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  • elleBj Body Jewels over and under the dress

  • elleBj Body Jewels are made in Murano-Venice (Italy) accordingly to the ancient tradition art of Glass Creation with an eye to a modern reading of wearing a jewel.

    Each jewel is handcraft produced by glass masters: Muranos Pearls are finished with nickel-free golden or silvery metal chains or coloured leather

    elleBj A new alternative way to wear a woman and express her soul...more than a jewel, more than an accessory, a game or a fellowchangeable over and under the dresses to unchain feminine personality !!

  • Our Collections

    Metamorphosis : camouflage and eclectic jewels suitable everywhere, every time belts became necklace or bracelet and moreLingerie: over and under the dressArts: value to hands or feet, arms or legs

  • Our raw materialsMurano glass beads: beads rounded or sharp-edge obtained by cutting hollow tubes rolled into the furnace for a length of tens of meters.

    Pearls: the handmade highlights the so-called work a lume (=lamp); a glassy non-perforated pipe is softened by the heat of fire coming out of a tube, is then wrapped around a metal tube, so as to give the pearl shape want and then decorated with polychrome glass

    Glassy beads with gold/silver: inside of the glass beads, thanks to ancient manual techniques unlikely to imitation, are placed sheets of 24 carat gold and silver 100 (not white gold for her characteristic to become black in this processing)

    Glassy beads with watermark: a another typical artisanal technique, a watermark inside of glass (single, double, or double braided straw) that makes every single pearl unique.

    For all these reasons our Jewels are precious and unique! Order your elleBj choosing your favourite elements and customize your Jewel accordingly to your own taste!

  • The elements

  • www.ellebj.com

    Visit our web site www.ellebj.com or contact us to know the nearest shop!

    Email: info@ellebj.com

    elleBj is made in Murano, Italy by elle s.r.l.