] Mn1. There were lot Ed: of dropouts that year. I wo11der why? Mick: Somebody broke in last night and stole a computer from the school. [entered by force to steal something! Really? That's the second break-in this year! Par: Rules for the use of verb + p3rticlc noun forms rhe plural is formed by adding - s ro the particle, not the verb, e.g. brealc-ins, dropouts, rip-offs (nor: hr-ealn iA, noun 0\JUetdownfallonlooker



I knew from the outset that there would be problems. (beginning] The economic crisis caused o:he downfall of the governmenL [sudden failure or eod]Crowds of onlookers watched as the polce

arrested the PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com man.

[sOMeone who wau:hes an event but doesn't ually a problem or diff icult sitution ' bt" snmenne who's done an almost identical study. so I've got to come to'a decision: do I want to continue with it or not ? I guess in the end my deci ion will come down to' w hat my proressor

recommends. PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com

1 disco"ered

encountered or had to deal with (a difficult siruarion; (or met) hy chance ' make (a decision about something) depcuJ UJosLiy on 01 be influenced most by1

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Exercises6.1Complete these sentences with a particle from A oppOsite.

to stick it together again. 2 I spilt chool. 5 They avoided the problem of offending anyone and jusr invited all their friends to the weddmg. 6 I usually find it quite hard to understand what Professor Mactofr is rrving co say in his lectures. 7 I hope no-one will m ind if I don't send any Christmas cntds this year. 8 Emily has nor done nearlv as much work on bet thesis as she should

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h a v e d o n e b y n o w .l e a m h g v e r b s i n p a i r s a s s o c i a t e d w i t h a p a r

ticubr context an help you remember them. Look again at all the phrasal verbs on the opposite page.Try to make Hffet-ent pahs and write them in sentences l)t.ltting them in context. as in SCC(IOI1 A..

English Phrasal Verl>s in Use


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' - A Amelia's storyAmW... 45 cl1ur bu.. going !J1""'gh 1c1. dUfiwLI,

W.e o.t work , so sloe d ecided l:oc1.

he.rse..f "P oy "'


c1. GOm .

The prize wo.s

lwM!I WO.S thcl.t An>.W., GOIAId go..ve. her- the. f..ctu. for ht.t :stor!S. I hopr. >l1win:..


experiencing an Lu1p!easa n.t or



difficult siruatloo 1 doing or competing in3

ex mtne the contents of


oor h.ave something wh1ch you usually have4

careful ly8

stopped gi,i ng



left a place m go else

10 somewhT f"9 P'''l"" II- lot thd.f I ..t.n.i.r.. her :> me

cr someo:hl"'by doing what is

someOI"I't or someching ti11PII or 1n good condinon

th nk about what ..,,ii hoppen in rl>e fuw-e an& you wvot (a jOb) by uki"dby loo their car b) watch the road and warn them of danger c) watch for their car so you will see them whe11 they arrive 3 If you look down on cheaJJ res1aurams, you ... a ) cons1der them not goud enough[or you b) sec them f1om the top wmdows of your 4 If you look after someonc's cat while they are away, you ... a) follow the car everywhere b) search for it because it IS lost c) care for it and g:.ve it what it needs 5 If you look up to your English teacher, you ... a ) >laud up whpeak to him ur her u) adulll a11d rc )liriely at the pur.y so I gave her a prc;em to make up for it. I made up a srory ahour losing my wallet. so he paid rhe drinks bill for rnc.





d the rrip. The beauriful scenerymade up for tne awl u I roads.

1 Who invenred somer.hing that was not true?

2 Who ;aid something good had made a bad experience less bad?m 3 Who bas difficulty hearing something? 4 \'Vho wanred ro rescore a damaged relationship?

5 Who canr understand 'omeone's behaviour? 'I 0. 2 Correct the mistakes with the phrasal verbs in these sentences.

: h


l As soon as we had chedd in at thehotel, we made straight nt the beach. 2 She made out ;orne story o bout the

bus being late, buc I'm sure she just overslept.3 Why the C2mera was nor working properly could nor be rn de out by any body. 4 Harry is very good at making The make-trp of the new cabinet

clearly re{leaed the over srorit>s fo:rhe childreo;

extreme wing of the party.

they love his tales.5 Can you make what that white thing on the horizon is out?6 The report is made o f three c to put you off again, but I'm JUSt too busy to sec you today fre 1 ;omenne you c.1n'1 >ec them or do something for them rill a

O&ve: Jim, I'm

l:!tcr time].Could we pur our 'ltccwtg back ull next week? (change rhc date ()r t.me of an event so tha it hapf'l't - .- ..... ....... (;) ,....,

for ;,. oo en lt

struts to ge.t d.o.rl:,cu-.i i.t s fl""'!l "ho ho>$CO!!';o I took it elf to rhe shop.

.b.< me an hour. Then T discovered the washbasin was clogged up6 m the bathroom, so I had to clear that. By that time I'd used up1 all my \,.. energy and I was roo rired to do anything, so I jusr fell asleep on the sofa.

(adjccrivc) oixed makmg a place tidy and clean, especially by rogerher 111 an unridy way purring thmgs where they usually belong (from the verb jumble up) 1 remove rubb1$h or dirt, usually from the 5 hansomerh i njZ, especially dorhes, on a hook 6 floor, using a brush blocked 1 ficished a ' mal..e u roo111 or " group of d1ings tidy by supply of something putting thngs in the correct plac.:1


Note how the parode up can be used for emphasis: Eat up your vegetables, dtildrcn! Drink up your juice! Pau l s used up all tbc milk. These three sentences could be wrirren wirhour tOO on it.own without the pnrtide up to make a grammatical sentence

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wit b mor e or less the sam e mea run g. I In which cases could the up

beleft out? 2 In tbe sente nces where the particl e is not essent ial what extra meani ngs, if any, do you thin k the up add s?

ngfrs hPtti'IISbismetimes haa dear lmk with the basic physocal meamng of on. Nl!'irr h11y 'hc>e> '"thout trying t'l.tll)' phra;al verbs thJt use in. In each case there 1s a link wim rhc basic ph)sical meamng o:in. phrasal rb In call titke sth in or tilke In sth rub sttl In or nob In nh

m"""ngvisit a place or person for a shon. ttme.

examplePlease call in 3.nd see us v.i'len you atenext In town

uerl (Informal) are wootlng by "'" an front of push in u doe bos Stop. sone of the poopt. who .,.. l l Be p>tient wtth Jenny - it'l take a olr,..dy to be bel tE'Yed (a...-M start t!>ero sink in It so t:lutbout scmethi n,

or surpnsong. wtoich usually hu PDF created w1th pdfFactory Pro tnalompl>eatlons) vers1on www.pdffactory.com

long twe fo.in.

u-.. rPrnble news to


I36ftr1i>h Pla'OSOIVtrl>a '" UJc

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Exercises16.1 Rewrite the underlined parts of these sentences, usingphrasal verbs from A.


ald or

1 l read the gardening article you gave me then J:iU1: it to a friend who's also interested in planes. 2 Oo you think she's really angry. or do you think she's just wet 3 He loob very p le and tired. Something is clurly wgrryjng him. 4 It's a lovely jacket. See if i t hrs you and how it looks gp you. 5 I'm not going ro stop working until I've finished rhis report. 6 You can lx sure rbar Brjnn wjll be rhtrc when you need him.

16.2 Look at these remorh by daffercnt people and then reod the uatcments 1-5 below. If the statement is true, tick (.I) dte box. l( the statement is false, put a cross (}C) in the box and explain why it is false.I was working lare and didor realise ir was 8 p.m. The nnin door our of the office bad bo I reduced the waistband brthree centimetr es. Alice

worrying meatthe

Ja nI Anwar has decided ro keep oo phoning Ose=


D 2 Alice decided not to t< kc her skin in. D 3 jan ha> il number of thing> wcighmg on her mind.

04 Louise wants to rub in some cream. D 5 Bob canc really counr on h.is parems support.

D6 Richard got locked in. ]

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16.3 Correct the mi takcs an these sentences. J llcre h one mistake in eachsenrence. 1 2 3 4 Hey, that man j ust pushed on -that r:axi should have been ours! Mary's bad news has been weighing my mind on all day. l need tinte for to sink in the news. I couldn't leave the room because someone had looked me our. 5 Phrasal vetbs may seem hard bur you musr ke. own would also be f'OSSi b :e because she didn't wm the tennis here) chm pionship. I'm sure she'll et overt 1 recover &om n iUness or ' it soon, though. She also feU disappointment ;." over' and 1\url her knee quite badly. Anyway, I'U l fell to the ground (fell on ics see you tomorrow. Bye. would also be possible here)


EngliSh Phr030/ Vetfls in U>e

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Exercises17.I Read the sentences using phrasal erbs from A and answer the question blew down in rhe hurricnnc l aM n ifiht. d) The police are rry inr; to crack down on street crime. e1 The go,ernment is doing all it can to hold prices down. 4 Explain w hat these phrasal verbs with over mean in che sentences below. a) Sally IS very good at putting her ideas over in meetings. b) I haven' got enough room. Can you move over, please: t cl Can you check over t hese figures fo, me, please? lc's unportant that rhere :are no rrustakes. d) Don 't put your glass ot " inc on the tloor. Someone is sure to k nock it over. el .\!lake sure the milk does not boil over.

