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<ul><li> 1. Dedicated toexceeding expectations </li> <li> 2. Dedicated to exceeding expectations About us Founded as Davies Turner in 1870 to ship the belongings of Victorian adventurers to the farthest corners of the globe, DT Moving is an expert in relocating private individuals, families and corporate employees all over the world. With head offices in London and Paris, and a global network of trusted partners, we are on hand to serve your every need. </li> <li> 3. Making your life easier...They say that moving home is one Our dedicated and enthusiastic team has an average of 20 years experience in the industry.of the most stressful things you can This leads to a professionalism and wealth ofdo. We say it doesnt have to be knowledge that few can match; our packers are experts in fine art and antiques packing and ourthat way. move managers relocate customers to all corners of the globe. Which all means good news for youWith over 140 years experience in relocating and your precious belongings.individuals and families overseas, DT Movingis perfectly placed to take away the pressures With head offices in London and Paris, and a globalassociated with international moving. network of trusted partners, we are on hand to serve your every need.We guide our customers through the entire process,from packing at your home right through to delivery Our in-house road and air freight divisions, plusand settling-in at your new residence. We promise ocean freight contracts with the major shipping lines,that every single customer is assigned an mean we are able to leverage competitive pricing.experienced move manager to act as a constant So whether your goods are being shipped by air,point of contact. sea or road, you will receive a quality service at a competitive price. Your complete satisfaction is our goal. Some of our industry credentials: IS0 9001-2008: International FIDI: The Federation of FAIM: Developed by FIDI, OMNI: We are a partner BAR: The British Association Quality Management International Furniture FAIM is a stringent, quality in the Overseas Moving of Removers promotes the standard for good Removers is a global standard, unique to the Network International (OMNI). development of professional management practice, network of quality certified international moving industry OMNI is a global consortium moving services in the designed to enhance international moving and certified by Ernst &amp; of the leading international UK. As members of the customer satisfaction companies. FIDI develops Young. We were the first moving companies. With a BAR Overseas Group we in supplier-customer and promotes industry organisation in the world moving network that extends are financially bonded for relationships. training and best practice. to achieve FAIM ISO, the to over 70 countries, OMNI is advance payments and highest level attainable. dedicated to maintaining abide by the OFT-approved the highest level of Code of Practice. customer service. 3 </li> <li> 4. Dedicated to exceeding expectationsPackingThe success of any move depends Custom-made cartons We provide a range of custom-made cardboardgreatly on the skill and organisation cartons including:of the packing crew. Were extremely Wardrobe boxes to transport hanging clothes in their upright positionproud of our highly experienced Lay-flat boxes for other clothes, linen, towelspacking team. China boxes to keep fragile items safe Mattress cartons to protect the shape of mattressesWe employ and directly manage our own operative and Over-sized cartons for large items like golf clubswarehousing staff. We use only the best quality packing and bicyclesmaterials to provide maximum protection for your Book cartons for small, heavy items such asbelongings. Our packing service includes: books, files, recordsExport packing All purpose cartons for general useWe export-wrap all furniture and large items for overseasmoves and storage using specially cushioned Kraft paper Sustainable resourcesblankets. All our cardboard and paper materials are produced from sustainable resources; they are recyclable, non-bleachedDomestic packing and bio-degradable. Timber is treated and certified toFor local, long-distance and European road moves, we meet international standards for Phytosanitaryoffer a Euro-wrap option. Furniture and large items are Measures (ISPMs).padded and protected whilst on the removal vehicle usingspecial woollen blankets, saving both time and cost. Inventory On completion of the packing at your residence, wePrecious items provide a fully itemised list of all your belongings.Your precious ornaments, china, glassware and works ofart will be packed to our fine