Dutch Green Technology Trade Mission Malaysia 2012

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  • 1. Dutch green technology & sustainabilty trade mission2012HANDELKUALA LUMPURMALAYSIA From 7 till 14 OCTOBER 2012 WERK Dutch green technology & sustainabilty trade mission 2012is organized by Amerging business solutions in collaboration with: Dutch Embassy in Kuala Lumpur

2. Dutch green technology & sustainabiltytrade mission 2012From 7 till 14 October 2012, a trade delegation consisting of Dutch entrepreneurs and business managersactive in the sectors of green technology and sustainability will visit Malaysia. The mission is centered aroundmeetings with local and international trading partners. Moreover, the mission contains a visit to the inter-national exhibition for green technology and sustainability IGEM 2012, which will be held in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.IGEM 2012 is the world wide platform for exchanging and launching the latest technological and sustainablegreen products and services. This exhibition aims at the Malaysian, Asian and worldwide market forsustainability.As part of the mission Amerging will provide a matchmaking service between local and internationalbusiness partners. In collaboration with MIDA (Malaysian Investment Development Authority) participants willbe informed about the legal, economic and cultural aspect of doing business in Malaysia. For Malaysian basedcompanies Amerging will collaborate with your business development department to invite and introducepotential (European) clients to your local business operations in Malaysia.Matchmaking between international business Benets of participation in the trade missionpartners and potential clients Malaysia:Besides a visit to the exhibition,trade partner. During the registration Participation in the Dutch greenFor Malyasian companies thethe delegation will meet with process, you could utter your prefer-technology and sustainability trade mission is a greatpotential clients and businessences for the type of organisation trade mission offers you the pos- opportunity to position thepartners. These appointments areyou want to meet. Malysian based sibility to enlarge your networkunique features of doing businessbased on previously set criteria. companies can introduce theirwithin 7 days. By participating,with potential clients of yourWhen your trade partner is situated potential clients to visit their local you will be fully informed aboutMalaysian based company. Whilein Malaysia, you will visit the local operations in Malaysia. Amerging wil the business opportunities re-strenghtening the relationshipofce or production facility. Thisexecute the full service of selecting, garding green technology andwith already active clients thatgives you the unique opportunity to inviting and guiding your (potential)sustainability. participate.discover on your own the (manufac-clients to your local facility inturing) processes of your potential Malaysia. 3. Malaysia: gateway to Asia, eco-products and green technology Meet more than 500 organizations in the eld of sustainability International operating oganisations are familiar with the unique position of Malaysia as a gateway and hubto the rest of Asia. In addition to a domestic market of more than 28 million inhabitants, Malaysia offers anEnglish speaking population, a strong legal system, and as a member of ASEAN also a strong banking system.Malaysia has the necessary business infrastructure from wich 600 million Asian consumers and businesses canbe targettted and supplied with your products or services. The government of Malaysia has committed itselfto develop the country to a rst world developed economy by 2020. An annual growth target till of 6% GDPshould function as the basis for realising this ambition.Exibitors prole IGEM 2012The participating exhibitors can be divided in 8 main sectors: Construction Eco-Products andEnergy SustainableservicesFinancingICT ProductionTransportationWater & Waste ManagementParticipating sectors include among others the following industries:Agricultural eco-technology - Bio technology - Emission trading - Automotive & Transportation - ConstructionConsumer products - Energy - Eco: tourism - Eco: consultancy - Eco: ICT - Food - Renewable energyGreen Financing - Water and waste management Visitors prole IGEM 2012CEO and COO top management Public PolicymakersProducersProduct agenciesProcurement and Sales management ResearchersBankers and investorsInternational business developmentBooth space during IGEM 2012 If you want to presentwithin a stand up to 9m2. Discuss the objective for Please contact: your product or service your organization and Amerging Business Solutions during IGEM 2012, weUse a stand and positionreceive a tailor made offer info@amerging.com or offer the possibility toyour organization withinyour organization.Tel: +31 (0)20 - 893 2688 participate in the Dutchthe international green Pavilion. technology market.As a participant of the The Dutch pavilion will trade mission you will