Easter Eggstravaganza 2020-04-06آ  Easter Bunny So that’s why we now say the Easter bunny has come

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Text of Easter Eggstravaganza 2020-04-06آ  Easter Bunny So that’s why we now say the Easter bunny...

  • Easter Eggstravaganza How to go to work on an egg.

  • Why do we have eggs at Easter?

    Some Christians believe that the egg represents the stone that was place in front of the tomb of Jesus after he was taken down from the cross.

    Some people believe that the egg is a sign of new life. Spring is generally a time when plants begin to grow again, birds built nests and lay eggs, lambs are born, and so on. New life gives us hope, and we usually feel better in Spring after the long, cold winter.

    Lots of different countries use eggs in different ways as celebrations.

  • Why is Easter called Easter? The name Easter comes from the Saxon goddess of the Spring. Her name was Eostre, or Ostara, and her feast day was the day of the Spring Equinox, which usually falls around the 21st March. Her favourite animal was the hare. Some stories say that Eostre found an injured bird and she rescued the bird and turned in into a hare, but that the hare could still lay eggs. Another story says how Eostre had a feast day and all the animals in the forest brought her gifts. Most of the animals brought her precious jewels. The hare had only one egg, so he decorated it and brought it to Eostre. She saw that the hare had given her everything he had, so she chose the hare to be her favourite animal.

  • Easter Bunny

    So that’s why we now say the Easter bunny has come and brought us all chocolate eggs!

    Have a go at decorating your own hard-boiled eggs, then have an Easter egg hunt in your garden.

    Keep the chocolate eggs inside to eat later!

  • Find out more about chocolate eggs


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  • Russian Easter Eggs

    In Russia, it was traditional to give hard boiled eggs coloured red on Easter Sunday. Red is a very important colour in Russian culture and the colour is associated with goodness and beauty.

    The only ingredient necessary for red Easter egg dye is the skin of red onions. When boiled, they produce the red dye used to colour the eggs red.

    Why don’t you have a go at making some Russian red Easter eggs? Email us some pictures on J2e if you do.


  • Faberge Easter Eggs Between 1885 and 1917, a Russian jeweller called Peter Carl Faberge designed and made Easter eggs for the Russian Royal Family. The Tsars Alexander III and Nicholas II had them made to give as gifts to their wives and mothers. He made the eggs from precious metals, enamel and gemstones. He made 52 of these “Imperial” eggs, 46 of which still survive.

    Could you make your own Faberge egg? Send us a pic on J2e if you do!


    There are instructions of the following slides.

  • You Will Need

    To hollow the eggs:

    •Eggs (one egg for each person)

    •Large safety pins

    •2 plastic bowls

    •A small cup of water

    To paint and decorate the eggs:

    •Bamboo cooking skewers

    •Small rubber bands

    •Acrylic or tempera paint (any water-based opaque paint for


    •Paint brushes

    •Craft glue

    •Permanent markers





    •Glitter glue

    •Paper plates for mixing paint

    •Paper towels

    •Small cardboard roll

    Preparation Time

    30 minutes to gather supplies and hollow the eggs

    Activity Time

    30 minutes to decorate the eggs


    Any table in your home or outside

  • : How to Hollow Your Eggs

    First you need to empty out the egg white and yolk inside of each egg.

    This will leave you with an empty eggshell to decorate.

    By hollowing the eggs, you’ll be able to save your eggs forever and not have

    to worry about your egg being perishable.

    Gather your supplies needed to hollow the eggs.


    Click on the link above to watch a video to help you blow an egg.

    easter eggstravaganza.pptx

  • Now that your eggs are empty, gently rinse them out,

    dry them off, and prepare them for decorating.

  • Prepare Your Eggs for Decorating

    Gather your empty eggs and bamboo skewers. The bamboo skewers are a great way

    to hold your delicate egg and easily decorate all sides.