Entlnh Plvma!V.rbs in Use


o v e r

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rAround and aboutI

'Around and abau/ are often inrerchangeab.e in phmsaJ verbs: both panicles are equally possible with all the verb> in A below and wtrh some of the verbs in B. o:e also rhar round can someti mes replace around. l'hros. verb with ,;round 3nd about ottcn c prcs the idea of :tctinJin a rchxeJ way, or wttbout a particular pu rpo>e or wuhout conceuuating. Mo>t of thverbi n this\tOit

are nforn l.

A Spending timephrasal verb walt abolrtlaround Inc about/around sit about/around(somewhore)hang aboutlarourtdl

meaningsay in one place w thout doing al"')"thin g ,..:>nd ,

example tf you can wait around for about anhour, we should be able to tell you your results.

as you wait for someth..ng to '"Iappen

nfol< Y" wi th

ab ou tla r< mn d.Re ad the se nt en ce an d

tryto ex pl ai n in yo ur o w n w or ds wh at th ey m ea n.

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Enefish Phrasal rbs in U.e


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19L-- A

For and withNote mat with all rhe verhs in rhis n nir the particles for and UFith must go before the object of the verb.

ForEach response in rhe dialogues below contains two phrasal verbs with {or. learning verbs in p.11rs associated wich the same context can help you remember rhem. Nina: rve been given the chance to apply for that new post in Head Office. What do you rhink? Gary: 1dunk you should go for rr [1 q to get or aclueve it j. We'll all be rooting for )'OU [informal: showiug >upporr for you m a competition, or hoping that you wiU succeed. Mclan e: Brad: How's your :ew babysitter? We couldn't ask for a better babysitter [the new babysitter is the he_ of her kind). She iu>t live> for our kids and they jus1 .r adore her (bclic,cs that the krds arc the mosr important people in her hfeJ.




w )'UU going imo Berry's flat with her rhis morning. Is anything wrong? Her washing machine had Hooded the kitchen. She sent for a plumber and got it fixed bur it left a terrible mess [ send someone a message aski.ng rhem to come to sec you]. We had planned to go into


town and Iwas calling for ber on the way there, but i n the endwe stayed ar home and tidied the

mess m

the kttchen [vtsmng

her place in order to collect her].


What does R' mean on tl1at sign? I think ir stands for 'restaurant' [is the first lerrer of a word or n:une and is used to tcprcscn l i:). Lt:t'o >tup. Yuu utu>t be Jyiug fur >.ll verbs in this unit as you can.

E.nghsh Phrmal V,..rhr_ in Us.P


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23 Time: passing of timeThe past

Journey into the past at the

Chambury Museum


If yot;'rc young, come on a journey into the pt befort: )'OU wen: born. lf you'"' a '"mor.kt .os take you back 1 10 yoJr duJJhood.Think back2 " ' wh.1t ewryd.tlife wos like 50, 60, I 00 yean ago.befon: TY. before com?Uters, before ftidgos and Wll5b.ing mac::UO.:s.Many of our e.> -2.Y. Conccs:iloUS -1.20

a time which does nor ex.st

any more

Address: .Pa:mer Squ=, Charnbt>I)' lH: 0211 4684536

Lefto11er (noun) and bygone (adjective; are formed from the verbs be left over and go by. We used some ball oons that were left over from the Christmas party to decomte the house for her birthday. [ still existed/were unused from un earher time! A'!:> Li.Jlle goes by you tCa ise \Vao; in your best inten:st. r passes] Note that bygone also exists as a noun, but it is usually always in the plural bygones.


Time movingI'm souy 10 h old you up but you must sign these forms before you go in. [delay you!

If there are no hold-ups, we should arrive by about seven o'clock.(noun: delays)


can you hurry the kids up. The coach is abou t to leave. (make

them act more quickly] Mum wa lks so fast. It's quite hnrd co keep up with her. [go at the same speed as someone! The meeting

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dragged on and everyone got iwcahle. (continued for too long) I'm sorry I'm late. My French lsson 4.30 p.m. [continued for longer rhn expected)t"lU1

on, soT d o cln'r leave . liow solly of me. Drb I'm glad you noticed ir. \\ell. I srayh OK? Sure. : rbar'd be noce.

Joh n:Deb: make more

PDF created with pdiFactory Pro bial version www. dffactorv.com p

aruarnve, of ten by adding colours rcm;tin: home, especially in che 11 evmngs ' come home l.ue or not come home ot nighc ro eda pace lofll\tr than pl2nned2


lef t a place w:thout rnlo.ng somerbing wirhvou67

d id not lrove a piau when orheleft


t;o b.lck co a placo ro ""'' >ovc.be rudcM OWeabulary

notebook ltny phraw verb constrJctoon Is usl!d In a p3rtJcuJar way, e.g. in che passi ve.as a noun or as an adjective.and wrrt:e down 3 typical example senttnGe to help you..._member it.

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Exercises24.1 Corople1e these sertreoces to d ribe these pictures using phrasalverbs based on the verbs in brackets.

The fitlds (strcteh) ...

There are small houses spread) ..

The room (open) ...


The house (tuck I...

The house on the island ('ml ...

24.2 Which phrasal verb from IS opposite means ...1 the opposite of go out , as in meet friends or go ro a rcstclllrant?

2 nor come home at night or come home late? 3 torget ro take someth ing wirh you v..hen you go away from a place? 4 stay in a place when other people have lefri S make sonoe1hiug , doido is dull 1>r boring more artraTi vc or u nhappi ness ....... ....... ......_..... ... a traumatic experience in Ius chldhoocl.

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ChangeUp meaning more or better When up iS used in a phrasal verb wu:h an idea of change, it often adds an 1dea of becoming more or betteL The nun1ber of students getting good marks in rhei;exams is going up. (incrca;inglI was afraid no-one would co:ne to my lecture, bur rhe room is filling up nicely now. [becomi ng fuller]

Thing< wrrr hor! l r Wf'Pk hnr rh..- py l stop a habit or srop doing or having1

something unhe. lthy ' grad ually disappeu ed UP

o >ery 400d bt &he els


Math s

Tiru; ha& manaeeef

last year in o-dr t' malre xullent pr:>eree,; th & term.

lin mi%Cd a lot of ,;choolwol"< th--ough illne66 at the lrnlng of urm. but she ha"managed to_ ..... ....-- .. ..- ....-- ...._._ and i;; doing nne now. ..... . Tins has always been t!>p of he clas in graphy and ehe has manaqui to

. ...... ..... . ......_.........."......_....... this y ar too.mee d Physics

27.4 Rewrite these sentences using the words in brackets. Write the verb inthe correct fonn. 1 Miranda immediately got a job in London. (WALK)



2 Ji m's hard work eventually brought him success. (PAY)3 The company is hoping to m:ke an important deal this week.{PULL)

' you ly

4 Rachel never expected her singing career to meet wirh such inst nt "JCcs.ostence or astart out

pta(esslon In 1 particular way

after dark. Y"'Onne started out as a model but soon realised that it was not the career

for her. ote that the noun the outset, from tl:e verb set out, me< ns the begi nn ing, e.g. There: were problems irom the outset aw.J thiugs beunJC pl'ug.r

i\dy \\'On;t'.


Finishingjoe called offl the bui lding work hts team was doing on rhe new company offices because l:e bad heard char the company was going bankrupt. He knew the money was goi ng to dry up2, so he was nor prepared to continue. Most of the team immediately broke offl what they were do111g bur somt of them forst finished off'!be task they were working on. Joe homself quickl) poli hed offS the lnst of hi, paperwork and then packed up6 :oo.

decided to stop an activiry that had already started nd or swp coming 3 sropped or interrupted complcred rht Jn, pnrr nf whM oh1y werdoing finbhed something quickly and easily collected his things together, usually after finishing doing o reth ng1


At first she cut down1 ro live rather than fifteen day, hur she is firding it very bard. Sbc says that a cigarcnc helps her ro wind down2 after a PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com

Suzanna ts trywg to give up 1 smokmg.

hard day ar work. She

hopes hrr determinati on won't fizzle out'af tr a few week

she is very anxious oor lu gi"e ups thb Hw rcgim .2.S

1 top do1ng or having .!.omething2

reduce-d the amounr or .number

l gradually


rdax aiter something that has made you feel tired or worried gradually end or disappe.1r, usuallya



English PhraOmeth ing befo1c > ou have completed it, uJt for me.