give your organisation theInterested in presentationreceive a discount rate. opportunity to presentspace during IGEM 2012? your product or services 4. Dutch green technology & sustainabilty trade mission Gain insight into the latest developments in green technology and sustainability Amerging business solutionsAmerging business solutions is specialized in theoptimization of business results. Amerging achievesthis by developing industry-specic (international)networks. Our services include the followingactivities: Organisation of industry and country specic trade missions. Matchmaking between (inter) national trade partners at management level Implementation of (inter) national sales and agency function Development and implementation of (inter) national marketing strategy Industry Market ResearchAmerging is located at Amsterdam Schiphol AirportBoulevard and is the Dutch agent for PowerChoice,a Malaysian-based company.Cooperation Partners Dutch green technology & sustainability trade missionThe Dutch green tech & Sustainability is a missionprogram, which, combined with Amergingsorganised by Amerging business solutions . In organis-commercial expertise, will realize your companysing this mission for entrepreneurs in green technology, business potential.Amerging cooperated with MIDA, MATRADE, HollandGateway and the Dutch Embassy in Malaysia. Due tothis partnership we are able to provide a high qualityDutch green technology & sustainabilty trade missionTarget audience:The trade delegation has the following participants:Organizations with products or services aimed at CxO managementgreen technology and sustainability. Buyers & international accountmangers Green Project leaders International Trade marketers Green SME business leaders Sustainability managers 5. Position your market proposition and organization at an international level Programma : Dutch green technology & sustainabilty trade missionSaturday, October 6, 2012: DepartureWednesday, October 10 starting exhibition IGEMAmsterdam to Kuala LumpurOn Wednesday, October 10, 2012, the exhibition IGEMOn Saturday, October 6 departure from Schiphol Air- will be opened. The exhibition will be held from 10 upport to Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia. to and including Saturday, 13 October.You arrive on Sunday, October 7, 2012 where you willThe location will be the Kuala Lumpur Conventionbe guided to your hotel in Kuala Lumpur.Center. Friday will be an ofcial end of the trademission with a network reception, held at the DutchMonday, October 8, 2012: Presentation MIDA &pavilion.meeting with your (potential) trade partnerSunday, October 14 departure Kuala Lumpur toOn Monday 8 October, you will visit MIDA in order toAmsterdammeet local authorities and your local Malaysian tradepartner. European clients invited for our Malaysian * More details of the trade mission, such as times andbased partners will visit your local business opera-locations, will you receive within 2 days aftertions.registration* Data and programs are subject to changeTuesday, October 9 visit the Cyber Corridor inMalaysiaOn Tuesday 9 October, the Cyber corridor will bevisited. After that, a cultural activity will be held forfamiliarization with Malaysias history, population,economy and nature. 6. Participation packages trade mission:Meet new business partners and strengthen relationships with potential customersPackage Platinum: Matchmaking Trade Mission & travelParticipation IGEM:Access to IGEM 2012 10 till 13 October 2012Access to Dutch Pavilion at IGEMMatchmaking:Selection and Matchmaking with potential trade partners (up to 8)Making appointments with local and central authoritiesSelection and invitation European (potential) clients for Malaysian companiesConference call prior to the start of the trade missionMIDA Presentation: doing business in Malaysia on October 8Visit to local industrial buildings and ofces of trade partnersVisit to historical and cultural locations of Malaysian societyReturn ight from Amsterdam - Kuala Lumpur 6 till 14 October 2012Stay in hotel from 7 till 14 October 2012Return transport:domestic locations of Malaysian trade partnersto Schiphol airport (departure and arrival)to Kuala Lumpur Convention Center (3 days) 4.900,- pp. (Excluding VAT)Package Zilver: Matchmaking Trade MissionVisiting IGEM 2012 Access to IGEM 2012 10 till 13 October Access to Dutch Pavilion at IGEMMatchmaking:Conference call prior to the start of the trade missionSelection and Matchmaking with potential trade partners (up to 4)Making appointments with local and central authoritiesMIDA Presentation: doing business in Malaysia on October 8Visit to local industrial buildings and ofces of trade partnersVisit to historical and cultural locations of Malaysian society 3.475,- pp. (Excluding VAT) (A ight and stay in hotel is included in package trade mission and travel)Package Brons: Trade Mission Travel Return ight from Amsterdam - Kuala Lumpur 6 till 14 October 2012 Stay in hotel from 7 till 14

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