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  • EAST PATCHOGUE NEWSMrs. LtK-rezia Drnmm. BEllport 7-0308M

    Over 170 p-eople enjoyed a meat-ball and spaghetti dinner givenby the Rosary Altar Society ofSt. Joseph's R. C. church April8 at the firehouse in Hagerman.The dinner was prepared by theladies of the society, under theleadership of Mrs. Phoebe Ga-ruppo. The tables were set withwhite tablecloths and had snap-dragons and roses as centerpieces.After the dinner there was anawarding of over 40 gifts donatedby members and friends and twodoor awards which consisted ofbouquets of flowers. Entertain-ment was furnished by pupils ofthe Jimmie Rocco School of Danc-ing, with the assistance of JimmieRocco, Madge Fox and HerbieMiller. Pupils participating were :Bonnie Lundy, Patricia Smith,Jean Ostrom, Diane Robinson,Dolores Drapel , Robert ' Nelson,Linda Robinson, Joan Zebrowski,Ronnie Smith, Robert Monahan,Mary Ann Raiona, Johnny DeSant,Joann Ambrose, Shell-ey Farrell,Robert Pisani, Robert Busch,Janet and Carol Magee, MatthewVona, Donna Liguori , Terry Pa-rente, Barbara Ann Leavendosky,Pat Liguori, Dickie Norwicki,Mary Ann Raiona, Bobby Nelson,Rose Gazzola and Pam and SkippyJackson.

    New schedule of Masses atMary Immaculate church, 8-10 a.nt. and 12:15 p. m. St. Joseph'schurch at 8:30 a. nt. and 11 a. m.Yaphank, 9 a. m. Adv.

    Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Gazzola anddaughters, Bonita and Roseann,visited the underground church inOceanside Easter Sunday and haddinner at Felice's restaurant.

    Mr. and Mrs. Philip Simone ofBayview avenue entertained overthe weekend Mr. and Mrs. Jo-seph De Paolo of Brooklyn.

    Mr. and Mrs. Verne Critz ofHedges road entertained for aweek Alvin Critz of New Yorkcity and Mary Sue Murphy ofLiverpool , N. Y.

    Roseann Gazzola, daughter ofMr. and Mrs. Ralph Gazzola ofBayview avenue, was chosen asone of the two winners of thetalent show sponsored by the Pat-chogue theatre and station WPACFriday night at the theatre. Ro-seann won with the twirling rou-tine which she also performedWednesday night at the RosaryAltar society dinner. She is theholder of several awards givenfor Junior Miss Twirler from theSuffolk County Drum and BugleCorps, association.

    There will be a CYO meetingfrom 7:30 to 9:15 p. m. today mthe basement of Mary Immacu-late church in Bellport. FirstCommunion classes will be re-sumed this Saturday at 10 a. m.at Mary Immaculate church forall students. There will be noclass in St. Joseph's church.

    The Parent-Teacher associationof the East Patchogue school willhold its regular meeting April22 at 8:30 p. m. in the school.The program for the evening willbe a forum by the students of theeighth grade, under the directionof Miss Jennie Lotito, theirteacher.

    Smart, designing, Oiwt qualityprinting and stock are what youget when The Patchogue Advancefurnishes your printing require-ments.Adv.

    The Rosary Altar Society ofSt. Joseph's R. C. church will holdits annual Communion breakfastMay 3 at Shaber's restaurantafter the 8:30 mass. Members whowish to attend should contact MissMary Gazzola of Zipp avenue. Theregular meeting which was to beheld May 3 has been postponeduntil May 6 at 8 p. m... followingdevotions at the church. Thespeaker will be Mrs. David Gil-martin, who will address the so-ciety on "Our Blessed Mother."

    Holtsville &Farmingville

    Mrs. Carl J. A. Bamann. SEIden 2-3593

    The long awaited "Music Fes-tival ," sponsored by the Ladies'Aid society of the FarmingvilleCongregational church, will takeplace Saturday night a t theFarmingville fireball. Jack Ells-worth of Station WALK is to bemaster-of-ceremonies and a de-lightful program sufficiently di-versified to please everyone hasbeen arranged.

    Mrs. Anna Thamm of Berk-shire drive is a medical patientat Mather Memorial hospital ,Port Jefferson.

    The Girl Scouts of Troop 14recently enjoyed a cook-out at thehome of Judy_ Terry. They fol-lowed a trail and played gamesafter the meal. Saturday after-noon the following members ofthe troop went roller skating atthe Mastic rink : Jeanie Crawford,Jane Morel , Anita and BarbaraMillevolte, Marian Stuart, JudyTerry, Alice Jonck and StephanieCarbonaro. They were accompani-ed by Mrs. Marie Howell , Mrs.Orist Millevolte and Mrs. LeighStuart.

    Mr. and Mrs. Karl L. Jannenand eon, Kenneth, motored toNew York city Saturday. Theyvisited the Central Park zoo andthe RCA radio and television ex-hibit, took the tour through RadioCity, and attended the Chryslerautomobile exhibit at the Chrys-ler building and the InternationalAutomobile show of 1953 atGrand Central Palace.