B Other action and movement verbs


Moe over! I need to sit down . [change the place where you are sitting or standing so tha t there is space for someone else to sit or stand]

I m just popping out for a newspaper. Do you Wb over uually ao::idenally,o that they fall to the groune fire brigade orrived. root out sthlsb or flnd .and get rid of the thing or person The government nys it wil root out I"'>>t sdllsb our til is causing a problem crirne and the causes of crime. stamp out sth or get rid of omething d>at isit an The government says it is doin& allto stamp out the problem of

stamp sth outdrugs.

considered wrong

or harmful


- B Reacting to destruction and negative situations






tv.vvv'PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com

M L ! A

NBOROUGIILOCAL COUNCIL h dcctded .:O::ii, to destroy a beautiful old cottage in the village of Warchol!in order lO widen the m.lln road. However, the villagers are equally determined to tight back'. The authonties want to e'ict an 89year-old lad). Doris lakes, who has li ved 3IJ her life in the c()ttr.l.ge. and seem ro be bending over bocJ...wards2 to persuade her to go and live in a modem old people's home in the

' defend themselves when

suetlri1r or SOJneone arrack sthem1

trying extremely hard, often



or please someone heh> or supp11\eom

Rewrite the underlined pans of these conversations, using phrasal verbs from B opposite. 1 Pedro: I'm sorry you didn't get the funds you applied for to do your research. wa1tc Gisela: J obe

2 Tony:Dan:

3 Connie: Hilda: 4 Ruth: Bob :

perio c


Tom: Eric:

:y edlich

6 Olive: Gareth:

Yes,well, it

was a bit of a disapp ointme nt and I did waste a hit oftime

nt gram, and hope I'll get that.Are you

have lent me some money ro enable me to stn:ill while I'mstudyUtg.

Teachers suffered very badly under the last governmenttheir salaries fell and their conditions got worse.Yes, but they a re nor just reacting passively any more now and their union is

much stronger.

becaus e !lf..ii but I've applied for a differe

managi ng tosurvive without workin g?

Did you get much support from Mr Crombie? Ob )CS, he did absolutely eyeryrhing pS.ible to help me.I hear you experienced Lena's bad temper rhs morning! furiouslY.

Yes, I made an innocent comment and she j ust reacted really

Well, my parents

The photocopier's not working again. OK, don't worry, I'll go and fix jr.

E.ngfrsh f't!rosol

sin Us6 5 e

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CommunicationManaging subjects and topicsKathryn Taylor is speaking to her coUeagues at a weekly business meeting. She gives a n outline of what she's going to say. / Well, there are a cou ple of 111s in Use


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Describing people and placesDescribing people1\aiasha and !love going to posh restaurant> "here we have to dress up 1 though Nmasha .li...ays rindit hnrd to decide what to put onl Her fnvnuritr tvPning tin.-,., i'IMg. red and tight-fittiog and she has to get me to help her do up 3 the 7ip. A'we live in Mo>ec>w we have to wrar up \\ell before _?otng out m winter and \he put.a long fur coat on 5 over her dress. As soon a> we arrive anywhere. ;he goes Mraighl to the ladies room to freshen up'.

put 0:1 formal or specialclothes put a piece of clorhing onto your bodyJ


see note 1 brush your bair, refresh your make-up, or havc a 4uinstn flole. roof, whicloo ..... ....- -......... fron> o.ll.


Some of the phrasal verbs from this uuir can be used in a metaphorical way. Try to work out the metaphorical meaning of these phrasal,erbs from their basic meaning by answering the questions below. l Military history is littered with examples of annies being destroyed because of genernls or politicia ns m king silly mistakes. t\rc there many or few examples of sil l y mistakes m military htstory? 2 I though t Tom Hanks" performance in that ftlm really stood out. Did che speaker think that Tom Hanks'performance was ordinary or special? 3 The qualiry of Jan's descriptive writing reall y sets her work apart from that of the other

PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com

Is Jan's writing better or worse than that of the ocher students? 4 I can't tell John's voic.e from his f thes on thP phon.,. Does John's voice sound li ke his father'& on the phone? 5 Bringing a new actor into the series mighr freshen chinup. D()(!s the speaker thi nk rhar the new actor will spoil or improve the

studc::nts in the: dass.



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33 Describing

public events

A A review of an event

Human Circus at the London Arts CentreThe ,how was fully booked up1 Protection of Animals Week. lt th for wcels, and when it opened was a good i who take off' circus circus folk. but overall it was illlimals. with men "' cat suits a discal show. Despite the who stand ios for the real lions large turoout10 for tile show's and frrst nighL 1doubt 11 wiU attract tigers. The show was put on by many peoplr its creatOrs during rhe rest of its to prutct 3:1U1St tr3ditionul at d>e Sruden!3' Arts Club is ..... ......._......-

. - ....-... (I ) this week. It's brilliant and it ......_.... .. ....... ..... . . ... (2) very well with the study of satire d>at we're doing at been told that it d>e moment in our literature leC:Ia father pointed out anything he thought might ontertSt the chilclrt"n. 2 ln the oc:ene ar th end of the fi m, ...atcb out for the man Slrtong :n the calbehrnd Leonardo DrCapno-that's my brother! 3 Titc, dog quoclcly tracked the rahht down to where it was boding under the garo.len shed. 4 Marum m.1naged to d1p out of the house wothout anyont' nnricong. 5 PoU}rumed to the mau on het left and started chamng to him about his woric.l

enpsll PllrosolV.rbs in Use 75

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36 Solving problemsTaJking about problemsTom: What's the matter? Why are you looking so worried? Em tly: I've got a few problems at work and don't know whnr ro do about them. Tom: WcJI, why don't we talk them ov er1 together? That might help you ro sort yourself out2 Emily: OK, thanks. Well, f irst of a ll, Jul i ws going to give a very important presentation tomorrow bur >he .ay >he's ill and isn't going to be able to do it. 1 think sbe' just bottled out3 as it's for such au important clienr. s Feeling a hit ill was just the perfect let-out' for her. I'd do it myself but I'm busy with meetings all day. Tom: Well, that calls forS quick action iithe prc:sc:ntation is tomorrow. You' d better do it yourself if it's so important. Just cancel your other meetings. Emily: I guess I'll have to. The next prohlem is rhat personal belongings have been going missing from people's desks during the day. 1bm: Oh dear. You should deal with6 that problem as quickly as possible. Let's make a list of possible sus peers ... dJScuss something betore making a decision spend time de"ling with your personal problems 3 (informal) decided not to do somcclUng becaust :.he was afraid (noun) excuse or way of aYoidmg domg something she said she'd do s needs or deserves a particular action or quality ' take action to ach ieve something2 1

Finding a solutionNow read what Emily did about her problems at work. She faced up to1 the fact that she would have to do the important presentation herself, so she immediately comactcd her personal assist:ant tO ask her to see about2 postponing her meetings for the next day. As for the thefts, she realised that the solution to finding the office thief lay in3 workine our exactly who could have been i n the office when each of the thefts took place. So she came up with a plan thar enabled her tu check w ho had been there ar each of the times concerned. That narrowed down5 the suspects to rwo people. She questioned them both and the guilty one soon con fc. de somerhing, usually a lisr or choice, smaller and clearer by remuv ing what is irrelevant or less important1

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Engi$11 Phrosol'krbs in Usc

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ExercisesMatch the newspaper htadlines with the stories a-e below.

I "lEW POLICE SQUAD TO DI:AL WITH ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS2 Garcia bottles out of contest with Paterson J POLICE NARROW DOWN SUSPCCTS IN MURDER CASE 4 Education Minister to tnlk o er problem with teaching unions 5 GOVERNMENT SHKS l T-OUT ON ELECTION pqO'-IISEa) Three men are to in formution. Up to


i rrcr vicwcd in the Oxford are.-, followmg new

now there has bt'tn no rc.1l ... h) If possible, mmisren. "'ould ltke to be able ro drop the pledge Without an ;cnng the public ... c) The ream will be stationed ar pons of entry and will have rask oi


checking anyone suspected of having atTivc.J ... d) "fhc, fight was arranged lor Septem!M:r on Las Vegas, but now it "ill not take pl ee. A spokesman for the 28y r-old ... e) The mtntStcr ,;ud ' he would 110 onto the d1c you can go and 1-vc somewhere else. Why don t o11 go and son aboar rhar job Lnde Herbert uff been a maSSIVe public ........-......... . 141. People are not willing to see their environmem destroyed by road buildmg. The Highways Department must listen to us or face the consequences. Reporter: The consequences? Do you mean violent protest as wicb the Knox Bndge? Protester: :-lot violent protest, no. We have always emphasised to our members that if violence erupts they should ..... -- (5) out of it and keep our protet peaceful. We condemn violence. No, I'm talking about a huge, nonviolent wave of protest. Reporter: And you thiuk th t, in chis way, cbe government will be forced tO ...- .. ......_.., ..... t6) in? . Protester. Yes, I blieve cbey will simply have to listen.

eitidse d

38.2 Use a phrasal verb from the opposite page to complete these dialogues, so that Speaker Bagrees with Speaker A's statement. 1 11: Apparently, Cary agreed with Liam's version of the evencs. s: Yes, he ......... ......--...... ..... . ....... ....... 2 "' I hear Kim and F1aotd> have had a serious argument. B: Yes, 11seems they've _.......- .......-...... ....... _.....,_... 3 A: Perra always defends Mia when people criticise her. B: Yes, she .... .,.. ........- ....... ....... ........ . 4 A: I think We should withdraw &om the projea. B: Yes, I agree. I ..... ....- -...... ....--....... _ . . think we ..... S A: Jo is always criticismg Phil and makins him look srnal l. 8: Yes, she's always ......._ ...... ........- ......_....... .... . 6 A: We shouldn't feel negative towards Iris just because she acted rupid l y. a.: No, we shouldn't ....... 7 A: I think not getting the job is rea ll y beginn i ng to upset Trisha.

tus e




s: Yes, I think ir's really ... . .... . ...... ...38.3 Complete the>c sentences, using a phrasal verb fromthe opposite page.1 H3rty says he won't come to the fancy dress parry with me but I'm

sure he'll e"entually 2 Why have jana and Sarah - -..... ..- .... ... ....._ ..... ? l'hey used to get on so well rogetheL 3 1 just don't havr enough money for the hnlict. y wr wn[llonn i ng . in Can da. I'm going to have to ... . .. .......- ........ ...... 4 My !Jc,;t friend and I have always . ..... -,through good times and bad rimes. 5 The boss's conStant criticisms are really ............._ ..... ..... ._....... me and I 'm going to starr looking for another job.

