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<ul><li><p>Unica OnDemand</p><p>Seven Guidelines for Achieving ROI from Social Media </p><p>The Webinar will begin at 1:00 PM EST</p><p>You will be connected to audio using your computers microphone and speakers (VoIP). A headset is recommended. Or you may select Use Telephone after joining the Webinar. </p><p>Dial-in phone: (323) 417-4600 Access code: 572-736-743</p><p>Presented by: Geoff Ramsey eMarketer CEOSponsored by:</p></li><li><p>Geoff RamseyCE0, eMarketerMarch 4, 2010Seven Guidelines for Achieving ROI from Social Media</p></li><li><p>eMarketer aggregates, filters, organizes and analyzes information from 4,000 sources30,000-foot view</p></li><li><p>I. The Marketer ViewSource: Alterian Annual Survey 2009, January, 2010Over 33% of global marketers said they felt minimally prepared to take advantage of new techniques in digital and social media</p></li><li><p>68%say its critical or important</p><p>Source: Alterian, Dec, 200963%say its overrated</p><p>Source: AdMedia Partners, Dec, 2009</p></li><li><p>% of US companies who are using social networks for marketing*64% are involved with social media, but only 41% are placing ads on social networks;**among media planners; ***among marketers in North America~55%</p></li><li><p>Marketers are increasing their spending% of US Marketers Planning to Boost Spending on Social Media</p><p>King Fish Media (Aug 09). 78%Unisfair (Sept 09) 75%Reardon Smith (Jun 09). 69%Econsultancy (Feb 10).......... 66%VerticalResponse* (Nov 09) 66%BtoB Magazine (Nov 09) 60%StrongMail (Nov 09).............. 59%MarketingSherpa (Dec 09). 57%Forrester Research (09).. 53%Outsell** (Mar 10).................... 43%Ad-ology (Mar 10).................... 42%</p><p>*Among small businesses; **among B2B firms</p></li><li><p>The base of spending is small...eMarketer, 2010: in aggregate, social media ad spending = 5.5% of total online ad spending in the U.S. Duke University, Feb, 2010: for average U.S. B2C and B2B marketer, social media = 5.6% of their marketing spend SEMPO, Mar, 2010: among 73% of U.S. social media marketers, budgets are &lt; $25KEconsultancy, 2010</p><p>80% of global marketers allocate only 0% - 10% of their total online ad budgets towards social media</p><p>n = 1,100 marketers, Sept, 2009</p></li><li><p>B2B marketers spend even less...DemandGen, June, 2009: only 10% of all B2B marketers advertise on social sites Forrester, March, 2010: total B2B spending on social media was only $11 million in 2009</p><p>Goldstein Group, Nov, 2009: social media accounts for only 1% of total B2B marketing budgets</p></li><li><p>Think less about buying social media, and more about how you can earn and own it!If youre good, you can get a lot of value on social networks from very little investment. You are almost rewarded for getting better results by spending less money.</p><p>--Ian Schafer, CEO, Deep Focus</p></li><li><p>Social media marketing participation among marketers in the U.S.*Maintain company accounts or profiles on social sites (average of B2C and B2B marketers)We spend the majority of our time engaging with people on these networks, not advertising on them.</p><p>--Scott Monty, Ford, in an interview with eMarketer</p></li><li><p>Think social marketing, not media. Know your objectives! Leverage TRUST. Listening comes first. Join the conversation but add value. </p><p>6. Be Authentic, Humble, Transparent.</p><p>7. Recruit from your core.</p><p>8. Target the Influentials. 9. Adopt a long-term, real-time approach. 10. Integrate with other communications Best Practices for Social MediaThe Top 2 Objectives for Social Marketing: #1. Enhance relationships with customers/clients#2. Build companys brand</p></li><li><p>TRUSTEDSourcesFriends, FamilySocial SitesFace-to-face,personalinteractionsSources: Edelman; ARAnet; LightspeedResearch;</p></li><li><p>The importance of trust</p></li><li><p>The ROI Mandate</p></li><li><p>What about social media measurement and ROI????Less than 1/5 of marketers are measuring the ROI of their social media efforts MENG................... 12% (US) Mzinga &amp; Babson.. 16% (global) Aberdeen Group.... 18% (global) Econsultancy.......... 