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Elmwood Emblem April 2016

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  • April 2016

    Early Years Outdoor OdysseyThe Early Years programme at Elmwood School takes learning outdoors! PAGE 18

    A Century of Self-expressionThe History of Visual Arts at Elmwood School PAGE 22

    Norma Davies 42 Serves Her 50th Year on Elmwood Board of Governors PAGE 32

    Celebrating a Century!E L M W O O D S C H O O L 1 9 1 5 2 0 1 5

  • 3C H A P T E R O N EThe Schoolheodora Philpot stood out from the crowd in her time. She had seen some of the far corners of the world. She was not afraid to defy convention. She was capable of hard work and, even as a respectable married woman with children, she had plans that went far beyond her own front door. She was an entrepreneur, and her

    dream was to create a great school.The child of British parents, Theodora grew up in Burma, trained as a teacher in

    California andhorror of horrorsmarried a divorced man. Even then, she refused to be conventional. Instead of settling down and raising children on her husbands meagre wages as a teacher, she founded a school on the outskirts of a colonial capital and drove herself to exhaustion balancing the demands of running a household with service to a school population that grew from 4 to more than 40 in only four years. In the end, she was defeated by her own success and left the school she created to others, who in their turn nurtured it and helped it to grow through infancy and adolescence into the Elmwood of today. Her contribution was nevertheless seminal.

    Elmwood was Theodora Philpots second educational venture. In the early years of the century, she was living in rough-and-tumble California, where her parents were trying, unsuccessfully, to grow oranges. There she met and, a year later, braved her parents disapproval to marry, an Englishman by the name of Hamlet S. Philpot. He was an Oxford-trained scholar who found teaching work in Baltimore, where Theodora bore two sons. In 1912, they acted on the suggestion of friends to found a school in Babylon, Long Island.

    Beginnings 1915 1925



    Quisit odios perum sequia doloreprae parum fuga. Nam as aspe dolectur? Most, ommolorae moloribus sin estis ma sum ipsam am incid ex eium, sendit evelese cuptatestium quiae nonsequ aesenditias dolupitione cum sita sequaturest molorep.



    Looking for a way to commemorate this moment in Elmwoods history?

    Youll find a number of limited edition Centennial items both online at and in the school storethe Eagles Nest.

    E N D E A V O U R S A L L : T H E E L M W O O D S T O R Y 1 9 1 5 2 0 1 5

    In celebration of Elmwoods Centennial, we are proud

    to present our updated and expanded history book,

    written by Janet Uren 68! This book captures the story of Elmwood School through the

    recollections of many who have been a part of it.

    You can order a copy of the book on our online store at, call the Communications Department at 613.749.6761 or visit the Eagles Nest in person.

  • E L M WO O D.C A | A P R I L 2 0 1 6 1

    editor: Teresa Stirling, Director of Communications

    photographers:Alex BraultDwayne BrownLindsay GermanoChris Snow

    design:Ryan Mesheau

    contributors:Elise AylenChristine BlackadarCheryl BoughtonBeth EllisonMeagan EnticknapLindsay GermanoJennifer Irwin-JacksonBrian McCullough Kate MeadowcroftEvelyn PikeMadighan Ryan 22Kimberley SenfJoan SunMegan Sweeney 16Janet Uren 68

    The Elmwood Emblem is published twice a year for the entire Elmwood community by Elmwoods Communications Department

    elmwood school261 Buena Vista Rd.Ottawa ON K1M 0V9Phone: (613) 749-6761Email: [email protected]

    above: No birthday celebration is complete without a birth-day cake! Photo by Chris Snow

    on the cover: Jane Buckley and Andrew Philpot, the grandchildren of Elmwoods Founder, donated 1000 daffodil bulbs to mark Elmwoods Centennial year. The first few were planted on Founders Day by a group of distiguished members of the Elmwood community. Photo by Chris Snow.

    retraction: Julia Fournier is not associated with The Foundation Solution Haiti (FSH) as previously noted in The Elmwood Emblem, Alumni Spotlight, September 2015.

    ELMWOOD EMBLEM | A P R I L 2 0 1 6



    Away from the walls of the classroom, children engage in a different kind of

    learning that allows them to connect with their environment in meaningful ways.