Entlith PllrUJI Verf>s in Use


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39 Persuading- A and put Verbs with talk




If you ...put across/over sth or put slhacross/over or

then you . ..explain or express something dearly so that people understand it easily state an Idea or opinion.or '"li8est a plilll. so that It an be consldcrtd suggest an idea or ptan to discussed someone so they can consider or diS(USi' persuade someone to agree with you or to do what you want them to

example He,. an excellent teacher.He puts hissubject aao$$/over fo.The compony has put so wdl. ..ard a plan to bul'd a new hotel In the city centre. Your proposal is interesting. I'll put It to the c;ommittee tomorrow. me go away wich my Dad won't letfrieOOs.but Mum might be able to talk

put forward sth put slh forward put slh to sb talk sbaround/round

talk sb Intosdv'doirg sth

do persUJde someone ro dowhith they may be unwdling to do


him around/round. going She talked me into joggn& overy day before work.


talk sb outo( sth/doing sth

persuade someone not to at first do

My sister wants to leave college but rrryparents are cryfng co talk her out of it.


Other verbs connected with persuading people


Minister brushes aside 2 opposition to n ew tax p l an UNION BOSS BRINGS EMPLOYER ROUND 1 TO PAY DEAL

Doctors press for shorter w orking hours CITY ROPES IN 5 LOCAL INDUSTRY TO SUPPORT ERVIRONIEIIT PLAN"I was just having the media on6, and they fell f0f' 7 it," says star who faked his ovm death says be thinks a partin

39.3 Read the sentences below and answer thequestions about them.


1 The headmistress brushed aside the parents' criticism that the children were being given too much homework. How did he take the parents' critici sm? 2 Brenda was jusr havmg Derek on w hen she said she was gomg to work m the USA. Where is Brenda going to work? 3 The parents were roped in to help orga nise the school spores' day. Did the parenrs decide rhar they wanted to help organ ise the sports' day? 4 Harry fell for Sarah's story that all her money bad been stolen. What do we learn about srah? 5 The Parry is calling for constitutional reform. Does the Party want constitutional reform or not?

39.4 Complete the tcxr using phrasal verbs (rom the opposite page.Sometimes there is more than one possible answer.

deat tsiruao (ll

tan t to

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If !JOU'n.ll. ..... --- ....---..

(1) chMge., go, so Idid.Rana


(l couldn't believe 'how 3ggres

vely he attackrdme and

y hJSat thr " ery ooe was treati ng me badlbecause or what happened, but I ltad no part ill


criric>sed me.He chose to




f" m

sk ingong.

Laur a

Junior to him and can't defend


I wanred to forget the whole inddcnt, but he insisted on reminding mt> nf' .it. Antonia

nJuli a

myself.He was always saying negative things about me w other people;

it'just not right.

1 Who felt that somronc was rubbing it in ? 2 Who felt that someone was always running them down?) Ur

3 Who felt that they had to hit back?4 Who felt someone had picked on them?

5 Who felt that people were taking it our on them?tre at

6 Who felt rhat roc)o) 2 Moll y got the sack because hrr work just wosn't good enough. (MCA>URJ: ) 3 What on earth docs Gemma think she's doing-she's behaving wouldn't (PLAYING) 4 I wish Edso oddly? try tO impress all the time! tSHOW) 5 If you make such a srtt p d mistake again, you'll lose your I know I was 6 job. (sau:w) stupid bur please don'r remind me. (RUB)

>meon evaut to

' 7 Joes fuher spoke Yery angn ly to him for scratching bJs new 8 car. (LAID) everyone always hbme me for ever yrhmgi (PI( K) Why does

EngiW. Phrm.ol rl>s in Use 85

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Exclamations and warningsThe exclamations and warnings on this page are all typical of informal. spoken English.

Reactions and responsesAhmed: I JUSt wnmed to ask you a couple of qucsuons.


fine. No problem. Fire away! !something you say to tell someone you're ready for them ro start asking you questions, or to srart speaking)Oh, everyth i ng is so awful at the moment. Oh, lighten up, will you! You'll make e\eryone as miserable as youI [somcrh i ng

Hilary:P rr :

Ver a: Dan :

you say to tell someone to stop being so serious or annoyed I

joanna wanrs yOLl to give a talk co her srudenrs ne>cr Monday. joanna? Next week? Hang on I bold on! Whos Joanna ? Js she someone r know? [somethi ng you say wh.en you are confused or surprised by something and you need rime to think) l feel like lulling Roger! I'm never, ever going to speak to him again! Steady on! l k now he acted stupidly, hur he's nor a bad person rt-.11ly. )>omcthing )ou ay to rell someone that you think what they are saymg ts too extreme) You see. what I wane to say is, well, I mean, ir's like, er, ir's cbfficult to say n. Come on!Spit it out!What is it? [come on something you say to encourage someone to do something you want them to do, especially to hurry up, ro rry harder, or ro tell you something; spit it out something you say to encourage someone to tell you omething which they do nor wanto tell you] Some of the studentS are very poor, and can't afford textbooks. Poor! Come off it! l11cy hnve c110ugh mnney Fnr mnhilr phon s. l Can I speak to your SISter, please? ..... _ I'll JUSt go and see if she's in yet.

Te.1ch b ing 3 Tany a: Matt : er:

l'm never going to get all this work done. T hate my job. ....---- ..... ..- .. ...-It won't take long i f you hurry up a bit. .-- Look at the picture on the side of that lorry!


4Bell a: Sony a: 5 Arma: Tom:

------- ----You're going to hit the cu in - fronr of you!

6 Pat:yu u 1e mj M1r k:


That was a stupid thtng to do. You're fired! ........ ......-....._ . .... ...... . You know I'm one of your best . workers. 7 Jun: Now I've been in the off ice for a month, I 'd like to k now if you are ple:>sed with my work. How am I doing? Rob: Very well! .. . .. -"- ...._.._.. - You'll soon be getting a promotion. Answer the foUowing quescions.1 Which exclamation on the oppo itc page is conneCted wirh the ideof


41. 4

shooti ng a gun I 1. Wh1ch cxdamauon IS connected w1th the 1dea of pres ing your foot down on the accelerator pedal of a car? 3 Which exclamation is connected with the idea of forcing our the liquid in your moUi h ?


Oi v; de th e ex cl a

m a t i o n S

from the box below into pairs that have apprOXimately the S3Dle meaning. What i> tlc ba>ic meaning fur o:ah pair? O cribe a situation when each pair of expressions might be used.

Watch out!

Mind ouc!


Step on k! Hang on!

Hold on!



EngliSh Phmc! Vm ln Use


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42 TheA

classroom and learning

Things the teacher saysWith all the verbs in these examples, the particle can either go before or after rhe object, e.g. give in }OUr l1ornework or give your homework in. The reacher says .. Give/Hand in your homework tomorrow, please. Rose, gi,;e/hand out L......_ these worksbeers, please. lo, rub out what'. wrirren on the board, please. Work out t;JC an wers withou t mi ng a calculator. Cross out any rough work wben you bave found the answeL Take care not to miss out any of the exam questions. The teacher wants:...the swdents to give t-erthe r work the next day.

... Rose to give. .chswdent a worksheet*.

... Jo to dean the board

... the students to do some mathswithout using

cakulators. .. the .wdentS co put a line through any rough work.... dle students not to forget to answer

any of

the exam q


Sheets of paper that everyone in a class or lecrurc receives a copy of are called handours.1bescmight be worksheets (i.e. have exercitoe!O on them) or they mighr contain a text or some referenr.('


B Other classroom phrasal verbsTaman wa rll for a monrh and so she fell behind with her schoolwork. [failed w do her schoolwork by a particular time]She is going to find it diffkulr ro catch up. [reach the same standard as rhe rest of the class! Pupils often play up when a teacher is new or inexperienced. [behave badly] Alth011gh Maggie had done good work throughour rhr yr"r he mc sed up her ex m. [did her exam badly I

The teacher cleared the books from the table and spread out the map.

II listn ca ty to .-.s.truction$ in Engl ish from your teacher and note down anyphrasal wrbs they usl!.