19% (US)</p></li><li><p>BtoB Magazine and the Web Analytics Association% of B2B marketers who are already measuring:Social Media 48%Mobile 17%Web Sites 88%E-mail 76%Feb 12 survey among 679B2B companiesVideo 14%</p></li><li><p> What are the problems?80% of U.S. marketers acknowledge that it is difficult to track ROI with social mediaEconsultancy, Feb, 201059% of U.S. marketers say social media is either somewhat difficult (39%) or very difficult (20%) to measureAberdeen Group, 2009Everybody knows social media is important, but its so new that only a few are measuring its business impact with any sophistication. --Jim Sterne, author, Social Media Metrics</p></li><li><p>Dont know how</p></li><li><p> The biggest problem of all: Lack of Clear Objectives</p></li><li><p>Social Media Measurement TodayFor the few marketers who do attempt to measure social media, the metrics they use are not terribly sophisticated. Most marketers today do not invest sufficient time, effort or money on social media measurement.</p></li><li><p>The watch words are cheap...</p></li><li><p>Business.com Survey% Using Site Traffic as a Measure of Social Success: B2B............ 68% (#1) B2C............ 57% (#1)... andeasy</p></li><li><p>If 2009 was the year marketers dived into social media, 2010 is the year theyll be measuring how well theyre doing there.</p></li><li><p>THE AGE OF ENLIGHTENMENT(circa 2010)</p></li><li><p>Getting a handle on social media leads to improved business resultsFor those top best-in-class companies, a majority of whom monitor social media, these firms were 87 times more likely to see higher returns on their marketing investment.Found a financial correlation between those firms who are deeply and widely engaged with social media and those that significantly outperform their peers in revenue and profits.</p></li><li><p>Establish clear marketing goalsOrganize your metrics into a logical frameworkTake a long-term outlookConsider a range of softer metrics as proxiesDetermine a dollar value for customers who opt-in to engage with your brandConsider the cost savings in market researchIntegrate social with other metrics7 Guidelines for Achieving ROIfor Social Media</p></li><li><p>#1. Establish clear marketing goals, and then identify social metrics that directly support those objectives.</p></li><li><p>e.g., Some marketers seek to boost search activity, which can be done through targeted ads on social networks</p><p>Boostedbrand searches significantly*</p><p>*Source: comScore, GroupM Search, M80, Oct, 200934% of social users have used a search engine to find info on a product or brand after seeing an ad on a social network site Source: Performics and ROI Research, Nov, 2009</p></li><li><p>#2. Organize your measurements and metrics into a logical framework.ExposureEngagementROI/Outcomes</p></li><li><p>#3. Take a long-term outlook with social media interactions and measurements. Its a commitment, not a campaign.The one thing people need to remember when it comes to social media is that it cant be a one-time hit when youre trying to get involved with consumers. The whole purpose is youre trying to build a relationship with the consumer [and thats] like building a relationship with anybody.</p></li><li><p>#4. If hard ROI metrics are difficult to track directly, consider a range of softer metrics that can be linked back to desired outcomes.Hard ROI</p><p> Sales Leads Cost-per-sale Profits </p><p>ConsumerSentimentVideo Sharing Rate# ofFollowers# ofBrand Fan Pages# ofBrand SearchesSoft Metrics(i.e., Measures of Engagement)</p></li><li><p>Or, create a Social Media Dashboard composed of soft and hard metricsUsing a variety of hard and soft ROI metrics can absolutely be accomplished. I would offer that volumes of conversation over competitors, sentiment, the level of influence of those who are interacting with your brand, etc, are but some of the metrics that can be used to construct a dashboard of success.</p><p>--Blake Cahill, Visible Technologies</p></li><li><p>For example, if someone on a blog or social network is trashing your brand, what is it worth to you if one of your passionate brand fans speaks out on your behalf?