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Grab some beer and pretzels and take your friends on a monster bashing dungeon raid or lead them on a long and exciting campaign across the Free Lands. The Dungeonslayers rpg contains everything you need to prepare and run adventures of all kinds:• Complete rules for the new fourth edition of Dungeonslayers• A fast-paced, modern role playing game with a nostalgic feel• In-depth character creation including 15 new hero classes• Over 100 talents, magic spells and items• More action with optional expansion rules such as Slayer Points or destructible dungeons• Over 80 nasty monsters to challenge your players• Three exciting adventures that can be run as a mini-campaign in the Free Lands of Caera• Introducing the world Caera - Dungeonslayers’ classic fantasy settingWWW

Text of Dungeon Slayers


  • AuthorChristian Kennig

    This edition is published by Chronicle City

    PublisherAngus Abranson

    Production ManagerSimon Emmins

    German PublisherUhrwerk Verlag, Erkrath, Germany


    CoverAlan Lathwell

    Cover DesignRalf Berszuck

    Interior IllustrationsThomas Brotkopp Trapp

    English Translation

    TranslationAndreas Bsche Kristel Dierickx

    Rolf Elak

    DTPKristel Dierickx

    MapsChristian Kennig

    ProofreadingJack Game Hermit Berberette

    Logan L. GodfreyBruce Hill

    Michael LangfordJon Sparks

    Special Thanks ToLuca Wildboar Volpino

    Races Tool KitMarc Kretschmer

    German Version

    DTP and MapsChristian Kennig

    Helping Hands, Beta Test and Proofreading

    Andreas Bsche, Dominik Cenia, Tim Charzinski, Alexander Chirkoch, Tan Cron,Rolf Elak, Stefan Falabu, Marc

    Kretschmer, Fabian Mauruschat, Andreas Melhorn, Benjamin Kharand

    Mller, Simay zdogan, Vedran Pilipovi, Christian Njoltis Renkel, Michael Rieger, Ren Swiecik, Murat

    Torunlar, Thomas Trapp, Pascal Phnix Walter, Franoise De Weerdt

    and Michael Stargazer Wolf

    Special Thanks toAndreas Bsche, Dominik Dielin,

    Rolf Elak, Thomas Trapp and Franoise De Weerdt

    FirearmsMichael Stargazer Wolf

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  • You are encouraged to create non-commercial, digital content or expansions for Dungeonslayers. To do so, feel free to use the text, rule mechanics, maps and iconic symbols in this PDF under the license stated below. However, this license expressly

    does not apply to the cover motive, any of the logos and the interior illustrations. Your creations shall be governed by the following Creative Commons license:

    Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Germany (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)


    This edition is printed and distributed, under license, by Chronicle City of 58 Woodville Road, New Barnet, Herts,

    EN5 5NG, UK. For further information about other Chronicle City games please check out our website and forums at


    Reproduction in whole or in part, processing or dis-tribution of the work in any form, particularly for purposes of reproduction by electronic, photome-chanical or similar means is prohibited without the written permission by Christan Kennig, Uhrwerk Verlag and Chronicle City.

  • When I put this small set of rules online in late 2008 for my players and I, no one could have anticipated that within a short time numerous translations and supplements would be created. Less than two years later, these humble be-ginnings grew into a printed volume of rules with over 150 pages of content. What you now see before you is the English translation of these rules.

    Without the friendly, active community which has formed around Dungeonslayers and their important contributions to the fourth edition, the old-fashioned roleplaying game wouldnt be where it is today. More than 1.000 work hours were contributed to this edition - this Dungeonslayers is their Dungeonslayers. It is my hope that a similar community will arise around the English version.

    The fourth edition adds many useful details to our old-fashioned roleplaying game. Those details were often requested, but previously required to much room to be included. But do not fear - this is still Dungeonslayers, even at its vastly expanded size. The core set of rules is still at a measly ten pages. Instead of inflating the streamlined system, the surrounding was gently enhanced without touching the core mechanics of the system. If you already know Dungeonslayers, you will feel at home quite quickly.

    As a little extra, answers for common questions are finally supplied. Further-more, you will find tools, optional rules and pages full of slayer talents, mighty spells and - of course - monsters. Nasty monsters.

    As usual, the rules get right to the point, no unnecessary fluff added.

    The new Dungeonslayers features a lot more: Dungeonslayers always stood for exiting combat, fast paced action, clear rules and lively adventures.

    Dungeonslayers can now be more than just beer-and-pretzels HacknSlay type of game. It was not widely known (due in part to the games title) that epic campaigns full of dramatic turns, fate-ful conspiracies and dark machinations can be run with Dungeonslayers. Hero classes have been created for long term play, and other features to customize characters emphasize this aspect of game play.

