Engaging People, Protecting Communities: DCI Mabs Hussain (West Yorkshire Police) HMP Governor Andy Johnson (Prison Service Strategic Lead)

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  • Engaging People, Protecting Communities: DCI Mabs Hussain (West Yorkshire Police) HMP Governor Andy Johnson (Prison Service Strategic Lead)
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  • Why work together: criminal justice & health Crime has both direct and indirect effects on health: Direct through violence, injury, rape Indirect psychological consequences of injury, victimisation and isolation As a determinant of illness Reduce effectiveness of health systems violence against staff By preventable health burdens alcohol related crime, drug dependency and motor vehicle accidents.
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  • Why work together: criminal justice & health Strong correlation between poor health, high levels of crime and poverty. Estimated that 15% of incidents dealt with by the police on a daily basis are mental health related. Estimated that the NHS spends over 1 billion on treating the victims of crime each year.
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  • Why work together: the police as a public health placement Build partnerships police, NHS, LA, VCS; Bring a public health perspective and approach; Bring public health skills; Develop skills across the Public Health Curriculum; Improve health and reduce health inequalities; Tackle the wider determinants of health; Reduce crime and reoffending
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  • How have we been working together? Learning disabilities prevalence study Section 136 Mental Health Act Custody health needs assessment Appropriate adults Missing persons with mental health problems
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  • West Yorkshire prison IOM hub 2009 vision of Chief Constable and Director of Offender Management Closer to home Intelligence informs resettlement Seconded Prison Governor
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  • Cultural Change Turning the Tanker !! Prison and police partnership.
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  • Gene Hunt Goes to Prison
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  • Why a prison hub? Create a communication portal Close the communication gap Nominal disappearing act !! Prioritisation of most prolific Co-ordination of support services Manage golden 24 hour period Hands on
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  • Whos in the Prison Hub. A Prison officer-linked in to offender management and security IOM Police officers-linked into community IOM teams Probation officers-managing under 12 month offenders VCS-Housing experts Police intelligence researchers
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  • How does it work - A New Vision Significant nominals of concern are tracked through custody Prison IT system Intelligence and information relating to significant nominals is shared on admission and release. Release plans for all nominals of concern including intelligence packs. Bespoke intelligence packages include significant information on an offenders associates, Security information etc. Enhanced Intelligence inform Offender Management/Security in custody.
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  • Recent Developments A multi agency hub at HMP Wealstun focusing on longer term nominals of concern. A West Yorkshire hub Building on the HMP Leeds model. Linking, sharing information and forging relationships with any prison which houses PPO/IOM nominals who will return to West Yorkshire on release.
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  • New Territory and Innovation Prisons and Police in partnership PbR. Identification of aspiring nominals in custody. Hubs at HMP New Hall and YOI Wetherby to close the communication gap in the juvenile and female prison estate. A prison hub in each force in the region, linking the prison and police region. Satellite tracking of nominals of concern.
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  • West Yorkshire: Lessons Learnt the Hard Way Dont underestimate the cultural differences. Dont underestimate the pace of change !
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