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Earthquakes & Volcanoes. The Layers of the Earth. Three Layers: Crust Mantle Core. The Earth ’ s Core. Two layers: Inner Core Outer Core Lithosphere Asthenosphere. Continental Drift. WHO: Alfred Wegner WHEN: 1912 WHAT: Pangea HOW: - Fossils - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Page 1: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

Earthquakes Earthquakes & &


Page 2: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

The Layers of the EarthThe Layers of the Earth

Three Layers:Three Layers: CrustCrust



Page 3: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

The EarthThe Earth’’s Cores Core

Two layers:Two layers:Inner CoreInner Core

Outer CoreOuter Core


Page 4: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

Continental DriftContinental Drift

WHO: WHO: Alfred WegnerAlfred Wegner WHEN: WHEN: 19121912 WHAT: WHAT: PangeaPangea HOW: - HOW: - FossilsFossils

- - RocksRocks

- - GlaciersGlaciers

- - Polar Polar


Page 5: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

Explaining Continental DriftExplaining Continental Drift



Page 6: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

Questions that Arose…Questions that Arose… No MechanismNo Mechanism

EarthEarth’’s spins spin Strength of rocksStrength of rocks Wind and Ocean currentsWind and Ocean currents

Arthur HolmesArthur Holmes Convection CurrentsConvection Currents How plates moveHow plates move TrenchTrench RidgeRidge

Page 7: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

The Jig-Saw PuzzleThe Jig-Saw Puzzle

Two Types of PlatesTwo Types of Plates Ocean PlatesOcean Plates

ThinThin DenseDense

Land PlatesLand Plates ThickThick

Page 8: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

Sea Floor SpreadingSea Floor Spreading

Harry HessHarry Hess Ridge Ridge Trench Trench

Robert DietzRobert Dietz Lithosphere NOT CrustLithosphere NOT Crust

What are the differences between What are the differences between WegnerWegner’’s hypothesis and Hess and Diets hypothesis and Hess and Dietzz’’??

Page 9: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

Sea Floor Spreading and Sea Floor Spreading and Magnetics…Magnetics…

OceanOcean’’s floor and Earths floor and Earth’’s magnetic fields magnetic field Positive Magnetic AnomaliesPositive Magnetic Anomalies Negative Magnetic AnomaliesNegative Magnetic Anomalies

Page 10: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

Positive VS. Negative Positive VS. Negative Magnetic StripsMagnetic Strips

Page 11: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes


Ocean plate goes under land plateOcean plate goes under land plate Pushed into AsthenospherePushed into Asthenosphere StratovolcanoesStratovolcanoes EarthquakesEarthquakes

Edge of plateEdge of plate AsthenosphereAsthenosphere

Page 12: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

Plate BoundariesPlate Boundaries

How are they found?How are they found?

Earthquake depthEarthquake depth ShallowShallow IntermediateIntermediate DeepDeep

Page 13: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

RING OF FIRERING OF FIRE How do the trenches relate to the Ring of How do the trenches relate to the Ring of


Page 14: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

Plate BoundariesPlate Boundaries

Plates Moving AwayPlates Moving Away Divergent Plate BoundaryDivergent Plate Boundary

Plates Moving TowardPlates Moving Toward Convergent Plate BoundaryConvergent Plate Boundary

Plates Sliding PastPlates Sliding Past Transform Plate BoundaryTransform Plate Boundary

Page 15: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

Divergent Plate BoundaryDivergent Plate Boundary


Mid-Atlantic RidgeMid-Atlantic Ridge

Page 16: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

Convergent Plate BoundaryConvergent Plate Boundary

““CompressionalCompressional”” Nazca Plate moving under portion of Nazca Plate moving under portion of

South American PlateSouth American Plate Why does the Nazca plate move under Why does the Nazca plate move under

the South American plate? the South American plate? *HINT* What types of plates *HINT* What types of plates

are they?are they?

Page 17: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

Transform Plate Transform Plate BoundaryBoundary

Cause EarthquakesCause Earthquakes San Andreas fault in CaliforniaSan Andreas fault in California

What two platesWhat two plates

cause this fault?cause this fault?

Page 18: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

When do Volcanoes When do Volcanoes Happen?Happen?

1)1) Divergent Plate BoundariesDivergent Plate Boundaries

2) Convergent Plate Boundary2) Convergent Plate Boundary

3) Hot Spots3) Hot Spots

Page 19: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

Hot SpotsHot Spots

Fixed spotsFixed spots

Magma = low pressure + shallow depthMagma = low pressure + shallow depth Plate movesPlate moves Geologist Tuzo WilsonGeologist Tuzo Wilson Emperor SeamountsEmperor Seamounts

Page 20: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

Why and Where???Why and Where???

Page 21: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

Speaking of HotSpots…Speaking of HotSpots…Trip to Yellow Stone anybody?Trip to Yellow Stone anybody?


Page 22: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

The Low-Down on LAVAThe Low-Down on LAVA

Three TypesThree Types::

1- 1- PillowPillow

-Mid-Ocean Ridges-Mid-Ocean Ridges

-Why does it form like-Why does it form like


2- 2- PahoehoePahoehoe

- Characteristics?- Characteristics?

- How does it form?- How does it form?

3- 3- AaAa

- Characteristics?- Characteristics?

Coast of Kilauea

Sub-Glacial Pillow Lava

Mauna Ula

Mauna Loa

Page 23: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

Pahoehoe Lava VS. Aa Lava Pahoehoe Lava VS. Aa Lava

* How do they form?* How do they form?

*Where do they go?*Where do they go?

*How does surrounding *How does surrounding rock help?rock help?

