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Easter Bunny Softie Tutorial

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For personal use only, make one for yourself, kids or friends.

Text of Easter Bunny Softie Tutorial

Smooch Designswww.karunui.blogspot.comCopyright 2009 Smooch Designs

Easter Bunny Chenille Softie Tutorial

This pattern has been created to use up scraps of fabrics. My off cuts have come from the bibs I am making. Please feel free to use this pattern for your personal use and make one for yourself, the kids or your friends. Notes: 1/8 inch seam allowance is included in the pattern Use a slightly smaller stitch length than usual.

Requirements: Chenille and Cotton fabric scraps Scrap of tearaway for bunnys tail Polyester fill Embroidery floss for face Jingle Bell (Optional) Cellophane (Optional) Ribbon (Optional)

Instructions: Picture 1 First up cut out your ears from your cotton print fabric Place on top of a piece of chenille and pin right sides together Sew around each ear with a 1/8 inch seam, remember to reduce your stitch length and leave the bottom open for turning Picture 2 Trim around ears and turn thru Put a little bit of stuffing in each ear remember to fill right to the bottom otherwise the ears will be very floppy Picture 3 Sew curved lines on the centre of each ear to help them bend

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4a & 4b For something a bit different and for the ears to make a crinkly noise when baby is playing with them I placed 2 layers of cellophane on top of the fabric before stitching around them. I found I needed to use a new needle on my machine and they were a little more difficult to turn thru. I still stuffed the ears and the cellophane also made them more ridged so they dont flop around as much. I dont know how these will go in the wash yet.

Picture 4a

Picture 4b

Picture 5a & 5b

Cut out a circle from the chenille and a rectangle for the body 7 inches by 3.5 inches Place the scrap of tearaway onto the wrong side of the cotton print fabric underneath the position of the tail. Place the tail in the centre of the fabric and approximately 3/4 inch from the bottom edge and sew the bunnys tail onto the right side of the fabric using zigzag stitch. Tip: To make a nice curve on the tail, when you are sewing around the circle stop when the stitch is on the outside of the circle and leave the needle in the down position before turning your fabric. Refer to the diagram on the pattern

Picture 5a

Picture 5b

Picture 6 Cut out the body from the chenille fabric. I trimmed the fluffy bits around the face slightly before embroidering each face. Use the pattern as a guide for the eyes, ears and nose.

Picture 6

No Picture (sorry I forgot) Optional cut out a pocket 5 inches x 3 1/2 inches. Fold in half so it measures 2 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches (You can just see a glimpse of a red spotty pocket in Picture 7) Sandwich the pocket in between each body piece.

Picture 7 Place fabric right sides together and pin With a slightly shorter stitch length sew around the body using a 1/8 inch seam. Leave a gap in the top and bottom as indicated on the pattern. Picture 8 Cut out the body and poke the ears in thru the gap in the top of the bunnys head. Use the gap in the bottom of the bunny to help pull them thru. Remember that the print fabric faces the chenille and vice versa for the front and back. Sew the gap in the top of the head Trim the bunnys ears and turn thru

Picture 7

Picture 8

Picture 9 If you have decided to add a jingle bell then make a little pocket for it to stop the stuffing getting inside. Cut a rectangle large enough to fit the bell inside and sew up each side. Place the bell inside and sew across the top

Picture 9

No picture again of the next step Stuff your bunny, I didnt over fill mine as I wanted them to be soft and squishy Place the jingle bell inside when you are half way, try to centre the bell by placing stuffing around it When fully stuffed hand stitch the bottom shut with ladder stitch or sew across with your machine

Tie a ribbon around his/her neck and there you have it an Easter Bunny that doesnt contain any calories!

Uses: A soft rattle for baby to play with and explore the different textures of fabrics. (You may choose to leave off the ribbon) The pocket can be used to leave a little tooth for the tooth fairy to collect and leave some money in. Or a calorie free Easter treat.


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