[opened out somethi ng that was folded)

Iii If

you aro nOt $Urc V'lht

they moom,

sk them for an O>tpl:muon.

88 English l'hroso/Verb< '" Use

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Exercises42.1 Look at these pictures and write a sentence to describe what the studentis doing in eacb case.t,






4 2.1

Would Tim's parents be plenscd or not if their son's teacher told them the following? 1 T tm was playing up in class last week.

2 Trm rr.essed up his homework. 3 Tuu has becu helping a da,.,mate wbo ba. fallcu lx:biud. 4 Tim has caught up with the resr of the class. .'i Tim cldn 'r hncl in hi hnmPwork. 6 Tim missed out some imporram work.

42.3 Complete this story, using appropriate phrasal verbs frum the opposite'hcscenerhs. 42 Tbc reacher .l:aWi the new words from the board and then resred us. 3 We have to illllmi! our registration forms for rhe exam on Friday.1 Students often mjsbsbave, when they are bored in class.

tcthin g use.

4 I usually omit my rruddle name when I am filling in forms. 5 Some people were distrjburing leaflets about a demonstration in the town centre.

42. 5

Answer these questiotlS usutg full seutences. 2 If a teacher gives out a shcL't listing all the k ings and queens of Britain, is that a worksheet or a handout or both? 3 Why do most pupils carry an eraser in their pencil cases?1 Why Mr you nfrrn aOty attcr one term. He'd done no work ar all. \ n!Aulll.) 5 I ,--,,n'r come out tonoght. I h >C 1al verb llll>lilktS in thiS parograph. Elmer the "'rong polttidor the wrong verbs hae been used. Did.. hardly worked t:p ar a ll for hos cx.tms. He brushed over on th< luswry of the hench Rcvolunon, bur

no que;tums nn he frendo Revolution gor up on the cx.un. He was I afraid rhat he "ould be rhro"n uff uouvrrsny fr failing his exams. llowever, he dod llht noanage to scratch through them and so he will be in college when we renorn hoek next term. He bas pro:nised to tty ro keep through wtth work next year as he is plano ng ro sign in for a couple of quite difficult counes, includmg busoness srudies. He'll have ro polish over his French hccouse he bt:Smes> studo"" "'""' onvohes spendmg a term in Frane worktng n J. businc> - He mink. he can JUit lift up the language when he get!> there, but I thonk he 'hould efon: he goe> bc quicK notes 9 read out i) someonc's phone number on a piof paper 10 turn over j) a cheque for 250



4-4.2 Usc the pbra>al verl.Js Ctom exercise 44.1 to complete these stnrenccs. Write the verbs in the correct form. There may be morethan one possible answer. I I get nenou'when I hac ro whor I've \\tirtcn on da1t.


2 I haven't read the bo,ltthe job i n,-olvtd, bur he clidnt tell me 1 would have ro do so much travellmg! Well, I >tood downs as ChairliLiD in

hegan to employ me gave me the information Ine dcd in order to do something


s (eft an important job or officml position

1998, and Ma ry Wilmott took over'. As you all know,she has carried out 7 some important refonns in rhc company and bas been very


so that someone else can do it instead started doing a job or being re5ponsblc for something due someone else was doing or was responsible for l>dorc you 1 done or completed something, especia lly something important8

I'm 60 now, so I think 1t's time for me to tep downS nd hand o\e:r9 to a ymmgcr person.

leave your job, especiaUy so that someone else tan do it 9 give someone else responsibility or control

- 8 verbs

More work-related phrasalFrances, do you think you could fix up a staff meeting fo me' (provide or arraqe something for someone! Frances: Yes, fll do that. When were you thinking of? Ellen: Well, let's pencil it in for Friday morning and see whether everyone else is free rhen. ("rrange fo1 somethi11g to happen on a pa rticular dare, knowing the arrangement mtght be changed later) Keith: Why are you back home already? Did you knock off early roday? [ informal: stop working. usually at the end of a day] Bob: I wish I could say that. The rruth is I've just been laid off. nosr your Job because there is no work for you to do, &urn the verb lay off>UIIICOIIt]


Keith :

Oh, I' sorry to hear that. m

Veromca: Did you ever follow up that phone call you had with the oil company? [ do something in order ro make the ef fect of an earlier action or thing stronger or more certain! Jim: No, I really should do something about it. Mona: It's amazing how much we can get June when we all pull together, isn' rr: (work as a group i n order tO achreve t something! Ricky: Yes, ! though somet imes it's also eood if people j u.i lit

a) connected with finishing work (four answers) b) connected with making arrange""'nts (two answers)

45.2 Complete this text, using verbs or particles from the opposite page.Jill has been-- ..-..


" (1) on more and more

responsibility at "ork. She was only taken -....-.. (2) two years ago but she has already

;i tion

ad siblc: as!

managed to------- (3) out a very successful reorganisation of office procedures. Her boss j ust,_,..

. ......_ ... .. (4) her to it and Jill then filled him

..... ... .. ... (5) when she had arranged everything. She has always been very good at gettingto


people ciall y

(6) rogmher nrl morivnring them. She'

someone who will really get ... ...

.... ...- ......... (7) and make a successful career. In fact

rm sure that when the boss evcnmally -- --..--.. (8) down, be'U ........ ........-- .... (9) over the runni.ng of the company to her. He can be sure it will be in


45.3 Write suitable answers to the questions below, using phrasal verbsfrom the opposite page. I Sha ll I tell you what's been going on while you were on holiday? . Yes, please .... ............. ....-......... ... ..... . .... ..... ..... ' Could you deal with the letters we've had in response to our advert?

. crtainly, l'll.._.....- ...-----..--..------..-....- ..... ,. .....- ....- .. .


,,._...... . .....

sto p

3 Could you arrange an appointment for me with the bani.: manager? Yes, I'U ......- .....- ......- ......._......- ......_.....--.....- ...,_,.,,_..... ...... ......_....._..,,. .. -

. ...._.........-......_.. .

aus e

4 Why did you stand down as Dire-"Tor? Well, I've been doing i t for years and I thought ir was time tO .... 5 Can we arrange a meeriug for some time nex t week? Sure, why don't we ......... .... ...... ....- -..... ...--... . ...... . ...- ...-....- ......._...... ...... ........... .

45.4 Answer these questions about your own working life, using fullsentences.

I Whar kind of tabks do you have ro carry out each day?2 At what time do you knock off each day?

3 Do you know anyone who has ever been laid off?4 Whar qualities do you think you need ro get ahead in the job that

you do?


5 What did you do to get taken on for the job that you now have?

worl al:


English PhrosoJ Verl>s in Use 95

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46 Work: being. A Being busy


Nick: I haven't seen you or ages. Have you been a bit tied up 1 at work? Tim: Yes, I've been i ncredibly busy. I was away for a conference and rhe work just piled up2 while I waaway. I've been soowed under 1 ever since. Although I slave away till seven at night and even work at weekends, I still can't seem to catch up witb5 everything ! Nick: Sorry, I asked! been so bU>y that you are unable ro see or speak to anyone else or go anywhere (informol) 1 became more and more (used of something Wlpleasant, e.g. work, bills or debts) l had so much work to do that I hae problems dealing w1th it work very hard with little or no rest 5 do something you did not have time to do earlier1


Working hardRay: How are things going for you at work at the moment, Stella? Stella: Well, we're branching out' into a new prod uct line-children 's clothes-so I'm pretty busy. At the moment I'm working oo2 some new designs for leisu rewear. We're working towards1having a complete range for children of all ages. It' qu i te difficult s but I'm sure f'll develop some good desgns tf I keep at' it. Ray: Wt>ll, you always were good at stic.lcing arS things. Stella: Well, I'd certainly rather do a project myself than have to chase up other people to make sure they're doing what they promised to do. Bur sometimes you have to Ju that J USt to keep things moving Ray: Do you think you could squeeze in8 lunch with me sometime? Stella: M.m, possibly, but 11uL Lill next week. Ray: That's fine. But don't try ro wriggle out of' it at the last minute!1 spending


starting to do something dif ferent &om what you usually do rime working in order to prodl!ce someuy tureand

:tone y

ud y

47. 4



......._ ......_.... ._ (4) tt away. At work they're ... iS) back our threatening ro - -- ... opportunities for overtime. I don't know what I'll do then. I a) back b up c) off dl out n: ; saved c) run 2 ) cut el picke .b up c; off l d 3 a) d our ; senl c take l writ back 4 a) b e c: set d e give ; knoc J cut Answer these questions, usinfull sentences. 5 a) pay b k d I What, tf anythmg, arc you saving up for ? ; J 2. How much money do you tiSually take out a1 a cash machme? 3 Whar would you expect rhe bill for a night in a hotel 111 your country to come ro?

PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com

4 Do you baYe any big debtsand, if so, when do you hope ro pay

rbemof f:5 What sortS of thing s

migh r youpick

up at a flea mark et?

