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  • 8/10/2019 Easy stuttering ENGL_ROMANA.doc


  • 8/10/2019 Easy stuttering ENGL_ROMANA.doc


    TA7 E / C (TE(TS

    %ntroduction3Message to a Stutterer+/act Sheet n Stutteringrincip"es and /a""acies57asic Therapy rocedures11 1. Estab"ishing Eye Contact10 0. pen ;iscussion o Stuttering13 3. E p"oring neBs :n Stuttering 7ehaviors14 4. earning the anguage o Responsibi"ity15 +. Monitoring 7ehaviors0 6. %nitiative and /ear-See#ing01 . Counting Successes and /ai"ures00 . E posing the %ceberg0+ 5. Stuttering pen"y and Easi"y06 1 . Resisting Ti!e ressure33 11. ausing and hrasing* 'se o Si"ence3+ 10. Reducing Strugg"e3 13. Vo"untary Stuttering4 14. E ercising Choice4+ 1+. Sa ety Margin and To"erance or ;is "uency++ 16. ;irect (atura" Speech Atte!pts+ 1 . AdDusting to /"uency+ 1 . (on-Rein orce!ent and Cance""ation+5

    A E(;%CESAppendi 1 -- Sheehan oint Vie: nTherapy63

    Appendi 0 -- Therapy %deas64Appendi 3 -- %deas About e"ping The &oungStutterer66Appendi 4 -- Avoidance-Reduction Therapy* AResponse-Suppression ypothesis65Appendi + -- E cerpts /ro! The $ritings Foseph ). Sheehan 0Appendi 6 -- Short Course %n ;iagnosis AndTreat!ent Stuttering* Con "ict Theory AndAvoidance-Reduction Therapy 5Appendi -- Re"apse And Recovery /ro!

    Stuttering 1Appendi -- Ta"# To GRecoveredH Stutterers

    C' R%(S

    %ntroduction3MesaD pentru un Stutterer+/i?a e Stutteringrincipii ?i /a""acies5Terapia de ba9> rocedures11 1. Stabi"irea ochi Contact10 0. ;iscu=ie deschis> de Stuttering13 3. E p"orarea Stuttering propria 7ehaviors14 4. Inv>=area "i!bii de Responsibi"ity15 +. Monitori9area 7ehaviors0 6. %ni=iativa ?i rica See#ing01 . Succese de nu!>rare ?i /ai"ures00 . E punerea %ceberg0+ 5. Mur!ura @n !od deschis ?i Easi"y06 1 . punerea de re9isten=> Ti!p ressure33 11. Intreruperea ?i ra9are* 'ti"i9area Si"ence 10. Reducerea Strugg"e3 13. Vo"untar> Stuttering4 14. E ercitarea Choice4+ 1+. MarDa de siguran=> ?i To"eran=a pentru;is "uency++ 16. Vorbirea direct> natura" Atte!pts+ 1 . ADustarea "a /"uency+ 1 . (on-ar!are ?i Cance""ation+5

    A(EJEAne a 1 - punctu" de vedere privind SheehanTherapy63

    Ane a 0 - Terapie %deas64Ane a 3 - %dei despre aDutorarea tKn>rStutterer66Ane a 4 - Evitarea-Reducerea Terapia* 'n r>spypothesis65-repri!areaAne a + - E trase din scrieri"e "ui Foseph ).Sheehan 0Ane a 6 - Curs scurt de diagnostic ?i trata!ent;in Stuttering* Teoria con "icte"or ?i evitarea-Reducerea Therapy 5Ane a - recadere si de recuperare de "a

    Stuttering 1Ane a - Vorbeste cu LRecuperatL Stutterers

    0 Easy Stuttering

  • 8/10/2019 Easy stuttering ENGL_ROMANA.doc


    %(TR ;'CT% (

    This boo# is the product o !ore than i ty yearso studying and treating stuttering and stutterers.%t consists o artic"es and assign!ents in an order:e have ound e ective and shou"d not be used inany other order. %ts :orth depends on achievingsuccesses :ith each assign!ent to overco!ehabits and attitudes that each stutterer hastypica""y deve"oped in his or her atte!pts to be"uent. rigina""y, in the c"inic, the assign!entscontained in this boo# :ere :ee#"y proDects, butan individua" going through this progra! on theiro:n !ay ta#e "onger than a :ee# to progress tothe ne t assign!ent but do not try to shorten theti!e reNuired to co!p"ete each tas#O. $hat isi!portant is not the ti!e it ta#es to co!p"ete anassign!ent, but ho: :e"" you do it.This boo# e presses the ideas and concepts o itsGoriginator,H Foseph FoeO Sheehan, and !ost othe assign!ents :ere origina""y :ritten by Foe.Foe had guidance ro! Char"es Van Riper indeve"oping his :ay o :or#ing :ith stutterers, butFoe :ent on to deve"op his o:n phi"osophy aboutho: to overco!e the prob"e!s o stuttering. Foe:as a very severe stutterer :ho never gave up,ound :ays to he"p hi!se" , and eventua""y

    beca!e a pro essor at 'C A. e devoted his "i eand energy to he"ping other stutterers. Throughthe years o ho"ding a c"inic at 'C A, the

    assign!ents in this boo# :ere deve"oped, used,reused, and !odi ied as he sa: :ays to i!provethe!. As a c"inician and as his :i e, %co""aborated in running the c"inic and thencontinued his :or# :hen his death ca!e to soonor hi! to inish his !ission. This co!pi"ation oFoeBs thoughts, :ishes, and urges to he"p othersee"s good to !e as a :ay o bringing his !issionto ruition and to bring so!e recognition to hisgenius.ur phi"osophy and #eynote ideas or therapy

    stress Gno direct atte!pt to be "uent.H The Nuestor a sure :ay to be "uent on"y perpetuatescontinued disaster :ith no rea" change in attitudesand ee"ings, and no genuine hope or the uture.Rea" "uency can on"y be earned through openness,acceptance o oneBs stuttering, and an honestatte!pt to give up avoidance o :ords, situations,and peop"e, thus conNuering the ear both ostuttering and o si"ence.

    0 Easy Stuttering%(TR ;'CERE

    Aceasta carte este produsu" de !ai !u"t decinci9eci de ani de studiu si tratarea Stutteringstutterers. Se co!pune din artico"e ?i !isiuni @o ordine care "e-a! g>sit e iciente ?i nu ar trebs> ie o"osit @n orice a"t ordin. Va"oarea sa dde rea"i9area cu succes iecare !isiune de a deobiceiuri ?i atitudini care iecare a bK"bKit deobicei de9vo"tat @n @ncerc>ri"e sa"e de a i %ni=ia", @n c"inica, sarcini"e cuprinse @n acarte au ost proiecte pe s>pt>!Kn>, dar un incare trece prin acest progra! pe cont propriu pdura !ai !u"t de o s>pt>!Kn> pentru a trece "aur!>toarea atribuire dar nu @ncerca=i s> scuti!pu" necesar pentru a ina"i9a iecare sarcin>Ceea ce este i!portant nu este ti!pu" necesar pentru a ina"i9a o !isiune, dar cKt de bine o Aceast> carte e pri!> idei"e ?i concepte"e sa"eLorigineL, Foseph FoeO Sheehan, ?i de ce"e!u"te !isiuni au ost ini=ia" scris de Foe. Foe aavut de orientare de "a Char"es Van coapt> @de de9vo"tare e"u" s>u de a "ucra cu stuttererFoe a continuat s> de9vo"te propria sa i"o9odespre cu! s> dep>?easc> prob"e!e"e de ba"bFoe a ost un bK"bKit oarte sever, care nu arenun=at niciodat>, g>sit !oda"it>=i de a se aD@n ce"e din ur!> a devenit un pro esor de "a'C A. E" a dedicat via=a ?i energia de a aDuta

    stutterers. rin anii care de=ine o c"inica de "a'C A, @n !isiuni @n aceast> carte au ostde9vo"tate, uti"i9ate, reuti"i9ate, ?i se !odi ic>v>9ut !oda"it>=i de a "e @!bun>t>=i. Ca unc"inician si ca sotia "ui, a! co"aborat @n stareunc=ionare c"inica si apoi a continuat !unca "cKnd !oartea "ui a venit "a scurt pentru e" penter!ina !isiunea. Aceast> co!pi"a=ie a "ui FoegKnduri"e, dorin=e"e, ?i @ndea!n> s> aDute se si!te bine pentru !ine, ca o !oda"itate de aaduce "a @ndep"inire !isiunea sa ?i de a aduc

    une"e recunoa?tere a geniu"ui s>u./i"o9o ia noastr> ?i idei #eynote pentru stresterapie c>utarea pentru un !od sigur de a i "uL, nici o @ncercare direct> de a i "uent.Lerpetuea9> nu!ai de9astru @n continuare, cuo schi!bare rea"> @n atitudini ?i senti!ente, ?io speran=> rea"> pentru viitor. Rea"> "uen=>i cK?tigat doar prin deschidere, acceptarea de

    ba"bis! cuiva, ?i o @ncercare onest> de a ren

  • 8/10/2019 Easy stuttering ENGL_ROMANA.doc


    ur therapy ideas di er so !uch ro! the usua"atte!pts to train a stutterer to be "uent that it isdi icu"t to e p"ain, di icu"t to teach on paper, andhard to he"p the stutterer or c"inician to accept theidea that success does not necessari"y !eansounding "uent, but is e perienced by not usingtric#s to avoid stuttering. %t ta#es courage tocontinue to ace stuttering open"y :ithoutstrugg"ing to cover it up ro! onese" and ro! the"istener. The best attitude is to accept stutteringand try to do it !ore easi"y and open"y. This :ay:i"" "ead to !ore and !ore per!anent "uency:ith easy co!!unication and "ess stress, but itta#es ti!e and a co!p"ete turnaround in attitudeand per or!ance.A e: "ast :ords o caution* % a therapy or deviceresu"ts in i!!ediate "uency, it is probab"y a tric#,so orget about it. %n act, you shou"d e pect !orestuttering or a ti!e. &ou shou"d Dust change ho:you stutter P :ith ease, acceptance, eye contact:ith the "istener, and continued co!!unication.)et a ee"ing o success ro! not avoiding./ina""y, never try to be "uent. Easy speech co!es:ith acceptance o the ro"e o a stutterer and on beco!ing a good one. $ith easier speech, "uency:i"" be a natura" resu"t P :ith ti!eQ ;o not e pectinstant !irac"es. Re!e!ber, you are changinghabits that deve"oped over a "i eti!e.%dea""y, it is best to receive persona" guidance and

    suggestions ro! so!eone :ith this type o phi"osophy and training. 'n ortunate"y, this !aynot be possib"e or everyone :ho reads this boo#./or !ore support, additiona" resources can beound on our :ebsite, :::.stutterssc.org. &ouare a":ays :e"co!e to get in touch :ith !e. % can be reached by e!ai" or te"ephone.


    Vivian Sheehan, M.A., CCC

    Specia"ist in Stuttering

    Avoidance-Reduction Therapy 3

    evitarea de cuvinte, situa=ii, oa!eni ?i, ast e",cucerind tea!a, atKt de ba"bis! ?i de t>cere.%dei"e noastre de terapie di er> atKt de !u"t d@ncerc>ri"e obi?nuite pentru a or!a un bK"bie "uent c> este di ici" de e p"icat, greu s>-i@nve=e pe suport de hKrtie, ?i greu pentru a bK"bKit sau de !edicu" de a accepta ideea c>succesu" nu @nsea!n> neap>rat de sondare "dar este e peri!entat de care nu o"osesc trucur pentru a evita stuttering. Este nevoie de curaDa continua s> se con runte cu ba"bis! deschis, "upt> s>-" acopere de "a sine ?i de "a ascu"t>!ai buna atitudine este de a accepta Stuttering s> @ncerce s>-" ac> !ai u?or ?i !ai deschis. Iacest e" va duce "a o "uen=> !ai !u"t ?i !ai u?de co!unicare per!anent cu ?i !ai pu=in stres, deste nevoie de ti!p ?i de o revenire co!p"et> @atitudinea si per or!anta.CKteva u"ti!e"e cuvinte de precau=ie* ;ac> utrata!ent sau de re9u"tate"e de dispo9itiv @n"uenta i!ediat, este, probabi", un truc, uita asadespre e". ;e apt, trebuie s> v> a?tepta=i !ai !Stuttering pentru un ti!p. Trebuie s> schi!ba=idoar !odu" @n care se bK"bKie - cu u?urin=>acceptare, contact vi9ua" cu ascu"t>tor, ?i deco!unicare continu>. A ob=ine un senti!ent desucces de "a care nu evita. In ce"e din ur!> nu@ncerca=i s> ie "uent. ;iscurs usor vine cuacceptarea ro"u"ui de bK"bKit ?i pentru a devunu" bun. Cu discursu" u?or, "uen=a va i un

    re9u"tat natura" - cu ti!pu"Q (u va asteptati "a!iraco"e instantanee. A!inti=i-v>, sunt schi!baobiceiuri"or care au de9vo"tat pe o durata de vIn !od idea", este !ai bine pentru a pri!i@ndru!are persona"> ?i sugestii de "a cineva acest tip de i"o9o ie ?i de or!are. ;in p>cate,acest "ucru nu poate i posibi" pentru oricinecite?te aceast> carte. entru !ai !u"t suport,resurse sup"i!entare pot i g>site pe site-u" no:::.stutterssc.org. Sunte=i @ntotdeauna bineve pentru a intra @n contact cu !ine. ot i contac

    prin e-!ai" sau te"e on. Cu sti!>,

    Vivian Sheehan, M.A., CCC Specia"ist @n stuttering

    Evitarea-Reducerea Terapie 3

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    4 Easy StutteringMESSA)E T A ST'TTERER by FosephSheehan, h.;.

