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  • English Language Graphic Novels

    Prepared by

    Olivier Charbonneau

    Data current as of May 18, 2004 Concordia University

    Winners and Nominations of Comics and Graphic Novels Awards up to 2004


    (list sorted first by number of wins, then by number of nominations and then by title)

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  • �Developing collections of graphic novels and other works of narrative and sequential art has been making waves for the past few years, but libraries in France and Quebec have been collecting “bande dessinée” for decades. As opposed to comic books, the Franco-Belgian format of choice is the “album”. These hard- covered books of about 50 pages are more than suitable for our institutions. Some collections in Quebec even top the 10,000 document mark!

    �When the Bibliothèque Nationale du Québec merged with the City of Montréal’s central library, it was quite natural to develop the english-language Graphic Novel collection. Unfortunately, collections development in this area is still a burgeoning field. That is why Olivier Charbonneau, Subject Librarian and Researcher at Concordia University, was brought in to propose 1000 English language Graphic Novels for the collection.

    �Different techniques were employed to select the document The main selection tool is included in this document. It shows the number of nominations and awards granted to english language comic books, graphic novels and other works of sequential art. The data for three awards was compiled in an Microsoft Access database created by Olivier Charbonneau. The awards are as follows:

    Harvey Award Winners MoCCA Art Festival: New York City http://harveyawards.org/

    Will Eisner Comic Industry Award Comic-Con International: San Diego, CA http://users.rcn.com/aardy/comics/awards/eisnersum.shtml

    Ignatz Award Winners The Small Press Expo: Bathesda, Maryland http://www.spxpo.com/ignatzaward.htm

    A selection tool for the "Adult" Graphic Novels Circulating Collection of the Bibliothèque Nationale du

    In essence, any document that received an award was selected if it was available in book format. As well, if any single creator that had received multiple awards, his or her works ewre recommended for purchase. Unfortunately, this database will not be maintained. A seperate tool (http://www.marsimports.com/) was used to determine the availability of the documents on the market.

    Thank you for your interest in this list and graphic novels !

    Olivier Charbonneau Concordia University


    PS. Please feel free to use and circulate this list – as long as the person using or receiving it does not use it for commercial purposes (selecting books for a library is OK) and agrees to send me a thank you letter at the following address: Olivier Charbonneau, Webster Library, room LB-279 Concordia University 1400 de Maisonneuve Blvd. W. Montreal, Quebec, H3G 1M8

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  • Wins NominationsTitle Publisher

    Acme Novelty Library 22 48Fantagraphics Thompson, Kim editor Ware, Chris artist

    Sandman 20 43DC Berger, Karen editor 1993-1995 Dringenberg, Matt Gaiman, Neil writer Hempel, Marc 1995 Jones III, Malcolm inker Kieth, Sam Klein, Todd letterer 1991-1995 Oliff, Steve Vozzo, Dan

    Bone (Complete Bone Adventures) 17 9Cartoon Books Smith, Jeff

    Eightball 11 72Fantagraphics Clowes, Dan artist, writer Groth, Gary editor 1993

    Watchmen 11DC Gibbons, Dave Artist-pencil Higgins, John Artist-color Moore, Alan Author

    Concrete 10 19Dark Horse Comics Chadwick, Paul Spicer, Bill

    Astro City (1997 also at Homage) 10 12Image Busiek, Kurt writer Comicraft Ross, Alex cover Starkings, Richard & Comicraft - letterer

    From Hell (2000 also at Top Shelf) 10 11SpiderBaby/Tundra Amara, Phil editor Campbell, Eddie Moore, Alan writer

    Marvels (also 1995: Graphitti Graphics) 8 5Marvel Busiek, Kurt writer McLaurin, Marcus editor Ross, Alex artist

    Calvin and Hobbes 8Universal Press Watterson, Bill

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  • Wins NominationsTitle Publisher

    Xenozoic Tales 7 16Kitchen Sink Press Powell, denise letterer Schreiner, Dave Editor 1993 Schultz, Mark artist Stiles, Steve

    The Complete Crumb Comics 7 9Fantagraphics Crumb, R. Thompson, Mark editor

    Dark Horse Presents 7 7Dark Horse Comics Byrne, John Rich, Jamie editor 1999- Stradley, Randy editor

    Love & Rockets 6 34Fantagraphics Groth, Gary Hernandez, Gilbert writer Hernandez, Jaime artist

    Akira (2002 also at Dark Horse) 6 6Marvel/Epic Duffy, Jo translated Goodwin, Archie editor Oliff, Steve colorist Otomo, Katsuhiro

    Batman: The Killing Joke 6 3DC Bolland, Brian artist-Pencil Bruning, Richard design Higgins, Jim colorist Moore, Alan writer

    Sin City 5 16Dark Horse Comics Miller, Frank

    Penny Century 5 8Fantagraphics Groth, Gary editor Hernandez, Jaime artist

    Spawn 5 8Image McFarlane, Todd Oliff, Steve colorist, Olyoptics Orzechowski, Tom letterer, editor

    Kurt Busiek’s Astro City (1999 see also Astro City at Homage)

    5 6Wildstorm/DC Comics

    Busiek, Kurt

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  • Wins NominationsTitle Publisher

    Kingdom Come 5 5DC Klein, Todd letterer Ross, Alex artist Waid, Mark

    The Complete Little Nemo in Slumberland 5 4Fantagraphics Crain, Dale design Marschall, Richard editor

