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<p>PROPOSED ECO-ADVENTURE TOURISM TRAVEL AGENCY: A FEASIBILITY STUDY</p> <p>A Special Paper Presented to The Faculty of the College of Graduate Studies Central Philippine University Iloilo City</p> <p>In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Master in Business Administration</p> <p>EVELYN PEARL A. ARROYO</p> <p>CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION</p> <p>Background and Rationale of the Study In the last two decades, there has been a distinct shift in tourism trends from the mass beach tourism that characterised the 1970s and 80s, to more specialised and diverse tourism. With increased public awareness and concern for the environment, there has also developed a corresponding growth in popularity of travel to sites of natural interest. Nature and wildlife tourism now account for 7 per cent of all tourism, and are the fastest growing segments of the industry. ( Interest in ecotourism has been on the rise, as tourists from around the world began to appreciate the beauty of nature, which abounds in tropical archipelagos such as the Philippines. International visitor arrivals to the Philippines rose 1.5 percent year-onyear to a record 3.14 million in 2008 despite the global economic downturn, thanks to the rising interest for ecotourism among Europeans who are drawn to the country's natural wonders. The Tourism Department said new tourist products in the market such as diving and bird watching provide impetus to stimulate awareness of the country's tourist potentials and bring in high-value visitors, with greater propensity to stay longer and spend more. The department has been promoting the Philippines as a diving mecca and bird watching paradise in Europe. Despite the decline in arrivals from traditional markets (Korea, US, and Japan), international visitor arrivals to the Philippines managed to grow 1.5 percent to a new record of 3.14 million in 2008 from 3.09 million in 2007. "The last</p> <p>four years has been the Renaissance period of Philippines tourism," said Durano. "But the best has yet to come for Philippine tourism." ( The Philippines is starting to develop its strength on ecotourism as the Department of TourismThe Philippines provides many options for eco activities:</p> <p>trekking/hiking/mountaineering, bird and other wildlife watching, diving and snorkeling, caving, kayaking/canoeing/rafting, and surfing.</p> <p>Philippines ecotourism is varied and unlimited. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Department of Tourism (DoT), ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc.s Bantay Kalikasan, and Conservation International Philippines have agreed to work together for the promotion of the Magandang Pilipinas, a project that will boost up the countrys ecotourism and as a world-class ecotourism destination. The pilot ecotourism project sites have been identified as a high ecotourism potential with beautiful scenic attractions and are endowed with rich biodiversity. These sites are mostly protected area in the Philippines. Under the agreement, the parties agreed to manage existing and pre-identified ecotourism sites in the Philippines and promote specific ecotourism sites. The sites include the Verde Island Marine Passage Corridor in Batangas (center of the center of marine shorefish biodiversity); Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park (underground river); Donsol, Sorsogon (whale shark watching); El Nido, Palawan (marine protected area and limestone karst); Tubbataha National Marine Park (coral reef); Banawe Rice Terraces, Ifugao; Mayon Volcano, Albay; Pamilacan, Bohol; Hundred Islands, Alaminos, Pangasinan; Sapang Bato, Angeles City, Pampanga; Lake Sebu, South Cotabato.</p> <p>DOT launches adventure tourism05/08/2008 | 03:20 AM Share</p> <p>CITY OF SAN FERNANDO - The Department of Tourism (DOT) under Secretary Joseph Ace Durano is set to embark on a nationwide campaign to increase awareness and promote the</p> <p>country's adventure and ecotourism destinations and activities, said DOT Regional Director Ronaldo Tiotuico. Tiotuico said the tourism chief intends to absorb a bigger slice of the adventure and experiential travel market and consequently position the country as an adventure destination in Asia. Dubbed Adventure Philippines Campaign, the program aims to create positive awareness for the Philippines as an exciting outdoor travel destination, to educate the industry stakeholders (tour operators/travel agents, guides, suppliers, outdoor recreational clubs or societies) on adventure travel and its potentials, and to foster or strengthen networking capacity and working relationship between travel service providers and suppliers. To provide tourism stakeholders and major players an overview of the outdoor recreation industry and its potential for job-generation and social and economic benefits, the tourism department is set to conduct a seminar on the fundamentals of Adventure