    % your e perience as a stutterer is anything "i#e!ine, youBve spent a good part o your "i e"istening to suggestions, such as Gre"a , thin# :hatyou have to say, have con idence, ta#e a deep breath,H or even to Gta"# :ith pebb"es in your!outh.H 7y no:, you !ay have "earned that thesethings donBt he"p i anything, they !a#e you:orse.ThereBs a good reason :hy these "egendaryre!edies ai". They a"" !ean suppressingstuttering, covering up, doing so!ething arti icia".And, the !ore you cover up and try to avoidstuttering, the !ore you :i"" stutter.&our stuttering is "i#e an iceberg. The part abovethe sur ace, :hat peop"e see and hear, is rea""y thes!a""er part. 7y ar the "arger is the partunderneath* the sha!e, the ear, the gui"t, a"" thoseother ee"ings that :e have :hen :e try to spea# asi!p"e sentence and canBt.i#e !e, youBve probab"y tried to #eep as !uch o that iceberg under the sur ace as possib"e. &ouBvetried to cover up, to #eep up a pretense as a "uentspea#er despite "ong b"oc#s and pauses too pain u"or either you or your "istener to ignore. &ou gettired o this phony ro"e. Even :hen your crutches:or# you donBt ee" very good about the!. $hen

    your tric#s ai", you ee" even :orse. Even so, you probab"y donBt rea"i9e ho: !uch cover-up andavoidance #eep you in the vicious circ"e ostuttering.%n psycho"ogica" and speech "aboratories :eBveuncovered evidence that stuttering is a con "ict, aspecia" #ind o con "ict bet:een going or:ardand ho"ding bac# -- an Gapproach-avoidanceHcon "ict. &ou :ant to spea# but are torn by aco!peting urge to ho"d bac# because o ear. /oryou as or other stutterers, your ear has !any

    sources and "eve"s. The !ost i!!ediate and pressing ear is o stuttering itse" and this is probab"y secondary to :hatever caused you tostutter in the irst p"ace.&our ear o stuttering is based "arge"y on yoursha!e and hatred o the :ay you spea#. The earis a"so based on p"aying the phony ro"e, pretendingyou do not stutter. &ou can do so!ething aboutthis ear i you have the courage. &ou can be openabout your stuttering, above the sur ace. &ou can"earn to go ahead and spea# any:ay, to go or:ard

    4 Easy StutteringMesaD @ntr-un bK"bKit de Foseph Sheehan,

    ;ac> e perien=a du!neavoastr> ca un bK"bKit ceva ca a !ea, ai petrecut o bun> parte din via pentru a ascu"ta sugestii"e, cu! ar i Lre"a a, cc> ceea ce ai de spus, avea @ncredere, s> ia orespira=ie pro und>,L sau chiar s> L . vorbesc pietrice"e in gura ta L Kn> acu!, este posibi" @nv>=at c> aceste "ucruri nu aDuta, daca cevsa !ai r>u.E ista un !otiv bun de ce aceste re!edii"egendare nu. E"e @nsea!n> toate Stutteringsupri!area, care acoper> @n sus, a ace cevaarti icia". i, !ai !u"t acopere ?i s> @ncerce s>evite stuttering, !ai !u"t se va bK"bKi.7a"baia"a ta este ca un iceberg. artea de deasusupra e=ei, ceea ce oa!enii v>d ?i aud, este deo parte !ai !ic>. ;e departe este !ai !are partesub* ru?ine, tea!>, vinov>=ie, toate aceste a"tsenti!ente pe care "e au atunci cKnd @ncerc>vorbi! o propo9i=ie si!p"> ?i nu poate.Ca ?i !ine, probabi" a=i @ncercat s> p>stre9e!ai !u"t din acest aisberg @n supra a=> posibi@ncercat s> acopere, pentru a !en=ine o preteca un vorbitor "uent, @n ciuda b"ocuri "ungi pau9e prea dureros pentru tine sau ascu"t>tor, pentru a ignora. Ai obosit de acest ro" a"s. Chatunci cKnd cKrDe s> "ucre9e @n tine, nu teoarte bine despre ei. CKnd trucuri nu, te si!ti

    chiar !ai rau. Chiar ?i a?a, probabi" c> nu @?sea!a cKt de !u"t acoper>-up ?i de evitare a v!en=ine @n cercu" vicios de ba"bis!.n "aboratoare"e psiho"ogice ?i de vorbire, a!descoperit dove9i c> Stuttering este un con "itip specia" de con "ict @ntre a !erge @nainte @napoi de depo9it - o Labordare de evitare aLcon "ictu"ui. Vrei s> vorbe?ti, dar sunt rupt dedorinta de concurente pentru a retine din cau9ricii. entru tine ca ?i pentru a"te stutterers, riare !ai !u"te surse ?i nive"uri. Tea!a cea !ai

    i!ediat> ?i urgent> este de ba"bis! sine ?i aces"ucru este, probabi", secundar "a orice cau9at bK"bKie, @n pri!u" rKnd. /rica de ba"baia"a ba9ea9> @n !are parte pe ru?inea ta ?i ura a=e"u" @n care vorbesc. /rica este, de ase!enea

    ba9at pe Doace ro"u" de a"s, pretin9Knd c> taci bK"bKi. ute=i ace acest "ucru ceva desprica, dac> ave=i curaDu". ute=i i deschis de

    ba"baia"a ta, deasupra supra e=ei. ute=i @nv!earg> @nainte ?i s> vorbeasc> oricu!, pentru!erge @nainte @n a=a ricii. e scurt, poti i si

  • 8/10/2019 Easy stuttering ENGL_ROMANA.doc


    in the ace o ear. %n short, you can be yourse" .&ouB"" "ose the insecurity that a":ays co!es ro! posing. &ouB"" reduce that part o the iceberg beneath the sur ace. And this is the part that has togo irst. Fust being yourse" , being open aboutyour stuttering, :i"" give you a "ot o re"ie ro!tension.ere are t:o princip"es :hich you can use to youradvantage, once you understand the!* they are1O your stuttering doesnBt hurt you 0O your"uency doesnBt do you any good. ThereBs nothingto be asha!ed o :hen you stutter and thereBsnothing to be proud o :hen you are "uent.Most stutterers :ince :hen they b"oc#, e perienceai"ure each ti!e. /or this reason they strugg"ehard not to stutter and there ore stutter a"" the!ore. They get the!se"ves into a vicious circ"e:hich can be diagra!ed as o""o:s*

    Avoidance-Reduction Therapy +

    Ve=i pierde insecuritate, care vine @ntotdeaurepre9enta. Vei reduce aceast> parte a aisbergsub supra a=>. i aceasta este partea care trebu!earg> !ai @ntKi. ;oar ii tu insuti, iind deschidespre ba"baia"a du!neavoastr>, v> va o eri o!u"=i!e de scutire de "a tensiune.Aici sunt dou> principii pe care "e pute=i uti"avantaDu" du!neavoastr>, odat> ce "e-a=i @nsunt 1O Stuttering nu v> doare 0O "uentadu!neavoastr> nu ace nici un bine. (u e ni!ic pentru a i ru?ine atunci cKnd se bK"bKie ?i nni!ic de care sa i! !andri atunci cand sunt"uent.Ce"e !ai !u"te stutterers tresar cKnd b"oca,insu icienta e perienta de iecare dat>. ;in aces!otiv, e"e nu se "upt> din greu pentru a se bK"?i, prin ur!are, bK"bKi tot !ai !u"t. Ei se ob=in@ntr-un cerc vicios care poate i diagra!ed ducu! ur!ea9>*

    Evitarea-Reducerea Terapie +

  • 8/10/2019 Easy stuttering ENGL_ROMANA.doc



    /ear, avoidance hatred, sha!e, gui"t

    Stuttering is a "oneso!e #ind o e perience.ossib"y you havenBt seen too !any stutterers andthose you have seen, you have avoided "i#e the p"ague. Fust as there !ay be peop"e :ho #no:you or have seen you or even heard you :ho donBtrea"i9e that you stutter, so those :ho have a speechhandicap si!i"ar to yours !ay concea" it. /or thisreason, e: rea"i9e that a"!ost one percent o the popu"ation stutters, that there are !ore than a!i""ion and a ha" stutterers in the 'nited Statestoday. Many a!ous peop"e in history have hadessentia""y the sa!e prob"e!, inc"uding Moses,;e!osthenes, Char"es a!b, Char"es ;ar:in, andChar"es % o Eng"and. More recent"y, )eorge V%o Eng"and, So!erset Maugha!, Mari"yn Monroe,and T.V. persona"ities )arry Moore and Fac# aarhave been stutterers at so!e ti!e in their "ives. %nyour speech prob"e!, you !ay not be as uniNue or as !uch a"one as you had thought.Each adu"t stutterer has his individua" sty"e,usua""y !ade up o tric#s or crutches :hich areconditioned to the ear and have beco!eauto!atic. &et they a"" su er ro! basica""y thesa!e disorder :hether they choose to ca"" itsta!!ering, a speech i!pedi!ent, or so!ething

    e"se. o: you stutter is terrib"y i!portant. &oudonBt have a choice as to :hether you stutter butyou do have a choice as to ho: you stutter. Manystutterers have "earned as % have that it is possib"eto stutter easi"y and :ith "itt"e strugg"e andtension. The !ost i!portant #ey in "earning ho:to do this is openness* getting !ore o the icebergabove the sur ace, being yourse" , not strugg"ingand ighting :hen you b"oc#, "oo#ing at your"istener ca"!"y in the eye, never giving up in aspeech atte!pt once started, never avoiding :ords

    or duc#ing out o situations, ta#ing the initiative inspea#ing even :hen :e stutter a "ot. A"" these areunda!enta" in any success u" recovery ro!stuttering.&ou can stutter your :ay out o this prob"e!. So"ong as you greet stuttering :ith sha!e, hatredand gui"t, you :i"" ee" ear and avoidance to:ardspea#ing. This ear and avoidance and gui"t :i"""ead to sti"" !ore stuttering, and so on. 7ecausestuttering can be !aintained in this vicious


    /rica, ura evitarea, ru?ine, vinov>=ieur>Stuttering este un e" de e perien=> singur.Eventua", nu a=i v>9ut stutterers prea !u"te ?ice"or care "e-a=i v>9ut, a=i evitat ca ciu!a. Acu! pot e ista oa!eni care te cunosc sau a=i v>sau a=i au9it chiar, care nu-?i dau sea!a c> te bK"bKi, ast e" @ncKt cei care au un handicapsi!i"ar cu a" tau poate ascunde. ;in acest !otiv, pu=ini @?i dau sea!a c> aproape o sut> din popu"a=ie se poticneste, c> e ist> !ai !u"t de u!i"ion ?i Du!>tate stutterers @n State"e 'nite aA!ericii de a9i. Mu"=i oa!eni ce"ebri din istorau avut, @n esen=>, aceea?i prob"e!>, inc"usMoise, ;e!ostene, Mie"u" Char"es, Char"es;ar:in, ?i Caro" % a" Ang"iei. Mai recent, )eorV% a" Ang"iei, So!erset Maugha!, Mari"ynMonroe, ?i persona"it>=i de te"evi9iune )arryMoore ?i Fac# aar au ost stutterers "a un !o!edat in viata "or. In discursu" prob"e!a ta, nu poi "a e" de unic sau cKt de !u"t nu!ai ca ai icre9ut./iecare bK"bKit adu"t are sti"u" s>u individuaobicei, a >cut din trucuri sau cKrDe, care suncondi=ionate de ric> ?i au devenit auto!at. Cutoate acestea, to=i su er> de tu"burare @n eseace"a?i, indi erent dac> a"ege=i s>-" nu!esc

    bK"bKia">, un de ect de vorbire, sau a"tceva.te bK"bKi este oarte i!portant>. (u ave=i posibi"itatea de a a"ege dac> te bK"bKi dar a posibi"itatea de a a"ege !odu" @n care te bK"Stutterers Mu"=i au @nv>=at cu! a! c> este ps> se bK"bKi u?or ?i cu "upta !ica si tensiuneCheia cea !ai i!portant> @n procesu" de @nvcu! s> ace=i acest "ucru este de deschidere* d@n ce !ai aisbergu"ui de deasupra supra e=ei,singur, nu ?i "upta atunci cKnd b"oca, uita "aascu"t>tor de ca"! @n ochi, nu da @ntr-o @n

    de discurs dat> a @nceput niciodat>, evitareacuvinte"or sau scu undare din situa=ii, "uKndini=iativa de a vorbi chiar ?i atunci cKnd a! b!u"t. Toate acestea sunt unda!enta" @n oricerecuperare de succes de "a ba"baia"a.ute=i bK"bKi ca"e de ie?ire din aceast> probAtKta ti!p cKt te inta!pina cu ba"bis! ru?ine, u?i de vinov>=ie, va veti si!ti rica si evitarea svorbind. Aceast> tea!> ?i de evitare ?i vina vaduce "a ?i !ai !u"t Stuttering, ?i a?a !ai departe;eoarece ba"bis! pot i !en=inute @n aceast> b