    Black Hole 4 24Kitchen Sink Press Burns, Charles artist

    100 Bullet 4 5DC Azzarello, Brian writer Johnson, Dave cover 2002-2003 Risso, Eduardo artist

    Castle Waiting 4 4Olio Klein, Todd letterer Medley, Linda

    Mutts 4 2King Features McDonnell, Patrick

    Lone Wolf & Cub 4 1Dark Horse Comics Koike, Kazuo Kojima, Goseki

    Preacher 3 19DC/Vertigo Alonso, Axel editor Dillon, Steve Ennis, Garth writer Fabry, Glenn cover artist 1997-200 Hollingsworth, Matt colorist

    Cages (1997 also at Kitchen Sink Press) 3 11Tundra Haythornthwaite, Clare McKean, Dave artist

    Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight 3 10DC Anderson, Brad colorist #112-113 Digital Chameleon Goodwin, Archie editor Oliff, Steve colorist Ross, Alex cover Russell, Craig penciller/inker Wagner, Matt cover

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  • Wins NominationsTitle Publisher

    Promethea (also DC Comics) 3 7ABC Cox, Jeromy Dunbier, Scott editor Gray, Mike Klein, Todd letterer Moore, Alan Williams III, J.H.

    Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde 3 6NBM Digital Chameleon colorist Kindzierski, Lovern colorist Russell, Craig

    Gon 3 5DC/Paradox Helfer, Andrew editor Tanaka, Masashi

    Kings In Disguise 3 4Kitchen Sink Press Burr, Dan Vance, James

    Hellboy 3 3Dark Horse Comics Allie, Scott editor Mignola, Mike artist Stewart, Dave

    Dork 3 2Unknown Dorkin, Evan

    Stuck Rubber Baby 3 2Paradox Carlton Taggart, Bronwyn editor Cruse, Howard

    Nexus: The Origin 3 1Dark Horse Comics Baron, Mike Rude, Steve

    The Spirit Archives 3 1DC Crain, Dale editor Eisner, Will

    League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 3ABC Moore, Alan writer

    Spider-Man 2099 3Marvel Williamson, Al inker

    Cerebus 2 51Aardvark-Vanaheim Gerhard inker Sim, Dave writer, letterer

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  • Wins NominationsTitle Publisher

    Hate 2 27Fantagraphics Bagge, Peter Writer Blanchard, Jim Inker Thompson, Kim Editor 1993

    Drawn and Quarterly 2 22Drawn & Quarterly Lesenko, Marina editor 1996- Oliveros, Chris editor

    Groo the Wanderer 2 12Marvel/Epic Aragones, Sergio Luth, Tom colorist Sakai, Stan letterer

    Hellblazer 2 10DC Dillon, Steve Ennis, Garth writer Fabry, Glenn cover Simpson, William Ziuko, Tom

    Usagi Yojimbo (1994: also at Fantagraphics/Mirage)

    2 9Dark Horse Comics

    Luth, Tom Sakai, Stan

    Stray Bullets 2 8El Capitan Lapham, David

    Animal Man 2 6DC Bolland, Brian cover Hazlewood, Doug Morrison, Grant writer Pugh, Steve Truog, Chaz

    Leave it to Chance 2 5Image Peterson, Jonathan editor Robinson, James writer Smith, Paul

    Batman Black & White 2 4DC Kahan, Bob editor

    Death: The High Cost of Living 2 4DC/Vertigo Bachalo, Chris Gaiman, Neil writer

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  • Wins NominationsTitle Publisher

    Understanding Comics (also at Perennial) 2 4undra/Kitchen Sink Press Lapan, Bob letterer Martin, Mark editor McCloud, Scott

    Batman: Long Halloween 2 3DC Comicraft Loeb, Jeff Sale, Tim

    Batman: Sword of Azrael 2 3DC Nowlan, Kevin inker Quesada, Joe

    Daredevil: Born Again 2 3Marvel Nocenti, Ann Williamson, Al

    DC Archives: Plastic Man 2 3DC Cole, Jack Kahan, Bob editor Taylor, Rick editor

    Maus II 2 3Pantheon Mouly, Francoise Spiegelman, Art

    Milk & Cheese 2 3Slave Labor Dorkin, Evan

    300 2 2Dark Horse Comics Miller, Frank Varley, Lynn colorist

    Fax From Sarajevo 2 2Dark Horse Comics Cooper, Bob editor Kubert, Joe

    Hitman 2 2Unknown Ennis, Garth

    Instant Piano 2 2Dark Horse Comics Allie, Scott editor Kesel, Barbara editor

    Invisible People 2 2Kitchen Sink Press Eisner, Will Schreiner, Dave editor

    Jimmy Corrigan (Smartest Kid on Earth) 2 2Pantheon Ware, Chris

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  • Wins NominationsTitle Publisher

    Martha Washington Goes to War 2 2Dark Horse Comics Gibbons, Dave McKie, Angus

    Batman Versus Predator 2 1DC /Dark Horse Klein, Todd letterer Kubert, Adam inker Schutz, Diana

    Batman: Mad Love 2 1DC Dini, Paul Peterson, Scott Timm, Bruce W.

    Golem's Mighty Swing 2 1Drawn & Quarterly Sturm, James

    Tomorrow Stories 2 1ABC Baikie, Jim Dunbier, Scott