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Energy Conservation: Saving Energy, Saving Money · PDF fileEnergy Conservation: Saving Energy, Saving ... We are also the #5 Ranked Solar Energy ... Energy Conservation: Saving Energy,

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    Energy Conservation: Saving Energy, Saving Money

    Ryan Bruers Xcel Energy

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    Generation to Your Building

  • Xcel Energy Facts

    Nearly 5,300 Miles of Transmission wire in NSP-M Nearly 16,000 Miles of Overhead Distribution wire

    in NSP-M Nearly 11,000 Miles of Underground Distribution

    wire in NSP-M


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    Our energy conservation programs are especially valuable because they give our customers options to save energy and moneyand to make their own contribution to environmental stewardship.

    Ben Fowke Xcel Energy Chairman, President and CEO

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    Xcel Energy MN Conservation Programs

    History (Since 1990)

    Number of Rebates given: Over 35,000

    Total Rebate Dollars: Over $160,000,000

    Largest Rebate: $1,450,000

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    What Customers Accomplished in 2014

    More then 481 Million kWh Saved, and nearly 850,000 Dth of Natural Gas Saved

    Thats enough energy to power over 70,000 Twin Cities homes for a year

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    Economic Impacts Lower energy bills Lower Rate, Power plant are expensive to build Lower operating and maintenance costs Increased efficiency of operation Lower energy-efficiency project costs

    Faster paybacks Lower up-front costs Higher return on investment Increased lifetime savings

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    Environmental Impacts Reduce emissions

    1.054 lbs CO2 / kWh (1.161 lbs CO2/kwh - 2012) 11.7 lbs CO2/thermSince 2005, we have reduced CO2 emissions by

    over 12%, SO2 emissions by 40% Pollution prevention

    Avoid new power plantsMore than 3,000 Megawatts of power saved 11 mid-sized power plants

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    Green Energy

    Where we are TodayTop 5 States for Wind Energy Production

    TX (10,648 MW), IA (4,419 MW), CA (4,287 MW), IL (2,852 MW) and MN (2,718 MW)

    Xcel Energy Rated #1 Utility Wind Provider American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) 11 Years in a Row!

    We are also the #5 Ranked Solar Energy Provider

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    Xcel Energys Renewable Sources WindSource

    Residential and Business Customer Program Allows the purchase of 100 kWh blocks of Wind

    Energy (up to 100%) Other Renewable Sources

    Hydro, Biomass, Solar As of 2013, 23% of Xcel Energys Electric Sales come from

    Renewable sources (13% Wind, 7% Hydro, 3% Biomass) As of 2015 over 54% of the energy generated in MN is carbon

    free. Morning of April 28th, 43% of the electricity on the grid came

    from Wind Power New Record!

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    Types of Programs

    Prescriptive / Fixed Rebates (Commonly used Equipment)

    Custom ($400 per KW saved or $5 per Dth) Studies Rates

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    Electrical Programs

    Cooling Efficiency Compressed Air

    Efficiency Custom Efficiency Data Center Efficiency Efficiency Proposal Electric Rate Savings Energy Analysis

    Energy Design Assistance

    Energy Efficient Buildings

    Efficiency Controls Lighting Efficiency Motor Efficiency Process Efficiency Recommissioning Savers Switch

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    Natural Gas Programs Commercial Heating Efficiency (boilers & furnaces) Commercial Real Estate Efficiency Custom Efficiency Efficiency Proposal Energy Analysis Energy Design Assistance Energy Efficient Buildings Efficiency Controls Natural Gas Rate Savings Process Efficiency/Commercial Efficiency Recommissioning

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    Lighting Efficiency Prescriptive Rebates

    Fixed incentives for installing energy efficient equipment Retrofit rebates for existing facilities of any size

    One-to-one equipment change outs New construction rebates (new or major renovations)

    Choose options that are more efficient than the standard

    ENERGY STAR Qualified Interior LEDs (Screw-in, Pin Based, Commercial Down Lights, etc.)

    Lighting Controls Occupancy, Motion or Photo Sensors Lighting Studies For over lit or miss lit applications

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    Lighting An Example

    2 Parking Garages Convert 314 Fixtures (From MH and HPS to T8

    Fluorescent Fixtures) Cost $46,000 Xcel Energy Rebate $26,690 Estimated energy savings $22,395/year (60%) Payback 0.9 years

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    Motor EfficiencyVariable Frequency Drives (VFD's)

    Prescriptive VFDs (on Pumps or Fans, Over 3,000 Hours)1 to 200 HP ($400 to $8,000)

    Custom VFDs (non Pump or Fan application, Less then 3,000 Hours, or Greater then 200 HP) Individually Determined ($400/KW saved)

    Prescriptive Motor Retrofit Rebates1 to 200 HP ($200 to $13,500)

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    Compressed Air Study - A compressed air system assessment (> 10 hp)

    Analysis of supply and demand, and airflow and /or electric metering

    A written report that identifies leaks and waste, and associated energy costs

    A list of system recommendations, paybacks, rebate opportunities and estimated energy savings

    Study funding up to $25,000 depending on total operating compressor equipment (excludes back up)

    Custom rebates (up to $400/kW saved) for study recommended improvements (preapproval required).

    Prescriptive rebates Integrated VDS compressors 10 to 49 hp No loss drains

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    Compressed Air - LossLeaks and waste rob your production needs by at least 50%, and leaks are too expensive to ignore

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    Compressed Air Lifetime Cost

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    Custom Efficiency Program

    Rebates for energy-saving projects not covered by our prescriptive equipment programs

    Rebates are up to $400 per kW saved and $5 per MCF saved

    Pre-approval is required prior to equipment purchase

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    Custom Efficiency - Examples

    Refrigeration Equipment Non-ENERGY STAR rated LED Retrofit, LED

    Display signs Ventilation Controls, Demand Control Ventilation Free Cooling Air Compressor HP Reduction Motors > 500 HP, VFDs > 200 HP, or VFDs for Non

    Fan or Pumping Applications

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    Evaluate energy usage Identify and qualify opportunities Build a business case for improvements

    Taking the Next StepDid you know, that on average, 30% of your

    energy bill is wasted?

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    Types of Studies

    Lighting Redesign Recommissioning Turn Key Services Fluid Systems Optimization Heating Systems Optimization

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    Energy Studies Analyze a major process or system to help decision-making on new

    installations and energy efficiency improvements Xcel Energy will pay up to 75% of the study cost, not to exceed

    $25,000 Preapproval is required for studies These are the types of studies:

    Cooling system replacement Custom Efficiency Motors and Drives Refrigeration Space/process heating

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    Saver Switch More than 15,000 MN businesses participating Single and dual stage central air conditioners Sign up now to begin saving this summer!

    Credit of $5 per ton of enrolled air conditioning June through September

    Remote-controlled switch for each unit Air conditioners cycled off and on in 15-20 minute intervals

    on peak demand days Average 10-12 control days per year

    No out-of-pocket cost for participation

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    Case Study 1 - Lighting

    Lighting Efficiency Caterpillar Paving ProductsBackground:375,000 square foot Facility2-10 Hour shifts for Production Upgraded lighting 6 years previousCostly and Time consumingChoose a 6 Lamp T8 Fixture in 275,000 Square Feet

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    Case Study 1 - Lighting

    Electrical Lighting Cost Savings: 45% Lighting Energy Savings: 45% 8% Savings in Maintenance Costs Rebate paid about 19% of Project Cost Simple Payback (after Rebate): 1.46 Years

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    More information Business Solutions Center


    [email protected](612) 630-4212

    mailto:[email protected]

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