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    triang"e basis, there are !any adu"ts :ho cou"dhe"p the!se"ves to spea# :ith !uch "ess strugg"ei they :ou"d accept stuttering, re!ain open aboutit, and do :hat they cou"d to decrease their hatredo it. Most o"der therapies sought to prevent ore"i!inate the occurrence o stuttering andthere ore ai"ed to brea# up the vicious circ"e. &oucan be !ore success u" by reducing sha!e, gui"t,and hatred o stuttering :hich are the i!!ediatecauses o the ear.7ecause you stutter doesnBt !ean you are any!ore !a"adDusted than the ne t person, nor does it!ean you are bio"ogica""y in erior or !oreneurotic than the ne t person. Syste!aticeva"uations o obDective research using !odern!ethods o persona"ity study sho: no typica" persona"ity pattern or stutterers and no consistentdi erences bet:een those :ho stutter and those:ho donBt. Maybe a "itt"e orti ication :ith that#no:"edge :i"" he"p you to accept yourse" as astutterer.So!e individua"s, given a start in the rightdirection, can !a#e substantia" head:ay bythe!se"ves. thers need !ore e tensive andor!a" speech therapy or psychotherapy in c"inics.% you are "i#e !ost o the !i""ion and a ha"stutterers in this country, c"inica" treat!ent :i""not be avai"ab"e to you. $hatever you do youB""have to do pretty !uch on your o:n :ith thoseideas and sources you can use. %t isnBt a Nuestion

    o :hether se" -treat!ent is desirab"e.O C"inictreat!ent in !ost instances :i"" enab"e you to!a#e !ore syste!atic progress. This is particu"ar"y true i you are a!ong those stutterers:ho, a"ong :ith peop"e :ho donBt stutter, have persona"ity and e!otiona" prob"e!s. %n a senseevery stutterer does try to treat his o:n case. ehas to have a !odus operandi, a :ay o hand"ingthings, a :ay o going about the tas# o ta"#ing.% have tried to set do:n so!e basic ideas :hichare sounder and !ore :or#ab"e than the !otions

    given to !ost stutterers.&ou !ight go about it this :ay. The ne t ti!e yougo into a store or ans:er the te"ephone, see ho:!uch you can go ahead and spea# in the ace oear. See i you can accept stuttering so that your"istener can do the sa!e. %n a"" other situations,see i you can begin to accept open"y the ro"e o being so!eone :ho :i"" or a ti!e stutter andhave ears and b"oc#s in spea#ing. 7ut sho:everyone that you donBt intend to "et stuttering#eep you ro! ta#ing a part in "i e.

    triunghi vicios, sunt !u"ti adu"ti care s-ar puteaDuta pentru a vorbi cu "upta !u"t !ai pu=in @ca9u" @n care ar accepta stuttering, r>!Knedeschis> despre ea, ?i s> ac> ceea ce ar puteascad> ura "or a=> de e". Terapii"e ce"e !ai !ar@ncercat s> @!piedice sau s> e"i!ine apari=i ba"bis! ?i, prin ur!are, nu a reu?it s> te desparde cerc vicios. ute=i i !ai !u"t succes prinreducerea ru?ine, vinov>=ie, ?i ura a=> de bacare sunt cau9e"e i!ediate a"e ricii.;eoarece bK"bKi nu insea!na ca sunt !ai !u"tdecKt neadecvat ur!>toarea persoan>, ?i nici insea!na ca sunt bio"ogic in erioare sau !ainevrotice decKt ur!>toarea persoan>. Eva"u>siste!atice de cercetare obiectivu" o"osind!etode !oderne de studiu de persona"itate arat>un !ode" de persona"itate tipic pentru stuttererdi eren=e consistente @ntre cei care au stuttercare nu o ac. oate o !ic> orti ica=ie, cucuno?tin=e, care v> va aDuta s> te accepte ca bK"bKit.'ne"e persoane, avKnd @n vedere un @ncepudirec=ia corect>, se pot ace progrese substande "a sine. A"=ii au nevoie de terapie de vorbi!ai e tins> ?i !ai or!a"> sau psihoterapie @nc"inici.;ac> sunt ca ce"e !ai !u"te !i"ioane ?i Du!>tatestutterers @n aceast> =ar>, trata!ent c"inic nudisponibi" pentru tine. rice ai ace ve=i avea dace destu" de !u"t pe cont propriu, cu aceste i

    ?i surse"e pe care "e pot uti"i9a. Ea nu este o prob"e!a dac> auto-trata!ent este de dorit.O,C"inica de trata!ent @n ce"e !ai !u"te ca9uri v per!ite s> ac> progrese !ai siste!atic. Acest"ucru este va"abi" !ai a"es dac> se nu!>r> priace"e stutterers care, @!preun> cu oa!eni carestutter, au persona"itate si prob"e!e e!otiona"eIntr-un sens, iecare bK"bKit nu @ncearc> s>ca9u" s>u. E" trebuie s> aib> un !odus operan!oda"itate de !anipu"are "ucruri"e, un !od de a!erge cu privire "a sarcina de a vorbi.

    A! @ncercat de a stabi"i une"e idei de ba9>, csunt !ai so"ide ?i !ai unc=iona" decKt ce"eacordate pentru ce"e !ai !u"te propuneristutterers.Ai putea !erge despre e" @n acest e". ;ata viitcand !ergi intr-un !aga9in sau s> r>spund> "ate"e on, a se vedea cKt de !u"t pute=i s> !erge!ai departe ?i s> vorbeasc> @n a=a ricii. A svedea dac> poate accepta ba"baia"a, ast e" @ascu"t>toru" poate ace ace"a?i "ucru. In toatece"e"a"te situa=ii, a se vedea dac> pute=i @n

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    E press yourse" in every :ay possib"e and practica". ;onBt "et stuttering get bet:een you andthe other person. See i you can get to the point:here you have as "itt"e urge to avoid and concea"in i!portant situations as you :ou"d :hen youspea# a"one. $hen you do stutter -- and you :i""-- be !atter o act. ;onBt :aste your ti!e andrustrate yourse" by trying to spea# :ith per ect"uency. % youBve co!e into adu"t "i e as astutterer, the chances are that, in a sense, youB""a":ays be a stutterer. 7ut you donBt have to be the#ind o stutterer that you are -- you can stuttereasi"y, :ithout !uch handicap.Age is not too i!portant a actor but e!otiona"!aturity is. ne o our !ost success u" recoveries:as that o a -year-o"d retired band!aster :horeso"ved that be ore he died he :ou"d conNuer hishandicap. e did.%n su!!ary, see ho: !uch o your iceberg youcan bring up above the sur ace. $hen you reachthe point :here youBre concea"ing nothing ro!yourse" and your "istener, you :onBt have !uchhandicap "e t. &ou can stutter your :ay out o this prob"e! o stuttering, i you do it courageous"yand open"y.

    accepte deschis ro"u" de a i cineva care va peo stutter ti!p ?i au te!eri ?i b"ocuri din punct dvedere. ;ar toat> "u!ea arat> c> nu inten=iones> "ase stuttering v> p>stra=i de "a a "ua o pavia=>. E pri!a-te @n orice !od posibi" ?i pract (u "asa ba"bis! sa intre tine si a"te persoane. Avedea dac> pute=i ob=ine "a punctu" @n ca9uave=i nevoia de cat de putin, pentru a evita ?iascunde @n situa=ii i!portante, ca ?i cu! a=i acKnd vorbe?ti singur. CKnd aci bK"bKi - ?i vs> ie de apt. (u pierde=i ti!pu" ?i 9>d>rnici t prin @ncercarea de a vorbi cu "uen=> per ec;ac> a=i venit @n via=a adu"t> ca un bK"bKi?anse ca, @ntr-un sens, ve=i i @ntotdeauna u bK"bKit. ;ar nu trebuie s> ie un e" de bK"bKsunte=i - pute=i bK"bKi u?or, >r> handicap !VKrsta nu este un actor prea i!portant, dar est!aturitate e!otiona"a. 'nu" dintre recuper>rinoastre ce"e !ai de succes a ost cea a unui dirde de ani, pensionar, care a decis c>, @naina !uri e" va cuceri handicapu" "ui. E" a >cut.In re9u!at, a se vedea cKt de !u"t a iceberg-u"v> poate aduce deasupra supra e=ei. CKnd aD"a punctu" @n care te ascunde ni!ic de "a tineascu"t>tor dvs., nu ve=i avea handicap a !ai r>!u"t. ute=i bK"bKi ca"e de ie?ire din aceast> prob"e!> de ba"bis!, daca o aci curaDos ?ideschis.

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    A /ACT S EET ( ST'TTER%()

    1. Stuttering is universa" -- in a"" countries andgroups eNua""y0. There are 3 !i""ion stutterers in 'SA 4+!i""ion in the :or"d3. More boys than gir"s stutter 4 or + to 14. There is an apparent hereditary actor +U have no stutterers in the a!i"y 0+U have so!eone in the e tended a!i"y --unc"e, cousin 0+U have so!eone in the i!!ediate a!i"y --ather, !other, sister, brother +. Research has sho:n no physio"ogica"di erences bet:een stutterers and non-stutterers. There is so!e brain research :ith di erent c"ai!s- !aybe6. There are no persona"ity di erences. Stuttering varies ro! ti!e to ti!e. Stuttering begins in chi"dhood -- ro! 0-+ --:hen "anguage is being "earned. %t cannot be saidto begin at birth.5. ead inDuries can cause a di erent or! ostuttering1 . +- U o stutterers recover spontaneous"y iat t:o di erent ti!es* uberty about 10O oryoung adu"thood at .S. graduationO. Recoveredstutterers !ay sti"" stutter but are not concernedand do not strugg"e :ith it, ee" no need to hide it.

    11. There is no #no:n cause10. There is no cure but great he"p -- and hope or easy speech13. /"uency is never per ect or anyone14. Recoveries are never Nuic# -- gradua", :ithups and do:ns1+. There are no specia" :ords or sounds orstutterers -- on"y those :hich have beco!e eared.16. Stutterers have greatest troub"e :ith ta"#ingabout the!se"ves na!es, age, addresses, schoo", phone nu!bers, etc.

    1 . Authority igures are usua""y !ost di icu"t tota"# to1 . Ti!e pressure increases stuttering15. ;e!ands or e p"anations increase stuttering0 . E cite!ent, atigue, con usion, uncertaintyincrease stuttering01. raising "uency does not he"p it i!p"iesstuttering is bad00. Stuttering is "i#e an iceberg* W beneath thesur ace

    oaie de E stuttering

    1. Stuttering este universa"> - @n toate =>ri"egrupuri"e @n !od ega"0. E ist> 3 !i"ioane de stutterers @n State"e 'na"e A!ericii - 4+ !i"ioane de euro @n "u!e3. Mai !u"=i b>ie=i decKt ete bK"bKi - 4 sau4. E ist> un actor aparent ereditar +U nu au stutterers @n a!i"ie 0+U au pe cineva @n a!i"ia e tins> - unchiuv>ru" 0+U au pe cineva @n a!i"ie i!ediat - tat>",!a!a, sora, rate+. Cercetarea a ar>tat nici di erente"e i9io"ogdintre stutterers ?i non-stutterers. E ist> une"e cercetarea creieru"ui cu preten=di erite - poate6. (u e ist> di eren=e de persona"itate. Stuttering varia9> din ti!p @n ti!p. Stuttering incepe in copi"arie - 0-+ - atunci c"i!ba este @n curs de @nv>=at. Ea nu se poatc> @ncepe de "a na?tere.5. e9iuni "a cap poate provoca o or!a di erita ba"bis!1 . +- U din stutterers recupera spontan, dac>@n dou> !o!ente di erite* pubertate circa 10O"a vKrsta adu"t> tineri de "a abso"vire SAO.Stutterers recuperate pot bK"bKi, dar @nc> ncau9> ?i s> nu se "upte cu ea, nu si!t nici o ne

    s>-" ascund>.11. (u este nici o cau9a cunoscuta10. (u e ista nici un trata!ent, dar !are aDutor -?i sper pentru vorbire u?oar>13. /"uen=a nu este per ect pentru oricine14. Recuper>ri nu sunt niciodat> rapid - treptasuisuri si coborasuri1+. (u sunt cuvinte specia"e sau sunete pentrustutterers - doar ce"e care au devenit de te!ut.16. Stutterers au prob"e!e cu ce" !ai !arevorbesc despre ei @n?i?i, nu!e, varsta, adresa

    ?coa"a, nu!ere de te"e on, etc1 . Ci re"e sunt, de obicei, autoritate !ai greu svorbesc cu1 . Sub presiunea ti!pu"ui cre?te stuttering15. Cereri pentru e p"ica=ii cre?te stuttering0 . E citare, obosea">, con u9ie, cre?tereaincertitudinii stuttering01. >udarea "uen=> nu aDuta, se presupunestuttering este r>u00. Stuttering este ca un iceberg* W sub sup

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    R%(C% ES A(; /A AC%ES

    %. / R ST'TTERERS* ERAT%()R%(C% ES

    1. Stuttering is a a"se ro"e disorder. &ou re!ain astutterer as "ong as you pretend not to be one.0. Fust as you have stuttered !ost o your "i e upto no:, you :i"" stutter so!e:hat the rest o your"i e.3. &ou have a choice as to ho: you stutter. &ou donot have a choice :hether you stutter.4. &our stuttering is so!ething you do, notso!ething that happens to you. %t is your behavior, not a condition. There are !ista#es youcan correct :ith a "itt"e se" -study and courage.+. $or#ing on your stuttering can be un P toconNuer situations ro! :hich you have a":aysretreated.6. Avoidance-reduction therapy is not an end"ess process. &ou have "earned a set o attitudes,ee"ings and habits. &ou can "earn a ne: set oattitudes, ee"ings and habits.. %t is better to stutter open"y and honest"y than itis to use a tric#.. &our stuttering :onBt hurt you and your "uency:onBt he"p you.5. %n accepting yourse" as a stutterer, you choosethe route to beco!ing a !ore honest, re"a edspea#er.

