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Eid-ul-Adha and Hajj By: Azraf Khan

Eid-ul-Adha and Hajj Eid-ul-Adha and Hajj By: Azraf Khan

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Hajj and Eid al-adha

Eid-ul-Adha and HajjBy: Azraf KhanHow It BeganDuring Hajj, Muslims re-enact when prophet Abraham saw Allah (the Arabic word for god) in a dream, and Allah told him that he had to sacrifice his son if he believed in his religion Prophet Abraham obeyed, and he was about to kill his son when god replaced his son with a sheep, so that the prophet killed the sheep, not his son. It had all been a test to see how faithful Abraham was.Every year, Muslims around the world honor his sacrificeEid-ul-adha is the holiday once youve re-anacted did so many years ago. The PilgrimageEvery year, on Eid, Muslims all over the world go to Mecca, a city in Saudi Arabia for Hajj.Men wear a cloths called ihram. It is pretty much two pieces of cloth. Women wear cloths that cover everything thing except their face. You do this because everybody looks the same. A person that came on a private jet will look the same as a person that saved money all their lives to go to Hajj. There are 5 days of Hajj. On the next page I will tell you the very important things you do while you are at Hajj. Things (you have) to do at Hajj.One of the most important thing you do at Hajj is you walk around the Kaba seven times.

Things (you have) to do at Hajj.You walk, jog or run between mountains Sufa and Marwa. You do this because when prophet Abraham, his wife and his son Ishmael had run out of water, Ishmael had started kicking the ground. Abraham ran in between Sufa and Marwa in search of water. When he came back the place that Ishmael had been kicking a water geyser was shooting out of the ground. The water that comes out is called Zum-zum.

Things (you have) to do at Hajj.The stoning of the devil. When prophet Abraham was going to sacrifice his son Shatan (the devil) tried to stop him he threw stones at him to make him go away.

Things (you have) to do at Hajj.The main day of Hajj is The Day Of Arafat Its the place where Adam and Eve are supposed to have met on earthPeople stand there and pray until sunsetThis day was yesterday

Now We will watch a video:http://video.nationalgeographic.com/video/player/places/culture-places/beliefs-and-traditions/saudiarabia_mecca.htmlGlossaryHajj the pilgrimage to MeccaAbraham the prophet who was willing to give up his son because he believed in his religion.Eid-ul-Adha the festival of sacrifice. Ihram the clothing that men wear to HajjKaba a sacred, black building which Muslims walk around 7 times during Hajj. It is considered as the house of God