edTPA: The Next Step In Preparing Minnesota Teachers

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  • 1. edTPA:The Next Step In PreparingMinnesota TeachersMINNESOTA BOARD OF TEACHING

2. INTRODUCING EDTPATO MINNESOTA edTPA is a new step on thepathway to teacher licensure Provides research-based, common expectationsto Minnesotas colleges anduniversities about what shouldbe expected of teachercandidates Requires teacher candidates to demonstrate the skills neededto enter the classroom ready to teach and help all studentslearn 3. THE TRANSITIONHAS BEGUN Minnesotas 31 institutions of higher education thatprepare teachers require candidates to complete theedTPA process edTPA is a program-completion requirement that will beone of many requirements reviewed before a candidateis recommended for licensure Each teacher candidate will work with licensed teachersin Minnesota classrooms to complete the edTPA process Minnesotas colleges and universities already are makingchanges to curriculum and programs to align with edTPA 4. CULMINATIONOF A PROCESS The Minnesota Board of Teaching and the MinnesotaAssociation for Colleges of Teacher Education begandiscussing performance assessment in 2009 Minnesota joined states and institutions nationwide byparticipating in and contributing to edTPAs development byStanford University and leading education experts In 2011, the Minnesota legislature required performanceassessment for teacher preparation. In 2012, the MinnesotaBoard of Teaching adopted edTPA as that statewideperformance assessment 5. MORE THAN AMANDATE edTPA is the best tool available to ensure that new teachers are ready to meet the increasing demands of P-to-12 classrooms edTPA moves the Minnesota teacher assessment processes to a more sophisticated view of teaching It encourages more focus on delivering instruction to students with diverse needs and showing evidence of student learning Schools and students will benefit from the stronger bridge between the preparation of new teachers and the expectations and demands a first-year teacher will face in the classroom 6. NEW RIGOR,EXPECTATIONS edTPA provides a common measure that asks teachercandidates to demonstrate the skills we know improve studentlearning edTPA requires video and analysis of student work todocument a candidates ability to teach effectively Candidates will execute lessons and assignments anddemonstrate their ability to analyze student responses Colleges will gain new data about how their candidates areperforming in the classroom 7. MEANINGFULEVALUATIONedTPA is a multiple-measure assessment that coversfive areas critical to student learning: Planning Instruction Analysis of teaching Assessment Academic Language 8. VALID SCORING edTPA scorers include teacher educators and qualifiedteachers and school administrators They are trained using materials developed by StanfordUniversity; the scoring process will be facilitated byPearson Scorers are selected based on experience with beginningteachers and expertise in the subject-matter content They are trained to make objective, comparable, and validevaluations of teaching skills and readiness to teach 9. A CAPSTONEASSESSMENT The edTPA process willtake place in the finalstages of teacherpreparation as aculminating activity edTPA is not a test or asingle assessment, but athorough and demandingprocess that takes severalweeks to complete. 10. EDTPA IS NOT EASY Taking the TPA was rigorous.It was hard. It was challenging.I cried many times. Debra Walden Woodburys Crosswinds School,Pioneer Press, Nov. 12, 2012 11. WHAT STUDENTS ANDTEACHERS NEED NOWIt is not enough to pass a paper-and-pencil test, or even to have taken a bunchof classes in an education program. Youhave to be able to demonstrate whetheryou can actually teach.Linda Darling HammondCharles DucommunProfessor of Education,Stanford University 12. MORE INFORMATION Minnesota Board of TeachingMDE.edTPA@state.mn.us Board.teaching@state.mn.us