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  • 1. Aisling BarclayTypographic CompositionEG2Examples of ExcellentTypographic Composition

2. Headlines & Book covers 3. . Interesting use of Kerning to draw the attention of the eye. Using one letter as the main focus of a page makes a boldstatement and keeps the design simple 4. . Use of illustrated letters is an interesting composition tool-provides a simple and effective focal point for the page. I love this book cover created from enlarged punctuation. Both these designs are very clean, simple and minimialistic 5. Page Composition 6. . Nice use of negative space in this composition- leaves most of the imageto the viewers imagination. I love the technique of removing half or part of a word, it adds interest toan ordinary piece of work by removing part of or all of the legibility- thisstyle reminds me of Wim Crouwels work 7. Titles, Quotes & Columns 8. Graphs, Charts & Diagrams 9. . Interesting uses of gridding in Typographic Composition 10. Numbers & Contents pages