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The Electronic Engine Governor.

Charge air pressure

Fuel temperature (optional) Speed

Shutdown solenoid (optional) Second speed (optional)

Coolant temperature

Charge air temperature (optional) Cold starting aid (optional)

Actuator with position sensor

Oil pressure (optional)

EMR2 Making the engine compatibleModern diesel-powered construction machinery, compressors, gensets, material handling equipment and agricultural machinery today often feature sophisticated and powerful electronic control systems which ensure optimal equipment functioning, simplify operation and enable appropriate diagnosis and monitoring of the equipment. Perfect integration in equipment control and monitoring are expected from the diesel engine, the main equipment component. EMR2 provides appropriate and environmentally friendly control of engine functioning in all possible operating conditions and enables optimum utilisation of the diesel engines performance. DEUTZ has proved this thousands of times with the first generation electronic governor. With the EMR2 the DEUTZ second generation electronic governor we are now offering an even better control device for our engines in the 3.2 to 16.0 dm3 swept volume range. The core of the EMR2 is a much more powerful processor. Not only does it support all the functions of the first generation EMR, it also features a number of additional functions. At considerably greater control speed and control definition.

Characteristics of the EMR2Speed control As variable speed, idle/maximum speed or fixed-speed governor, switchover control characteristics during operation, freezing current engine speed, fixed-speed governors for mains synchronisation or load distribution, reduced speed. Torque limitation Up to three* (with first generation EMR: two) torque curves adjustable independently within scope of engine capabilities. Brake-away characteristics (speed droop) Continuous, variable or switchover speed droop for adaptation to application. Manifold pressure compensator function Prevention of smoke discharge during start-up through charge-air pressure and/or temperature-dependent restriction of fuel injection timing. Temperature-dependent start control Improved starting, engine-friendly cold start without smoke discharge during start-up. Monitoring and signal output function Coolant temperature and level*, oil pressure, charge-air temperature* error display and/or power reduction or engine shutdown for protection of engine. Control of engine braking device. Emergency operation Emergency operation in event of failure of set point signal (accelerator value/CAN), charge-air pressure sensor or speed signal. Data communication Diagnostics function via interface to ISO 9141 Diagnostics and control functions via CAN bus to SAEJ 1939 Simplified control calibration and error diagnostics (flashing codes) possible via separate control element*

Set point specifications Via Accelerator value sensor and/or manual External voltage signal ( 05 V) CAN bus (external electronics) Fixed speed signal (genset operation) Pulse width modulation (PWM) ON/OFF rocker switch operation (digital) Optimal adaptation to various application

Fuel volume correction* Compensation for loss of output resulting from fuel heating. Height correction* Prevention of smoke discharge during start-up resulting from low air density and engine protection. Control of cold-start aids* No separate control units required*.* new with EMR2

State of the art technology and user-friendliness are criteria we take for granted in our line of business. Thats why we opted for the DEUTZ electronic engine governor.

To prevent long downtimes and unnecessary operating costs, we provide diagnostics software as an optional extra. Using a conventional laptop you can check the functional security of your engine quickly and easily. Whether engine load, coolant temperature or oil and charge pressure, EMR2 will keep you informed at all times. Error diagnosis via flashing codes is also possible. Electronics make

it possible to remedy faults before the occurrence of damage which costs you time and money. Faulty functions occurring sporadically are stored, thus enabling you to remedy them easily next time you visit the workshop. And, should it be necessary, a dense network of more than 1,000 service stations is available to support you. Were by your side night and day worldwide.

FunctioningThe EMR2 consists of the electronic control unit, an electromagnetic actuator with a position sensor, speed, pressure and temperature sensors, and an engine cable harness. To meet your current output requirements, the EMR2 control unit calculates optimum fuel injection quantity, at high control definition and speed. The EMR2 actuator sets the fuel rack travel needed to achieve this fuel injection quantity. It operates directly on the control rod. The sensors send all the information to the control unit, thus fulfilling your output requirements while taking into account various ambient conditions, the current engine status and with maximum speed. Smoke discharge during start-up is virtually a thing of the past.

The technology in detailRated voltage 12 or 24 VDC, working range 10 36 VDC, engine start possible from 6 V Maximum cable length from governor to engine 5 m (remote attachment) Plug connection to vehicle cable harness 25-pin AMP plug Power take up