    By Kate Meadowcroft



    Community service allows students to connect their learning in meaningful ways

    to real life contexts and situations.

    By Madighan Ryan 22, Megan Sweeney 16 and Meagan Enticknap



    Message from the Headmistress .. 2

    News and Notes ..................................4

    Centennial Weekend .......................10

    Centennial Timeline .......................... 16

    Outdoor Odyssey ............................... 18

    A Century of Self-Expression .......22

    Why all the Buzz About Community Service?........................ 24

    Creating a Home Away From Home ......................................... 26

    An Inspiring Girl: Fumi Shibutani 16 .............................28

    Meet the Mascots .............................30

    Taking the Long View .....................32

    Once a Prefect .................................. 34

    Alumni Spotlight .............................. 36

    Alumni News and Events ...............38

    Class Notes .........................................40

    Advancement News ....................... 45



    Arts education at Elmwood has been an important part of the curriculum since the

    Schools infancy.

    By Teresa Stirling

  • 2 A P R I L 2 0 1 6 | E L M WO O D E M B L E M

    e recently celebrated the 100th day of our 100th year, and it was

    a fitting time to reflect back on the high-lights of our year so far. It has certainly been one for the record books!

    Starting off on the first day of school, we were so thrilled to have Ottawas May-or, Jim Watson, join us for our opening assembly. The day was filled with festivi-ties, and capped off with record-breaking attendance at our Kick-off Carnival. Later in the month we held the first of our Cen-tennial Dress-up Through the Decades days. I couldnt believe how many of our students and staff members took partthere were moments during the day that I truly felt like our founder, Theodora Philpot, must have felt.

    On a gorgeous weekend at the begin-ning of October, we welcomed our entire community to gather for Centennial Weekend and celebrate the school we all call home. From Friday to Sunday we held eight different events, which had over 1400 attendees. We welcomed back alumni from the 1940s to 2015 and had strong representation from every decade. We saw former colleagues and friends. It was incredible.

    Before we took a break for the holidays, we all came together as a community once more for the Old Girls Art Fair and Holly Tea. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to visit over a cup of tea, view some incredible art and sing along with our special Holly Tea Choir made up of alumni, teachers and current students.

    After the break there was a flurry of activity in preparation for the Father Daughter Gala. This annual favourite reached new heights this year, as fathers and daughters took a Flight of Fancy at the Canada Aviation Museum. It was a magical evening that Im certain will be a highlight of this year for all that attended.

    As much as I have loved taking part in all of the celebrations, I think one of the things that has struck me most this year is how looking back helps us to recognize how far we have come. I read the feature on Norma Davies 42 (page 32) with particular interest. Norma started at Elm-wood in 1931, and has been witness to the school changing and modernizing over the years, while still retaining the values upon which it was built. Norma celebrates her 50th year on Elmwoods Board of Gover-nors this year. What an amazing accom-plishment, and how lucky we are to have such a dedicated and committed member of our community!

    The party isnt over yet! We still have our Centennial Gala 100 Years of Bril-liance, and our Centennial Finale to look forward to. I hope to see all of you before the year is out.

    MESSAGE FROM THEHEADMISTRESSCheryl Boughton, Headmistress


    1 Ms. Blackadar 88, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson, Mrs. Boughton, Mr. Whitehouse and Head Girl Brooke Mierins 16 on the first day of Elmwoods Centennial year. 2 The Holly Tea Choir entertains the crowd. 3 Mrs. Boughton with Elmwood Alumnae on Centennial Weekend. 4 Faculty and staff on the first Dress-up Through the Decades day. 5 Members of the Class of 2016 at the Father Daughter Gala. 6 Mrs. Boughton and her parents helped out with the daffodil planting on Founders Day.

  • E L M WO O D.C A | A P R I L 2 0 1 6 3


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  • Awesome Colosseum You may have had a chance to visit the Canadian War Museums summer exhibit, Gladiators and the Colosseum Death and Glory, which ran from June 13 September 7, 2015. The exhibit was a wonderful collection of real, ancient gladiatorial equipment, monuments and related artwork from approximately nine different museums in Italy.

    What you may not know, though, is that earlier in the year the War Museum was looking for help organizing an Awesome Colosseum dayan opportunity for families to visit the exhibit and then participate in activities to learn about the ancient Roma