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Easy as Pie Content Lessons. Adapted from: Enhancing English Language Learning in Elementary Classrooms Center for Applied Linguistics. Traditional Content Lessons. Follow a sequence similar to this: Students read the text answer questions discuss material - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Easy as Pie Content LessonsAdapted from: Enhancing English Language Learning in Elementary ClassroomsCenter for Applied Linguistics

  • Traditional Content LessonsFollow a sequence similar to this:Students read the textanswer questionsdiscuss materialComplete applications/expansions

  • For Second Language StudentsThis is the wrong sequence to follow.Why do you think this is so?Reason 1?Reason 2?Reason 3?Hint: part of the reasons have to do with scaffolding and background knowledge.

  • With L2 Learners ...Teach the Text Backwards.....

  • Easy as PIE Lesson ModificationIncrease Comprehensiblity by Teaching the Text BackwardsUse multisensory approachesDevelop Prior KnowledgeIdentify and focus on specific vocabularyRecycle language previously practiced

  • PIE Modification...2. Increase Interaction .....by using Cooperative ActivitiesThink-Pair-ShareNumbered Heads TogetherMix & MatchRotating Review

  • PIE Modification...3. Increase Thinking Skills .....by Monitoring Questioning StrategiesTeacher monitors own questionsQuestion spinners

  • Video Observation

  • Lesson Modification

  • Evaluate your lesson..How did the lesson...Move from prior knowledge to new knowledge?concrete to abstract knowledge?oral language to written language to text?more contextual support to less contextual support?