Easy Carbon Stick Technology - Plasma Production Limetree 16 Jun 2016 Easy Carbon Stick Technology in GaNS production Based on Keshe Foundation Teachings, modified by Arvis Liepa Carbon Stick Method, Page 1 Litha Limetree 16 Jun 2016 Today after 119th Keshe

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  • Litha Limetree 16 Jun 2016

    Easy Carbon Stick Technology

    in GaNS production Based on Keshe Foundation Teachings, modified by Arvis Liepa

    Carbon Stick Method, Page 1

  • Litha Limetree 16 Jun 2016

    Today after 119th Keshe foundation public teaching we saw that nano coating of copper is still a huge problem in GaNS production. It comes off the plate and people cant produce good GaNS. If you put your electrodes (plates) outside your GaNS jar, it takes very long time to reduce GaNS. We need something faster and more effective way.

    We are happy to share our new technology for GaNS production in very high quality. It doesnt matter what kind of GaNS you produce - Zn/CO2, Cu, Fe or even Food GaNS. We are made huge amount of experimentation with GaNS and now we are ready to share our results with everyone earlier as preview. We wanted to share more, but we did not finished yet all and we will upgrade this technology very soon.

    All started already some time ago, last October ( 2015), when we tried to understand what is nano coating, what we use for any GaNS production so far.

    Our question was: ''Where we got Carbon in electrolysis with Fe and nano coated Cu plate in salt water electrolysis? '' Than we realize that black layer on Copper could be CuO or maybe it is Carbon layer, what makes all process happen. Mr. Keshe teach us that Nanocoated copper has hexagonal structure, if we look from above. Check out information about hot alkaline (caustic soda) black oxide (CuO) process . The Cu surface coated in this way has to be treated by oil, wax or lacquer. After-finish treatment it gives not only more esthetic appearance (matte, glossy, lustrous), but also improves corrosion resistance and anti-friction properties of the nano coated material, but there is problem if you put this nano coating in electrolysis.

    Nanocoated Copper according to Keshe Technologies are Copper Oxide (CuO black ) layer on copper plate and carbon. But there still is a problem to control the GaNS production process. It gave so different results depending from temperature, type of salt, purity of materials, power used in electrolysis, etc. It is reason, why we see so different GaNS produced by different people, because each of us use slitty different materials in different conditions. For example Iron oxide can change it color in different pH conditions up to seven different color could be obtained. They can change its metal oxide crystalline

    Carbon Stick Method, Page 2

  • Litha Limetree 16 Jun 2016

    structure from simple structure in acid medium to very complex crystalline structure in alkaline.

    Copper (II) oxide or black oxide has similar structure as Graphite. When you nano coated your copper spirals with torch, you clearly see rainbow colors showing out and becoming black very quickly. This property is also common for both Copper and Graphite crystals, it is one of the different forms of Carbon. Graphite crystals also has hexagonal structure or bee comb layers of hexagonal structures network. If you could achieve separate these graphite layers to one single layer, you can get superconductive, super resistant and at the same time super elastic material - Graphene Oxide (GO). We start to

    experiment with replacing Nanocoated Copper plate with simple Carbon stick, so big was our surprise, when we realized that is works very nice and gives more convenient results.

    I asked Arvis: ''How did you found this solution?'' He smiled and said: ''It was on front of my eyes all the time on my working table, but I was too blind to see it. I though Carbon is base of all known life the planet Earth and fourth abundant element in the Universe. It could be soft in pencil and hard in diamond, carbon comes in several forms, or isotopes (C14), carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air is a ordinary Carbon (C12). Carbon forms almost ten mil l ion different chemical compounds, it means majority of all chemical compounds.

    It is as exactly as Keshe said us - you dont need the copper wire, take it out. Now I can understand better what he meant by this. Suddenly I saw, how huge

    Carbon Stick Method, Page 3

  • Litha Limetree 16 Jun 2016

    are applications of Keshe technologies, in any aspect of human life. I understand that it is so wonderfully simple, easy to use for everybody around the world even you are in move, but are people ready to appreciate it? I could use this technology to feed my selfish EGO, but I felt, it is more important to come together and share all experience. We have to build together our foundation with equal opportunity for everyone. This is that beauty of it - as Mr. Keshe says.

