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  • 5/12/2018 Dungeon Magazine 046


  • 5/12/2018 Dungeon Magazine 046


  • 5/12/2018 Dungeon Magazine 046


    F A N T A S Y C O M B A T QAME TRA.D INC iC A R D ST he w orld of conflicts . creatures. quests and sorcery now has ane xc itin g n ew p la yin g fie ld . M e rlin E ditio ns p re se nts B attle Ca rd s"'-a fun fantasy com bat gam e and a unique set of co llector cards in one.

    S C R A T C H & S L A V C O M B A T S Y m MW ith th e g am e's in ge nio us n ew S cra tch & S la y'" C ombat S yB attle Ca rd s p la y c an b eg in w ith th e ve ry Ii rs t 1 0 c ard p ac k p urc hlust choose opposing fighter cards and begin your adventure -s im p le to a dv an ce d c ombat a nd Q ues ts .G E T T H E S P O Il S OF VI ICTORVPLAYTHE QAME- C O L L E C T AL L 1 39 C A R D SThe gam e intertw ines the forces of Justice, E vil and C haos w ith

    W a rrio rs , B arb aria ns , M o ns te rs a nd M u ta nts . T he c on flic t fin ds n ob leand opposing triba l crusaders vy ing for the throne ofC o ns ta ntia o n th e c ra gg y, w a r- to rn c on tin en t o f V a n go ria .A t your command is the entire cast of BattleCardsc ha ra cte rs , m as te rfu lly illu stra te d a rt in s trik in g c olo r.Ru l es . s t ra teg ie s . r ewa rd s . codes and c lues i nc luded .

    8 01 11 ,O m l, C 1 99 3 S kw ' I .c ho . G. d M,rl in Pu"II,.log Inl ,malw.ol PLC .P . b! rs fl td i n l il e U S A 6y M m , , , E d il i. . , I n< . A ll r i g l r t s , , , , u v t d .

    Win b attle s a nd re ce iv e S ilv er- Fo ile d T re as ure C a rd s. S o lv e a Qand w in a ra re G o ld -F oile d T re as ure C a rd . P lu s,a re T re asu re C ard s ra nd om ly in serte d 1 in e vep ac ks . R e comm en de d fo r h um an s 1 3 an d o ld er.fo r sat t lecards b eg in nin g m id D ec em be r, a nd gb lood! So rr y, t ou rn iquet s no t i nc lu ded .

    M e r li n E d i li o l! 5 . 1 0 9 1 9 T e c h " o lo g ~ P l a a . S u it e E . S an D i e go . C

  • 5/12/2018 Dungeon Magazine 046


    COVER:Deep in anancient undergroundfortress,adventurersapproach a magicalportal to the Underdark.Scott Burdick paints thisinterlude in the search for"TheIron Orb of theDuergar."

    Trite and TrueThis week, I received a letter from one ofour readers who isserving with the U.S. Army in Germany. Thomas J. Broadfootpoints out that someofour published adventures seem inconsis-tent with the "Ideas to Avoid" section ofour module guidelines."I am amazed to find adventures that go against what yourguidelines say to avoid:' Thomas writes. He goes on to cite"Ransom" (rescue a kidnapped child; issue #42); "Isle oftheAbbey" (fight an evil cleric and his undead legions; issue #34);and "The Siege ofKratys Freehold" (ore invasion; issue #33).Thomas adds, "It seems to me that all of the adventure themesImentioned are ones that are listed as not acceptable. So whatgives?"I've heard it said that all fiction (and adventure modules area form of fiction) is variation on a dozen or so basic themes. So,ifthere's nothing really new under the sun, how dowe producea magazine containing adventures that are fun to read andenjoyable to play?One way is to encourage new writers to submit adventures.Our module guidelines are designed to help the person who hasnever submitted anything to us before. Wewant you to havethe best chance of submitting an adventure proposal thatstrikes a chord, tickles our fancy, rings our bells (and all thoseother trite phrases, which have their uses in the proper place).One way for a new author to do this is to write something outof the ordinary. ITtoday's mail brings half a dozen ore infesta-tions and one old man plagued by singing mushrooms, whichone do you think has the best chance of publication?Our guidelines don't say that we'll never publish anothermodule featuring an are raid, a kidnapped princess, 01' an evilwizard. Guidelines are meant to guide, not lead around by thenose. If you're a new writer (new to us, that is), your chancesare greatly improved ifyou send us an imaginative proposalthat avoids the standard plots of fantasy literature and gamingadventures. Ifyou can take well-used concepts and turn theminto something new and different, feel free to prove us wrong.



    The Readers LETTERS

    Ted James DOVEDALEThomas Zuvich CD&Dadventure, levels 1-3)The river is running dry, the harveis threatened, and the fish areunhappy

    Steve Kurtz FL OA TIN G R OC K(AD&Dadventure, levels 5-9)Meet the strangest band of pirateson the seas. Meet their ship, too . .

    Randy Maxwell GO BLIN FEV ER(AD&D adventure, levels 3-5)Snipers, food shortages, fires, andmayhem. The city of Waen Fawr ha bad case of the fever. .

