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  • 2 | ROTAVISC

    Stepless measurement of viscosities /// The IKA workflow - now including viscosity measurement

    You have been manufacturing, stirring and shaking with IKA laboratory devices for a long time.

    Thanks to the new ROTAVISC series, you can now process your samples with the proven IKA

    laboratory device structure right up to the viscosity measurement stage. And we're taking a

    significant step forward here: With the four ROTAVISC models, you measure steplessly from 0,01 to

    200 rotations per minute. There's no need to get used to something new. We'll install your new

    viscometer exactly where you want it. In addition, the measuring process is intuitive, standardized

    and complies with the familiar IKA menu structure for laboratory devices.

    Simply switch it on and start measuring!

    Innovative Viscometer Portfolio

    Four devices for four viscosity ranges - but a single, huge

    functional scope for all: IKA ROTAVISC lo-vi, me-vi, hi-vi I, and

    hi-vi II precisely and reliably determine the flow curves of your


    Personalized Application Advice

    You can test all of the viscometers yourself at the IKA Application

    Center. Our experts will analyze your measuring processes and

    work with you to find out how best to determine the viscosity of

    your samples.

    Worldwide Service

    To opt for an IKA viscometer is also to opt for the excellent IKA

    technical service in your region. Our team is available worldwide

    for your service and application needs. Spare parts for your

    viscometer are guaranteed for 10 years.

    *2+8 years after registering at, wearing parts excluded

    10 years warranty*


  • 4 /// FEATURES



    8 /// PACKAGES


    10 /// PERIPHERALS

    14 /// ACCESSORIES

    16 /// GOOD TO KNOW

    18 /// INDUSTRIES

    19 /// FAQ

    ROTAVISC | 3

    IKA ROTAVISC /// with the largest range of functions in its class

    The new ROTAVISC series determines the liquid viscosity in all areas of

    application ranging from the laboratory to quality control. The four devices

    measure in different viscosity ranges. Regardless of a simple or demanding

    viscosity measurement – the ROTAVISC delivers rapid and accurate results.

    The scope of delivery includes an ISO standard spindle set, a protective bracket,

    temperature sensor, quick connector, hook connector and ROTASTAND stand.

  • 4 | Features

    Parameters / Display

    The display shows the following parameters:

    1 Viscosity 2 torque 3 rotational speed

    4 program status 5 shear stress 6 shear rate 7 temperature

    8 density

    Temperature sensor

    The temperature sensor is always included in the scope of

    delivery, because it is recommended to measure the viscosity in

    relation to a temperature value.

    Temperature control

    By using suitable accessories it is possible to measure samples

    from -100 °C to 300 °C.

    Stepless positioning

    The ROTASTAND ensures perpendicular stability. The height of

    the viscometer can be adjusted steplessly.

    Multiple mountings

    Thread adaption, quick connector or hook connector: You

    attach the spindle to the device in the way that you find most



    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

    2 3







    m Pa


    M %

    rp m

    PR Pa 1/ s

    °C /


    g/ cm


  • Features | 5

    3 measuring modes

    Three measuring modes are available for different applications:

    accurate, balance and fast.

    Different programs

    Ten different programs and ramps can be stored.


    The starting and stopping of a measurement can be

    defined individually: With a timer, once a certain torque has

    been achieved, or once the viscosity has been measured.

    Labworldsoft® enables any number of program and data



    There are connection possibilities for USB and RS 232 available.

    This means that control via a PC and data capture are possible.


    Four respectively six ISO spindles are included in the scope of


  • 6 | Viscosity measurement

    Viscosity measurement as usual. But better.

    TAKE STEPLESS MEASUREMENTS The rotation rate can be set steplessly

    over the entire measurement range.

    This allows the stepless programming

    of a flow curve.

    YOUR ADVANTAGE: The only seamless

    viscosity measurement offered by

    entry-level viscometers.

    PRECISE RESULTS FROM 0,01 – 200 RPM The precision lies at +/- 1% of the maximum

    value of the measurement range. The

    reproducibility is +/- 0,2%.

    EASY SET UP Delivered in a practical transport

    case: The viscometer is secured to

    the ROTASTAND in no time at all.

