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  • Sales Training Team Development Consulting Partnerships

  • We are a dynamic team of consultants who are passionate about assisting businesses and individuals to think big, create

    often and produce always!

    WHO ARE WE?Equip Consulting Australia is a class leading training company that specialises in working with SMEs to create sustainable, consistent and long term sales growth within the modern business landscape. How you ask? By providing the necessary education, motivation and implementation of strategies required to break records year on year. We are your internal team members with external insights.

    Lets face it; business is changing at a rapid pace! You dont have to look too far to notice that global communication with access to millions of pieces of information is at your clients fingertips at any given moment, yet there is one key factor that will always be required for sales success and that is RELATIONSHIP.

    At ECA we believe that there is one common factor behind any great business and that is PEOPLE. They are the most valuable asset you have and the ones producing every single cent that flows through your organisation. In partnering with you we aim to give practical and effective strategies to help create a culture that breeds enthusiasm, vision and responsibility to build a congruent team that produces consistent results.

    Managing Director and Lead Consultant, Steve Claydon is an Amazon #1 best selling

    Author, thought leading Sales Trainer and serial Entrepreneur. At the age of twenty-five Steve has built/invested in four successful businesses (Equip Consulting Australia, Habitat Coworking, Bunker Espresso and Shoebox Publications) has written and published four books (The Diary of a S.U.C.C.E.S.S Driven Kid, Sales Juice - A Concentrated and Complete Selling System, The Opposite Effect The Difference Between Winning & Losing In The World Of Entrepreneurship and childrens book Sammy The Salmon - Go Against The Flow).

    With an unquenchable desire to help people and businesses to continually grow, Steve has shared his core message with over 50,000 people across the globe. Above all else, Steve is a husband to Anna and Dad to his girls Alyssa and Nora.

    2IC and arguably the one who keeps this ship on its course is Amy Willis, an authority in all things management, team development, time management and systems. Amy spent over seven years working in a large Corporate, managing various teams comprising of 10-15 staff at a time, leading them to hit their professional goals time and time again. She too embraces the family life as wife to Allan and Mum to Parker and Ronan.

  • WHY WE DO ITAt Equip Consulting Australia,

    we believe that the most valuable asset you have within your organisation are the people

    within it!



    COMMUNICATING TRUTH: The truth always wins, and we live by that.

    RIGHT FIT: We cannot help all people with all things; instead we ensure that we help the right people with the right things.

    LONG GAME: We believe that long term and sustainable growth is built upon three core virtues; that is patience, persistence and perseverance.

    PEOPLE: We believe that the most valuable asset within any organisation is the people within it, we operate accordingly.

    POSITIVE CHANGE: We value positive change, as change is compulsory. Its best to head in the right direction.

    If you are looking to iron out the peaks and troughs of your sales results, make the most of every opportunity and consistently increase sales and revenue year on year, then Equip Consulting Australia has the perfect consulting and training programs for you. Our key for success is that we first take the time to understand the individuality of your business and team and from that tailor the Foresight Selling System and Equip Sales Methodologies to perfectly suit. Our training is engaging, unique, practical,

    relevant and best of all has been applied and tested so we know what works and what doesnt in this ever changing and evolving market.

    Our primary objective is to create a confident and unconsciously competent sales team that has mastered both the necessary mindset and mechanics of effective sales communication. All the while being congruent with who they are! (Relationship based and information assisted).


    MODULE 1 - FIRST IMPRESSIONS: How to capture attention instantly and build rapport both consciously and unconsciously.

    MODULE 2 - GATHERING INTELLIGENCE: How to ask effective questions to control the sale and gather valuable information.

    MODULE 3 - BODY LANGUAGE: The art of building rapport and communicating non-verbally.

    MODULE 4 - PERFECTING TONALITY: The art of communication on a sub-conscious level.

    MODULE 5 - DEMONSTRATION (CUSTOMER INVOLVEMENT): How to keep your customers engaged and build both logical and emotional certainty.

    MODULE 6 - CLOSING & HANDLING OBJECTIONS: How to ask questions with purpose.