    1 . The !ore you run a:ay ro! your stuttering,the !ore you :i"" stutter. The !ore you are openand courageous, the !ore you :i"" deve"op so"id"uency.

    R%(C% ES % erori"e

    %. entru ST'TTERERS* rincipii de operare

    1. Stuttering este o tu"burare ro" a"s. ute=ir>!Kne un bK"bKit, atKta ti!p cKt nu te pre aunu".0. A?a cu! a=i bK"bKit cea !ai !are din viata t pana acu!, v> va bK"bKi oarecu! restu" vietii3. Ave=i posibi"itatea de a a"ege !odu" @n ca bK"bKi. (u ave=i posibi"itatea de a a"ege dac bK"bKi.4. 7a"baia"a ta este ceva ce nu, ceva care se@ntK!p"> s> v>. Acesta este co!porta!entu" tnu o condi=ie. E ista grese"i pe care "e pot cocu un pic de auto-studiu ?i curaD.+. ;e "ucru pe ba"baia"a poate i distractiv - decuceri de "a situa=ii pe care "e-a=i @ntotdeauretras.6. Evitarea reducerea terapia nu este un proce>r> s Kr?it. A=i @nv>=at un set de atitudini,senti!ente ?i obiceiuri. ute=i @nv>=a un nou atitudini, senti!ente ?i obiceiuri.. Este !ai bine s> se bK"bKie @n !od deschissincer decKt este de a o"osi un truc.. Stuttering dvs. nu va doare si "uenta dvs. nuva aDuta.5. In accepta-te ca un bK"bKit, a"ege=i traseua deveni un !ai cinstit, di u9or re"a at.1 . Mai !u"t ugi de ba"baia"a ta, !ai !u"t se va

    bK"bKi. Mai !u"t sunt deschise ?i curaDoase,!u"t se va de9vo"ta "uenta so"ide.

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    %%. S RT-C'T TEC (%X'ES -- /A AC%ES%( T ERA &

    1. C (TR -- i you try to contro" stutteringyou are "i#e"y to be suppressing it, covering it up.0. 7 CY -- there is no b"oc# to #eep you ro!going ahead, on"y your o:n crutches and e orts toavoid.3. ;%STRACT% (, TR%CYS, A(; CR'TC ES-- this inc"udes portab"e noise generators andde"ayed eedbac# gadgetry. &ou need courage, notapparatus. (o !achine can ever cure you.4. /AY%() -- pretending to stutter by a#ing:onBt he"p you, though honest vo"untary stutteringcan to be e p"ained "aterO. &ou a#e too !anythings a"ready. This is part o the prob"e!. /ar better to :or# or open stuttering, to share :ithyour "istener :hat you are doing by "etting hi! seeand hear your stuttering.+. )'% T VER /EAR -- you !ust e pect toe perience ear during therapy and not gui"t thatresu"ts ro! covering it up. E periencing ear isthe on"y :ay you can progress.6. RE AJAT% ( -- "i#e "uency, re"a ationshou"d co!e as a by-product o open disp"ay ostuttering. &ou cannot a":ays be re"a ed and youcannot count on ritua"s to reduce tension. 7ut youcan "earn to stutter in a !ore re"a ed :ay and you:i"" begin to "ose your orcing. This :i"" beachieved :hen you have beco!e su icient"y

    open.. ;%RECT E// RT / R / 'E(C& -- you donot need to "earn ho: to spea# "uent"y. $hen youhave gotten rid o avoidance in your o:n behavior, you :i"" ind that you have beco!e"uent :ithin nor!a" "i!its.

    %%. S RT-C'T tehnici - erori"e @n terapia

    1. C (TR - dac> a=i @ncerca s> contro"e9estuttering v> sunt susceptibi"e de a i supri!areea, acoperindu-" @n sus.0. 7"oc# - nu e ist> nici un b"oc s> v> p>stra="a a !erge !ai departe, nu!ai du!neavoastr>cKrDe proprii ?i e orturi pentru a evita.3. ;istragere a aten=iei, trucuri, ?i cKrDe - aceinc"ude generatoare portabi"e de 9go!ot ?i degadgeturi de eedbac# @ntKr9iat>. Ai nevoie curaD, nu aparatu"ui. (ici o !asina poate vindevreodata.4. re ace - pretin9Knd c> se bK"bKie prina"si icarea nu te va aDuta, desi sincer Stutterivo"untar poate care ur!ea9> s> ie e p"icate !atKr9iuO. Ai a"s prea !u"te "ucruri deDa. Aceeste o parte a prob"e!ei. ;eparte de a "ucra !ai bine pentru stuttering deschis, de a @!p>rt>?iinter"ocutoru" du!neavoastr> ceea ce aci, per!i=Kndu-" ve9i ?i au9i Stutteringdu!neavoastr>.+. Vinovatia VER /EAR - trebuie s> v> a?teps> e peri!ente9e rica @n ti!pu" trata!entu"ui ?s> nu vin> c> re9u"tate"e de "a care acoper>-sus. E peri!entarea rica este singura ca"e princare poate progresa.6. RE AJARE - cu! ar i re"a are "uenta, artrebui s> vin> ca un produs de ecranu" deschi ba"bis!. Tu nu poate i @ntotdeauna re"a at ?i

    poate conta pe ritua"uri pentru a reduce tensiu;ar pute=i @nv>=a s> se bK"bKie @ntr-un !ore"a at si vei @ncepe s>-?i piard> or=a ta. Ac"ucru va i rea"i9at, atunci cKnd au devenitsu icient de deschis.. E/ RT' ;%RECT ;E /"uen=a - nu ave=inevoie pentru a @nv>=a cu! s> vorbeasc> "uCKnd au aDuns scapi de evitare @n co!portadu!neavoastr>, ve=i g>si c> a=i devenit "uen"i!ite nor!a"e.

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    7AS%C T ERA & R CE;'RES

    There are E%) TEE( 7AS%C T ERA &R CE;'RES used in avoidance reductiontherapy :hich inc"ude*1. Estab"ishing Eye Contact0. pen ;iscussion o Stuttering3. E p"oring neBs :n Stuttering 7ehaviors4. earning the anguage o Responsibi"ity+. Monitoring 7ehaviors6. %nitiative and /ear-See#ing ta#ing the initiativein see#ing out eared situationsO. Counting Successes and /ai"ures ocusing onsuccesses even :ith stutteringO. E posing the %ceberg e posing the hiddenaspects o stutteringO5. Stuttering pen"y and Easi"y1 . Resisting Ti!e ressure11. ausing and hrasing* 'se o Si"ence10. Reducing Strugg"e13. Vo"untary Stuttering on non- eared :ordsO14. E ercising Choice1+. Sa ety Margin and To"erance or ;is "uency16. ;irect (atura" Speech Atte!pts1 . AdDusting to /"uency accepting the ne: ro"eo "uent spea#erO1 . (on-Rein orce!ent and Cance""ation

    R CE;'R% ;E 7AZ[ ;E TERA %E

    E ist> ptspre9ece R CE;'R% ;E 7AZ[ ;ETERA %E uti"i9ate @n terapia de reducere aeva9iunii, care inc"ud*1. Stabi"irea Contact cu ochii0. ;iscu=ie deschis> de ba"bis!3. E p"orarea 'nu" din proprii"e co!porta!entesacadarea4. Inv>=area "i!bii de responsabi"itate+. Co!porta!ente de !onitori9are6. %ni=iativa ?i-/ear cautat "uKnd ini=iativa c>uta situa=ii de te!utO. Succese"e ?i e?ecuri"e de nu!arare cu accen

    pe succesu", chiar cu ba"bis!O. E punerea %ceberg e punerea "a aspecte"eascunse a"e stutteringO5. Mur!ura @n !od deschis ?i cu u?urin=>1 . punerea de re9isten=> sub presiunea ti!pu11. Intreruperea ?i ra9are* 'ti"i9area Si"ence10. Reducerea upta13. Stuttering vo"untare non-te!ut cuvinteO14. E ercitarea A"egerea1+. MarDa de siguran=> ?i To"eran=a pentru;is "uency16. Incerc>ri i9ice directe de vorbire1 . ADustarea "a /"uen=a acceptarea nou"ui rovorbitor "uentO1 . (on-ar!are ?i de anu"are

  • 8/10/2019 Easy stuttering ENGL_ROMANA.doc


    1. ESTA7 %S %() E&E C (TACT

    %nterpersona" co!!unication is near"y a":aysaci"itated by eye contact, and that bet:eenspea#er and "istener is particu"ar"y i!portant. &ousoon "earn that you shape the audience responsedepending on the attitude you disp"ay. )ood eyecontact indicates an interest in :hat you are sayingand :hat the "istener is thin#ing. % you avert your eyes :hen you stutter, you increase the sha!e andthe !ystery, and you "ose touch :ith youraudience. /our points are particu"ar"y :orthnoting*1. Estab"ish eye contact be ore you begin to spea#.T:o or three seconds o Nuiet eye contact can getyou o to a better start.0. So!e peop"e :i"" "oo# a:ay no !atter ho:!uch you try to #eep contact. To succeed, it issu icient that you "oo# at the!.3. At irst you !ay ind yourse" staring peop"edo:n, but donBt :orry about it. &ou can over-correct a "itt"e and then "et the pendu"u! s:ing bac#. (o stutterer ever had a sustained prob"e!:ith too !uch eye contact.4. ater on you !ay occasiona""y "oo# a:ay ro!your "istener, :hich is natura". 7ut be sure youdonBt "oo# do:n or a:ay Dust at the !o!ent ostuttering.ere are so!e speci ic assign!ents :e haveound he"p u". ;o these, or devise co!parab"e

    ones or yourse" . earning ho: to give yourse"assign!ents is "i#e acNuiring any s#i"" such astyping or piano p"aying. Yeep your goa"s practica"and speci ic so that you :i"" have so!ethingde inite to report.a. $rite do:n the na!es and eye co"ors o 1 peop"e to :ho! you stutter. b. 'sing a !irror at ho!e, see i you can #eep eyecontact :ith yourse" :hi"e reading a"oud. (otice:hat you doQc. $rite do:n 0+ :ords on :hich you stuttered

    :hi"e !aintaining eye contact.d. 'se your na!e :ith good eye contact to +di erent peop"e.

    \\\TR & ASS%)(ME(T\\\e. (ote so!ething you have done on your o:ninitiative :hich you have done to achieve goodeye contact.

    1. Stabi"irea de contacte C %%

    Co!unicarea interpersona"> este aproape@ntotdeauna aci"itat> de contact cu ochii, ?i @ntre vorbitor ?i ascu"t>tor este deosebit dei!portant. ute=i a "a @n curKnd c> va !ode"ar>spunsu" pub"icu"ui, @n unc=ie de atitudinea i?a=i. 'n bun contact vi9ua" indic> un intereceea ce spun ?i ceea ce este ascu"t>tor gKndi;ac> evita ochii atunci cKnd te bK"bKi, va creru?ine ?i !ister, ?i ve=i pierde "eg>tura cu pubatru puncte sunt deosebit de de!n de re!arcat*1. A stabi"i un contact vi9ua" @nainte de a @vorbeasc>. ;ou> sau trei secunde de contact cuochii "ini?te pute=i ob=ine un start !ai bun.0. 'nii oa!eni vor privi departe, indi erent de cKde !u"t ai @ncerca s> =in> contact. entru a reeste su icient s> te ui=i "a e"e.3. a @nceput s-ar putea g>si te uita @n Dos doa!eni, dar nu v> ace=i griDi despre asta. utesupra-corecta un pic ?i apoi s> "eag>n pendu"spate. (u bK"bKit avut vreodat> o prob"e!>sus=inut> cu contactu" cu ochii prea !u"t.4. Mai tKr9iu, pe tine poate s> arate, oca9iondeparte de ascu"t>tor dvs., care este natura">.ii sigur c> nu te ui=i @n Dos sau @n dep"asa!o!entu" de ba"bis!.%at> cKteva !isiuni speci ice pe care "e-au g>aDutor. /ace acestea, sau s> e"abore9e a"te"eco!parabi"e pentru tine. Inv>=area cu! s> v>

    !isiuni este ca achi9i=ionarea orice abi"itate, car i dacti"ogra iere sau pianu". >stra=i-v>obiective"e practice ?i speci ice, ast e" ca va aceva c"ar de a raporta.o. (ota=i nu!e"e ?i cu"ori"e de ochi de "a 1 persoane pe care "e bK"bKi.7. /o"osind o og"inda de "a do!ici"iu, a se veddac> pute=i s> v> p>stra=i contactu" vi9ua" c@n ti!p ce citesc cu voce tare. bserva=i ceea aciQC. Scrie 0+ de cuvinte pe care bK"bKit @n ti

    !entinerea contactu"ui vi9ua".;. 'ti"i9a=i nu!e"e dvs. cu un bun contact vi9ua pentru + persoane di erite.

    TR & \\\ CES%'(E \\\e. (ot> ceva ce a=i >cut din proprie ini=iativ>care "e-a=i >cut pentru a rea"i9a un bun contvi9ua".

