Empowered, Engaged, Prepared Automotive Presented by: Kim Clouse.

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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Empowered, Engaged, PreparedAutomotivePresented by: Kim Clouse</p> <p>1</p> <p>Digital Media For Your StoreDealer Network from SML </p> <p>2OverviewGoal Gain new opportunities to promote your corporate messageand increase consumer awareness of your product initiatives ALL atthe point of sale. BenefitsBrand enhancement Corporate &amp; Internal Message insertionIncreased salesTraining and distance learning</p> <p>OutcomeDifferentiate and capture market share Achieve operational efficienciesAdvertising Based Profit CenterPromotion Engine for New Products and ServicesEstablish Define and Amplify Corporate/Product Brand</p> <p>3The Power of Digital Media!Has exponentially greater effective advertising reach </p> <p>Offers a medium that allows Dealers to once again achieve the true intent of advertising Offers Dealers a new medium capable of increasing sales between 2% and 35% (same store sales product/campaign dependent) Unveils the opportunity to deliver targeted mass media advertising campaigns to individual Stores at the point of sale </p> <p>4InStore Digital Multimedia Network</p> <p> Drives Incremental Revenues and Profits</p> <p> 65% + Customer Recall Rate</p> <p> 30% impulse purchase upside</p> <p> Competitive cost and Rapid Deployment</p> <p> The digital media is remotely operated and can be updated with new information with the click of a mouseWhy Digital Media Now? With SML View Technology, The Dealer is theDirector and SML is the Backbone55The Auto DealersExperience Advertising Based Profit Center</p> <p> Promotion Engine for New Products and lesser known products Establish, Define and Amplify the Zaxby's Brand Corporate-Wide Training and Communications</p> <p> Good Corporate and Community Citizen</p> <p> Customizable Crawl Text - RSS News and Info / Company Specific </p> <p>The Rewards!66Digital Signage Delivering ValueDSN clients will realize outcomes in three measurable areas.Service Improve customer satisfaction Surpass service benchmarks Leverage real-time feedback for service recovery Corporate-Wide Training and Communications Accentuate and Enhance the company Experience</p> <p>Quality (Core Measures Compliance) Deliver valuable, comprehensive customer education Meet National Safety Goals Exceed quality benchmarks Reduce complaint rates Good Corporate and Community Citizen</p> <p>Financial Performance Differentiate and capture market share Achieve operational efficiencies Advertising Based Profit Center Promotion Engine for New Products and Services Establish Define and Amplify Corporate/Product Brand</p> <p>7</p> <p>.</p> <p>.</p> <p>.MAXVIEWCONTROLLER</p> <p>.</p> <p>.Maxview SERVERThe scalability of the SML Digital Advertising Network allows you to easily expand your network !</p> <p>With no servers or special software to maintain, the SML View system is easy to implement, maintain and grow !8The Digital Out Of Home LandscapeQUICK STATS:Traditional media spends are declining by 2-5% annually and are turning to in store and alternative media channels $1.3 billion North American market in 2005 (Source: Instrumental Media Group, 2005) </p> <p>Digital Advertising network revenues are projected to hit 300% growth or $3.7 billion by 2011 (Source: Frost and Sullivan, 2006) </p> <p>Hundreds of thousands of existing digital advertising screens growing to 10 million by 2012 Digital advertising network revenues are expected to increase 35% year over year through 2011 (Source: InfoTrends/CapVentures, 2005) Customer marketing budgets forecast to grow from 6% to 9% by 2011 9Digital Advertising Effect ReachConsider 1000 Restaurant locationsDaily consumer traffic of 300 people per day per venuex 30 DaysGross Audience of 9,000,000/month</p> <p>FrequencyAccording to a recent OTX study, the average North American has the opportunity to view Digital Advertising 6 times per week. Similar urban frequency models show frequencies of up to 20+ times per week</p> <p>AcceptanceConsumers are more acceptable of Digital Advertising at a rate of 60% over other media sourcesAwareness63% of those who see Digital Advertising say it attracted their attention44% of adults say they are influenced by digital advertisingRecallAided Recall of Digital Advertising is 35-47% compared to Television at 21-24%EfficiencyOur team can dramatically reduce the time to distribute in store advertising and promotion</p> <p>Source: OTX Survey 200710OTX Survey DataPeople rate advertising on digital signage more positively than other media across multiple measures. Attention grabbing (63%) Unique (58%) Interesting (53%) Entertaining (48%) Less annoying than other media (26%) (Data from OTX survey)11OTX Survey Data Cont.Percentage of people who report thatadvertising on the media catchestheir attentionDigital Signage 63%Billboard 58%Magazine 57%TV 56%Internet 47%Newspaper 40%Radio 37%Mobile Phone 10%12Why Advertisers Buy Ads?Harness the power of advertising on Your Media Network through SML View</p> <p>Influence consumers through a high Impact, Direct To Consumer medium </p> <p>Achieve impressive Reach with amplified value through higher awareness, acceptance and recall </p> <p>13With several screen technology options, SML VIEWcan help you maximize the impact of yourDigital Advertising Network! 42 HDLCD Monitors are standard . The below technologies can be installed at additional expense born by the restaurant.</p> <p>Holographic TechnologySurprise customers with astonishing images</p> <p>Daylight TechnologyWhen sunlight affects the installation there is no otherscreen capable of capturing all the light projector emits.</p> <p>Adhesive TechnologyWhen you have low budget for the screen and can use agood projector</p> <p>SCREEN TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS14Mounting Solutions </p> <p>15Summary SML View is a Business Transformation Enabling Partner Our Matrix of Partners Delivers an End-to-End Solution</p> <p> The Digital Media Network Solution Empowers The Dealer to</p> <p> Amplify the specific brand within the community Rapidly Launch New Products and Services Blend Enterprise-wide Consistency with Store by Store Creativity Rapidly Create a New Retail Experience Transform Advertising from an Expense to a Profit Center Leverage Expertise Enabling Dealers to Focus on Core BusinessThe Dealers Multimedia Network161617</p>


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