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Elon Edge Issue 5

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Fifth issue of Elon University's The Elon Edge.

Text of Elon Edge Issue 5


    whats inside... 6 7 3

    The truth about your favorite treats. How healthy are they?

    Which is better? Online classes or summer classes?

    continued on page 4

    5 Transitioning through time. Read about how students are preparing for the next stages of their lives.

    Motivate your muscles this summer. Learn how to avoid an exercise lull.

    Fading fastThe summer learning gap: What do we forget during the summer months?



    Its almost time to leave Elons campus and explore life outside the walls of a classroom. Its almost time to have a three-month break from projects, tests, quizzes and stress. And

    its almost time for summer vacation. For some, this means a time to dip toes into the salty ocean waves. For others, it means a chance to visit relatives or friends from home. Or maybe its just a time to catch up on television shows missed during the

    school year. Yes, summer is a sweet time to take a step back from the stress of schoolwork. But how much do students forget during this three-month mental break? When speaking about

    the beginning of each fall semester, psychology professor Katie King finds it is not necessarily that students forget information, but that they have problems locating it. With the right prompt, you can

  • 2Get arrestedSeriously. You are at risk for judicial action upon your return to campus

    in the fall if you have a run-in with authorities during the summer while



    Check out grouchyrabbit.comThis website provides readers with funny

    information for successful living. With

    categories such as Signs That Things

    Arent Going So Well and Realized,

    Grouchy Rabbit has the potential to be

    just the thing to entertain you when

    summer gets a little boring.

    Keep important materialsNotes, books and tests from this semesters classes may help you out in

    the future. Hang on to them so that they can be used as references in

    semesters to come.

    Take advantage of free timeEven though you may have an internship or a job, use your time away

    from classes to do things you wouldnt be able to do during the academic

    year like catch up on some reading or take a few road trips.

    Attend a summer festivalMerlefest has come and gone, but chances are there is another music

    festival wherever you are living this summer. Try Lollapalooza,

    Bonnaroo or Warped Tour, and make sure you stock up on food,

    sunscreen and water before you head out.

    DO: DONT:

    wednesday, may 4, 2011

    Veg out all summerUnless you're at the beach, be constructive with your time. Dont let

    the summer pass you by. Make sure you have plenty of stories to share

    with your friends when you return to campus.

    Forget to keep in touch Sometimes just a Facebook

    message doesnt cut it. Give

    your friends a call every once

    and a while to check in during

    the summer months. They will

    appreciate the extra effort.

    Be frugal Chances are you will be eating out quite a bit more during the summer months, so tip generously. Waiters and waitresses, just like you, are often crunched for spare change. If you have extra to spare, go for it.

    Be a summer professionalA combination of hot weather and internships makes for some tough

    fashion decisions, so make sure you are aware of your organizations

    dress code. Observe what your co-workers are wearing and dress


    Get distractedIf youll be driving a lot this summer, keep focused on the road.

    Vacationers and commuters try to text, apply makeup or attempt to

    read maps while they drive. This makes a trip down the highway way

    more dangerous, so dont contribute to the problem.



  • 3wednesday, may 4, 2011


    With summer just around the corner, college students everywhere are trading in their winter boots and thick sweaters for a lighter, more colorful wardrobe. But students do not have to break the bank in order to keep up with the latest trends. Instead, they can easily and affordably transition their closet by updating their look with a few key pieces.

    Floral prints

    A big trend for summer is wearing anything with floral print, whether it is a puffy miniskirt or wedge platform heels. Floral prints are good for perking up basic pieces, but be sure to avoid going overboard and only wear one floral item at a time,

    such as pairing a flirty floral tank top with khaki shorts. Sophomore Lyndsay Burch said floral print sundresses are also a

    reasonable option because they are easy to accessorize. A few floral dresses and a white dress can be nice to dress up and

    down, Burch said. Wear them with flip flops and these pieces can be day-time wear, put them with some heels and nice accessories and they can be nice for going out.

    Brightly-colored shoes and accessories

    Another way to dress up basic pieces is enhancing them with brightly-colored accessories,

    such as long necklaces, jewel tone handbags and colorful headbands. Brightly colored sandals and flats are also good for adding extra sparkle to a basic outfit, making them great to wear with darker tops and dresses worn during winter.

    Mix, match and layer winter and summer pieces

    Layering is a good method for recycling older items.Stash the tights you would typically wear with dresses in the winter

    and go barelegged with a pair of peep toe heels. You can also pair light sweaters with camisoles and shorts or wear a light scarf with a spaghetti strap dress.

    I do buy basic pieces, like one or maybe three spring outfits, and then I still wear my jeans and light scarves in the summer, freshman Devon Clark said.

    Add pieces that reflect daring trends

    A few of the most popular trends for this summer are

    70s bohemian, punk rock and nautical pieces, so shake up your wardrobe by choosing items that echo these styles. A navy striped T-shirt with skinny jeans is a good for a nautical style, while flowing maxi dresses will give you a bohemian feel.

    These pieces can be found at local vintage and thrift stores, so there is no need to blow your bank account at the mall.

    Junior Kelly Mead said she thinks it is important to remember that less is more in the purchasing process.

    I have a job on campus, but it is much better for me to buy a couple of things instead of a whole new wardrobe because thats kind of ridiculous, she said.

    Trends to expect for fall 2011

    Bold Red Ponchos Plaid High Slits Duster Coats Bright Pants

    Information from


    Chances are youve at least considered summer classes. Far from the days of high school when summer was for hanging at the pool, sleeping in until noon or maybe making a little money, summer in college can be a way to get ahead of the game.Elon makes it easy to take classes during the summer. There are two sessions offered, one offered June 1 July 1, and one from July 11 Aug. 1. On-campus classes are offered both times, but online classes are only offered during the first session. However, both on-campus classes and online classes cost $380 per credit hour or $1,520 for a four credit course.The condensed time frame makes summer classes similar to Winter Term classes, where you can focus on one subject at a time. It can be hard to pick what kind of class to take and not every class is offered during the summer. Heres a guide to what kind of class you might want and what time you should take it.Physical proximity to Elon is essential to taking a class on campus. If interning, working on or off campus, or if you live within a 30-minute commute, taking a class in person makes sense.On-campus classes are also helpful if you need structure in your classwork. If you know you cant do assignments with an ambiguous deadline, having a professor encouraging you to get work done on time

    is invaluable. Also, online classes are run through Blackboard, so if youre not familiar with or dont like its interface, you can save yourself a headache by not taking it.Another benefit of on-campus classes is they are offered during both summer sessions. If youre busy, there is still time to take classes after July 1. If you got shut out of common classes for one of the popular majors or one of the core requirements, they are usually offered in the summer. Statistics, college writing and basic communications classes are typically available.Online classes through Elon are very simple to take. No matter where you are in the world, you are able to take classes as long as you have an Internet connection. This is perfect if you frequently travel during the summer or need to move for an internship or want to go back home. Online classes let you set your own pace so youre not squeezing your work schedule around lecture times, if you are interning or working full time.If you prefer to work on your own terms, there is nothing so liberating as an online class. Procrastination

    is a temptation, but if you easily overcome it, online classes can be a breeze. They are just as academically challenging