    The included Caera setting contains numerous secrets and possibilities for adventurers. Game masters will find a playing field large enough for months or years of gaming.

    Regardless if you are a roleplaying new-bie or a weathered veteran, familiar with Dungeonslayers or not: This rule book will give you everything but a 20-sided die to make your first characters and send them on the road to adventure.

    Regardless whether the players are sneaking through dark sewers under Storm Bluff, wandering the scorching deserts of ShanZasar or exploring the legendary mines of Shimmerstone:

    Endless adventures await you.

    I do wish - as always -

    a lot of fun to all of you.

    Christian Kennig, June 2012

  • 1. CHARACTERS 1Attributes & Traits ............ 1Combat Values .................. 2Character Creation ........... 3Experience ........................ 8Hero Classes ................... 10

    2. TALENTS 17

    3. RULES 36Checks .......................... 36Combat .......................... 38Damage & Healing .......... 40Combat Details ................ 41Optional Combat Rules ... 43Magic .......................... 44

    4. SPELLS 46List of Spells .................... 48

    5. EQUIPMENT 76

    6. GAMEMASTERING 79Dungeons ....................... 79Slayer Hazards ................ 82Travel & Transport .......... 84Languages & Alphabets .. 86Manufacturing Goods .... 86Awarding XP ................... 86Extended Checks ............. 87Treasure ......................... 93Bestiary ........................ 102

    7. ADVENTURES 126The Caera Campaign .... 126Lord of the Rats ............ 127Treacherous Travels ..... 130Fortress of Doom ......... 134

    8. CAERA 142Setting Options ............ 143About Caera .................. 143The Free Lands ............. 144The Almanac ................ 144Map of the Free Lands . 146

    ADDENDUM 148A: Treasure Tables ....... 148B: Minis & Battle Maps 153C: Races Tool Kit .......... 154D: Fire Arms ................. 156Index ........................ 157

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    for character sheets, adventures and more!

  • In a role-playing game, players assume the roles of so-called characters who venture forth together in search of ad-venture. They are guided by a Game Master (GM), a sort of moderator. Dungeonslayers is set in your classic fantasy world. The players personify the inhabitants of this world - they may be sword wielding fighters, elven archers or mysterious mages. Because players act together as a group, there is no real winner - the goal is to experience the mysteries and challenges that were pre-pared in advance by the GM. The Game Masters task is not only to develop the adventure plot ahead of the actual role-playing session. He also as-sumes the roles of the other inhabitants and beings of the fantasy world during the actual game - maybe that of the grim necromancer, a friendly merchant, ser-vile stable boy or even that of a mighty dragon - and through vivid descriptions brings the world that surrounds the players characters to life. The actual game story develops through the dialog between Game Master and players and thus the adventure unfolds.

    EXAMPLE OF A ROLE-PLAYING SESSIONThe following dialog gives you a pretty good idea of how a role-playing ses-sion works. The game takes place in a relaxed atmosphere - snacks and drinks are already on the table, as are the play-ers character sheets. The following per-sons take part:

    The Game Master (GM)Player 1: Dwarf Fighter (DF)Player 2: Elf Scout (ES)Player 3: Human Wizard (HW)

    GM: It is late afternoon as you emerge from the forest. Ahead of you, on a small hill, you can now see the weath-ered ruins of an old, square stone tower. The upper levels must have collapsed

    long ago, overgrown debris is scattered among the surrounding trees and bush-es. From the shadows of what remains of the archway it does, however, appear as if it is still possible to enter into the first floor. On a sheet of paper, the Game Master draws a quick sketch of the clearing and the tower ruins and hands the map over to the players.ES: I signal to the others to take cover for the time being. I then have a look around.DF: Uh, cmon. If theres anyone in there Im sure theyve already noticed us... lets go! (To the GM:) Belga draws her axe and walks towards the tower.ES: (sighs)HW: The Dwarf is right. We follow, I go last.ES: But first I ready my bow and arrow.DF: I stop at the entrance and take a careful look into the tower.GM: You look through the archway and see what must have once been a sin-gle, large room. Now, however, it rather resembles a sunny, overgrown, inner courtyard. Debris from the upper sto-ries is scattered among the knee-high bushes, thick shrubs and gnarled trees.(The GM rolls the dice - a Perception Check for Belga in order to find out whether the Dwarf can see the stairs at the back of the room. But the check fails): You see nothing unusual.DF: Hmmm...HW: What are you waiting for? Go-Go-Go.ES: After you, Miss Belga. I will cover you.DF: Dont shoot me in the back! (T