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Text of Ebs Upgrade Lo 12.1.3: A 1echnlcalerspecuveMlchael 8rown1echnlcal ManagerCollbrl LlmlLedmbrown[collbrlllmlLed.comblog.mlchael-brown.org8439Who Am l?Cver 18 years experlence wlLh Cracle uaLabaseCver 13 years experlence wlLh L-8uslness SulLeChalr, CAuC uaLabase SlCCo-lounder AppserfCracle ACLWhaL are We 1alklng AbouL1echnlcal upgrade conslderauons.Why 12.1.3Pow Lo geL Lhere1echnlcalWhaL our Lhe Culdellnes from Lhe 8uslnessCuLage LlmlLs?Muluple CuLages?Changes LhaL would preclude upgrade?CusLomlzauons LhaL !"#$ be kepL?1esung lans?1ralnlng lans?Why 12.1.3?SupporLSupporL uaLes11.3.10.2 nov 2010 nov 2013 lndenlLe12.0.4 !an 2012 n/A n/A12.0.6 !an 2012 !an 2013 lndenlLe12.1.1 !uly 2010 n/A n/A12.1.2 !an 2012 n/A n/A12.1.3 May 2014 May 2017 lndenlLeWhy 12.1.3?SupporLLrror llxes1esLed MlxSLarung olnLuaLabase or 8e on aL leasL Lhe mlnlmum basellne Au.l.6 A1C 8u 6lan ?our upgradelauorm new Pardware? new CS?Pow are you mlgraung?Pow Many 1esLupgrades 8epeaL unul Lwo ldenucal successful upgradesls Lhe developmenL Leam gemng prepared?ls Lhe funcuonal Leam plannlng adequaLeLesung?lan ?our upgradeSLarL an upgrade noLebook All MCS noLesCracle updaLes noLes, make sure you have Lheverslon you are uslng All declslonsWho and Why Lvery lssue 1lmlngslf elecLronlc, keep on shared drlve lnLernal or dropbox.com (or evernoLe or ...)uaLabaseuaLabase reparauon Culdellnes for an L-8uslness SulLe 8elease 12.1.1 upgrade(761370.1) 3 posslble paLhs Lo follow ln Lhe upgrade lrom our sLarung polnL, uslng aLh LCeL 12.1.1edellvery.oracle.comuon'L walL unul lasL mlnuLeAccess lssuesLarge uownloadMedla ack SearchroducL ackL-8uslness SulLelauormCeL 12.1.1edellvery.oracle.comCracle L-8uslness SulLe 8elease 12.1.1 Medla ackfor %&'()*!Cracle L-8uslness SulLe 8elease 12.1.1 (wlLh nLSSupplemenL) Medla ack for+%&'()*!Cracle L-8uslness SulLe 8elease 12.1.1 updaLeMedla ack for %&'()*!CeL 12.1.18apld lnsLall SLarL Pere8apld lnsLall 8u8MS8apld lnsLall 1ools8apld lnsLall AL_1CApproprlaLe nLS SupplemenL MedlaCeL 12.1.1Cpuonal - 8apld lnsLall uocumenLauon Llbraryhup://www.oracle.com/LechneLwork/documenLauon/appllcauons-167706.hLmlCpuonal - 8apld lnsLall uaLabasesCnly lf you wanL Lo see a clean (non upgrade) lnsLallor vlslonSLaglng Area12.1.1 lnsLall Area,*'-&.+/01"#23.##+4"2$.+53#$'&&'6)3+7"28.9+:#23;'$'?'#.+5326'&2@'6)3+%'*'!.$.*#+A)*+,*'-&.B==&2-'6)3#+