Engfo Peak to me. Oo you U!tr.k a minor fo/lingout' a bad lll:e u, is 5 r n fo our futu re marn aBe. cram I W!lrryin4 too ' much? 5tq

n"" . r " week we fell outl

yer.r. ....ut last



,..,1 >

Tar.ya Wilson1 havo n' rnmanoc relatoonsh1p wub bad an argument that da:naged uuc relanonship ' (noun, 1nformal) a way ol tnlking which suggests you are sex ually amacted to someone and want them tO he att:r:>crl'fl 10 you (from the verb chat up) (noun) argumect (from tbe verb fall outI1

Being attracted to someone/(you ...hit it off with someone

!hen you ...immediately like and become fnend'y with them { informal)



start a ...,..,.c relauonship with .._.,



ta'l< in - th>t haws .._., .nat you are sexuoly aancted to them and you try to make tl-em attracted to )'CU

PDF created with pdtFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactorv.com

eo forof

a particular lot. .lly ot a problem page in a newspper or magwne and note down any new one that

you find

PDF created with pdtFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactorv.com

ExercisesSl.l Auntie jo, the agony aunt, i< repl)ing to some of tbe letters she gelS. Ftll tbe gaps in her replies.

Cto TonyoYoJ uy youre 'NOrried because )'OU and yo.Jr fiance h;r;e(I),. .... -...... out.

c..nr li omebody nd lot of

for the now ltudent on your


the _,,.,1s spent o n (S) with sorreone you love is not tl'-e people up in the hope of end ol the world. And ..,.'"""i somhing with them rour


co ,orJt:.but that you'realrold he won't

(9) ..

on with )'OUr png of lriends..


boyfnend shouldn't worry

But be canlful. By oro;ptifl: the

CYCn rf no:her man does try

tl) -- - -rK 11Jy fuo !;t i,/tl; we.to( l wa> M t'.,.... ""'- J'St Jl'lft r...tl 1 bout sometN"'! they have said or done that has made you angry in order toimprove the situation

pin sb downhave It out with sb

man- you can never pin him down to a date on anything. Once Sally h d had It outwitt. Kim about the

(informal ) wind up sbor wind sb up (info.mouth off mal) (informal) shut {sb) up ( Informal)

tell someone something that is not uue in order to make a joke or to annoy them talk about a subject as if you

know more than everyone else orto complain a lot about

housewor1erst' lfl


.. r;:: . .Re.d an obitury or article about the death or

someone lmous lrotn any

Engr.sh l< >guage

newspaper ard note down any phrasal verbs that you find in it.

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56 HealthSymptomsTbese speakers all have health problems that can be described using phrasal verbs or in the case of blocked-up, an adjecrive based on a phrasal verb.I'm fighting off' a sore throat.


I'm going downwithl

flu too.

l'\'e rssq>erienct looking after someone who is too ill,too young, or old to look after themselves > recovered irom a senous illness1 2

become less physically active tban before s died died

II Try to lo.trn pt.-asal wrbs in chunks or lo er phrases,e.g.I'm a>mirg down wo rn Pu,

II cold;My nose

Shes (igllting off ais blocked p.

I I6

Encfi$11 PllrotcJ Verb< in Use

PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com

Exercises56.1 Compleu this text, using particles from A.th e o.s if I'm comi>lg - (1) .. w. &. I'm figt..llg --.... .- ......- .... o. sore. (!). Mij a. e. swoUu> 111ro.U. I.M. "' '''"e. 16I fW.(2.)

W'!Ilj loc:l:ellol

goiDg lhc \oit>rld rcwrd '" for lomorrO\ do a ..... ... ... before doing any Stren uous exercise. 2 Sign below if you would like to take port in ...... ....-- ....-. squash next month's _......-tournament. . 3 Eat healthily.Remember you have to exen;ise for at least two hours to .......... ...... _..,. .......... the calories from one cream cake! 4 Regul:1r exercih lps to.... ......- .. .. .... st ress. . . . 5 Don't forget to _..._......- ........_.......... before running round the track. 6 Remember it's just as important to . ... properly as it i to warm up.



Answer these questions, using full sentences. I How often do you work out each month and what do you do when you work out ? 2 How might you warm up before running a marathon? 3 Why would you be pleased if you pulled ahead of the other runners in a race? 4 Which spon is better for burning off calories and why -tennis or table rermis? 5 Would you prefer to join in a snooker game or a football game aher work? 6 What kind of medal would a top athlete go for?

57.4 Describe what is happeojng in these pictures, using one of the nouns or verbs from the opposite page.





57.5 Here are three more phrasal verbs with sporting conuecrions that were not on the opposite page. C:a.n you choose the corrce1 definition from the box for each o them?was defeated by


told to leave


1 If a foothaller get.< a red card, he L< ent off the pitch. 2 England went out to Germany in the mi-finals.

3 Our tea m won the game and so they went forward to the next round. PDF created with pd fFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com


PDF created with pd fFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com

58 Homes and daily routinesphrasal verb meaning example

move out nop hvmg 111 a p;artlcwr house or flat move inmove inbegi n living in a Oatttal't

rlt'w house


jack moved out of his coll"&e room last MC>t1dayA new family has moved in ro the flat next door. Sand I haw always been good friends soboth got jobs in Rio. we when we mOYe IntO decided tC>Bether.Iearn just enough ro live on.

togetherlive on sth


INing in the $\lme house as

have amoum of money in buy the things you need order to e eoough lllOOey fur the you reed by takong It from a tlungs

live off sth

supply of ..,other person money or

While Sue was unemployed she had to her savings. live offWooJid you be able to put me upwhen I'm in

put up sb let someone stay n your or put sb home for a short time up sleep sleep In someone els e s night over home for a(noun) a sleepover

London next weekl My daud>ter loves it wilen a school sleeps over. friedThe kids had a sleepover.

Note: Do nor conf use to sleep over with to ovcJ:Sieep. The verb ro oversleep means to sleep longer tha n you li>.l.-!jeb!e' """"''" R!N\9' 65H9l, "tt D ,., 0 later

Wl-at I me do you usually turn _ ......_ .....- .... ? 0 9-10 p.m. 0 10 12 a.m.


Ho.... often do you sleep ..-- ----- at a fre nd's hou near ro you for 3 short omc]


after work toda). ['i>it wmco'!e who

Pleatlrop in/round any time -I'm u>ually at home. li nf

IJl"9? YP-"h Tel''"'' l

airport hoteland sleep du-ing :he mcming. and see you later.Allyway, rrn going tc


Well, I (1).. ......-- - -cllatGatwicl< Airpoit Ih"v" a (2) .... ... . for Taipei , but the travel agent saidIshow trru.11 to P. It Poot.Could you drop me off bcre

please? nun's the rcst:mn..nt I'm

ro -,,ver there.

meaningdraw up drop off sblsm ordrop sb/sth off

W a vellicle.or someone in a vehicle.draws up.they arrive somewhere and stOp. a.ke someone to a place tha-c they wal"it to ver something to a place,usualydeai often when you are going somewhere else go to. or in car, I' o car Pl government officials. You: Have you heard? The te2.chcrs' ----..-- ..-- ...------ . 5 Villagers have been adised by police co keep thcor eyes open for a nythong suspocoous. You: Th police""'adviJup intO doM:U"I(lfl'to mcrtc wolh thI t.JtolVGiue, P;uty tFVP). Hvhbt:s: gllr and rn,-huntng. Eadland, Randolph-Qulncy-Orooh Elected 10 ParlillJilCnl in 1983. \1P for Oting"hale und Murulappc. Member of the group out the 1997 rcbc:lhuu

whtcb) UT

pany leader Hugh f\onwit. Has attempted three

agaiu't tm es to

--- --



banning pigeon-rocing. flobbie.. saohng and poetry.F..ntnhistle, Lorna-May Ekcu:d to P"rli"menl in 1992. MP for MICk l y 'lorth. l'amous for put>Jid- . ur to pon) leader Kenneth Dmke in 1997 und being


ss .ant

..uspeoded trom tbe labour f'any for "ll months. Known for ...._.. by her colleaguc:>, \lhate'er the ptic..-.:. Huhhit-,.: lbn.bline.painrina nd lhcJtn:. '

68.2Correct the mistakes with the phral etbs in these political interviews. I Inref\iewer: Will your ra"fY now duuge irs mind ahom itS raxplans? Politician: eener

w e are determined to

go rowards wtth



2 lncetv1ewerPolmctan:

PDF created with pd1F actory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com

3lme rHe wer : Pol itici an:

< ; o ,w h a t w i l i h " P I " ' " r o r h r p r h e n t c o m m o n e e s t r u c t u r e ? We Inte nd ro do up

4Inte rvie wer : Poli tici an:

wuh out-of-date commmec$ and to mcxlernose the whole wmmince truct re to make it more efficient. Do you thonk Ms Reiner should now resign? 'lo, I do nor. I ond her many supporters are detcrmmed to stkk on hr in the fa'c uf rltcw upp.r llmand unfair attacks from the pre ;. Did M r Carson's remarks yesterday represem parry polocy? Yes, t:he parry fldly backs Mr Carson across.