    Peter Aberg THE IRON ORB OF THEDUERGAR(AD&D adventure, levels 11-15)The Northmen are on a rampage, aonly the duergar know why. Discovthe secret of the iron orb

    From the wrath of the Northmen, 0 Lord, deliver us.Unknown Frankish m

  • 5/12/2018 Dungeon Magazine 046


    A DV EN TU R E JO U RN ALFor use with StarWars: The Roleplaying GameThe Star WarsAdventure Journal has something for every Star Wars fan,Be part of the Star Warsgalaxy by subscribing now!

    IEach Journal will include original stories fromthe Star Wars Univ9.rsealong with columns like ...Wanted BVCracken. featuring new criminals Inthe Star Warsgalaxy. from Imperial adversaries to bounty hunters.Scout's Dispatch. new planets and locations for scouts to explore.Rebel Field Guide. featuring equipment and advice on how to useit to the best advantage in the field.Smuggler's Log, filled with adventure hooks and exciting locationsfor smuggler choracters.Objective Sighted. featuring Star Wars Miniatures Bottles scenarios.Lettersto the Editor, with readers' comments about the Journal,Star Wars and Star Wars gaming.New Horizons, spreading Information about new Star Warsproducts such as novels, comics, toys and gomes,Classified Ads, where people con seek and find information onstar Wars collectibles and communicate with other fans.

    !Please send me t o - : r issues ofThe Sfar WarsAdventure Journal.Name: __Address: _City: __State: Zip: __Send check ormoney order for $35to Star Wars Adven-ture Journal Subscriptions. West End Games Ltd.. RR3Box 2345. Honesdale, PA 18431-9560,D I'd like to write for the Joumall Please send mewriters' guidelines, 1 have enclosed a self-addressedstamped envelope. UDU

    ------------------------------------..;:,_ ---------------- . '" ."d e 1991 Lccesfl lm, Ltd. (LFL) . All Rlgtus Reserved.Trmkmarks or LI'7I..used by Woe , :"e ,ud Games UII:I::Ier cu rnee tec uon .

  • 5/12/2018 Dungeon Magazine 046


    1lAV'NtOfTW"",,"",,~JI ~t1MAl ~ $20~I ROr! ' lW.fE rO OA Y IBVNDtfi IRQ. VDE5 T~f PLAVR$ tlAND8O PNl!lt . S8ARPENE1I.TH JtP{;1 STARtt3t KIT 'PRo! ~ " $93STARTm 'KIT. Pws THE filRGOTTN RAlMS .(AMPAlG)4SET . f'RIWATRDEEI' A'ND ThlE NOFmi AND TH 'RVJNS Of'~AIN&XUlsm

    Designates registered trademarks ofTSR, Inc.

  • 5/12/2018 Dungeon Magazine 046


    The incredible w orld of R ifts" as3 -dim e nsio nal m e tal m in iatu resRifts remains one of the absolute hottest role-playing games on the market!

    With mind-boggling characters, art and designs like those found in Rifts Triaxand Wormwood - Dimension Boo.k One this is one RPG that continues tosurprise and delight its fans.Now Palladium adds a new dimension 10 the world of Rifts. Three dimen-

    sional, collectable pewter figures (25 mm scale)!These figures are produced by some of the finest sculptors at Palladium's

    disposal and includes the impressive talents of Jeff Wilhelm, James Johnson,Stephen Trickett, William Adams, Jason Weibe, Timothy Prow and KevinWhite. AU our sculptors work under the direct guidance of Kevin Siembiedaand the Palladium staff.Rifts miniature combat rules?!Since the release of these popular pewter figures, Palladium has been

    swamped with demands for a set of miniature combat rules. We aren't makingany promises, but we're seriously considering the idea - so keep your eyespeeled.Meanwhile, the incredible SAMAS, Sky Cycle, Juicers, Skelebors, Glitter

    Boy, Atlantis figures and others are available to decorate your she If and enhanceyour games right nowl Check 'em out! I

    Rifts"Miniature Check List8001 Glitter Boy #1 (our best selling figure): $7.958002 Xitcix Pack (3 figures): $6.958003 Coalition Soldiers #1 (4 figures; super hOII): $6.958004 Coalition Dog Pack # I (4 figures; hOI!): $6.958005 Men of Magic (4 Rifts figures): $6.958006 Cyborgs # I (4 f igures ; hot!): $7.958007 Simvan & Ostrasaurus (n beauty & a steall): $6.958008 Coalition Skelebots # I (4 figures; hot I): $7.958009 Coalition SAMAS (2 large, beautiful figures: hot!): $8_958010 Coalition Sky Cycle (an incredible piece!! Hotl): $9.958011 Coalition Dog Pack #2 (4 different figures): $6.958012 Juic-ers & a Crazy (4 dynamic figures): $7.958013 Cyborgs #2 (4 new, great figures!): $8.958014 Atlantis Set #1 (Overlond & 3 others: incredible): $8.958015 Damaged Skelebots #I (3 figures. one de-ad on base): $7 _95

    Recent releases8016 Cyber-adventurers # I (cyber-knights & a new juicer): $7.958017 Rogues & SeOUL#1 (4 figures. nice): $7.958018 Brodkil & Witchling (2 giant f igures , one small): $8 ... 58019 Damaged Skelebots #2 (4 battle damaged bots): $7.958020 Psi-stalkers & Scouts # I (4 figures, nice): $7.95

    Palladium Books"Dept. D 12455 Universal DriveTaylor, Mi. 48180Copyright 1: 1 1 'l' l4 Pell nd lu rn