    Last Tuesday night Mr. andMrs. Anthony Kreutz entertainedMrs. Marie Molfetta and children,Frieda Christine and Andrew, ofNesconset. Friday afternoon, Mrs.Kreutz entertained Mrs. RuthKaffka and Mrs. Mary Kaffka andMrs. Josephine B a r b i e r i ofBrooklyn, who is visiting Mr. andMrs. Otto Kaffka.

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mclnnesof Elmhurst were at their cottageon Long Island avenue for theweekend.

    The members of the graduatingclass of the local school enjoyeda delightful day in New York citylast Friday. They attended theperformance at the Radio CityMusic hall and a movie and wentto the circus in the evening. Theywere accompanied by George W.Still and John Wallen of the fa-culty, Mrs. William Peters, Mrs.William Costello and Elmer Fo-gerty. Report cards will be tesuedMonday for the third markingperiod. The newly formed schoolband held its first rehearsalTuesday.

    Mrs. C. Mathews and Miss Ber-tha Tocpel and two guests fromEast Williston spend Saturday atthe Mathews' cottage on LongIsland avenue.

    Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hamann andsons visited Mrs. Hamann's cous-ins, Mr. and Mrs. Vincent P. Ban-nan, and daughter, Susan, ofCarle Place Saturday afternoon.

    Miss Joan Loesch was an over-night guest of Miss Anne O'Horaof White Plains last Friday. MissLoesch and Miss O'Hora attendedthe fashion show and bridgesponsored by the alumnae of GoodCounsel college. Saturday nightMiss Loesch and her fiance, LeonStoltzc, Jr., were guests at aparty at the home of Miss Elea-nor Markey of Bogota, N. J.

    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sardoneattended the wedding Saturdayof their nephew, Joseph Scaring*,and Miss Sally Panzine in theBronx and the dinner and recep-tion which followed at the Bronx-wood inn. Sunday, Mr. and Mrs.Sardone and their children, Mr.and Mrs. Joseph Gallina andbaby, Frances, and Mr. and Mrs.Frank Sardone and son, Joseph,attended a family dinner andgathering for 30 guests* at thehome of Mr. Sardone's mother,Mrs. Maria Sardone of Washing-ton Heights.

    Mr. and Mrs. Zotta were attheir cottage on Oriole place forthe weekend.

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    The annual school district meet-ing will be held at 7:30 p. m.May 5 at the school. Notices ofthe meeting have been distributedthroughout the district. No tru-st-ees are to be elected thin year.

    The card party sponsored bythe local Home Bureau unit atthe Community hall last Satur-day night was very succoeaful.The special award of $3 was giv-en to Mrs. Gwen Lindenfelser andMrs. Mary Levingston receivedt h e $2 award. Mi>. ArthurSehomber received t h e dooraward, a beautiful table lamp.Friday night, after Mrs. RuthKaffka, Mrs. Mary Kaffka, Mrs.Allan Sipos, Mrs. Johanna Kreuti ,Mrs. Josephine Barbieri and Mr.and Mrs. Larry Howell had work-ed at the hall to prepare for thecard party, they enjoyed refresh-ments at Rico's restaurant. Thelocal Home Bureau unit is cele-brating its seventh anniversarythis month.

    Mr. and Mrs. James Gordonand children spent the Hauler va-cation at their nummer cottageon Wendy drive.

    Mr. and Mrs. Larry Gowan andchildren, Henry and Sue Ann , ac-companied by M r s , Cowan'smother, Mrs. Carl Mollcr of Cwi-tcrcuch, have just returned froma two week visit with Mr.

    Gowan's family at Humboldt ,Tenn. Mr. Gowan was guest-of-honor at a family reunion attend-ed by 55 members of his familyat the home of his sister, Mrs.Ollie Pillow, at Medina, Tenn.

    Mr. and Mrs. Lars Larsen ofMidvale avenue entertained Mr.and Mrs. Ole Larsen of BrooklynSunday.

    Mrs. Gertrude Devers, formerlya member of the local school fa-culty, is recuperating at South-side hospital Bay Shore, from arecent operation. She expects toreturn to her home in Central Is-lip the latter part of this week.

    Birthday greetings to: ElinorElfast and Loretta Alver, April16; Michael Clemente, RonaldDavis and Mrs. Tessie Moscato ,April 17; Allen Davis and AlfredLalla, April 18; Arthur Read, Sr.,Martin Eisenberg, Jr., and JoanOlsen, April 19, and Andrew Mos-so, April 20.

    Miss Doris Seavers, daughter ofMr. and Mrs. Herbert Holmes,was at home for the Easter vaca-tion from Long Island Collegehospital, Mr. and Mrs. Holmesalso had as guests Easter Sundaytheir son-in-law and daughter,Mr. and Mrs. Francis Payne, andchildren of Islip.

    Miss Garnet Terry spent sever-al days of her Easter vacationfrom the State Teachers' collegeat New Paltz with her " parents,Mr. and Mrs. Millard Terry. Shethen visited points of interest inWashington, D. C, for a fewdays.


    The Holy spirit of the SpringIs working silently.

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