    All we are living in duality of this world and it is our choice to decide which force we feed. We decided to publish this simple method for human use and as fast and wide as possible. So please share, download, translate, and make it available for everyone in this planet.

    Thank you Mr. Keshe for your knowledge you gave to all of us!

    Carbon Stick Method, Page 4

  • Litha Limetree 16 Jun 2016

    Carbon Stick Method, Page 5

    Materials: Carbon Stick

    Other plate (Cu, Zn or Fe) Salt water

    Power supply Crocodile wires


    Set your electrolysis what ever you are on this planet, as power supply you can

    use simple battery or solar panel. Carbon Stick to (-) and any metal to (+).

    GaNS production starts immediately, it is like liquid vapor coming out of metal plate

    and nice bubble (CO2) coming out of carbon stick.

    How to make GaNS using Carbon Stick ?

    Carbon Stick (pressed Graphite) as replacement of Nanocoated

    Copper plate

  • Litha Limetree 16 Jun 2016

    Carbon Stick Method, Page 6

    With this method you can

    obtain even different

    fractions of GaNS, it is very

    easy to separate them each from


    You could get very pure CO2 GaNS.

  • Litha Limetree 16 Jun 2016

    Carbon Stick Method, Page 7

    We are tested power supply settings these are best for most of GaNS. You need very low amperes to make the

    GaNS in a jar . For CO2 production use up to 0.6 A (do not look at voltages), more Amperes more heavy ZnO or other metal GaNS will be produced.

    For CO2 GaNS medium is very alkaline pH10-12.

    For best CH3 (Fe) GaNS set power up to 0,12 A if

    you want to catch red orange Fe2O3, more power will produce

    Fe3O4 black iron oxide. each of them you can

    use for different applications.

    Orange part carriers more oxygen, we use it

    for feeding, it also contain CH3 metal

    group essential for living organismsm contain

    more than 100 amino acids and is lighter in mass, black is more

    dense part and is good to use for batteries.

  • Litha Limetree 16 Jun 2016

    Carbon Stick Method, Page 8

    Results from Copper, like from Iron, electrolysis also could be very variable depend from conditions, material and medium you use.

  • Litha Limetree 16 Jun 2016

    Carbon Stick Method, Page 9

    Food GaNS made with this method is very light, very energetic, you can feel energy just by holding a jar in your hands, you can feel taste in your mouth and you can try

    even to smell it.

  • Litha Limetree 16 Jun 2016

    We are still working on new techniques and we will publish upgrades in next few days and weeks. It could help a lot of people to get very fast and good results. We tried to keep it as simple as possible. Follow us on Liquid Plasma Feeding Facebook page and You Tube channel.

    I hope other people also will share their experiences as soon as possible. All advanced GaNS masters can find his own way to upgrade this technology.

    Carbon Stick Method, Page 10

    You can use then in liquid state, make pasta or make powder by drying on flat plate.

    GaNS Water is strong enough for different uses.

  • Litha Limetree 16 Jun 2016

    For beginners in GaNS production, we offer simple starter kit for symbolic contribution, it could help us a lot to move on in our research.

    Much, much love to everybody who feel the same connection.

    You can buy here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/386848194/starter-kit-for-gans-production?ref=shop_home_active_1

    Carbon Stick Method, Page 11

    Started kit contain:

    Carbon Stick Metals strips Cu 99,9 %

    and Zn 99,9 % Plain iron nail - Fe Crocodile wires 2 Wood pegs

    20 EUR/kit

    You can make lot of fans with this simple tools.

    Carbon stick (-) / Cu strip (+) Cu GaNS

    Carbon Stick (-) / Zn (+) ZnO and CO2 GaNS

    Carbon Stick (-) / Fe (+) CH3 GaNS