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    0. E( ;%SC'SS% ( / ST'TTER%()

    &ou can begin accepting your ro"e as a stutterer bydiscussing stuttering :ith riends andacNuaintances :ith :ho! you :i"" be !orete!pted to sho: your stuttering. &ou can reach a point o sho:ing your "istener :hat your stutteringrea""y sounds "i#e. &ou shou"d not try harder to be!ore "uent because you :i"" on"y be saying, % a!not rea""y a stutterer.1. ;iscuss stuttering open"y :ith 6 peop"e o youracNuaintance. As# the o""o:ing Nuestions*a. ave you ever #no:n any other stutterers

    b. o: does !y stuttering a ect you

    c. $hat do you thin# causes stuttering

    d. $hat do you thin# peop"e can do about theirstuttering$rite a short description o their ans:ers.

    0. ;iscuss your stuttering :ith one stranger as#ingthe sa!e Nuestions as in 21.

    0. ;iscu=ie deschis> ;E stuttering

    ute=i @ncepe accepta ro"u" du!neavoastr> ca bK"bKit de ba"bis! discutarea cu prietenii ?icunoscu=ii cu care va i !u"t !ai tentat sa arateStuttering du!neavoastr>. ute=i aDunge "a un punct de a ar>ta ceea ce inter"ocutoru"du!neavoastr> Stuttering dvs. @ntr-adev>r sunu ar trebui s> @ncerca=i !ai greu s> ie !ai "deoarece va i doar spune, eu nu sunt chiar un bK"bKit.1. ;iscuta=i deschis cu ba"bis! 6 oa!eni decuno?tin=> du!neavoastr>. une ur!>toare"e@ntreb>ri*A. A=i cunoscut vreodat> orice a"te stutterers

    7. Cu! Stuttering !eu v> a ectea9>

    C. Ce cre9i cau9e"e stuttering

    ;. Ce crede=i c> oa!enii pot ace cu privire "aStuttering "or

    Scrie o scurt> descriere a r>spunsuri"or "or.

    0. ;iscuta=i ba"baia"a cu un strain pun ace"ea?@ntreb>ri ca ?i @n 2 1.

  • 8/10/2019 Easy stuttering ENGL_ROMANA.doc


  • 8/10/2019 Easy stuttering ENGL_ROMANA.doc


    3a. S EEC ATTER( C ECY %ST

    1. $ ; % AV %; ST'TTER%() O % give up :hen % have di icu"ty. O % substitute :ords. O % change the order o the :ords. O % pretend to thin# o :hat % :ant to say. O % donBt ta"#. O % try to #eep ta"#ing :ithout pausing to ta#e a breath. O % sp"it :ords brea# one sy""ab"e :ords intot:o sy""ab"esO O % begin to spea# :hen so!eone e"se ista"#ing. O % use "uent asides. O

    0. $ ; % ST (E ST'TTER%() O % pause. O % beat around the bush. O % repeat previous :ords and phrases runningstartO. O % introduce unnecessary sounds. O % use "uent asides. O % pretend not to hear. O % start over and over unti" % have a Du!b"e ouninte""igib"e :ords and sounds. O

    3. $ AT GSTARTERSH ; % 'SE

    O % introduce unnecessary :ords, sounds or phrases :e"", uh, ah, you #no:, etcO. O % use so!e stereotyped !ove!ent* O shi t body O Der# head O c"ear throat O s:a""o: O b"in# eyes O tap oot O ya:n O snap ingers O inger pressure O !ove oot O !ove hand O "ic# !y "ips O c"ic# !y tongue O stic# out !y tongue O gigg"e O change pitch


    4. $ AT ;%STRACT% (S ; % 'SE O % spea# in a !onotone. O % assu!e an air o se" -con idence. O % try to thin# o so!ething e"se. O % use a"se "aughter. O % act surprised :hen % do have di icu"ty inspea#ing. O

    3a. ;%SC'RS' M ;E %STA ;E C (TR1. Cu! pot evita stuttering O A! renun=a atunci cKnd a! di icu"tate. O A! substitui cuvinte. O A! schi!ba ordinea cuvinte"or. O Eu pretind s> !> gKndesc "a ceea ce vreauspun. O Eu nu vorbesc. O A! s> @ncerca=i s> p>stra=i vorbesc >r> pentru a "ua o respiratie. O A! @!p>r=it cuvinte cuvinte pau9a de o s@n dou> si"abeO O Incep s> vorbesc atunci cKnd a"tcineva esvorba. O Eu o"osesc pus de "uent. O0. C'M A!Kn stuttering O A! @ntrerup. O A! b>tut @n Duru" co9ii. O A! repeta cuvinte ?i ra9e anterioare de rude pornireO. O A! introduce sunete inuti"e. O Eu o"osesc pus de "uent. O M> pre ac c> nu aud. O A! inceput de peste si peste, pKn> cKnd aavea un set de cuvinte ?i sunete neinte"igibi"e O

    3. CE Lde pornireL (u pot uti"i9a O A! introduc cuvinte inuti"e, sunete sau ra9

    bine, uh, ah, ?tii, etcO. O Eu o"osesc o !i?care sab"on* O rganis! schi!b O s!u"s capu" O )Kt c"ar O @nghi=i O chii c"ipesc O robinet picior O C>scat O degete anticipate O ;e presiune cu degetu" O !i?care picior O Mana !utare O "inge bu9e"e !e"e O /ace=i c"ic pe "i!ba !ea O scoate "i!ba !e O Chicot O schi!ba pasu" O O

    M ;E ' ;%SC'RS' ista de veri icarecontinuareO4. ;istragerea aten=iei CE (' pot uti"i9a O Vorbesc @ntr-un !onoton. O A! presupun un aer de @ncredere @n sine O A! @ncerca s> se gKndeasc> "a a"tceva. O Eu o"osesc rKsete a"se. O A! s> ac=ione9e surprins cKnd a! nu audi icu"t>=i @n vorbire. O

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  • 8/10/2019 Easy stuttering ENGL_ROMANA.doc


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    "a ce" !ai greu. (u te a?tepta s> cucereasc> toace"e dure i!ediat. ;>-te succese !ici. (i!ic nu reu?e?te ca succesu"

  • 8/10/2019 Easy stuttering ENGL_ROMANA.doc


    3c. ASS%)(ME(T

    1. ist :ays in :hich your stuttering hashandicapped you. $hy do you :ant to doso!ething about your stuttering0. % you sudden"y gained co!p"ete contro" overyour speech, :hat di erence :ou"d it !a#e inyour "i e3. Ma#e a "ist o 1 situations in :hich you are!ost "i#e"y to have troub"e. Ma#e a second "ist o1 situations you are !ost "i#e1y to avoid becauseo your ear o stuttering.4. ;e"iberate"y enter one spea#ing situation thatyou have avoided in the past because o your earo stuttering. )o ahead, even though you !aystutter bad"y. Report the outco!e, and yourreactions.+. Choose ive spea#ing situations during theco!ing :ee#, and a ter stuttering, i!!ediate"y:rite do:n e act"y :hat you did. ;o this in ter!so * a. :hat you did, Dust be ore stuttering b. :hat you did during the stuttering c. :hat you did a ter stuttering.$rite out your assign!ent.4. EAR(%() T E A()'A)E /RES (S%7% %T&

    &our stuttering is not so!ething that happens to

    you, but so!ething that you do. See i you canobserve and describe your stuttering in "anguagethat recogni9es that you have a part in it, that it isyour o:n behavior. &ou are doing the doing. &ouhave responsibi"ity and you have choice. /irst you!ust assu!e responsibi"ity or your doing thestuttering be ore you can !a#e a choice on :hatyou can do :ith your stuttering pattern.$rite do:n + ti!es you catch yourse" not usingthe "anguage o responsibi"ity, such as, GMy eyes b"in#ed,H or, GThe :ords got stuc# in !y !outhH.

    3c. CES% (AREA

    1. ista de !oduri @n care Stutteringdu!neavoastr> cu handicap. ;e ce nu vrei s> aceva despre ba"baia"a ta0. ;ac> a=i cK?tigat brusc un contro" co!p"etasupra discursu" du!neavoastr>, ceea ce ar acdi eren=a @n via=a ta3. /aceti o "ista de 1 situa=ii @n care v> sunt !ai susceptibi"e de a avea prob"e!e. /aceti o "ia doua a 1 situa=ii cu care te ac ce" !ai "i#e1 pentru a evita, din cau9a ricii de a stuttering.4. %ntroduce=i @n !od de"iberat o situa=ievorbitoare de "i!ba pe care "e-au evitat @n tredeoarece de tea!a de a stuttering. ;u-te @naintchiar dac> ar putea bK"bKi prost. Raportea9>re9u"tate"e, ?i reac=ii"e du!neavoastr>.+. A"ege cinci situa=ii de vorbitori de "i!b> @ti!pu" s>pt>!Kna ur!>toare, ?i dup> stutteringscrie i!ediat @n Dos e act ceea ce ai >cut. /acacest "ucru @n ter!eni de* o. ce-ai >cut, chiar @nainte de ba"bis! 7. ceea ce ai >cut @n ti!pu" ba"baia"a C. ceea ce ai >cut dup> stuttering.Scrie @n !isiune du!neavoastr>.4. Inv>=area "i!bii RES (SA7% %TATE

    Stuttering tau nu este ceva ce se @ntK!p"> cudar ceva ce aci. Ve9i dac> po=i observa ?i de

    Stuttering @n "i!ba @n care recunoa?te c> av parte din ea, c> este propriu" co!porta!ent. /acac. Ave=i responsabi"itatea ?i ai a"ege. In prirKnd trebuie s> @?i asu!e responsabi"itatea pdvs. ace Stuttering @nainte de a putea ace oa"egere @n ceea ce se poate ace cu !ode"u" d ba"baia"a.Scrie de + ori, nu te prind o"osind "i!baDu" dresponsabi"itate, cu! ar i, Lochii !ei c"ipit,L sLCuvinte"e s-au b"ocat @n gura !eaL.

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  • 8/10/2019 Easy stuttering ENGL_ROMANA.doc


    6. %(%T%AT%VE A(; /EAR SEEY%()

    %n stuttering therapy you never stand sti"". &ou progress !uch arther and spea# !uch better iyou #eep see#ing out eared :ords and situationsinstead o Dust "etting the! happen to you. 'n"essyou continue pushing into the rontiers o ear anddi icu"ty, you tend to "apse into retreat and theear !ounts. $hen you initiate an avoidedsituation, you succeed in cha""enging your ear./our points o i!portance*aO % you ind yourse" avoiding a situation, thenyou need to put yourse" in that eared situation.bO To succeed, it is su icient that you enter thesituation. Rate yourse" not on "uency but on!eeting the cha""enge.cO Anticipate di icu"ty but stutter or:ard andopen"y.dO &our readiness to stutter in itse" :i"" !a#ethings easier in the "ong run.

    ASS%)(ME(T*1. See# out 1 di erent situation each day duringthe ne t :ee# or the speci ic purpose o :or#ingon your speech.0. (ote :rite do:n :ords and situationsO ho:you stutter in the o""o:ing*aO a a!i"iar situation 0 or 3O bO a ne: situation 0O

    cO a situation previous"y avoided 1 or 0O3. A ter your encounter, ans:er the o""o:ing*aO $hat you did Dust be ore stuttering bO $hat you did during the stutteringcO $hat you did a ter the stutteringdO To :ho! did you stutter peer, supervisor, parentOeO $hat :as the topic o conversationO o: did you ee" a ter:ardsgO o: did your "istener respond4. ;iscuss or note your three !ost success u"

    situations o the :ee#.

    6. %ni=iativ> ?i /EAR C['T_(;

    In stuttering terapia nu va sta @n continuare. progresa !u"t !ai departe ?i s> vorbeasc> !u"t!ai bine dac> v> p>stra=i c>utKnd cuvinte de?i situa=ii @n "oc de doar per!i=Kndu-"e s> s@ntK!p"e "a tine. E cep=ia ca9u"ui @n care vcontinua @!pinge @n rontiere"e de ric> ?i ddi icu"tate, ave=i tendin=a s> e pire @n retragse !ontea9> rica. Atunci cKnd ini=ia=i o situaevitat, va reu?i @n contestarea rica ta.atru puncte de i!portan=>*AO In ca9u" @n care v> g>si=i a evita o situatunci trebuie s> v> pune=i @n aceast> situa=te!eau.7O entru a reu?i, este su icient s> introduce=situa=ia. Eva"ua=i-v> pe "uenta, dar nu pe a a=> provoc>rii.CO s> se anticipe9e di icu"tate, dar @nainte b?i deschis.;O disponibi"itatea du!neavoastr> de a bK"bKsine, va ace "ucruri"e !ai u?or pe ter!en "ung.

    CES%'(E*1. Cauta o situa=ie di erit> @n iecare 9i @n cs>pt>!Knii ur!>toare pentru scopu" speci ic de"ucra @n discursu" du!neavoastr>.0. (ot> scrie cuvinte ?i situa=iiO, cu! te bK"bur!>toare"e*aO o situa=ie a!i"iar> 0 sau 3O

    bO o situa=ie nou> 0OcO o situa=ie anterior evitat> 1 sau 0O3. ;up> @ntK"nirea dvs., r>spunde "a ur!>toaaO Ce-ai >cut chiar @nainte de ba"bis! bO Ce a=i >cut @n ti!pu" StutteringcO Ce ai >cut dup> StutteringdO entru cine ai bK"bKi "a ega" "a ega",supraveghetoru", p>rinteOeO Care a ost subiectu" de conversa=ieO Cu! te-ai si!tit dupa aceeagO Cu! a r>spuns inter"ocutoru" du!neavoastr

    4. ;iscuta=i despre dvs. sau o not> de trei situace" !ai de succes a"e s>pt>!Knii.