Lava Tube VS. Lava Channel

Page 24: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

Pillow LavaPillow Lava – – CoastalCoastal FlowsFlows

Large frontLarge front Lava tubesLava tubes LobesLobes Foreset bedsForeset beds

Page 25: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

Common VolcanoesCommon Volcanoes

Crater LakeCrater Lake Mount Saint Helen Mount Saint Helen Una UnaUna Una

Page 26: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

Volcanic RocksVolcanic Rocks

IntrusiveIntrusive GraniteGranite

ExtrusiveExtrusive BasaltBasalt

Page 27: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

Volcanic DebrisVolcanic Debris

BombsBombs BlocksBlocks LapilliLapilli CindersCinders AshAsh ScoriaScoria PumicePumice Thread lace scoriaThread lace scoria PelePele’’s Hairs Hair SpatterSpatter

Page 28: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

Components of a VolcanoComponents of a Volcano

Page 29: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

Volcanic LandformsVolcanic LandformsSHIELD VOLCANOESSHIELD VOLCANOES Low viscosityLow viscosity Thin basaltThin basalt Gentle slopesGentle slopes Mauna LoaMauna Loa

7.5 miles from vent7.5 miles from vent Powerline polesPowerline poles

Page 30: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

Volcanic LandformsVolcanic LandformsStratovolcanoesStratovolcanoes Andesite and Dacite High silica = viscous Gas buildup causes

Violent eruptions Lots of ash

Subduction zones Mount Saint Helens

Page 31: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

Volcanic LandformsVolcanic LandformsCinder ConesCinder ConesWhat are they made from?What are they made from?HeightHeightFire FountainsFire Fountains


Fire Fountain

Puu Lilinue , Hawaii

Page 32: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

Volcanic LandformsVolcanic LandformsLava DomesLava Domes Steep sidesSteep sides Highly viscousHighly viscous What type of volcanoes can these be What type of volcanoes can these be

commonly found in?commonly found in?

Mt. Saint Helens Mt. Uzen

Page 33: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

Volcanic LandformsVolcanic LandformsVolcanic SpineVolcanic Spine



What type of lava?What type of lava?

Mount Pelee, Martinique

Mt. Saint Helens

Page 34: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

Volcanic LandformsVolcanic LandformsFlood BasaltsFlood Basalts

““Lava PlainsLava Plains””

Flat sheetsFlat sheets

Fluid lavaFluid lava

How do these How do these

compare to shield compare to shield


Columbia River flood basalts

Page 35: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

Volcanic LandformsVolcanic LandformsComposite VolcanoesComposite Volcanoes


What part is steep?What part is steep?

How is the slope?How is the slope?


Page 36: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

Early Detection?...Early Detection?...TiltmeterTiltmeter

Page 37: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

What measures the tilt?What measures the tilt?

Page 38: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

Leveling Leveling E.D.M. E.D.M. SurveysSurveys

Laser lightLaser light Where can this be Where can this be

found?found? How can this be How can this be


Measures horizontal Measures horizontal and vertical and vertical distancesdistances


Page 39: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

Global Positioning Global Positioning SystemSystem

System of: - Orbiting satellitesSystem of: - Orbiting satellites

- Receivers on volcanoes- Receivers on volcanoes

- Computers- Computers Time information between satellite and Time information between satellite and

receiverreceiver How does this information How does this information

help scientists?help scientists?

Page 40: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

Seismicity Gas Seismicity Gas GeochemistryGeochemistry

What does it What does it measure?measure?

How does this help?How does this help? Harmonic TremorHarmonic Tremor

FumarolesFumaroles What is measured?What is measured? How does this help?How does this help?

Page 41: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

Volcanoe Video…Volcanoe Video…


Page 42: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes


Vibration and ShakingVibration and Shaking


Shock WavesShock Waves

Elastic Strain Elastic Strain

Page 43: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

Points to know…Points to know…



Page 44: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

Earthquake HistoryEarthquake History

Northridge 1994Northridge 1994

San Andreas 1906San Andreas 1906 Loma Prieta 1989Loma Prieta 1989

Page 45: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

Measuring EarthquakesMeasuring Earthquakes

Seismograph:Seismograph:PenPenRotating Paper DrumRotating Paper Drum

Mercalli ScaleMercalli Scale

Richter ScaleRichter Scale

Page 46: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

Fun Facts!Fun Facts!

Ringing Church BellsRinging Church Bells

Heat in IcelandHeat in Iceland

Nutrients for the Earths SoilsNutrients for the Earths Soils

Page 47: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

DifferentDifferentEarthquakeEarthquake Waves Waves Primary WavePrimary Wave

Secondary WaveSecondary Wave

Rayleigh WaveRayleigh Wave

Love WaveLove Wave

Page 48: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

Different FaultsDifferent Faults Strike-Slip FaultsStrike-Slip Faults Thrust/ Reverse FaultThrust/ Reverse Fault Normal FaultsNormal Faults

Page 49: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

Earthquake VideoEarthquake Video


Page 50: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

Why are earthquakes in Why are earthquakes in New York so dangerous?New York so dangerous?

Population and building structurePopulation and building structure

Transmission of shakingTransmission of shaking

Water Pressure Water Pressure

-More fires-More fires

Page 51: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

East Coast vs. West CoastEast Coast vs. West Coast

Drill holes in Manhattan and Los AngelesDrill holes in Manhattan and Los Angeles Temperatures differenceTemperatures difference Two plates rubbing cause volcanic Two plates rubbing cause volcanic

activityactivity Hotter temp. makes damps out Hotter temp. makes damps out

propagation of seismic propagation of seismic waveswaves What does this mean?What does this mean?

Page 52: Earthquakes  &                 Volcanoes

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