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  • 1. Experiences in eLearning Fitness

2. To raise standards in the delivery of health-related activity, fitness and wellbeing; awarding qualifications and providing independent quality assurance services. Mission statement 3.

  • Over 40 relevant, recognised and respected qualifications at UK
  • Level 1, 2 , 3 and 4 qualifications (equivalent to EQF Level 2, 3, 4 and 5)
  • Qualifications are
    • Approved by: Ofqual and SQA (UK Regulators)
    • Endorsed by: SkillsActive, UK
    • Recognised by: REPs UK

Relevant, recognised and respected 4. Working with

  • Official accreditation unit for the European Health and Fitness Association (EHFA) from 2007 - 2010
  • Official accreditation unit for the Register of Exercise Professionals in the Republic of Ireland

5. European Projects

  • European Accreditation Fitness Project (EA-Fitness)
  • 2008 2010
  • Implementation of EHFA Standards
  • Implementation of accreditation system
  • Updating of EHFA Standards
  • Development of EREPs
  • Labour market research
  • ECVET Fitness (2006)
  • Eurofit-QST (2003)


  • Training for assessors/internal verifiers (quality assurance) available face-to-face (and online in 201)
  • Training days face-to-face (and online in 2011)
  • Endorsement of company training programmes
  • Customized in-house training

CYQ Support Services 7. New REPs structure in the UK 8. Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing Gym-Based Exercise (QCF) 9. Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training (QCF) 10. eLearning Visit the CYQ website to try the demos!www.cyq.org.uk/elearning

  • Benefits for our approved centres
  • Suitable for centres with or without an existing virtual learning platform
  • Standardisation of learning across the deliveryteam
  • Reduced delivery costs
  • Benefits for learners
  • Allows them to study at their own pace
  • Accessible online anywhere, anytime
  • Appeals to all learning styles with interactive quizzes, unique animation
  • and comprehensive narration

11. Content covers: - Bones and Joints- Muscle and Muscle Actions- Energy Systems- Cardiorespiratory Systems- Health, Safety and Professionalism- Components of Fitness eLearning UK L2/EQF L3 Exercise and Fitness Knowledge 12. eLearning UK L2/EQF L3 Gym-Based Exercise

  • Content covers:
  • Introductions to bodyweight exercises, free
  • weight exercises, CV and resistance machines
  • - Warm up, cool down and session structure
  • - Planning, instruction and reflection
  • - CV and resistance training guidelines
  • - Modifications, alternatives and progressions

13. eLearning UK L3/EQF L4 Anatomy and Physiology

  • Content covers:
  • The heart and circulatory system
  • The musculoskeletal system
  • Posture and core stability
  • The nervous system
  • The endocrine system
  • Energy systems


  • What worked:
  • Setting a realistic project plan
  • Ordering tasks according to the needs of the product
  • Producing in house (retaining control)
  • Outsourcing only where necessary (e.g. we outsource video shoots and some Flash development)

eLearning development our experiences 15.

  • What worked:
  • Sourcing appropriate software
  • Holding creative meetings to break down the syllabus:
    • To convert manuscript into a slide by slide interactive presentation
    • To develop different ways of presenting each subject
    • To include the learner in the process
    • To ensure that writers and developers work towards the same goals

eLearning development our experiences 16.

  • What worked:
  • Using PowerPoint to its full capabilities, along with additional eLearning authoring software (Articulate)
  • Using various forms of media (images/video/animations/narration)
  • Setting up technical proofing points throughout the development phase
  • Launching pilot courses before a full go live to capture any end user issues

eLearning development our experiences 17.

  • What didnt work:
  • Initially, not having a clear understanding of best practice of how to develop an eLearning product
    • Because of this, having to revise project plans which resulted in delays in getting the product to market
  • Initially, not using the best software for our particular requirements

eLearning development our experiences 18.

  • What didnt work:
  • Outsourcing creative work resulting in amendments and delays
  • Lack of understanding between the writer and the developers (creative meetings now overcome this)

eLearning our experiences 19.

  • Difficulties faced:
  • How to create an exciting and immersive eLearning product without breaking the bank!
    • Flash animations are very expensive to develop, so we learnt how to create these animations/interactivities using only PowerPoint, (which keeps the need for Flash animations down to a minimum)
    • Identify and use the creative talent that exists in house (e.g. in house film shoots)

eLearning our experiences 20. Theory Assessment How we assess

  • Paper based Theory Papers, or
  • eAssessment
  • Benefits of eAssessment
  • Instant access to learners' results
  • Removes time and cost burden of printing and returning answer sheets

21. Practical Assessment How we assess

  • Direct observation of practical session via attendance at an assessment day

22. Issues and Questions

  • CYQ is an accreditation organisation (not a training provider) so ideally we should not be carrying out the testing of the eLearning product on the target group of 20 people in the UK
  • If CYQ were to carry out the testing, we cannot enrol the successful participants on to REPs UK due to national qualification requirements
  • Can practical competences be tested via an eLearning platform?
  • Conflicts of interest?

23. Issues and Questions

  • How will we ensure that EREPs recognise the pilot national registers?
  • How will we ensure that EHFA recognise the alignment of the eLearning product(s) to the EHFA Standards?
  • How will we align our work to EHFAs plans for a revised accreditation policy?

24. Jenny Patrickson CYQ Director, Awarding [email_address] +44 (0)207 343 1808 www.cyq.org.uk