  • 8/10/2019 Easy stuttering ENGL_ROMANA.doc


    . C '(T%() S'CCESSES A(; /A% 'RES

    7e ore you began this therapy, you probab"ythought that any "uency :as a success and anystuttering :as a ai"ure. 7ut no: a"" that ischanged. A Gb"oc#H is not a ai"ure neither is aear a ai"ure. %t is on"y as you e perience boththat you can "earn to respond !ore adeNuate"y. %nthe ne: approach, covering up or using a crutch isa ai"ure even i the !ost i!!ediate e ect is thatyou sound !ore "uent. And stuttering open"y and!ore easi"y counts as a success that can increaseyour security and eventua""y your ease ospea#ing.$or# ro! the GSuccesses %n pen StutteringH"ist, and see ho: !any successes you can get eachday. (ote the ai"ures in passing, but ocus one panding your nu!ber o successes each day.$rite do:n on the chec# "ist :hich successes youacco!p"ished. Co""ect a !ini!u! o `` ``` eachday.

    a. S'CCESSES A(; /A% 'RES %(ST'TTER%()

    C '(T %T AS A S'CCESS %/ & '*1. Estab"ish eye contact be ore beginning to spea#.0. Monitor :e"" observe e act"y ho: you stutterO.3. Stutter, but bring the sound in i!!ediate"y.4. Stutter or:ard.

    +. Stutter :ith good eye contact.6. )o out o the :ay to enter a situation especia""yor your speech ta#e the initiativeO.. ut the hardest :ord irst in the sentence.. Co!p"ete any eared :ord you start.5. Choose eared :ords instead o GeasyH :ords.1 . Mention your stuttering casua""y :ithoutsha!e.11. Stutter :ithout one or !ore o your tric#s.10. Cance" any ai"ure.

    . S'CCESE de nu!arare ?i e?ecuri"e

    Inainte de a inceput acest trata!ent, probabi" vganditi ca orice "uenta a ost un succes ?i oric ba"baia"a a ost un e?ec. ;ar acu!, tot ceea ce eschi!bat. 'n Lb"ocL nu este un e?ec, nu este nitea!> un e?ec. Acesta este doar ca tu e perien=atKt pe care "e pute=i @nv>=a s> r>spund> !adecvat. In noua abordare, care s> acopere @sau o"osind o carDa este un e?ec, chiar dac> ce" !ai i!ediat este aptu" ca suna !u"t !ai"uent. i !ur!ura @n !od deschis ?i !ai u?or vai considerat un succes, care poate cre?te desecuritate ?i, eventua", de usurinta de a vorbi.ucra "a LSuccese @n pen StutteringL "ista, ?vedea cKt de !u"te succese pute=i ob=ine @n9i. (ot> e?ecuri"e @n trecere, dar se concentre tinderea nu!>ru" de succese @n iecare 9i. S pe "ista de veri icare pe care ai rea"i9at succeStrKnge un !ini! de `````` @n iecare 9i.

    a. Succese ?i e?ecuri @n stuttering

    C '(T %T ca un succes ;AC[*1. Stabi"i un contact vi9ua" @nainte de a @nvorbeasc>.0. Monitori9area bine observa e act cu! te bK"bKiO.3. 7K"bKi, dar aduce sunetu" @n i!ediat.

    4. 7K"bKi @nainte.+. 7K"bKi, cu un bun contact vi9ua".6. ;u-te din dru! pentru a introduce o situa=ie a"es pentru discursu" du!neavoastr> s> iaini=iativaO.. une ce" !ai greu cuvKnt @n pri!a te9>.. Co!p"eta=i orice cuvKnt de te!ut de a @nce5. A"ege cuvinte de te!ut @n "oc de Lu?orL dcuvinte.1 . Mentionati Stuttering dvs. "a @ntK!p"are, ru?ine.

    11. 7K"bKi >r> unu" sau !ai !u"te trucuri.10. Anu"a orice e?ec.

  • 8/10/2019 Easy stuttering ENGL_ROMANA.doc


    C '(T %T AS A /A% 'RE %/ & '*1. Substitute.0. oo# a:ay, or up or do:n, during a b"oc#.3. 'se a starter.4. Stop ha" :ay through a b"oc#.+. ;o not have sound in the b"oc# pre or!ationO.6. 7ac# up and start over.. Ruin an open stuttering assign!ent :ith "uencyi!!ediate"y a ter:ards.. Cover up your stuttering success u""y.5. Sta"" a "ong ti!e be ore entering a situation.1 . Try to ta"# "uent"y at any cost.11. Sho: e!barrass!ent :hich puts youraudience i"" at ease.10. er or! an assign!ent ha" -hearted"y.13. Respond Nuic#"y and auto!atica""y to every"itt"e pressure in the situation.14. )ive yourse" the bene it o the doubt.1+. 'se a crutch to get the :ord out.

    b. C '(T%() S'CCESSES

    Estab"ish eye contact be ore spea#ingEntering situations to :or# on speech

    Co!p"eting any eared :ord

    Mentioning your stuttering Yeeping good eyecontact throughout stuttering 'sing eared :ordsinstead o easy :ords








    C '(T %T ca un e?ec ;AC[*1. Me!bru sup"eant.0. 'it>-te departe, sau @n sus sau @n Dos, @nunui b"oc.3. 'ti"i9a=i un starter.4. pri "a Du!>tatea dru! printr-un b"oc.+. (u ave=i sunet @n b"oc pre or!ariiO.6. Copierea de re9erv> ?i @ncepe peste.. Ruin o !isiune deschis Stuttering cu "uen=>i!ediat dup> aceea.. Acoperi cu succes de ba"bis!.5. 7"oca !u"t ti!p @nainte de a intra o situa=ie1 . Incerca=i s> vorbesc "uent, "a orice pre=.11. Arat> Dena care pune pub"icu" @n "argu"10. E ectua=i o cesiune cu Du!>tate de gur>.13. R>spunde rapid ?i @n !od auto!at "a ieca pic de presiune @n situa=ia.14. ;>-te bene iciu" @ndoia">.1+. 'ti"i9a=i o cKrD> pentru a ob=ine cuvKnt

    b. S'CCESE de nu!arare

    A stabi"i contactu" cu ochii @nainte de a vorb%ntroducerea situa=ii pentru a "ucra "a discur

    iese de co!p"etare orice cuvKnt se te!eau

    Men=ionarea de ba"baia"a de contact >strare bun @n @ntreaga stuttering /o"osind cuvinte te!ut, @n "oc de cuvinte si!p"e








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    . EJ S%() T E %CE7ER)

    )et as !uch o your stuttering above the sur aceas you can. And a ter studying the icebergdiagra! i""ustrated be"o:O dra: your o:nGiceberg o sha!e and gui"tH in 3 di erentsituations each day or 4 days.

    T E %CE7ER) / ST'TTER%()*

    E( E( E( ST'TTER%() ST'TTER%() ST'TTER%() 7E AV% R 7E AV% R 7E AV% R b"oc#s, etc. b"oc#s, etc. b"oc#s, eye- contact, !onitoring C (CEA ME(T 7E AV% R /a"se ro"es C (CEA ME(T crutches, ear 7E AV% R avoidance, gui"t a"se ro"es, crutches, ear C (CEA ME(T avoidance, etc. 7E AV% R

    $or# ro! the GSuccesses in pen StutteringH "ist,and dra: an iceberg or each day according to:hether you do !ore on the open side second"istO or on the hidden side irst "istO.

    5. ST'TTER%() E( & A(; EAS% &

    7E $% %() T ST'TTER E( &$%T 'T EM7ARRASSME(T

    % you had a bro#en ar!, :ou"d you enter a physicianBs o ice and atte!pt to hide the inDury$ou"d you as# hi! to treat your ar! :ithout irste a!ining it to discover :hat #ind o treat!ent itneeded% you :ere to run an obstac"e course, :ou"d you proceed :ith your eyes c"osed -- re using to "oo#

    at the hurd"es, ha9ards, and traps :hich "ie ahead$ou"d you !ere"y hope that you cou"dsuccess u""y Du!p the hurd"es one by one as youapproached the!% you :ere orced to :a"# do:n a dar#, b"inda""ey in one o the !ost dangerous sections oto:n, :ou"d you pre er to !a#e your triphapha9ard"y -- ta#ing your s"i! and a"!osti!possib"e chances o escaping inDury r :ou"dyou choose to use a re"iab"e "ight so that you !ight

    . E punerea %CE7ER)

    %a cKt !ai !u"t de Stuttering dvs. de deasuprasupra e=ei dup> cu! pute=i. i dup> ce a studiadiagra!a aisbergu"ui i"ustrat !ai DosO e"abore propria Liceberg de ru?ine ?i vinov>=ieL @nsitua=ii di erite @n iecare 9i ti!p de 4 9i"e.

    %CE7ER) ;E stuttering*

    ;eschis E( Stuttering Stuttering stuttering C M RTAME(T' C M RTAME(T'C M RTAME(T' b"ocuri, b"ocuri, b"ocuri, etc, etc, ochi de contactati, de !onitori9are T>inuirea C M RTAME(T' /a"s ro"uri T>inuirea cKrDe, tea!a C M RTAME(T' '% evitarea, ro"uri vina a"se, cKrDe, tea!a T>inuirea evitarea, etc C M RTAME(T' '%

    ucra "a LSuccese @n pen StutteringL "ista, ?trage un iceberg pentru iecare 9i, @n unc=ieva ace !ai !u"t pe partea deschis> a doua "istsau pe partea ascuns> pri!a "ist>O.

    5. Mur!ura @n !od deschis ?i u?or

    /ii dispus sa se bK"bKie @n !od deschis >r> D

    ;ac> a=i avut un bra= rupt, dori=i s> introduce birou !edic ?i @ncearc> s> ascund> un preDuVrei s>-" @ntreb pentru a trata bra=u" t>u >re a!ina aceasta pentru a descoperi ce e" detrata!ent nevoie de e";ac> ar i s> e ecuta=i un curs de obstaco", ar

    a continua cu ochii @nchi?i - re u9u" de a privobstaco"e, capcane ?i perico"e, care se a "> @Vrei doar spera c> ar putea s>ri cu succes oobstaco"e de c>tre unu" ca tine sa apropiat de;ac> a=i ost or=at s> !earg> @n Dos pe o a"eintunecata, orb @ntr-una dintre ce"e !ai pericudin ora?, a=i pre era s> ac> c>">toria dvs. "a@ntK!p"are - "uKnd @n ?anse"e ta"e sub=irii!posibi" de a sc>pa preDudiciu Sau a"ege=i uti"i9a=i o "u!in> de @ncredere, ast e" @ncK

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  • 8/10/2019 Easy stuttering ENGL_ROMANA.doc


    has Dust been as#ed his na!e. That dreaded siegeo ear i!!ediate"y pops up "i#e a Dac#-in-the-bo .e s:eats it out, curses the gods that be that heshou"d be the Ga "ictedH one, and use"ess"y:onders :hat is to happen :ith this :ord and a""the :ords to o""o:. e is s:i!!ing in the o"dthoughts, GThis e""o: !ust rea""y thin# %B! stupid-- pretending not to even #no: !y o:n na!eQ %:onder :hat heBs rea""y thin#ing.H Theconde!ned !an beco!es so upset that he canBteat a hearty !ea". $hy put o the unp"easant$hy not ace it as it co!es and eventua""ye"i!inate it %tBs the un#no:n -- the uncertainty --:hich p"ays havoc :ith us.Since your avoidances donBt :or# orever, it beco!es easier to as# so!eone e"se to acco!p"ishtas#s or you, such as !a#ing your phone ca""s./ro! Dust :hat are you escaping, and :hat are you!issing There :as a stutterer :hose !other:ent a"ong :ith hi! :hen he "oo#ed or a Dob.$hat e!p"oyer :i"" hire a person :hose !other!a#es the app"ication ave you ever crossed thestreet, or run do:n the a""ey to escape a person to:ho! you !ight have to ta"# &ou escaped theabnor!a"ity o your speech -- but ho: did youee" inside $asnBt good, :as ito: o ten have you dared to observe yourse" inthe !irror as your !outh gri!aced and t:isted toone side, as your eyes b"in#ed, and your ace beca!e red and distorted :hen you tried to re"ease

    a b"oc# &ou probab"y cou"dnBt ace a u""-"ength!irror as you :atched your "egs or ar!s Der# asyou strugg"ed.&ouBve burned up a terri ic a!ount o energy inyour unsuccess u" atte!pts to disguise theabnor!a"ity o your speech. $hy not use thatenergy in directing it in the correct channe"s %you do, youB"" go a "ong :ay -- verba""y.&ou have searched desperate"y or :ays toe"i!inate your ears, your an ieties, and youre!barrass!ent. Those tric#s :hich you happened

    to sei9e upon and :hich are on"y occasiona""ysuccess u"O have !ade your ears greater and yourrustrations !ore nu!erous. $hy 7ecause overand over again they have ai"ed youQ The crutchupon :hich you "eaned and depended gave a:ayQ$hen you needed it !ost desperate"y it betrayedyou and on"y added to your speech ai"ure. $hycontinue to depend upon that :hich betrays you

    ano!a"ie ine istente !ai este a i?at. S> "u>!, dee e!p"u, bK"bKit, care toc!ai a ost cerut nu!e"s>u. Acest asediu te!ut de rica i!!ediate"y apaca un Dac#-in-the-bo . E" a transpira a ar>, b"este!e 9eii pe care ie c> e" ar trebui s> ieLnenoroci=iL, ?i se @ntreab> ce este inuti" s@ntK!p"e cu acest cuvKnt ?i toate cuvinte"e ur!a. E" este de @not @n gKnduri"e vechi, Lo! trebuie s> cred c> @ntr-adev>r eu sunt pro pretinde s> nu ?tiu chiar de nu!e"e !euQ M>@ntreb ce se gandesc cu adevarat Lo! conda!devine atKt de sup>rat c> nu poate !Knca o !acopioas>.. ;e ce a pus pe nep">cut ;e ce s> nuac> a=> a?a cu! este ?i @n ce"e din ur!> s>-e"i!ine Este necunoscut - incertitudine - careace ravagii cu noi.;eoarece avoidances dvs. nu unc=ionea9> pentotdeauna, e" devine !ai u?or de a pune pea"tcineva pentru a @ndep"ini sarcini pentru ticu! ar i e ectuarea ape"uri"or te"e onice. ;ine act ceea ce te scape, ?i ceea ce se dor de tine (u a ost un bK"bKit a carui !a!a a !ers@!preun> cu e" atunci cKnd a c>utat un "oc d!unc>. Ce angaDatoru" va angaDa o persoan>c>rei !a!> ace cererea A=i trecut vreodat> pestrad>, sau e ecuta=i Dos, pe a"ee pentru a sc>o persoan> care ar putea s> aib> de a vorbi Asc>pat de ano!a"ie a discursu"ui du!neavoastrdar cu! te-ai si!ti in interior (u a ost bun, aost