art and antiques packingstandard. This ensures the best combination of materialsand packing techniques are applied to each and everyitem in the home. 4 2 www.dtmoving.com </li> <li> 5. TransportationWe leverage our group resourcesfor best sea, air and road freighttransport solutions. But not at thesacrifice of quality.Through our ocean freight contracts with the majorshipping lines, we book the most direct, fastest andcompetitive container sea-freight lanes to all major portsworldwide. With in-house road and air freight divisions weprovide unique transportation solutions. These respond toever-increasing needs for reliable, scheduled transit times,no matter how large or small the shipment. Air Freight - for smaller consignments and/or items which you may need immediately Sea Freight - the most common and cost-effective method for medium to large intercontinental moves and for non-urgent smaller volume consignments &gt; Full Container Load (FCL) - exclusive use of the whole sea container &gt; Less than Container Load (LCL) - part use of a shared sea container Road - transport by truck, for moves within the same country or continentYour move manager will advise you the most appropriatetransport option for your needs. 5 </li> <li> 6. Dedicated to exceeding expectations Customs Customs documentation and clearance procedures vary from country to country. Let our move manager guide you through the process. From the outset, we will advise you on the required documentation and on what can or cannot be taken into a particular country. Your move manager will be at your disposal for any questions that you may have. We will then, in conjunction with our destination network partner, process your consignment through clearance formalities. And, once released by customs, we will coordinate the delivery to your residence or place the goods into storage until you are ready. Delivery A professional delivery service is absolutely vital to ensure your move finishes as smoothly as it started. We unload your goods and place them in the room(s) of your choice. Protective materials are used to care for floors and walls and each item is checked off against the original packing inventory. The delivery team will also re-assemble beds and other pre-indicated items, meaning one less thing for you to worry about. Your possessions are carefully unpacked and the paper, padding and cardboard packing material is then removed for recycling or disposal. We can even arrange for a handyman or maid service to help you settle in and feel at home. 6 2 www.dtmoving.com </li> <li> 7. DT Moving 3.0 Allowances Xeraesequis nit nullandrem ip enibh et Dui tat adigna faci blan ercipis aliquisim la feum volor irit dolortio eu faccum quis vullandit dolore faccum zzriure dionullaInsurance dolor suscidunt prat praestrud ex enis Storage feuguerat lore tem del eraestrud. at. Isi tio dunt eros etuercipis delit lut vel Niamconulla consecte core magnaOur aut luptatemtransitsent veraessed ut All-Risk qui er insurance is If feugiam consequi esendia tincileverything you do not wish to move et, modignisi.purpose-designed for international to your new home, our modern, volorem quatismod tin utat. Magna adhousehold incil enis moving, storage Nummolor goods esecte magnibh ercilit securesed et vel ing exercingthe answer. dolor storage centre is eugue wis dolenisl ut nulluptat am vendrerosto exerat il eros nim euisciliquis dunt aliquatand transportation. From start to diam in veraessis dolut lum quis do in henim nim quisit lor se dolut volute Short or long-term storagefinish, your goods are covered. dolor iriure dolumsandrem ex ercipsum commodi origin or destination Available at onullum at. augiam do dolobortin henibh essit numWe take great pride, care and consideration in the Tet ad facilities for heavy and bulky items such as Special elis eu feuguer sequis nos adignapacking and preparationet ulla goods for the ing exercilis nos of your faccum nulla atem carpets, ladders, pianos, motor vehiclesmove and this is critical to reduce the risk of transit con henis nibh eugait aut dolore ming et quisl iuscillandip enibh et aliquam delit, ver Fine art and antique storagebreakages or loss. After all, its what we do best. ing enim quatem dolesti smolobor incil si. With 24-hour quissi bla facipiscinim fire prevention,But marine or air-cargo transit insurance for your goods iliquam, security and state-of-the-art quismoditis of great augiam velit iril ut la consendrem including sprinkler system and smoke and heat detectors, Volor importance; it protects you from events your goods are in safe hands. venibh elenisim pratum digna cor sisitwhich are beyond both your and our control. Whether zzrit, vullupta...</li></ul>