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Elrom Studios. ELRStudio Software. Software development started in 2004 by Elrom Studios originally for Elrom Studios. Over 80 company employees using ELR software since 2006. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Elrom Studios

  • ELRStudio Software

    Software development started in 2004 by Elrom Studios originally for Elrom Studios. Over 80 company employees using ELR software since 2006.Majority of subtitling companies in Israel now using ELR in their workflow including the IBA, Israel's Public TV, Satellite TV company YES and cable company HOT for subtitlingELREditor developed as a tool for translators to prepare subtitle files .Additional features added as the programs were introduced to the studio workflowSoftware now available in a number of versions

  • ELRStudio Software

    Software NamesMain FeaturesELRStudio EditorCreate subtitled files, timing, multi language translation ELRStudio TapelessTo transfer media files to and from PC with subtitlesELRStudio SDITransfer media (tapes) to and from media files with subtitlesELRStudio 3DCreate 3D subtitles for stereoscopic movies ELRStudio Dubbing AssistantTool for organizing dubbing studios script and voice overELRStudio Network DeskReal time input of captions & subtitlesELRStudio Closed CaptioningSpecial Closed Captioning software for the Line 21 market (USA, Canada, others) ELRStudio A La CarteAssorted add-on format packages including Web formats, Final Cut, Digital Cinema

  • ELRStudio EditorLogoSuperscriptDialog Book or/and Template supplied by content provider

    Translated and timed file with subtitles to all world known subtitle formats with timing and commands for other special effects

  • ELRStudio TapelessLogoSuperscript

  • ELRStudio SDILogoSuperscript

  • ELRStudio Editor,Tapeless,SDI All tools to create a subtitled fileWork simultaneously with text, video and audioIntegrated media player for translating and timingMulti language supportFlexible controls for subtitles etc.WYSIWYG interface

  • ELRStudio Closed Captioning (Preparation)All Closed Captioning featurese.g. popup, paint-on, rollup, color, italicsDialog Book or/and Template supplied by content providerClosed Caption Files

  • ELRStudio Closed Captioning with EncoderCAP Closed Caption FilesLink Electronics & Evertz EncodersCompositeTapeDV 3000 FormatTransmission

  • ELRStudio Closed Captioning Extraction Closed Caption File with all attributesCompositeTape

  • ELRStudio Closed Captioning All tools to create a closed caption file for Line 21Flexible controls for captions (roll up, pop on).Work simultaneously with text, video and audioIntegrated media player for captioning and timingMulti language support in the same fileWYSIWYG interface

  • Input ELRStudio Dubbing AdaptorMedia Source

    Media File with soundText Source

    Dialog Book or/and template supplied by content provider

  • ELR Adaptor File ELRStudio Dubbing AssistantTranslated ReplicasTimingCharacter castingText ExpressionsActors MonitorCharacter ReplicaText ExpressionsTimingDirectors MonitorAll Character ReplicasAll Text ExpressionsPro Tools Software

    VideoTime Code

  • Management ELRStudio Dubbing Management SystemAdminDirectorProject ManagerText ExpressionsTime CodesTranslationActors DetailsProject DetailsOther UsersCharacter ReplicasTimingVideo InfoProject Costs

  • ELRStudio ServerTimed Subtitle or Caption FileLive TransmissionNetwork DESKNetwork DESKNetwork DESK ELRStudio Network Desk

  • ELRStudio Automation

  • Summary - Advantages of our software Flexible Solutions minimum capital expenditure Add features & formats when you need them. Easily integrates in existing broadcasting systems PC based Designed & built by the people who actually use the software Continuous software development and features One interface for numerous programs, easy learning curve

  • Summary - Advantages of Elrom We understand the requirements of the broadcasting profession Expertise in media formats Audio solutions for the industry PC software for the industry that can be developed for the specific customer Mobile, Internet and OEM solutions One stop shop

  • Avi MarksElrom Studios,ELRStudio Software5 Droyanov St. Tel Aviv, Israel, 63143Tel: +972 4 6838200Mobile: +972 54 5505372Fax: +972 4 6838222E-mail: avi.marks@elrom.tvWWW: www.elrom.tv www.elrstudio.com www.perfectvoices.comFor more information contact:

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