    Since your egg has two holes (one on each end), insert the pointed end of a skewer

    into the bottom hole of the egg and guide it through the top hole as well.

    If the top hole is small enough, the egg will sit nicely on the top of the skewer and not slide down.

    You can cut each skewer in half to make them easier to handle.

    If the holes in your egg are too large for the skewer and the egg slips down, you can use this simple trick:

    Wrap a small rubber band tightly on the skewer about 1/3 of the way down.

    Insert the skewer into the bottom of the egg and the egg will sit on the rubber band.

    Add another rubber band above the egg and slide down to secure the egg.

  • Time to Paint and Decorate Your Egg

    Have all of your painting and decorating supplies gathered before you begin.

  • First, choose a color to use as your base color and mix your paint.

    Cover the entire surface of the egg evenly with paint.

    Sprinkle glitter onto wet paint and allow your egg with glitter

    to dry a few minutes before the next step.

  • Let the painted egg dry thoroughly.

    Using your ribbon, beads, and glitter glue, apply your decorations to your egg.

    When using craft glue to apply your ribbon, it’s best to let the glue dry a little so

    it’s very tacky before you apply the ribbon. This will help the ribbon stick to the egg.

    Apply the ribbons first, and then decorate with glitter glue and beads.

    Have fun embellishing your eggs!

    Allow your eggs to dry by placing your skewers in a small vase.

  • Create a Stand to Hold Your Egg

    Now it’s time to create a stand to display your egg and keep it from rolling around!

    You can use an everyday cardboard tube from paper towels or toilet tissue

    to create an egg stand.

    Cut the paper tube open and cut a strip an inch wide from the top of the roll.

    Slide the two ends together to make the tube small enough for your egg to sit on top of

    and not fall inside. Once you have the right size, staple the ends together.

    Decorate your egg stand any way you’d like. We simply wrapped our stand with

    ribbon and secured it with a staple.

    Be sure to check the size of your stand before decorating and

    make one stand for each of your eggs.

    http://www.mykidsadventures.com/cardboard-projects/ http://www.pinterest.com/bolion/ribbon-kids-crafts/

  • Chinese Marbled Tea Eggs

    The Chinese use eggs in their New Year celebrations.

    Check out the recipe on the next slide!

  • How to make Chinese Marbled Tea Eggs


    • 8 extra large Eggs

    • 1 tablespoon Five spice powder

    • 2 tablespoons Soy sauce

    • 2 tablespoons Black tea leaves or 2 teabags

    • 1 teaspoon Salt


    • Hard boil eggs. Remove eggs from water, do not discard water. Use a heavy spoon (I use head of metal ice cream scooper) to break the shell (do not peel) all over the surface of each egg. Return the eggs to the hot water. Add remaining ingredients and simmer for 1 hour. After eggs have cooled, transfer eggs and liquid into a storage container. Allow to sit overnight.

    • To eat, peel and enjoy the beautiful marbled design and smoky tea flavor. Also makes a delicious egg salad.

  • Clowns • https://mocomi.com/10-

    interesting-facts-about-clowns/ Did you know, that if you want to be a clown, you have to paint your clown’s face on an egg? Every clown has to have a different style of make-up, and the design is painted on to an egg. You have to apply to Clown International if you want to be a professional clown.

    Why don’t you have a go at being a clown for a day?

    As usual, email your pics on J2e



  • Have a Cracking Easter!!

    We know it won’t be the same as a normal Easter holiday, but we hope that you will be inspired by these “egg”cellent ideas to keep you busy. We will be “egg”cited to see how you get on, especially if you manage to send some photos of your “egg”ceptional creations.

    Eggs are fairly cheap, so you won’t have to “shell” out too much to get creative! Okay – too many egg jokes now. If you have any better ones, you can always email them to us.

    Have a lovely Easter.

    See you soon, love from Mrs Scott, Mrs Donkanha and Miss Potter.