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Engaging responsibly using social media Tips & Tricks. Declan Murphy. Urologist & Director of Robotic Surgery | Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre | Melbourne Associate Editor (Social M edia) | BJUI. @declangmurphy #eau14. Potential outcome?. Suspended/dismissed from the hospital - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>The Future of Robotic Surgery within the Public Sector in Victoria</p> <p>Engaging responsibly using social mediaTips &amp; TricksUrologist &amp; Director of Robotic Surgery | Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre | MelbourneAssociate Editor (Social Media) | BJUIDeclan Murphy</p> <p>@declangmurphy #eau14</p> <p>Potential outcome?Suspended/dismissed from the hospitalReported to licensing body for unprofessional conduct</p> <p>Greysen et al. JAMA 2012;307(11):1141-2</p> <p>Take home message</p> <p>You could get in serious trouble using social mediaBecause this is well known, professional bodies and others have addressed this area with guidance and rules, some better than others12Guidelines and Rules: 2013-4</p> <p>Engaging Responsibly with Social MediaDeclan Murphy, Stacy Loeb, Marni Basto, Ben Challacombe, Quoc-Dien Trinh, Mike Leveridge, Todd Morgan, Prokar Dasgupta, Matt BultitudeBJUI 2014; In press</p> <p>Take home message 1Social media is transforming medical communication/publishingIt allows unprecedented reach and engagement at lightning speedThere are huge opportunites but associated risks follow the rules</p> <p>Some opportunitiesJournals no longer think paper</p> <p>REACHENGAGEJournals no longer think paper</p> <p>Opportunities to use social media 1VideoTips for video</p> <p>1. Capture </p> <p>Capture at maximum qualitySDI/Signal convertor/HDDMedicap USB 300 - fantasticDVD always disappointing</p> <p>Capturing open surgery </p> <p>DSLR can do video v well</p> <p>3D next frontier</p> <p>Tips for video</p> <p>2. Edit </p> <p>Take Home Message 2The leading journals no longer think paper Authors must make the most of this </p> <p>Think videoThink social</p> <p>Opportunities to use social media 2Blogging</p> <p>The Social FunnelBlogging is at the Heart of the Social FunnelWhy blog?Online diarySocial opinionProfessional opinionNews/event reporting</p> <p>Repository to drive social trafficBlogs@BJUI</p> <p>Most popular blogs - BJUI</p> <p>Publishing paradigm is shifting</p> <p>Blog firstPeer reviewSocial review44Publishing paradigm is shifting</p> <p>Blog firstPublish laterPeer reviewSocial reviewAmplify with social45Publishing paradigm is shifting</p> <p>Blog firstPublish laterPeer reviewSocial reviewAmplify with social</p> <p>46Conference blogs</p> <p>Five tips to write a good blogMake it conversationalAnecdotes always good5-800 wordsEnrich with photos/videos/HTML linksIncite some reactionOpportunities to use social media 3Conference experience goes social</p> <p>Conferencing and Social Media</p> <p>#eau14 has global reach and engagementTwitter boards/Youtube/Web/Instagram51</p> <p>Final thoughtsEngage responsibly you have standards to maintain as a health professionalSeize the opportunities to amplify your message and network with othersHave fun!</p> <p> @declangmurphy #eau14</p> <p>Thank you</p>


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