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EL Holiday Homework

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English holiday homework, book review on black beauty

Text of EL Holiday Homework

Reviewed by: Russell Tan (22) 4HThe book I read is called Black Beauty. This is the only book Anna Sewell wrote in her life. It is about the mistreatment of horses. I really enjoyed reading this book for many reasons.The most interesting fact about Black Beauty is that the whole story is told by ahorsenamedBlackBeauty. It isinterestingtohaveahorseasanarratorbecause in most books, it is the human who is the narrator. It also makes me feelthat I am Black Beauty.My favourite art of the book is when Black Beauty ulls a carriage in heavy rainand refuses to cross a bridge. After whiing Black Beauty twice, the coachmancomes down to look and he sees the bridge break. I like this art because it iswhen Black Beauty saves his masters and roves that he is disobedient for areason. I feel he is !uite a hero. The fact that makes me curious is that Black Beauty is the only horse in the bookthat can understand what his masters are saying because we know everythingthat the humans are saying. So since Black Beauty is the narrator, he must beable to understand language and eole. This I found very fascinating as I likebooks that are different. It also makes me wonder if animals can reallyunderstand us when they are close to us, such as our ets.The story ends with a strange coincidence when Black Beauty is reunited withone of his favourite owners from the ast whom he has been aart from for manyyears. I like this ending because it is very ositive and encouraging.Black Beauty is truly a delightful book to read. I would recommend it to anyonewho likes books that aeal to the imagination.Reviewed by: Russell Tan (22) 4H

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