    CKt de des a=i @ndr>9nit s> v> respecte @nca gura str@!b> ?i r>sucit de o parte, ca ochiisi ata ta a devenit ro?ie ?i distorsionat> atunccKnd a=i @ncercat s> "anse9e un b"oc Tu, pnu ar putea con runta cu o og"inda co!p"et de"ungi!e ca te-ai uitat picioare sau s!u"s ar!e catine "uptat.Ai ars o cantitate de energie teribi" @n @ncenereu?ite de a disi!u"a ano!a"ie a discursu"uidu!neavoastr>. ;e ce nu o"osi acea energie @conducerea acesteia @n cana"e"e corecte ;ac

    ace, ve=i parcurge un dru! "ung - verba".A=i c>utat cu disperare de !oda"itati de a e"i!te!eri"e, ne"ini?ti"e ta"e, si de Dena du!neavoAceste trucuri care sa @ntK!p"at s> pro ite decare sunt doar oca9iona" de succesO s-au >cute!eri"e ?i rustr>ri"e ta"e !ai !u"t !ainu!eroase. ;e ce ;eoarece peste si peste dinnou, ei v-au reu?itQ CKrD> pe care sa ap"ecadepins dat de go"Q CKnd ai nevoie de ea ce" disperat> te tr>dat ?i doar a ad>ugat "a e?ecu

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    $e :i"" never conNuer ear so "ong as :e run ro!it. Those tric#s you are using are your particu"arescape !echanis!s. &ou i!agine that they are#eeping you ro! stuttering and you havenB trea"i9ed that they !a#e up the greater part o theG!onsterH o :hich you are so a raid. Re!e!berthis* &ou :i"" never conNuer your stuttering so"ong as you deny it and pretend that it isnBt there.The !ateria" o these :a""s :hich you haveconstructed Dust :onBt stand against constant battering. There are no barriers :hich constant"y protect oneBs vu"nerabi"ities.5a. MAYE & 'R ST'TTER%() '7 %C

    Ma#e your stuttering a pub"ic event. et your"istener #no: e act"y the #ind o troub"e you arehaving through an open disp"ay o your stuttering.To do a rea""y good Dob o stuttering open"y, oror:ard, you shou"d be open in your stuttering

    b"oc#s. That is, you shou"d stutter so that your"istener can see your b"oc#s c"ear"y enough todescribe the!, and your stuttering b"oc#s shou"d begin to be re"eased s!ooth"y and easi"y.Co""ect 1 :ords on :hich you !anaged to getsound into your speech atte!pt i!!ediate"y.;onBt be surprised i you sound strange ordi erent, or i the :ord sudden"y see!s to beco!eGun!anageab"e.H5b. ST'TTER%() E( & $%T 'TAV %;A(CE

    The purpose o this assign!ent is to he"p you"earn to stutter open"y :ithout sha!e ore!barrass!ent. Much o the tension and ear youe perience co!es ro! your e ort to cover up, to pretend that you are not having any di icu"ty. Agood princip"e is to be as open and honest :ithyourse" and your "istener as you can be, to "et hi!#no: :hat is going on. See ho: ree"y andopen"y you can stutter, observing in the processe act"y :hat you do. As you begin to stutter !ore

    open"y, you shou"d begin to ee" "ess tension andto begin to get the e perience o spea#ing andstuttering easi"y. ere are so!e o the things youcan do to achieve this goa"*1. $rite do:n 0+ :ords on :hich you !a#e your b"oc# easier by !a#ing it "onger. See i you canstutter as "ong a ter the !o!ent o re"ease as theactua" b"oc# be ore re"ease. $ith another stutterer or :ith one o the c"inic sta , practice this irst inthe c"inic unti" you get the ee" o :hat you are todo.

    discursu" du!neavoastr>. ;e ce continua sadepinda de ceea ce te tradea9a (oi nu va cuceri rica atata ti!p cat vo! ru"a deea. Aceste trucuri pe care "e o"osesc se va su!ecanis!e specia"e de evacuare. S>-=i i!agine9c> te p>strarea "a ba"baia"a si nu te-ai dat seaei a"c>tuiesc cea !ai !are parte a L!onstruL decare e?ti atKt de ric>. A!inti=i-v> acest "ucrunu va cuceri de ba"bis!, atKt ti!p cKt @" neag pretinde c> nu este aco"o. Materia"> a acesto9iduri pe care "e-au construit doar nu va sta@!potriva constant> battering. (u e ist> bariercare proteDea9> @n !od constant vu"nerabi"icuiva.5a. ub"ic ;'M(EAV ASTR[ Stuttering

    Asigura=i-v> !ur!ura un eveni!ent pub"ic. S>ascu"t>tor sa stie e act ce e" de prob"e!e ave= printr-un ecran deschis de Stutteringdu!neavoastr>.entru a ace o treaba oarte buna de ba"bis!deschis, sau @nainte, trebuie s> ie deschise @ b"ocuri du!neavoastr> sacadarea. Asta este, atrebui s> se bK"bKie, ast e" @ncKt ascu"t>tovedea b"ocuri de dvs. destu" de c"ar pentru a descrie, ?i b"ocuri de sacadarea dvs. ar trebui @nceap> s> ie e"iberat "in ?i u?or.StrKnge 1 de cuvinte pe care a=i reu?it s> obun sunet @n @ncercarea de discursu" du!neai!ediat. (u i surprins dac> a=i suna ciudat sau

    di erite, sau @n ca9u" @n care cuvKntu" dint pare s> devin> Li!posibi" de gestionat.L5b. Mur!ura @n !od deschis /[R[ EV%TAREA

    Scopu" acestei sarcini este de a v> aDuta s> @s> se bK"bKie @n !od deschis, >r> ru?ine sa !are parte din tensiunea ?i rica ave=i vine dee ortu" depus pentru a acoperi, pentru a pretinnu ave=i nici o di icu"tate. 'n principiu bun estie cKt !ai deschis ?i onest cu tine @nsu=i ?i dascu"t>tor ca poti i, de a "as>-" s> ?tie ce se

    @ntK!p">. Vede=i cu! @n !od "iber ?i deschis bK"bKi, cu respectarea @n procesu" de e act aci. e !>sur> ce @ncepe s> se bK"bKie !aideschis, ar trebui s> @ncepe=i s> v> si!=i=i t?i !ai pu=in pentru a @ncepe pentru a ob=inee perien=a de a vorbi ?i de u?or de ba"bis!. Aisunt une"e dintre "ucruri"e pe care "e pute=i a pentru a atinge acest obiectiv*1. Scrie 0+ de cuvinte pe care "e ace b"oc de >cKnd-o !ai !u"t. Ve9i dac> po=i bK"bKi ca ti!p dup> !o!entu" e"iber>rii ca b"ocu"

  • 8/10/2019 Easy stuttering ENGL_ROMANA.doc


    0. %n ten situations rate your b"oc#s on a degree oovertness sca"e.

    A 7 C ;EEntire"y Most"y pen a" idden Most"yidden Entire"y pen, Sound $ith Sound a" pen r Si"entidden r A"" The $ay Si"ent5c. E(%() ' & 'R ST'TTER%()

    To do a rea""y good Dob o opening up yourstuttering, you shou"d stutter so that your "istenercan see your b"oc#s c"ear"y enough to be ab"e todescribe the!, and you are ab"e to re"ease your b"oc#s easi"y. ;o not strugg"e, or orce the! out.Try to co""ect + such GopenH b"oc#s each day.1. ic# out the !ain crutch ro! your GAna"ysis o Stuttering atternH chart. (ote 0+ b"oc#s on:hich you are ab"e to stutter or:ard :ithoutusing it.0. Set aside one day bet:een no: and ne tTuesday as a G$i""ingness to Stutter ;ayH on:hich you do the o""o:ing*aO )ive yourse" a preparatory set an attitudeO to

    stutter :i""ing"y and open"y at any ti!e and any p"ace to any one. bO Ta"# to as !any peop"e as you can. )o out oyour :ay to do this.cO &our goa" is to say :hat you :ant to say, :henyou :ant to say it, and as !uch as you :ant tosay. This shou"d be your goa" no !atter ho: !uchyou !ay stutter. Re!e!ber to !aintain eyecontact.dO ;uring this day, try to #eep an accurate chec#on the nu!ber o stuttering b"oc#s that you have

    by putting a chec# !ar# on a piece o paper in oneo t:o co"u!ns*

    0nd co"u!n or b"oc#s :here you tried toavoid,1st co"u!n or open b"oc#s* ho"d bac#, or hideyour stuttering*r use your counter and :rite do:n the tota"nu!ber o each type o b"oc# recorded.

    e ectiv @nainte de e"iberare. Cu un a"t bK"bKcu unu" din persona"u" c"inicii, practica aceas pri!a c"inica pKn> cKnd ob=ine=i si!t a ceea trebuie s> aci.0. Rata de situa=ii din 9ece b"ocuri de pe un gde scar> overtness.

    A7C;E Aproape @n @ntregi!e pe Du!>tate deschis>Ascuns Ascuns Aproape @n @ntregi!e pen Sound, cu Du!>tate pen Sound sauSi"en=ios Ascuns sau Toate Si"ent $ay5c. ;eschiderea Stuttering ;'M(EAV ASTR[

    entru a ace o treab> oarte bun> de a deschidStuttering dvs., ar trebui s> se bK"bKie, ast e"ascu"t>toru" poate vedea b"ocuri de dvs. destuc"ar pentru a i @n stare s> "e descrie, ?i v> scapabi"i de a e"ibera b"ocuri"e cu u?urin=>. ("upta, sau or=a=i "e. Incerca=i s> co"ecte9e ast e" de LdeschiseL b"ocuri @n iecare 9i.1. A"ege carDa principa" de "a dvs. LAna"i9a ba"bis! atternL diagra!>. (ot> de 0+ de b"ocu pe care sunt @n !>sur> s> pre9inte, >r> a uti bK"bKi ea.0. Retrase din circuitu" agrico" o 9i @ntre acu!ar=i ca o L;orin=a de a Zi"ei stutterL, pe careace=i ur!>toare"e*aO ;>-=i un set de preg>tire o atitudineO, pen

    se bK"bKie de bun> voie ?i @n !od deschis @!o!ent ?i @n orice "oc de una. bO Vorbe?te cu cKt !ai !u"=i oa!eni ca tine po;u-te din ca"ea ta de a ace acest "ucru.cO Scopu" tau este de a spune ceea ce vrei s>atunci cKnd dori=i s>-" spun, ?i "a e" de !u"t vrei sa spui. Acest "ucru ar trebui s> ie obiectdvs., indi erent de cKt de !u"t pot bK"bKi. A!iv> pentru a !en=ine contactu" vi9ua".dO In aceast> 9i, @ncerca=i s> p>stra=i un ce acte privind nu!>ru" de b"ocuri sacadarea pe

    care "e au de a pune un se!n de se"ectare pe o bucat> de hKrtie @ntr-una din ce"e dou> co"

    Co"oana 0 pentru b"ocuri de unde a @nceevite,ri!a co"oan> de b"ocuri deschise* =ine=i @nsau ascunde Stuttering du!neavoastr>*Sau o"osi=i contra du!neavoastr> ?i nota=inu!>ru" tota" de iecare tip de b"oc @nregistra

  • 8/10/2019 Easy stuttering ENGL_ROMANA.doc


    5d. 7EC M%() A S'CCESS/' ST'TTERER

    /or so!e :ee#s no: :e have been as#ing you to!a#e accurate eva"uations o your pattern ostuttering. $e have been as#ing you to !onitor,as :e"" as you can, your tric#s, avoidances,dodges, crutches, GDonahH :ords, pre or!ations,retria"s brie "y, :hat you do :hen you try to ta"# by avoiding your stuttering. This has been ani!portant part o your therapy because un"ess you#no: :hat you do :hen you e perience theG!o!ent o stutteringH you :i"" not be ab"e to!a#e changes in yourse" :hen the Gstuttering b"oc#H occurs.Many o you have been very success u" indiscovering yourse"ves as stutterers. &ou have beco!e !uch !ore a:are o :hat you do :henyou stutter, ho: you ee" about yourse"ves and thereactions o your "isteners. &ou have beco!etuned in on yourse"ves and have been ab"e toG!onitorH success u""y your stuttering b"oc#s.&ou have care u""y e a!ined your GavoidancesHand have "oo#ed, perhaps or the irst ti!e, at the"engths to :hich you :i"" go to avoid stuttering.&our se" -eva"uation is a continuing part o yourtherapy. $ithout it, you :i"" never #no: :hat youneed to change in your stuttering so that you can per!it yourse"ves to beco!e !ore open,straight or:ard, direct. The assign!ent or this:ee# is going to concentrate on your a""o:ing

    yourse" to beco!e !ore open and direct :ithyourse" as a stutterer by as#ing you to direct yourstuttering as obvious"y as you can to your "istener:ithout per!itting yourse" the a"se security oyour tric#s and dodges. As you :i"" re!e!ber, :e began :or#ing on this idea in "ast :ee#Bsassign!ent. &ou :ere as#ed to stutter as open"yas you cou"d :ithout using your G!aDorH crutch.This :ee#Bs assign!ent :i"" a"so as# you to dothat and :i"" he"p you e p"ore so!e otheractivities :hich :i"" !ove you urther a"ong in

    your goa" o beco!ing a Gsuccess u" stutterer.H1. Co""ect i ty :ords on :hich you :ere te!ptedto use a crutch but did not. Count as crutches on"ysuch devices as retria"s or re"ease !echanis!s "i#ea head Der# or G!agicH sounds "i#e GuhH or G:e"".H)ive yourse" e tra credit i you :ere ab"e to getyour speech atte!pt soundO started at once:ithout any postpone!ent or hesitation.