</p></li><li><p>#5. Determine a dollar $ value for customers who choose to opt in and engage with your brand via social networks.We look at the percentage of Facebook fans that convert to customers, the percentage increase in their frequency of visits, projected increases in their average ticket and...we can project their future value. Are we 100% right? No. But are we directionally correct? Absolutely.--Jim Ensign, VP</p></li><li><p>Focus on Your Core:Brand EnthusiastsProspectsCustomersCOREPeople Who Sign Up for Brand Fan Pages:</p><p>More likely to buy... 51%More likely to refer.. 60%</p><p>--Chadwick Martin Bailey, Mar, 2010</p></li><li><p>Learn how consumers talk about your brand, product or service categoryNotice what words and language they useLearn about their interests and intentions Discover real or perceived problems with your product or customer service, e.g., via Twitter#6. Listening can save you market research $sBy listening carefully, we harness social media as an early alert system.. so we can react quicker to issues.</p><p>--Richard Brinhammer, Dell</p></li><li><p>Social media provides inexpensive yet powerful opportunities for tapping into the consumer ethosI view listening as an important analytic. Listening and other analytics can drive your strategy at a macro-level... They can either reinforce your strategy or correct it, and give you opportunities for ideas, products, services and/or segments. </p><p>--Michael Mendenhall, CMO, Hewlett-Packard</p></li><li><p>#7. Build the technological capabilities to measure your customers complete digital footprint in real time.Marketers need to capture: Intentions serving messages in real-time based on the assumed intentions of the consumer. Mentions the things people say about your brand are more important than what you say.Thanks</p></li><li><p>See http://blog.unica.comfor web analytics + Twitter/FacebookIntegration examples</p><p>Download our popular 2-pager: Align Social Metrics with Your (True) Business Goals at www.unica.com/SocialMediaMetricsPaper Unica OnDemandConfidential 2010 Unica Corporation</p></li><li><p>Thank you for tuning in to the eMarketer Webinar: Seven Guidelines for Achieving ROI from Social Media Presented by: Geoff Ramsey eMarketer CEOQuestions &amp; AnswersSponsored by:</p></li><li><p>eMarketer Social Media CoverageLearn more about leveraging social media with eMarketer Total Access.Visit: www.emarketer.com/productsCall: 800-405-0844 Email: sales@emarketer.comRecent Reports:Twitter: A Strong Current in the Social Media MainstreamMaximizing the E-Mail/Social Media ConnectionSeven Guidelines for Achieving ROI from Social MediaSocial Media Misfires: How to Head Off Trouble Before It Hits10 Best Practices for Success with Social MediaFive Reasons Why Marketers Need to Have a Social Media StrategyThe Future of Social Media MarketingAll reports are available to Total Access clients.</p><p>*Eventually, you could calculate Lifetime Value of a customer that comes in via Social Networks.Todays webcast is sponsored by Unica Corporation. Unica delivers software and services that allow marketers to better understand their customers, establish an interactive marketing practice, and increase marketing ROI both online and offline. Some of the products that are most relevant to todays webcast are Unica NetInsight, for web analytics, and Interactive Marketing OnDemand which combines analytics, search, testing, and personalization into a single application.Go to Unicas blog at blog.unica.com to see examples of using web analytics integrated with social media metrics from Facebook and Twitter.In NetInsight you can for example see Twitterers for hash tags that you specify and trend tweets along with web visitation metrics. Or you can see which Facebook users access your Facebook application and what are their demographics, locations, or social graph.With Unicas Web and email Personalization solutions you can go beyond analytics and take action, e.g. make emails sent from your Facebook application more relevant to an individuals interests.For a particularly popular download, go to Unica.com/SocialMediaMetricsPaper. This short 2-pager helps you focus your social media metrics to avoid analysis paralysis.</p></li></ul>