    MODULE 7 - FOLLOW UP: How to perfect goal orientated selling through multiple contacts.

    MODULE 8 - PROSPECTING/CUSTOMER PROFILES: How to find your ideal client and who to avoid.

    MODULE 9 HUMAN BEHAVIOUR: The study of why we make decisions and why we dont.

    MODULE 10 - CREATING CUSTOMERS FOR LIFE: How to attract clients for less

    MODULE 11 - VISION & GOAL SETTING: How to keep your pipeline full and create laser focus.

    MODULE 12 - THE ART OF PERSUASION: The power of effective communication.

    Once a solid foundation of the FSS has been successfully established AND implemented we then move toward The FSS - Advanced Modules to take your sales game from good to great, great to exceptional!

    Equip your team with result driven on-site and online sales

    training! Providing the necessary education & motivation to create

    serious results


    MODULE 13 STATE MANAGEMENT: How to master emotional flexibility to ensure you can produce regardless of external circumstances.

    MODULE 14 THE SALES MASTERY FORMULA: How to ensure that your pipeline is consistently full with highly qualified prospects.

    MODULE 15 ADVANCED LANGUAGE PATTERNS: How to use trigger words, offsetting language patterns and effective questioning techniques to successfully guide a positive sales conversation.

    MODULE 16 THE DECISION MAKING UNIT: How to identify key decision makers with ease (including those who are in the present conversation)

    MODULE 17 THE ACTION THRESHOLD: How to build logical and emotional certainty that leads to a positive decision.

    MODULES 18 THE SIX BUYING EMOTIONS: How to work with the core psychology of why we make buying decisions.

    MODULE 19 THE ART OF RAPPORT: How to create strong and true rapport on both a conscious and unconscious level.

    MODULE 20 THE OPPOSITE EFFECT: How to stand out in your marketplace and make your competition irrelevant.

    MODULE 21 ADVANCED TONALITY: How to utilise certain tonal patterns that build rapport and illicit positive emotional certainty and avoid the ones that break rapport.

    MODULE 22 THE PERFECT PROPOSAL: How to word and layout the perfect proposal that stands out from the rest and drives action quickly.

    MODULE 23 THE FIVE FUNDAMENTALS: How to stay consistently motivated and in the right frame of mind to perform at a high level, month in month out.

    MODULE 24 Q3 METHODOLOGY: The simplest yet most effective sales methodology in the world.

    We Are In The BusinessOf Change and Believe

    You Are Too!

  • WHAT WE DO - TEAM DEVELOPMENTWe believe that the most valuable asset you have within your business are the people within it! They are the hands and feet and in most cases the ones who are in direct contact with your income stream... your customers! In partnering with you we give practical strategies to help create a culture of enthusiasm, vision, passion and responsibility.

    Our primary objective at Equip Consulting Australia is to create a culturally aligned and cohesive team that produces results.


    Creating effective Management strategies

    Team cohesion (particularly between the various departments of your business)

    Keeping your staff motivated and engaged

    Creating a high performing (yet fun) culture in your business

    Providing the framework for you to have performance related conversations with your team

    Keeping your team on task and on time

    Ensuring that your team members are in the right seat

    Helping your team understand their roles within the bigger picture

    Teaching your team about the various systems and tools to manage their days

    Creating vision for your staff (personally and professionally)

    Building a team that remains focused yet can operate creatively

    Create a culture of enthusiasm, vision, passion

    and responsibility

  • THE BUSINESS INTENSIVE 13 MONTH PARTNERSHIPAt Equip Consulting we understand that consistent sales results produced by a cohesive team is a number 1 priority for many SMEs, yet we also understand that it doesnt usually occur in this way. Instead many SMEs experience large peaks and troughs in their monthly sales results and are really striving to iron out the curve.

    Thats exactly what The Business Intensive 13 Month Consulting Partnership is all about. Working closely with your Sales & Management teams (plus all relevant others) to provide them with the necessary education, motivation and implementation of new learnings to accelerate CONSISTENT, SUSTAINABLE AND LO