    5d. A ;EVE(% bK"bKit S'CCES

    entru cKteva s>pt>!Kni acu! v-a! cerut pentruace eva"u>ri precise de !ode"u" dvs. de ba"biV-a! cerut pentru a !onitori9a, precu! ?i ca tine poate, trucuri, avoidances, ;odge, cKrDe, L%cuvinte, pre or!ations, reDudec>ri pe scurt, ceaci atunci cand incerci sa vorbesti prin evitareStuttering du!neavoastr>. Aceasta a ost o parti!portanta a trata!entu"ui, deoarece dac> nu ?tce aci atunci cKnd v> con runta=i cu L!o!ent ba"baia"aL nu va i capabi" de a e ectua !odi i@n tine atunci cKnd Lb"oc ba"baia"aL apareMu"=i dintre voi au ost oarte de succes @ndescoperirea voi ca stutterers. A=i devenit !u"con?tien=i de ceea ce aci atunci cKnd te bK"cu! te si!ti despre voi @n?iv> ?i reac=ii"eascu"t>tori"or du!neavoastr>. A=i devenit aco@n pe voi @n?iv> ?i au ost capabi"i s>L!onitori9e9eL cu succes produse"e b"ocurisacadarea. A=i e a!inat cu aten=ie produse"eLavoidancesL ?i-au uitat, probabi" pentru pri!dat>, "a "ungi!ea "a care va !erge pentru a evistuttering.;e auto-eva"uare este o parte continu> de terap/>r> ea, niciodat> nu va ?ti ce trebuie s> seschi!be @n ba"baia"a, ast e" @ncKt s> v> pos> devin> !ai deschis, !ai si!p"u, direct.Atribuirea de aceast> s>pt>!Kn> se va per!itese concentre9e asupra dvs. v> pentru a deveni

    deschis ?i direct cu tine ca un bK"bKit prin cacere s> direc=ione9e Stuttering ca, evident, ducu! pute=i s> ascu"t>tor, >r> a v> per!ite desecuritate a"s de trucuri du!neavoastr> ?i ;odg;up> cu! v> a!inti=i, a! @nceput s> "ucre9e "aceast> idee, @n !isiune de s>pt>!Kna trecut>ost cerut s> se bK"bKie @n !od deschis ca ai>r> uti"i9area de L!aDor>L carDa. Atribuireaceast> s>pt>!Kn> va cere, de ase!enea, s> aasta ?i v> va aDuta s> e p"ore9e a"te activit>=v> vor !uta !ai departe de-a "ungu", @n obiec

    dvs. de a deveni o LbK"bKit de succes.L1. Co"ecta cinci9eci de cuvinte pe care au osttenta=i s> uti"i9e9e o cKrD>, dar nu. Conta cnu!ai dispo9itive, cu! ar i reDudec>ri sau!ecanis!e de e"iberare ca un ne!ernic cap sauL!agicL suna ca LuhL sau Lbine.L ;>-te de crsup"i!entar, dac> a=i ost @n stare s> !> @ncde vorbire sunetO, a @nceput "a o dat>, >r>a!Knare sau e9itare.

  • 8/10/2019 Easy stuttering ENGL_ROMANA.doc


    0. Co""ect ten :ords on :hich you !anaged to getsound into your speech atte!pt i!!ediate"y.;onBt be surprised i you sound strange ordi erent or i the :ord sudden"y see!s to beco!eGun!anageab"e.H Count it as on"y a partia"success i a ter you get started you beco!erightened and stop :ithout inishing the :ord.3. Co""ect t:enty- ive :ords on :hich you :ereab"e to regain good eye contact a ter "osing it and:ere ab"e to co!p"ete the :ord :ithout using acrutch.4. Co""ect ten :ords on :hich you :ere ab"e toGstutter or:ardH to the ne t sound in the :ord be ore you e"t you :ere ready to. As# yourc"inician or he"p i this is con using to you.+. Co""ect three situations in :hich you stuttered:ith good eye contact and a""o:ed the "istener to#no: everything that :as going on in yourspeech. Count it as a co!p"ete success on"y i youcou"d a"so !a#e so!e observations about the"istener :hi"e ta"#ing to hi!, and i you cou"dG!onitorH success u""y your o:n stuttering pattern.

    5e. ST'TTER%() M RE EAS% &

    /ro! your o:n e perience, you #no: that youtypica""y atte!pt to rush through each situation in:hich you stutter in an e ort to get it over :ith.7y hurrying yourse" , you inevitab"y strugg"e

    !ore and resort to your pattern o tric#s orcrutches. &ou have probab"y been rushingyourse" since you irst began to stutter.7y Gpro"ongingH :hen you stutter, you can he"pyourse" to stutter in a !ore easy and co! ortab"e:ay. $hen you accept the act that you :i"" b"oc# "onger, you :i"" reduce strugg"ing and thenecessity o using crutches. Try to #eep the soundin and stutter open"y at the sa!e ti!e. Maintaineye contact so that you can observe the reaction o your "istener.

    This :ee#, co""ect and #eep a :ritten record o a!ini!u! o ten stuttering situations each day:here you e tended the b"oc# unti" you cou"d saythe :ord co! ortab"y. $ednesday Thursday /riday SaturdaySunday Monday Tuesday1.0.3.4.+.

    0. Co"ecta 9ece cuvinte pe care a=i reu?it s>ob=ine=i un sunet @n @ncercarea de discursudu!neavoastr> i!ediat. (u i surprins dac> a=isuna ciudat sau di erite sau @n ca9u" @n carecuvKntu" dintr-o dat> pare s> devin> Li!posibgestionatL. (u!>r> ca doar un succes par=ia" @ca9u" @n care, dup> ce @ncepe s> devii speropri ara inisaDe cuvKntu".3. Co"ecta de dou>9eci ?i cinci cuvinte pe car putut s>-?i recK?tige un bun contact vi9ua" da pierdut o ?i au reu?it s> ina"i9e9e cuvKntuuti"i9a o cKrD>.4. Co"ecta 9ece cuvinte pe care a=i ost capabLse bK"bKie @nainteL, a sunetu"ui ur!>tor @cuvKntu" @nainte de ai si!tit ai ost gata s>.Adresa=i-v> !edicu"ui du!neavoastr> pentruaDutor @n ca9u" @n care acest "ucru este co pentru tine.+. StrKnge trei situa=ii @n care se b@"b@i ccontact vi9ua" ?i a per!is ascu"t>tor s> ?tie tose @ntK!p"> @n discursu" du!neavoastr>. Coun succes co!p"et nu!ai dac> ai putea ace, dease!enea, une"e observa=ii cu privire "a ascu"@n ti!p ce vorbesc cu e", ?i dac> ar puteaL!onitori9aL cu succes propria ta !ode" ba"ba

    5e. MA% ' R stuttering

    ;in propria e perien=>, ?ti=i c> a=i @ncerca dobicei s> se gr>beasc> prin iecare situa=ie @

    te bK"bKi @ntr-un e ort s>-" cu peste. rin gr>te, "upta inevitabi" !ai ?i recurge "a !ode"u" dvde trucuri sau de cKrDe. A=i ost, probabi", tedeoarece a=i @nceput s> se bK"bKie.rin Lpre"ungireaL, atunci cKnd se bK"bKie,

    pute=i aDuta "a stutter, @ntr-un !od !ai u?or ?con ortabi". Atunci cKnd accept> aptu" c> va!ai !u"t, va reduce "upt> ?i necesitatea de a ocarDe. Incerca=i s> p>stra=i sunetu" @n bK"deschis @n ace"a?i ti!p. Mentine contactu" viast e" @ncKt s> pute=i observa reac=ia ascu"

    du!neavoastr>.In aceast> s>pt>!Kn>, s> co"ecte9e ?i s> p>s@nregistrare scris> de un !ini! de 9ece situa=sacadarea @n iecare 9i @n care a pre"ungit p b"ocu"-ar putea spune cuvKntu" con ortabi".

    Miercuri Foi Vineri SK!b>t> ;u!inic> uniMar=i1.0.

  • 8/10/2019 Easy stuttering ENGL_ROMANA.doc


  • 8/10/2019 Easy stuttering ENGL_ROMANA.doc


    7reathing, one o the !ost conditionab"e oresponses, is notorious"y associated :ith earstates. apsing into si"ence is a natura" de ensive bio"ogica" reaction.art o your bui"t-in ti!e-pressure syste! as astutterer is that you never pause or breath e ceptin the Gdead stopsH be ore eared :ords. &ou needto "earn to phrase nor!a""y so that you do not begin speech on residua" air.Much o your prob"e! o orcing resu"ts ro!your ai"ure to pause, :ith initiation o "ongsentences on residua" air, and a"!ost inevitab"ehanging up even be ore your irst eared :ord. Atthat point you !ay be "ong out o breath, but yourinto"erance o si"ence is such that you dare not pause. % you do, you !ay ee" ob"igated to go bac# or a running start on the phrase, and you!ay actua""y get stuc# at an ear"ier point. (o:onder that your speech !ay see! hope"ess"yentang"ed in a thic#et o ever-branching phrasingchangesQThe #ey to change is putting pauses in a""sentences :here there are co!!as and periods.Ta#e ti!e to catch a "itt"e breath. A"so phrase:e"", using prepositiona" phrases as groups :hichcan e press !eanings that are !eant to c"ingtogether. E a!p"es -- Gto the storeH Gon theshe" H Gover the !ountainH.ASS%)(ME(T*1. /irst try !a#ing :ith vertica" "inesO the p"aces

    you !ight pause in a reading passage. Then practice pausing and ta#ing a "itt"e breath - not a big one.0. repare and practice ive consecutive sentencesin :hich you*aO re-:rite the sentences bO %nc"ude periods, co!!as, and othergra!!atica" pausescO "an short phrasesdO "an "ong pauses;e"iver the sentence to your chosen audience, i.e.,

    a riend on the phone, a re"ative, a boss etc.3. Engage in t:o conversations each day or theso"e purpose o :or#ing on your pausing and phrasing.aO /irst "isten attentive"y to your o:n use o pauses and ho: "ong you try to !a#e your phrases, in order to !onitor. bO Then spea# ive consecutive sentences in :hichyou*

    Respiratia, una dintre ce"e !ai conditionab"e dr>spunsuri, este de notorietate, asociat> cu st>rica. rescrierea @n t>cere este o reac=ie natude ap>rare bio"ogic>. parte din du!neavoastr> bui"t-in ti!p presiunedin siste! ca un bK"bKit este c> nu v> opri=i respira=ie, cu e cep=ia, @n L!oarteL se opre?@nainte de te!ut cuvinte. Trebuie s> @nve=e e presie @n !od nor!a", ast e" @ncKt s> nu @discursu" pe aer re9idua". !are parte din prob"e!a ta de a i!punere9u"tate"e de "a esecu" de "a pau9>, cu ini=ira9e "ungi asupra aeru"ui re9idua", ?i aproapinevitabi" ag>=at chiar @nainte de pri!u" cuvte!ut. a ace" !o!ent s-ar putea i !u"t !ai derespira=ie, dar into"eranta ta de t>cere este denatur> @ncKt s> nu @ndr>9ne?ti pau9>. ;ac>acest "ucru, se poate si!ti ob"igat s> se @ntoa pentru un @nceput care ru"ea9> pe ra9a, ?i pob=ine de apt, b"ocat "a un punct anterior. (u !irare c> discursu" du!neavoastr> poate p>rea>r> speran=> prin?i @ntr-un tu i? din ce @n ra!i icare !odi ic>