PDF created with pd1F actory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com

68.3 Rewrite each sentence, replacing tbe underlined word wit:h a phrasalvetb expression based on t:he Yoord i.n btllckets. I The People's P.trpk: Party 1-cltcve;that the monarchy houkl he ilhofuhed. (t>O) 2 The PPP aun. ro tntrodu!:!: legisbuon banrung fox hunUJg. (aRJ ) 3 TbPPP _, detcrouincd to '>ITIOking in p blic places. (Cl.AMP) 4 The leader of the PPP nothmg wall stop the Party fulfilltng "'aims(CARRY)


H .wearo he will dn all he on to d.d::nd. the principles t:he PPP suppons.(HAD) 6 The PPP has got the pt;rmjss!()n to hold a dcmonstr3tion next week.



PDF created with pd1F actory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com


American and Australian phrasal verbsMost phrasa l verbs are used in all rhe counrries where English is the ma in language. Howeve.

as English has developed in different counrrie.s some phrasal verbs have emerged with regional meaui.ugs. The distinctions betweenregional varieties of phrasa l verbs arc not clear. cut. In some partsof North America or Australia, UK phrasal verb equivalents arc heard as frequentl y as their regionnl variMions. Stmilarly, many phrasal verbs originating in the US lt.

us verb

UK equivalent speak "2r)gri)y to sollle



bawl out tell of call around

The bonbawled Jack out for

for losing the deal. :lcphone several I'll call .. round aud ee if I order to find out

peoph.:,otwn in


an get round lrlonnauon (In

a good pnce.

UK English col/ around usually means to visit someone)figure out problem 0cning- r'm parried ...

everung.8 Nea rly one in six teachers suffersf rom _...-- .... . ......_........._... at some point in their career.

70.2 Answer


70. 31nd

th'-se questions using phrasal verbs from the opposite page. 1 Whar will probably happen if you get an e-ortaJI addres wroug? 2 What phrasal verb connects vegetables and rel xation? 3 What phrasal verb connects cold weather and relaxation? 4 What might rhe resul t be if you work too hard for wo long? 5 Whar is che money called which you .:an get in a supermarket by paying lor more than Pet:P.T and ClairP. WP.TP. r.hilling the cost of the goods you' re bu)ingl nut l>eside the pool. 6 Which common adjective has combined with up co form a new ph rasal verb? 7 What phrasal verb is based on a noun meaning ecstasy or compiece ooppiness? 8 What do you call a day at work when everyone comes in informal clothes? 9 What could you do if someone cextl!d you? 10 Find three phrasal verbs from the opposite page that are connected wnh relaxatton. 11 Find three ""ords from the opposirc pnerhnr orP connected with modern 1echnology. the oppOSite page that arc connected 12 Find two words from with being tense. ill\

e::t:!:: J:: C

nal )


PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com

Write responses to these statements. using phrasal verbs from the opposite page. Have you got any money with you' lio, I'lL S"t some Gu nders5 break through

2 3 4 o!fputtin throwawa outgoing g y 2. put off 3 throw 4 go out 5 go away away by 4 .5 1 I was looki ng for a way to tum off the photocopier-There's the on/off switch. 2 Have you r heard about the scandal in the office? -.\lim, amazing goingson! 3 The economy's not doing so well these days.-Yes, there's been a downrurn. 4 A database can organise all the i n formation you type into it. Yes, bur I don't undesra11d the illpul. 5 You have tO constder how much you spend each month. - l kcow, 1 need tO watch my outgoings.

4. 1 geuwa bygone 3 5y 4.4 1 get

UnitS5. Jdnow.b) She mtcrvened or became invol ved to srop the argument from



3 e

4 a

5 c

6 b

5.2 1 a) I put my feer in a puddle of water and my ieer are very wet

becoming more serious. The connection berw""n rhe manings is tht sense of going mto the middle of something. 2 a) This programme is rubbish. I wsh you'd turn off rhe TV. b) The lecture so boring that I stopped paying attention. The connection between rhe meanings is tbe sense of a break in conrinuiry.


a) There's a hole in my bag.

I think my pen must have fallen

from the bag onto the ground or f l oor. b) He stopped going to college before the em!uf his course and became a mechanic. The connection between the meanings is the sense of lcavina place or environment. 4 a) We fixed the boxe:; to the roof of 1he car by using ropes. b) Mark dreams of travelling but he doesn't feel free ro do it because he IS tra pped by his fam i ly and work responsibilities. The connection between the mea nings is the oense of being unable ro move or beingrestricted.

S. l

I What arc you re.1lly tryi ng to say? I wish you would say exaclly what you mean! 2 The reacher did all she could to repeat the voca bulary so freq ueody that her pu pils k new it well before the exam. 3 The old education system used to remove the best pupils and teach them in separate s.;hools. 4 l'he noise ol the children's music made 11 impossible for me ro hear the television.

5.4 Suggested attswer: PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com

As the rain didn' t

stop, rhe football game was cancelled. So rhe team began

discussing irs strategy for the next match instead. We didnt leave ' the clubhouse unul the cleaners arrived in the evening.

Unit 65 along 7 out

6.1 I apartJ

2 our 6 our around/round

4 our148 npsh Fh111$ol Verbs ;, Us.

PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com

6.2 Suggested answers:1 2 3 4 Ken: Really? How did that come about? Ivan: Huh! Do you think it will ever come off? Fran: When do you think you'll come to a decision? Ulla: Yes, I was intending to, but right at the last minute something came up.


.: !*:*,:.(9)2 , ; ; e ;: .: Ef: :;: : ; ..m life . T h.e of w i ll c o m e u p wh ich c ou ld cha n ge yo old,

friel1dcomesup inconversation, bringinrback powerfulmemories. . . :;;.:;: ..; : ,......-.: ...,.. .



You will come across someone who seems to share the same world view as you, but be careful, they are not what they seem to be. Don't forget that, in the end, true love comes down to finding someone you can trust.


Unit 77.1 d 1 b

2 c


4 b

5 a

6 a

7 d

7.2 Suggested answers:1 How do you and Joe get on? -We're great friends. 2 What exactly are you getting at? - Let me put it another way for you. 3 How do you get by on a student grant? -I manage somehow, though it isn't easy. 4 How did you get so behind?-I just wasn't organised enough. 5 When are you going to get round to it? -Soon, I promise. 6 Shall we get together this evening? -Sure, that would be nice. 7 Will you manage to get away soon?-I certainly hope so. 7.3 1 I've been planning to sort out my files but I haven't got around/round to it yet. 2 I can't get over how much money they spent on their New Year's party. 3 Don't try to get away with not paying your train fare-an inspector might come on and want to see your ticket. 4 The teachers in the school often get together after work on Fridays in a cafe near the school. 5 They got around/round the problem of offending anyone and just invited all their friends to the wedding. 6 I usually find it quite hard to understand what Professor Mactoft is getting at in his lectures. 7 I hope I can get away with not sending any Christmas cards this year. 8 Emily has got terribly/very behind with her thesis.

English Phrasal Verbs in Use 149

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Unit 88.1 1 through8.2

3 through 4 2 off wirhom

5 on

6 about

Suggested answers:

I I'm thinlong of going in for the New York Ma rathon next yeu 2 My brher went through some difficu l t rimes in his life. 3 Unemployment and high crime levels often go cogcrber. 4 He dc idcd co go through wirh Lhe OJ'eratioo even rhough there were risks. 5 I refused to go along with their decision to dose the youth club. 6 I didn't realise how latt' ir was and I went on studying till afrer midnigh . 7 We ad to go wirhour hor wnrcr for 24 hours while they were repairing rhc p1pes. 8 Do you think Ishould go in for rhe ad vanced level exam'It m1ght be too diliiculr. 9 She just went off withour saying goodbye. I wonder if I offended her? 10 What was going on in rhe suffroom ar lunchtime? 1 heard someone shouting.

8.3 1 b

2 c

3 c

4 c

Unit 99.1

9. 2

b a

2 c


4 c

5 b

1 forward


2 around/round (out is also possible here) 3 after 4 ahead or forward S down 6 M (nm>r i< al:za for you ? I expect us gone cold bynow.

4 AU rhese old telephones will be phased our over the next we'll g:et new, digiralones .



Unit 2727.11 f.illthrough 4 r.tke off or catch on l take over 5 bring off or pull off l nownfall 6 come off

27.2 1 2. 3 For




5 s 6s





s s

If you are muddling through, you are managing, even if not very well, so it COLtld be S as well as F.27.3 History mudd le through Marhs build on English catch up Geography sray ahead Physics pay ofi

27.4 Suggested answers: 1 .lvtiranda walked into a job in London. 2 Jim's hard work eventually paid off. J The company os hopmg ro puU off an important deal this week. 4 Rachel never expeCted htr la, we sl!aulaa'r Rala agaia sr her itM!at.) 7 Yes, I thmk it's really getting to her. (nor :Yes,-1-thiak-it+Feelly ge .) Or Yes, I think ir's really beginning roger to her.

