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Editing and Proofreading

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Editing and Proofreading. What are they exactly? Why do writers use them?. Remember C-pugs. No, not those kind of pugs. C-pugs is a way to remember the top five things to do when writers are editing and proofreading. When do writers use it? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Editing and Proofreading

  • Editing and ProofreadingWhat are they exactly?Why do writers use them?

  • Remember C-pugs.

  • No, not those kind of pugs.C-pugs is a way to remember the top five things to do when writers are editing and proofreading.

  • C is for capitalizationWhen do writers use it?-Proper nouns, the first word of a sentence, the word I, and first word inside a set of dialogue.Here are some examples: 1. Harrisburg, Hammy, and the word I.2. Keri said, That was fun. 3.4.5.

  • P is for punctuationWhat is punctuation? -Marks that change meaning or tell readers when to stop. -Examples of punctuation are . , ! ? ; : Example:Whiskers, who wants to become an acrobat, has a friend mouse.2. Jake said, Lets go.3.4.5.

  • Find the punctuation mistakes.

  • U is for usage.What is meant by usage?-It means choosing the correct word to get your meaning across.-Remember spell check on the computer doesnt know how you intended to use a word.Here are some examples:Write down the whole sentence, then circle the correct choice. 1. Theyre/Their/There going to the mall today. 2. Go get our/are papers from the printer.3. 4.5.

  • What word is used incorrectly?

  • G is for grammarWhat does it include?-Sentence/verb agreements, fragments, using the right part of speech.

    Here are some examples:Circle the correct choice1. They ran quick or quickly.

    Change from a fragment to a sentence.2. When the phone rang,

    Correct this sentence. 3.The girls got her books.

    Write a sentence with a pronoun problem.4.

    Start a sentence with because5.

  • Find the grammar mistake.

  • S is for spelling-When writers make spelling mistakes, they seem uneducated even if they are not.

    ExamplesUse both in one sentence.1. steel, steala

    2. youre, youra.

    3. weather, whethera.

    4. then, than a.


  • Find the spelling mistake.

  • Why should I do this?-C-pugs make it easy to remember the top five ways.-People judge how credible if you make many mistakes.

  • The End