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DVC Family Association October 28, 2014

DVC Family Association

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DVC Family Association. October 28, 2014. Family Engagement Events/Opportunities. Semester 1. Semester 2. January 20 th , 6:00pm: Family Association February, date TBD: College info night March 9 – 12: SLCs April __: Exhibition April 21 st , 6:00pm: Family Association Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DVC Family AssociationOctober 28, 2014

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Family Engagement Events/Opportunities

Semester 1• October 16th: Coffee with the counselor

• October 28th: Family Association Meeting

• November 19th: Exhibition

• December 2nd, 8:00am: Coffee with the Principal• Focus: POLs

• Time for smaller conversations with Nathan

• December 2nd, 5:00pm: Parent workshop: study skills

• December 10th – 17th: POLs

Semester 2

• January 20th, 6:00pm: Family Association

• February, date TBD: College info night March 9 – 12: SLCs

• April __: Exhibition

• April 21st, 6:00pm: Family Association Meeting

• May 12th, 8:00am: Coffee with the principal

• May 28th – June 4th: POLs

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Volunteer Opportunities

Parents• 9th Grade is doing the TEDx project –

email Meredith if you are interested in:• Mentoring a group of students• Giving students feedback on their work• Helping out the event the day-of

(around the first week of December). This could be staging, food, etc.

Meredith [email protected]

Students• 2nd Saturday of the month

• Food bank• Holly Park Church• Contact: Kim Young• November 8

• Libraries• Pet adoption center• Students (for service hours):


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Dance Update

• Dance committee

• November 14th

• Lawndale Community Center• 7pm to 10pm• $15 per ticket• Tickets on sale starting Wednesday 10/29

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ExhibitionA primer, like 17

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What is Exhibition?A public presentation of student work

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Logistics• School-wide: once each semester, 6pm to 8pm• All students participate and present

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• Exhibition: 6pm to 8pm• Exhibition prep time• Teacher gives non-negociables• Students design experience• Students create experience• Teacher & students design shifts & expectations

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• Students must present their own project work• Professional dress (unless theme dress is approved ahead of time)

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Successful Room Setups

• Journey through process• Coffee shop• Live poetry• Student talks

• Hands on stations• Experiential stations

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