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HAPPY MONEY: The Value of Investing in OthersElizabeth Dunn University of British Columbia

Spend on Self (Personal Spending)

Spend on Others (Prosocial Spending)

$100 AUD

Job Satisfaction

14 pharmaceutical sales teams 15 to spend on self or team mate

11 dodgeball teams $20 CAD to spend on self or teammate

Sell more drugs

Win more games

Impact, Connection, Choice

Primary Collaborators Mike Norton (Harvard) Lara Aknin (Simon Fraser)

Additional Collaborators Release Date: May 14, 2013

Lalin Anik (Duke) Claire Ashton-James (VU) Chris Barrington-Leigh (McGill) Robert Biswas-Diener (Positive Acorn) Justine Burns (U. of Cape Town) Adam Grant (Penn) Kiley Hamlin (UBC) John Helliwell (UBC) Imelda Kemeza (Mbarara) Paul Nyende (Makarere) Jordi Quoidbach (Harvard)