Tourism 101 slated for June 3-5, 2008 at Hotel Stotsenberg, Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga. The conference is organized by the Philippine Convention &amp; Visitors Corp., in cooperation with the Recreational Outdoor Exchange (R.O.X.). Partnering with DOT are the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) and Philippine Airlines (PAL). Participants in the seminar are set to hold actual adventure travel to the wilds and rainforests of Subic Bay Freeport in Zambales on June 5 where they are bound to try the famous jungle safari, canopy ride and slide for life amidst thick vegetation and wildlife sanctuary. Administrator Armand Arreza of Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) will sponsor the one-day safari. A registration fee of P2,500 will be assessed each participant to cover cost of food and snacks for the duration of the seminar, seminar kit, including food and snacks, and transportation during the post-seminar activity at Subic Bay Freeport. Hotel accommodation and other incidental expenses will be shouldered by the participants. -</p> <p></p> <p>Monday,</p> <p>October</p> <p>06,</p> <p>2008</p> <p>Adventure tourism is RP's newest jewel ADVENTURE tourism is slowly but effectively gaining grounds in the country blessed with numerous attractive natural resources that beckon the adventure spirit of visitors notwithstanding calamities and other destructions surrounding the area.</p> <p>Department of Tourism (DOT)-Northern Mindanao Director Catalino Chan pointed this out during the second day of the 9th national convention of the Association Tourism Officers of the Philippines (Atop) in Iloilo City.</p> <p>What's</p> <p>your</p> <p>take</p> <p>on</p> <p>the</p> <p>Mindanao</p> <p>crisis?</p> <p>Discuss</p> <p>views</p> <p>with</p> <p>other</p> <p>readers</p> <p>Chan founded the Atop in 2001 to mobilize tourism officers, especially in the countryside, to show off and market the many tourism potentials of their own place. Today, Atop is a major tourism industry player in the country.</p> <p>Chan, a former provincial tourism officer of the province of Camiguin, said adventure tourism is rising to the challenge of climate change from aquatic to highland sports.</p> <p>However, challenges posed by adventure tourism must be met by tourism officers in order to sell and promote the locality as a major tourist destination. These cover affordability, accessibility, communication facilities, no language barrier and diverse people and culture in 7,017 islands.</p> <p>The future is bright on tourism with the emergence of the cruise industry, eco adventure and cultural tourism, the rise of health care facilities, destinations targeted for children, rise of male influences and gay travel fair, and a hectic 10-day travel package.</p> <p>Chan told more than 500 tourism officers the advantages of adventure tourism in the use of natural resources and in increasing awareness of bio-diversity to give livelihood opportunity for the community. (Lydia C. Pendon) st.jewel.html</p> <p>Ecotourism sitesForeign travel agencies that attended the recently concluded Phitex Philippine Travel Exchange or Phitex 2009 have agreed to promote the Philippines as an ecotourism destination. Xpert Holidays, a dynamic travel company from Hong Kong which provides personal &amp; professional services to people who are looking for adventurous, exotic and unique holidays, said it will include the Philippines in the promotion of ecotourism to their segment. The Hong Kong market is high on eco-travels, and we respond to this by offering one-ofa-kind tours. We have found that the Philippines appealed to a wide range of clients, said Chi Ping Phoebe Tang, assistant operations manager. The Philippines is a good place to start educating people on responsible travel; where ones save the earth advocacy can truly be nurtured, Tan added, citing El Nido, Palawan, as one of the most beautiful places shes ever been to, and a destination widely popular with families in Hong Kong. Hoi Kuen Wong, the market representative of the Tourism Department in Hong Kong. Macau, and South China, noted that the Philippines has steadily gained a following on ecotourism, with beaches and adventure trails all over the islands, such as Palawan, Bohol, and the Cordillera. We are confident that the Philippines' growth in tourism can surpass that of the previous years," Wong added. Phitex 2009 attracted 205 foreign buyers - carefully selected and matched with a formidable list of sellers in the country, offering expert market knowledge and appropriate travel services and products. Held at the SMX Convention Center, the Phitex allowed for dedicated sessions that ensured fruitful meetings, bookings, and partnerships. After the business-to-business appointments and the Philippine Travel Mart, the buyers attending the Phitex will be brought to post-tours around the country, highlighting ecoadventures in Palawan, Bohol, and Cebu.