    YOUR ADVANTAGE: Immediately ready to

    use - even in different locations.

    OPERATE THE DEVICE INTUITIVELY ON THE 4,3" TFT DISPLAY. The large color display offers multilingual

    menu guidance that is as intuitive as for all

    other IKA devices.

    YOUR ADVANTAGE: The tried-and-tested IKA

    laboratory device structure is now available

    for your viscometer too.


    results of highest accuracy.

  • Viscosity measurement | 7

    CHOOSE ONE OF FOUR OUTPUT FORMATS From a simple scale to a complex depiction of the viscosity profile

    over the entire stepless rotation range: All ROTAVISC models

    combine different output formats.

    YOUR ADVANTAGE: Only a single device per viscosity range that

    can deliver all output formats.

    FOUR DEVICES. FOUR MEASURING RANGES. lo-vi viscosity measuring range:

    1 – 6 000 000 mPas

    me-vi viscosity measuring range:

    100 – 40 000 000 mPas

    hi-vi I viscosity measuring range:

    200 – 80 000 000 mPas

    hi-vi II viscosity measuring range:

    800 – 320 000 000 mPas

    INSERT THE SPINDLE Insert the ISO spindle in the way that's

    most convenient to you: With thread

    adaption, quick connector or hook


    YOUR ADVANTAGE: The device adapts

    itself to suit your working habits.

    ALIGN THE DEVICE WITH THE DIGITAL LEVEL After switching on the device, you are

    prompted to align it using the digital level.

    YOUR ADVANTAGE: Process safety - you cannot

    forget to adjust the level.

  • 8 | Packages

    Your laboratory, our package

    What kind of laboratory do you have? With us, you are sure to

    find the right package for viscosity measurement.

    What do you need? Come and talk to us!

    IKA ROTAVISC Complete

    The scope of delivery includes:

    1 ROTASTAND stand 2 standard spindle set

    3 temperature sensor 4 protective bracket 5 hook

    connector as well as 6 quick connector.

    IKA ROTAVISC lo-vi Complete | Ident No.: 0025000310

    IKA ROTAVISC me-vi Complete | Ident No.: 0025000311

    IKA ROTAVISC hi-vi I Complete | Ident No.: 0025000312

    IKA ROTAVISC hi-vi II Complete | Ident No.: 0025000313

    IKA ROTAVISC Advanced

    The scope of delivery includes:

    1 ROTASTAND stand 2 standard spindle set

    3 temperature sensor 4 protective bracket

    5 hook connector 6 quick connector

    as well as 7 laboratory software labworldsoft® 6 Visc

    IKA ROTAVISC lo-vi Advanced | Ident No.: 0025000320

    IKA ROTAVISC me-vi Advanced | Ident No.: 0025000321

    IKA ROTAVISC hi-vi I Advanced | Ident No.: 0025000322

    IKA ROTAVISC hi-vi II Advanced | Ident No.: 0025000323






    5 6

  • Technical Date | 9

    Technical data


    Viscosity accuracy 1 %

    Viscosity repeatibility 0,2 %

    Display TFT

    Motor rating output 4,8 W

    Working temperature min.: -100 °C max.: +300 °C

    Speed 0,01 – 200 rpm

    Setting accuracy speed 0,01 rpm

    Temperature measurement resolution 0,1 K

    Connection for ext. temperature sensor PT 100

    Graph function Calibration option (temperature) Overload protection

    Yes Yes Yes

    Operating mode Timer and continuous operation

    Attachment on stand Extension arm

    Interfaces USB, RS 232, Analog output


    Weight 7,1 kg

    Dimensions (W × H × D) 351 x 629 x 372 mm

    Permissible ambient temperature 5 – 40 °C

    Permissible relative humidity 50 %

    Voltage 100 – 240 V

    Frequency 50 / 60 Hz

    Power input 24 W, Standby: 0,06 W

    Protection class according to DIN EN 60529

    IP 40


    ROTAVISC lo-vi

    Viscosity measuring range 1 – 6 000 000 mPas

    ROTAVISC me-vi

    Viscosity measuring range 100 – 40 000 000 mPas

    ROTAVISC hi-vi I

    Viscosity measuring range 200 – 80 000 000 mPas

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