E Cigarette Starter Kit Guide

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Your guide to choosing an e cigarette starter kit!


<ul><li><p>What Goes Into an E-Cigarette Starter Kit</p><p>An E-cigarette starter kit is the first thing you're going to need if you want to make the switch from tobacco to electronic cigarettes. They are composed of all of the components that go into making an e-cigarette run. From the battery to the flavor cartridges to the chargers, e-cigarette kits make the e-smoking world run. It's how everyone got started with electronic cigarettes and they are usually pretty cheap for everything that comes in them. With that, let's take a look at what comes in a typical e-cigarette starter kit.</p><p>Batteries</p><p>The battery is the most important part of any e-cigarette. It fuels the technology that turns the e-liquid in your flavor cartridges into the vapor that you inhale. Every kit comes with at least one battery. The more expensive ones will come with two or even three batteries! It's useful to have more than one battery so that you can charge one while you use the other. </p><p>Batteries come in a few different shapes, types and sizes. There are long batteries, short batteries and mid-sized batteries. The larger the battery, the more charge it can hold! There are also manual and </p></li><li><p>automatic batteries. A manual battery requires that you press a button while inhaling. Otherwise the vapor won't come out. Automatic batteries just start creating vapor when you start inhaling. Manual batteries give you more control over the vapor, while automatic batteries are a bit more convenient. </p><p>Flavor Cartridges</p><p>Flavor cartridges are the fun part of electronic cigarettes. There are so many great flavors under the sun that shopping for cartridges is perhaps the most exciting thing you'll do all day. But flavor cartridges also come in different strengths, based on how much nicotine was included in the e-liquid inside of it. </p><p>Starter kits come with anywhere from 1 flavor cartridge to 20 5-packs. The more you pay, the more you'll get. Most brands allow you to choose the flavor and strength of all your cartridges that come in the kit. </p><p>To choose the right strength of flavor cartridges, think about how many packs you smoke per day. If you smoke a half a pack, medium strength or about 12mg will be right for you. If you smoke a full pack, you may want to go full strength with 18-24mg cartridges. Test them out and see if they work. If you don't crave a tobacco cigarette when you're using your e-cig, you're all set. If you are still craving and don't feel satisfied, try a higher nicotine strength.</p><p>Chargers</p><p>Starter kits, since they include a battery, will obviously include a charger to recharge it. There are three different types of chargers: car, wall and USB. Typically you'll see a combination of wall and USB chargers. The USB charger will hook right up into the wall adapter so they come together usually. </p><p>Higher end starter kits will include more charging tools usually. Examples are a car charger or a personal charging case. The personal charging case is a cool little device. It both holds your e-cigarette and charges it at the same time!</p><p>Okay, this is everything that comes in an e-cigarette starter kit! Hopefully this helps you understand just want e cig starter kits are all about. Make sure you shop around and make a wise decision about what starter kit you buy!</p><p>For more information, check out the E-Cigarette Festival's roundup of the Best E Cigarette Starter Kits!</p></li></ul>