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  • 1. EASTER BUNNY CAKEGourmet Recipe perfect for Easter

2. CELEBRATE EASTER WITH THIS CUTE COCONUT- TOPPED BUNNY CAKE. E S T I M AT E D P R E PA R AT I O N T I M E F O RTHIS SPECIAL RECIPE WILL BE ONE HOUR, AND THISRECIPE CAN BE CATERED 12 -14 PEOPLE. 3. INGREDIENTSFrosting: Bunny: 3 sticks (12 ounces) unsalted 2 baked 9-inch round cake layers butter, at room temperature 1 1/4 cup sweetened flaked coconut 2 store-bought biscotti 6 cups confectioners sugar 1 tube pink decorating icing Pinch fine salt 2 black jelly beans 1 tablespoon vanilla extract 2 marshmallows 2 to 3 tablespoons milk 1 white jelly bean, halved lengthwise 1 pink jelly bean 1 black licorice wheel, such as Haribo 4. PROCEDURE 5. STEP 1 For the frosting: Combine thebutter, sugar and salt in the bowl of a standmixer fitted with a paddle attachment (or in alarge bowl if using a hand-held electricmixer). Mix on low speed until mostlyincorporated. Add the vanilla, increase thespeed to medium-high and mix until smooth.Adjust the consistency with milk until thefrosting is easy to spread. 6. STEP 2 For the bunny: Spread a thin layer of frosting on the flat side of one cake layer, about 2/3 cup, and top with the flat side of the second cake layer. Measure 5 inches across the top of the cake and cut down through the layers, creating two layered pieces that are slightly different sizes. 7. STEP 3 Place the larger piece of cake, cut-side down, on a large platter or cake board. Ifusing a rectangular cake board, place the larger piece so that the long edges are parallelwith the long edges of the board. This is the body of the bunny. Cut the smaller piece ofcake in half crosswise, so you have two layered wedges. Place one wedge in front of thebody, with one flat side on the board and the other flat side against the body. The curvedside will be on top. Take a serrated knife and round off the sharp edges on top of thehead. Cut the tip off (the nose) at a 45-degree angle. Reserve all scraps in a bowl. 8. Separate the layers of the remainingwedge of cake. These will be the backlegs. Round the sharp edges of the cakewedges with your knife, and add to thescrap bowl. Place one piece on each sideof the bunny, with one flat side downand the other flat side facing forward (theround side towards the back of thebunny), about 1-inch from the end of thebunnys body. 9. STEP 4 Mix the cake scraps in the bowl with a fork until mashed, and then pack into a ball with your hands. Place the ball behind the bunnys body and adhere with a dab of frosting. This is the bunnys tail. 10. STEP 5 Frost the entire bunny, tail andall, using 2 to 3 cups of thefrosting, keeping some definition with thebunny parts, and frosting moregenerously around any sharp edges togive a rounded look to the bunny parts.Sprinkle the bunny with the coconut tofully cover. Gently pat to adhere. 11. STEP 6 Insert the biscotti between the head and body, pressing into the cake to secure them. These are the ears. Place the base of the ears close together at the center of the head and angle them out. Frost the front of each biscotti with some frosting. 12. STEP 7 Then, using the pinkdecorating icing, frost a smallerstrip in the center of eachbiscotti, going down to where theears meet the head but not goingall the way to the top. 13. STEP 8 To make the face, press a black jelly bean into each side of the head for the eyes. Cut one of the marshmallows into 3 circles, discard the middle piece, and press the 2 end circles, cut-sides-in, into the front of the face for the bunny cheeks. Take the white jelly bean halves and push them into face below the cheeks, round-sides-out, for the teeth. Place the pink jelly bean above for the nose. 14. STEP 9 Unroll the licorice wheel and cut 2 piecesabout 1 1/2 inches long each. For eachpiece, peel the strips apart halfway down, andthen cut each separated strip in halflengthwise so you end up with a piecelooking a bit like a broom. Repeat with thesecond piece of licorice. Tuck eachpiece, with a dab of frosting, behind amarshmallow cheek, with the cut ends facingout, for the whiskers. 15. FINALLY Cut the second marshmallowin half lengthwise. Make 3 slits ineach half, going about halfwaythrough (these are the toes), andplace in front of the legs for thebunnys feet. Adhere the bottomof the feet with icing if necessary. 16. COOKS NOTE:Take 2 1/2 sheets of parchment paper and cut in half. Line the edges of your cakeboard with these parchment rectangles so that they form a rectangle of open spacein the middle. Build your cake on the edges of these pieces of parchment. Whenyou are finished you can slide them away along with any excess icing and coconut.Make sure your cakes are completely cooled before you being to ice and cut them. 17. THIS IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY: