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    Dear Students The much- awaited holidays are here yet again and it’s time to play and have fun! We have planned some creative projects for you - , assignments to make the optimum use of your energy and give a vent to your creativity so that you continue learning during the holidays as well. Note to the parents:

     Kindly encourage your ward to read the newspaper daily to develop the habit of read-


     Tell them to work upon their handwriting, how important it is to write with a good

    hand and how one’s personality can outshine with good handwriting.

     Tell them to help at least one person in the neighbourhood during the vacations to in-

    culcate the concept of value education in them.

     Educate your child to work upon petty household work during the vacations to under-

    stand the importance of being clean and keeping the surroundings clean.

     Tell them the importance of nature. At least everyone should do one plantation in sur-


    General instructions:

     All the work should be neat, presentable, original and should conform to the guide-


     Students’ own creativity and work will be appreciated.

     Revise July UT-1 syllabus.

     Submit the Holiday Homework between June 28, 2018 and June 29, 2018. Timings:

    9:00am – 11:00am

    Subject – Mathematics VI :

  • 1. Do all review exercises of chapter 1 , 2, 4 in your maths register . 2. Do chapter 2 and chapter 4 from Assignment booklet 3. Project:

    a) Vedic Mathematics: Write 5 rules of Vedic Mathematics with 4 examples each. ( Do on A- 4 sheets)

    b) Prepare a 3D model of a city made of mathematics, name GEOMETROCITY. Use 3D shapes to show various buildings, roads etc.

    NOTE: Assignment Booklet homework to be done in a separate A – 4 size register covered with brown paper.


    CLASS VI Section__________________

    SST HHW Worksheet (2018-19) Name.____________________________ Roll No.__________ Date _____________

    I. Answer the following: ( take the help of your text book)

    GEOGRAPHY (Chapter-1and 2)

    1) The largest planet in our solar system ________________________________________________

    2) The shape of the earth _______________________________________________

    3) The only satellite of earth___________________________________________

    4) An elliptical path on which the earth revolve around the sun __________________________________

    5) An imaginary line along which our Earth rotates._______________________________________

    6) The planets that rotate in a clockwise direction.____________________, _____________________________

    7) The longest Longitude drawn on the Globe ______________________________________

    8) The Planet known as the Earth’s ‘Twin planet’:_____________________________________

    9) A huge system of stars is called a ________________________________________.

    10) The fourth nearest planet to the sun ________________________________

    11) The three heat zones of the Earth ______________________________,

    ___________________________, and ________________________________

    12) A longitude that is not a straight line- _______________________________________

    13) Whole world is divided in ____________________________________ time zones.

    14) Write the full forms of the following:

    i. ISRO__________________________________________________________________________

    ii. NASA _________________________________________________________________________

    iii. IST____________________________________________________________________________

    iv. GMT__________________________________________________________________________

    HISTORY (Chapter-1and 2)

    1) A person who excavates ancient sites.____________________________________________

    2) Microliths were the most efficient tools of this age: _________________________________

    3) Early man used _________________ to make tools in Palaeolithic Age.

    4) Historians divide the past into ___________________________ and _________________________


    5) Ramayana is ________________________________ literary source.

    6) Indica was written by ____________________________________________.

    7) Archaeological sources include ____________________________,

    ____________________________, ____________________________ and

    _____________________________________________ etc.

    8) _______________________________ are written records engraved on rocks, metal pillars, cave

    walls etc.

  • 9) ______________________________________ is the scientific study of inscriptions.

    10) The stone age is classified into _______________________________,

    ______________________________ and __________________________________________.

    11) In the beginning, the early human were ____________________________________ and food –


    12) Historians believe that humans first appeared on earth about __________________________ years


    CIVICS (Chapter-1and 2)

    1. A mental image of a group based on opinion without regard to individual differences.


    2. The state of being widely varied. ___________________________________.

    3. The process of prejudging the people means ____________________________.

    4. Nowadays ______________________________________ is the term used for the disabled and

    handicapped children.

    5. The chief religion of Ladakh is ______________________________________.

    6. _______________________________________________ composed the National Anthem of India.

    7. The fishing net that is used in Kerala ______________________________________________.

    8. The name given to untochables by Mahatma Gandhi is___________________________________.

    9. The father of the Indian Constitution _______________________________________.

    10. Jyotirao Govindrao Phule is a social reformer of _____________________________(state).

    11. When we fix people into one image we create: ______________________________________.

    12. To judge other people inferior or negatively.____________________________________________.

    13. _________________________________________________ coined the term ‘Unity in diversity’.

    II. Draw a neat and well labelled diagram of – 1) important latitudes 2) Heat zones

    III. On the Political map of India, mark the following Palaeolithic and Mesolithic sites: ( take the help

    of the book)

    1. Hunsgi 2.Bhimbetka 3. Kurnool caves 4.Navadotli 5. Mirzapur 6. Bagor 7 Adamgarh.

    SST Holiday HW-2 ( Take the help of Ch -12 history of your text book)

    Highlight the achievements of ancient period of India on any one of the following aspects

    with the help of information and colourful pictures: Do it in the SST register only

    1) Art and Architecture ( hints: temples, stupas,Viharas, palaces , forts, tombs etc. )

    2) Literature (hint: biographies, autobiographies, epics, stories- Jataka tales ,

    Panchatantra etc.)

    3) Medicine (hint: Charak, Susruta)

    4) Astronomy (hint: Aryabhatta, Varahimira)

    5) Mathematics (hint: Brahmagupta, Varahimira , Aryabhatta)

  • Pattern for the SST UT-1 paper (M.M-50)

    I. Answer the following based on your understanding and knowledge (7*1=7)

    II. Answer the following questions briefly (5*1=5)

    III. Read the given statements carefully and rewrite the correct statements (5*1=5)

    IV. Give reasons for the following statements (5*1=5)

    V. Long question answer : (6*3=18)

    VI. Very long question answer (5*1=5)

    VII. Value based question (1)

    VII. Diagram and map-work (4)


    For Q. No. 1,2,3,4 and 6 Use an A4 size coloured sheet 1. Make as many words as possible from the letters used in the following words. a) psychiatrist b) metropolitan c) entertainment 2) Read newspaper everyday during vacations and paste the Headlines of 5 important news that you found most in- teresting. 3) Write a paragraph in about 100-120 words on the topic “If I were a Millionaire” 4) Make a poster on “Stop cruelty towards animals” 5) Read the prescribed novel ‘The Merry Adventures Of Robin Hood’ and answer the following. a) Chapter 1to 5 : (A) After Reading Grammar and Vocabulary (to be done in the book only) b) Chapter 1 Exercise B Q. No. 1,2 and 3 Chapter 2 Exercise B Q. No. 1,2 and 6 Chapter 3 Exercise B Q. No. 3,4 and 5 Chapter 41 Exercise B Q. No. 1,2 and 3 Chapter 5 Exercise B Q. No. 4,5 and 6 (to be done in a separate notebook. Use your creativity to design the coverpage of your separate notebook 6) Contribute the following for the school magazine written by your own creativity: a) Articles b) Riddles c) Poetry d) Facts related to English e) Humorous Jokes f) Memorable experiences during your holidays 7) Cursive handwriting booklet Write the pages from 1-15 in the book. 8) Revise the syllabus done so far.