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DUSK IN IPANEMA - · PDF fileThe inspiration for “Dusk In Ipanema” begins in trendsetting Ipanema, the place made famous by the ‘60s song to bear its name, “The Girl In Ipanema,”

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Text of DUSK IN IPANEMA - · PDF fileThe inspiration for “Dusk In Ipanema” begins in...

  • The inspiration for Dusk In Ipanema begins in trendsetting Ipanema, the place made famous by the 60s song to bear its name, The Girl In Ipanema, has a long tradition of dictating beach chic to the rest of the world. This beach is considered one of the main centers of activity for the city of Rio de Janeiro. One of the most expensive places to live, the neighborhood is full of wealthy residents. Considered the little Paris of Rio it is renowned for its avant-garde galleries, bookstores and movie theatres. Every Sunday the Hippie Fair is held with vendors selling everything from wooden dolls to swizzle sticks topped with parrots.

    Dusk In Ipanema is a cocktail we would want to drink while watching the Brazilian sunset after a long day of drinking Caipirinhas and walking around the neighborhood. A spirit-forward stirred cocktail, the aged cachaa gives a light sweet cinnamon cookie notes complemented by the full bodied herbaceousness of Italian amaro, and a perfect introduction to fall with pumpkin spice bitters the cocktail is topped with a feather tuille paying homage to Carnival, the annual Brazilian festival.

    Avua Amburana Cachaa: Avua is a small batch, single sourced cachaa expertly handcrafted by one of Brazils few female distillers. She grows the sugarcane at her familys hillside farm, located about four hours north of Rio de Janeiro. Avua Amburana Cachaa has been matured for at least twenty four months in casks made from amburana, an indigenous wood found only in the forests of Latin America. The resulting spirit offers warm, savory notes of allspice, cinnamon, vanilla and Thai basil, backed by earthy sugarcane. A hint of toasted almond emerges on the finish.

    Amaro Lucano: A family-produced spirit born in the Southern Italian town of Pisticci, Basilicata, Amaro Lucano was originally created in 1894 by Pasquale Vena, a well-known pastry chef of the time. This bittersweet mix is an intricate blend of more than 30 herbs, never before seen in the time of its creation. In 1900 Amaro Lucano gained notoriety throughout Italy and is still a highly popular aperitif and digestif all over Europe. Silky like a liquor, bitter and sweet in varying degrees, and aromatically complex Amaro Lucano is quite simply delicious and fascinating.

    Workhorse Rye Pumpkin Spice Bitters: Over 30 botanicals are extracted and stabilized by organic rye and cane spirit. The first thing youll smell and taste is a pumpkin patch channelled through bright yet savory roasted pumpkin, artichoke leaf, suma root, eleuthero root, sweet potato, and chamomile. Second to that, youll notice the sweeter side of Pumpkin accoutrement: cardamom, cinnamon, cacao, rooibos, and cranberry. Tertiary flavors persist as well thanks to a layering of smoked salts by Bitterman Salt Co, bell pepper, rosemary, and sage.


    Dispense cachaa from barrel into mixing glass. Add amaro, vanilla, and bitters. Stir. Express orange twist through flame. Discard twist. Garnish with feather tuille and paper straw.


    2.25 oz Avua Amburana Cachaa

    .75 oz Amaro Lucano

    .25 oz Vanilla Syrup

    5 drops Pumpkin Spice Bitters

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