Engaging Students and Parents with Technology

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Engaging Students and Parents with Technology. Shelby Simmons, MAT August 14 , 2013 Colleton County High School. Goals/Objectives:. Increase quality and quantity of: I nformation distributed to parents Session Content Parent Attendance by 15% - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Engaging Students and Parents with Technology

Title I Planning Meeting

Engaging Students and Parents with TechnologyShelby Simmons, MATAugust 14, 2013Colleton County High School

1Goals/Objectives:Increase quality and quantity of:Information distributed to parentsSession ContentParent Attendance by 15%Provide activities and interventions to measurably improve student achievementBuild capacity in the parent communityNote Program Constraints and challenges (slide has been removed)FundingTitle I LegislationCommunity ApathyPoor AttendanceNegative PerceptionsLimited Time and Small Staff

2Review of InitiativesStudent AchievementClass Size Reduction Teacher Salaries = at least 85%InterventionistsStudent Supplies/Software (MAP)Teacher Quality Professional DevelopmentParent InvolvementInvolving parents in school activitiesImproving parenting skillsSupporting Student Achievement

Salaries = 86% of general fund 81% of all revenue

All activities must be supplemental; T1 cannot supplant.

3Input from stakeholdersParent Survey results 2009 surveys returned#1 Motivating children#2 Teaching reading and math (common core, increasing rigor)#3 Bullying

All numbers taken from District-wide survey

Staff Survey identified needs 250 responses#1 Teaching at-risk students and closing the achievement gaps#2 Increasing higher order thinking strategies (common core. Increasing rigor)#3 Increasing student engagement#4 RtI

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60% parents felt that mobile devices enhance education4Input from StakeholdersParent Survey92% support more spending on Interventionists in Reading, Math, and Science85% support After-School (Day Care) and Summer School Programs81% support class size reduction91% say their child is taught by a highly qualified Teacher87% say they are satisfied with the learning environment5What we do:Title I Parent Involvement Program6Do It Online!Remind 101 Text Message NoticesPlease text: @titleip to 424-888-7851

Have participants with cell phones join the group, mention the ability to schedule text messages this is a free service7Do It Online!Tweet deck Social Networkinghttp://youtube.com/ccsdtitle1http://twitter.com/ccsdtitle1http://facebook.com/ccsdtitle1

Text Follow @ccsdtitle1 to 40404Ask participants to follow us!

Discuss Permissions for facebook and twitter and personal accounts for Twitter/Facebook8Do It Online!PebbleGo Content Area Literacy SupportOnline Access for UPLIFT ParentsUses UDL Principles

June: 2425July: 842August: 3139Online Activities:

Abcmouse.com free 30 day trial for 2-6 year olds


Apps and games for parents and teachers to encourage vocabulary:Ruzzlehttp://edu.symbaloo.com/mix/appsfor1-110Do It Online!New hardware to support student achievementStudy buddy Self-Paced TutoringReplacing Laptops

Give opportunity to work in groups to assess study buddy for parents with low to moderate abilities, point out portability, single-purpose, no street value, inexpensive, bring sample11Programmatic InterventionsCombined Parent Sessions with school wide events like Literacy Nights, PTO, SIC

Teachers can use DVDs, Books, and Games to engage entire families and find new ways to find educational aspects of existing activities:HayDayReading RainbowABCMouse

Video of annual meeting, preparing a Spanish language version12Programmatic InterventionsDistrict-wide support for family literacy program and Common Core integration

Using discounted books from FirstBook.org and TheReadingWarehouse.com as Parent Incentives and Literacy Session materials

CorePlanner.com will track common core standards taught to parents in Literacy SessionsTime for prizes (books and lesson plans)13Individual InterventionsTake control of Professional Developmenthttp://home.Edweb.net @edutopia@techtiaDevelop Online Professional PersonaLinkedINClass websitewww.Remind101.comEdmodoQR Codes www.goqr.me 14Use Tech in the ClassroomResearch, Review, Assess:www.Quizlet.com http://varsitytutors.com/practice-testshttp://agoogleaday.comwww.Text2MindMap.comwww.gutenberg.org http://rubistar.4teachers.org/15Use Tech in the ClassroomProjects and Alternative Assessments:www.superteachertools.com/jeopardywww.Kizoa.com www.techsmith.com/jinghttp://screencast.comwww.wordle.netBubbl.ushttp://youtu.be/hFdDRf6q5rg

http://youtu.be/hFdDRf6q5rg = stem game16Use Tech with ParentsCommunication is a two-way streetRegularly share contact information Check email and voice mailUse meaningful phone calls, postcards, stickers and certificatesVistaprint.com4imprint.com

Remind 101 have a class for parents, use new website features and encourage parents to sign up, attend after-school activities17Results:Increased ContentIncreased AttendanceIncreased ExcitementIncreased Opportunity

Study Buddies are checked out 2.5x faster than laptops with 96% favorable parent responseWebsites average 60+ unique hits a day with average of 5 minutes on the siteOver 1000 parents and students attended our Back-2-School Bash up 300%District Parent Center visits up 100%Laptop loans up 100%Met initial goal for Facebook LikesOnly looking for 100Plan to increase yearly by 15-25%50% of goal for Twitter FollowersLibrary Participation in District CalendarOnline Sessions moving to local cable

18Discussion/Questions?Ask Me Now!

Ready for our drawing?19Contact Me:Shelby Simmonssesimmons@colletonsd.org782-4522 x 34025320