E ffective strategies for motivating and engaging young LLN learners Tinyan Akin-Omoyajowo

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E ffective strategies for motivating and engaging young LLN learners Tinyan Akin-Omoyajowo Barking & Dagenham College . 8th most deprived borough in London and ranks 9th among 354 authorities in England Among those of working age who are unemployed 44.5% lack any qualifications - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Investigating effective strategies for motivating and engaging young LLN learners</p> <p>Effective strategies for motivating and engaging young LLN learners </p> <p>Tinyan Akin-OmoyajowoBarking &amp; Dagenham College 1Barking and Dagenham- Background 8th most deprived borough in London and ranks 9th among 354 authorities in England</p> <p>Among those of working age who are unemployed 44.5% lack any qualifications</p> <p>4th lowest in England for literacy and 2nd lowest for numeracy</p> <p>Why we carried out the study: Too many learners with inadequate maths and English skills to succeed in life, work and their vocation courses </p> <p>Lack of interest, poor attendance to programmes designed to help them improve or develop these skills leading to poor retention and achievement </p> <p>Low level engagement in lessons</p> <p>Frustrated tutors trying to do a job</p> <p>Research Aim: Uncover learners impassive attitudes and disengagement with LLN/ FS classes</p> <p> Explore different models of promoting and delivering LLN/ FS and </p> <p>Test out models and recommended effective promotional and delivery strategies4The national challenge:Companies are struggling to find skilled staff as thousands leave school with a poor grasp of the 3Rs. Low standards of literacy and numeracy among the young have left the economy exposed to competition from India and China- Sir T. Leahy </p> <p>A word from Sir Terry Leahy 1st year: vocational tutors taught, supported by the FS team2nd year: FS specialists taught Result: </p> <p>1st year - achievement low; most tutors struggled to deliver </p> <p>2nd year - poor attendance &amp; behaviour; low achievement Before the study: The research methodology. 260 learners filled questionnaires</p> <p>50 learners were interviewed formally and informally</p> <p>10 vocational and LLN tutor filled questionnaires </p> <p>3 workshops involving 3 vocational and 4 FS tutorsKey findings 8Key recommendations:-Advertise development of FS at entry point and as integral part of qualification</p> <p>-Timetable lessons and tutors judiciously to promote positive image of FS</p> <p>- Proactively promote collaborative work ethics and sharing of good practice among staff </p> <p>- Develop learner-centred delivery and support systemTo change the mind-set of learners, there had to be a mind-shift of the tutors. The starting point of our recommendations was the need to proactively encourage collaboration between tutors - both FS and vocational. Sessions to encourage collaborative planning and delivery were organised as part of this mind-shift and the effect has been positive and exciting for those who have attended. Learners who come in for vocational qualifications will now be made aware that improving their FS is an integral part of their contract and the link between FS and life and work will be made clearer. </p> <p>9THE STORY SO FARSupporting Learners Timetabling Promoting collaborationAdvertising LLN Open days, initial interviews, course handbooks and induction FS &amp; VT will now work together with training and opportunity/ time for collaboration Reviewing SoW for relevance; effective teaching, learning &amp; support strategies being put in place Cross-college centralised &amp; relatively effective timetable</p> <p>LLN tutors will continue to be based in curriculum areas and will be involved in initial interviews and inductions- this will help learners see them as part of the big picture, not just add-ons. All tutors- LLN and vocational will be involved in monitoring attendance, behaviour, engagement, retention and performance of learners both in vocational and LLN groups . FS will be a vital part of any areas SAR. College websites, prospectuses and course handbooks will make learners aware of the need to improve or develop LLN skills- LLN will be sold as an integral part of the course Timetables are being done centrally and LLN slots are being monitored. Support and training are being given to LLN and vocational staff on how to maximum learning experience for their learners through lesson plans and deliveries; identification of common areas in SoW (to allow for natural embedding); sharing of good practices, resources ( to emphasise relevance and promote contextualisation) , time and space etc . Hopefully, LSAs will be included in this later. Looking @ streaming learners; support thats been given to those who already have quals but no skills; maximising support given thru our study centres.</p> <p>10Next steps:- Market development of FS on college website and during induction as integral part of main course - Continue to promote collaborative planning and delivery and give training as identified- Monitor how recommendations are being carried out in the different curriculum areas- Monitor effect of recommendations on teaching and learning experiences; attendance and retention </p>


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