38.3 1 give in or backJown

4 stuck rogerber 5 gening ro

2 fallen out :\ hck our

U nit 3939.1 1 b 2 c 343

5 c

6 b

asuccessfUlly persuadingtalk : round/round briog round rope in have on talk inro www.pdffactory.com talk out

39.2 presenting an opinion or uying to put persuade gcrosslover :10 put forward put srh to sb call trial version PDF created with pdfFactory Pro f for

people ions to persuasionfull for

brush as1de


PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com

39.3 I She didn't rnke ir serio sly nd refused ro think bour It seriously. 2 We don't know, but we k now that it' not the CSA because she wa> just teasing Derek.. 3 No, they didn't have much choice in rhe matter; 4 We know she wasnt robbed and rhat she isn't always truthful ' because she was tryu1g to trick Harry by inventing the story. 5 Y >, it tloxs waut rtforrn. 39.4 1 preSSUlg for or callit1g for 2 bring; aroundfround or ralk; around/round 3 putting forward 4 call for or press for 5 rope in 6 talk; imo

Unit 4040.1 srand our and outstandingAn out4it? ncfin.g person is someone who sr.;an(h: out or is norlceahle hecause of f'ipecial, :

posicivc characrcristtcs.

show off o nd a show-off A how-off n pcr;,on who shows off or tries to impress others in an tS annoying way. screw up and screwed-up If a person is screwed-up, then in some way their experiences have screwed up or dama ed the!t persmu lity or their state of mmd, making111


themuohappy or confused.40.2 l Antonia 2 Julia3 Rana 4 Ahmed 5 Law-a 6 Barry

40.3 Suggested a/ISwers:I Dan won the prize as his short srory stood our (as the best). Or

Dan won the pri ze as his short story stood out from all the others. 2 Molly gor rhe sad< bt.'Cinse her work ju>'t didn't measure up. 3 Wltat on ea rth doe> Gemma think she's playmg at-she's behaving so oddl y? 4 I wish F..d wou ldn't show off all rhe ti me! Or I wih f.d w n'r/weren'r snch -1').7 Wl10

jirls'II SUN "'"'

f'S ,.._""

s... s


Unit 53

s b 6d 2f 3 e 4 c a 53.2 1 My sister and her husband split up last year. 2 Milly was very upset when her boyfriend finished with her.53.1 J

Or 1\i.i.Liy was very upset when her boyfriend broke up withher.

3 We had been growing aparl for a long rime, so it was berter roseparate properly.

53. 1 make up 2 ran off 3with

5 live, down 6 miSS out

4 let, down

8 break off

n filh Pl!toSol erbs in Use V


PDF c eatedwith dFa tory P o t ialversion w .pdffactoy.com r pf c r r w r


Un it 5454.1Gina Dermot 2 3 Georg e


5 Yvette 6 Yolanda

54.2 1 keeping,2 shut, keep


3 pin 4 talks 5 pOured, opened, outpouring

54.3 I let on

2 gone back 3 keeping 4 owned up 5 have it out with

Unit 5555.11 carry on

2 takes after 3 drop our 4 handed live up 5 down to 6 become of 7 bringing pass 8 up for

55. 2 Author';, a1tswers: 1 I was named after a character in a book.I dunk I take after my mother in appea rance. I probably take after my father in characrer. I think that girls usually grow up much faster than boys. Someone might drop our of university l: ecnse of ill health or httause they were not enjoying rheir studies. 6 Someone might tum ro crime if they need money to pay debts or buy drugs. 7 A girl I know is only fifteen bur she could easily pass for twenty in both appearance and behaviOUL 8 I have a rea service rhar has bt:t:n handed dowu from ruy g.reargrandparen >; . 9 I think that mothers and fathers have equally impOrtant but different roles to play in bringing up their children. 10 I would like co carry on working for as long as possible as I enjoy work ing. 2 3 4 5

55.3 1 named 2 tah3 brought 4 live 5 dropping

Unit S656.1 56. 21

become turn ended or wound ended or wound 10 carried

6 7 8 9


2 off up


4 up

5 up

6 off

I've had a sore th roat for a week now- I just can't shake it off. 2 Meg hadn't eaten Jnything for 48 hour> and so it wnsnr surprisong that she passed out in the middle of her gym lc:sson. 3 The doctors were afraid that rhe old man wouldn't >urvive the attack of pneumonia, bur amazingly he pulled through and was soon on his feet again.

4 I think I'm coming

down with a cold -I ieel a bit shivery.

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5 My rhumb swelled up after l accidentally hit 1t with a hammer. 6 The sea was so rough rhar many people were thruwing up overrhe side of the ship. 7 People usually write lm-ers of condolence to tbe relatives of someone w ho has passed away/on. 8 The old lady is in great pain becaushe has pot her hip out. 9 After rhe operation, her sister cared for he until she was completely recovered. JO How do you rhink you came down with (or went down with) chicken pox?

56.3 l Jim's uncle passed away last year. 2 Sonya JS fighting off a bout of flu. 3 Rita is kept very bu5y ca ring for her elderly mother. 4 Mary's ankles swelled up during the long flight. 5 Most people usually slow down a bit as they ger older. 6 I think Joe is going down with flu. 56.4 l'ossible answers: l When her great-aunt passed away Mary felt very 2 sad. jack broke dllwn when was after a final where 3 The last rime I threw uphe failed his parryexams. 4 I'd eaten get a blocked-up nose if you have a cold You can roo much. 5 or an allergy. Kate's finger swelled up af ter it was hit by a 6 The best way ro fight off a cold is to stay in bed hockey baU. and drink a lot.

Unit 5757.1 I J0111 in= participate 2 give in =surrender 3 go for ; attempt to achieve4 pull ahead = overtake


knock out

= defeat

57. 1 warm-up 2 knockout 2 3 burn off ; Work off would also be possible in this 4 contexr.) work off 5 warm up 6 cool down 57.3 Allthor's amwers:1 I work out about four times a month. Usually l go to an aerobiC'< class. 2 l might warm up hy Oil ng 50I'I'le gen tle Stretches and by ru nning on the spor. 3 I'd be pleased because if I pulled ahead oi the other runners it means tbarI am winning. 4 Tennis is better than rable tennis at burn ing off calories because it is more energetic than table tennis. 5 I'd prefer ro join in a snooker game as I'm not very good at football. G A top athlete would go fur the gokl medal.


57.4 Suggested answers:1 The player or the ream is kick ing off. Or It i< rh kick-off. 2 The woman is burning off calories. Or The woman is work ingout on an exerase bike.

3 The athlete is warming up or is doing a warm-up. Or (if he has just done some sporr) The athlete is cooling down.

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English Pllrarol'krlls in Usc I 7S

57.5 I told to leav< 2 "a> dtfcatcJ b

3 progrcs.ed

Unit 5858.1 1 d2 e



4 c

5 b

6 f

58.2 I UJ> 2 5 .1)' 3 lie

6 in

5 sltcp.ng "'ly111g

':' over

4 up, up 8 oversleep

58.3 I waiting UfJ or ny inj.; up l put her up or lcr htr dccn ovu3 oversleeping or sl cping m 4 move out 5 tum in 6 movL-d m together

Unit 59S9.1 I He said I could bring jJttc alunif I liked. 2 He asked us over/round af:er the lilm. Or He invitedaround/round/over afttrU>

3 the film. 4 He said he would pop in/into rhe shop for some bis.cuit>

5 '"' the wa) home. He said he loved having peopleS9.l Iaround/round/over. He said I could borrow the CD 1f his friend brought ir round before my 2 parry. 'v1y parents are alway > 1skmg after you so I'll tell them your new'nxr rim,. 1 e them. drop io/round some 11mc when you're passing ow: house and h,wc a wp of rca. VI) uncle has invttccl me and a f, icnd out m a snan restaurant tc1 celd>rate my birthda). 0' course you can brmg your hrorhrr along when you come to our pla has just asked me to pop in tO htofhce (or pop into bis office).






a) The spealer ha. to u up,taiN to Bill'> ofiice. b) The speal..cr ha\ to go duwn>tam to Btll's oUt . a) The speaker plans to invite Andy nd Becky to a m ,1 .tt lm or her home. b) The speaker pl311> to t.1kc Andy and Becky for a mealro a reuaurJnt.a) Tbis ''isit sounds a little more forma. than the viir m 1h) and the vi> tOr> may ring Peggy first to chcd r hr tht time is convenient. b) This vsit sounds more mformalthan the one suggested m (a) :lnd Peggy is unlikely to know about tt in advance. 4 a) The speaker i'gnm& to bring their niece ro vi;it someone and may not stay during the 'isir. b) The speak.,r's niece tS gou:g to accompany the speaker on a v1sit.

S9. 4 roil,/e


no call

round a::Jd , I thin k it"s gone off. 2 Harry: Yes, we need something !hat wiU go (nicel y) with i t. 3 Jane: OK,!'II pur them on. 4 Rickie: Yes, we'll have ro make sure it doesn't boil over. 5 Dave: Good idea. It's ages smcc we last ate out.


be !cit over; noun: leftovers (Note that this noun is always plural.) take away; noun: takeaway top up: noun: topup 2 hand ruund 3 live on or live ott

4 top-up

60.4 1 leftovers

2 live on or li ve off 3 hand round or pass round 5 take i t away il ukeaway 7 W3S lef