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There are times when we all need inspiration.

Edu 352 db 2 week 1

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  • 1. There are times when we allneed inspiration.Presentation by:Billie McCarron

2. It is important for educators toremember that we have the powerto inspire young minds.Anonymous 3. Logic will get you from A toB. Imagination will take youeverywhere. Albert Einstein 4. Nothing great wasever achievedwithout enthusiasm.Ralph Waldo Emerson 5. They can because they thinkthey can.Virgil 6. Everyone has a fair turnto be as great as hepleases.Jeremy Collier 7. The future depends onwhat we do inthe present.- Mahatma Gandhi 8. Dont wait for extraordinaryopportunities. Seize commonOrison Swett Mardenoccasions and make them great. 9. When everything seems tobe going against you,remember that the airplanetakes off against the wind,not with it. Henry Ford