</p> <p>Tess Mauricio, OIC for Travel Trade Promotions of the Philippine Convention and Visitors Corporation said the plan is to let the foreign buyers experience first-hand the unique adventures in the country, to further allow them to promote the Philippines as a multi-faceted destination. Tourism Secretary Ace Durano said Phitex 2009 is the largest yet, with intensive business appointments lined up for the most influential buyers from different market segments. In light of the economic scenario and the issues of global warming and climate change, we continue to position the Philippines as an ecotourism destination. Our natural wonders are what we could be proud of the most, with our unspoilt beaches, pristine rainforests, vast mountains, and numerous islands, Durano added. As we persist in moving the Philippines forward in ecotourism efforts, we enjoin travelers to not only explore the many marvels of the country, but more importantly, help in preserving them through responsible tourism," the tourism chief said. The markets were all well-represented in Phitex, with key buyers from Asian countries such as India, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Oceania was also represented with New Zealand and Australia. European buyers from Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom comprised the biggest delegation. The fast growing Middle East market was also represented by companies from the United Arab Emirates; and retailers and wholesalers from Canada and the United States were also in the roster of buyers. Undersecretary for Tourism Planning and Promotions Eduardo Jarque, Jr. said that despite the seeming global challenges, the countrys tourism industry has remained vibrant, with all sectors working together to stimulate activity and movement. There is no better time to visit the Philippines than now. We have more destinations beyond the usual; and more flights around the country, Jarque said. Walter Sultan, Phitex Secretary-General, said Phitex 2009 has been envisioned as a profitable and fruitful undertaking for both buyers and sellers, to discuss business relations for tourism. "Aside from the intensive appointments, we continually enjoin foreign buyers to continue to discover the wonders of the archipelago and experience the warmth of Filipino culture, Sultan said.</p> <p>Objectives of the Study Generally, this study aims to determine the feasibility of operating an ecoadventure tourism travel agency in Iloilo City. Target destination areas are municipalities and provinces in Panay that can offer nature-based tourism activities to the visitors. Specifically, this study aims to determine the different areas of the business, namely its marketing, management, technical, legal, taxation, socio-economic and financial aspects.</p> <p>Specific Objectives Marketing Aspect 1. To determine the degree of willingness of prospective clients for eco-adventure tours. 2. To determine eco-adventure activities prospective clients prefer. 3. To determine the amount prospective clients are willing to spend for ecoadventure tours.4.</p> <p>To determine a market niche for the proposed eco-adventure tourism travel agency.</p> <p>Financial Aspect</p> <p>To determine the total amount needed as capital, Net Present Value, Payback Period, Liquidity, Return on Investment and Financial Leverage of the project as a basis for financial analysis. Management Aspect To present the form of business, organizational chart, job specifications, description and compensation scheme of workers. Legal Aspect To determine the mandatory and statutory requirements needed for starting the business and for its continuous operation. Taxation Aspect To determine the tax dues and schedule of payment for a sole proprietorship. Socio-Economic Aspect To determine the contribution of the business to the community.</p> <p>Operational Definition of Terms Ecotourism. Ecotourism is an enlightening nature travel experience that contributes to conservation of the ecosystem, while respecting the integrity of host communities (Wight 1996). The official Philippine definition of ecotourism, as adopted by the National Ecotourism Development Council, is that it is a form of sustainable tourism within a natural and cultural heritage area where community participation, protection and management of natural resources, culture and indigenous knowledge and</p> <p>practices, environmental education and ethics as well as economic benefits are fostered and pursued for the enrichment of host communities and satisfaction of visitors</p> <p>Significance of the Study The Clients. Clients will be able to experience new places offering nature-based activities. In addition, the visitors will learn more about biodiversity, and will be able to help out in environmental conservation through the activities imbedded into the travel packages. The community. Jobs will be made available to the locals. The proposed travel agency will work with t...</p>


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