Drupal SEO Kristen Pol CruzTech, LLC (Freelance)‏ Web, Drupal & SEO drupal@kristen.org Santa Cruz, CA drupal: kepol

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Text of Drupal SEO Kristen Pol CruzTech, LLC (Freelance)‏ Web, Drupal & SEO drupal@kristen.org Santa Cruz,...

  • Drupal SEOKristen PolCruzTech, LLC (Freelance)Web, Drupal & SEOdrupal@kristen.orgSanta Cruz, CAdrupal: kepol

  • What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?Improving your Site Structure, Content, and Links for Higher Search Engine RankingIncreased Traffic!Organic vs PaidSearch Result = Marketing Message

  • First Position => Most ClicksPercent of Clicks Relative to 1st Position:1 (First)42.13%n/a2 (Second)11.90%3.5x less3 (Third)8.50%4.9x less4 (Fourth)6.06%6.9x less5 (Fifth)4.92%8.5x lessDoes Ranking Really Matter?

  • What Do YOU Think Impacts SEO?

  • A LOT!200+ factors!!!12 changes to algorithm weeklyDon't worry about keeping up with search engine changes... worry about your content

  • Site QualityGetting #1 in Google won't help if your site sucks!Off topicOutdatedBuggy / broken linksConfusing UIDesign your site for your users

  • (Some) SEO FactorsContent! (unique and on topic)Page title (mucho importante!)Meta data (marketing blurb, robot control)Keywords (chosen & used wisely)Internal & external links (keywords/related)Domain trustworthiness (age, links in&out)

  • ContentRelevant and uniqueTimely/freshWell chosen and used keywords (don't spam!)Link text is very importantHow far page is from home pageClean, readable links (with keywords)Sitemap for finding content

  • Header & Meta DataPage tag!!!Meta description = MARKETING messageMeta keywords placeholder for your keywordsRobot meta data nofollow, noindex, nocache

  • ConnectivityLink text is IMPORTANTInbound links (external links)Outbound links (to trusted & relevant sites)Internal linksCross links beware of link farms!

  • Techie DetailsClean URLsSEO friendly themeValid HTMLNo broken linksrobots.txt index controlnofollow untrusted or unverified linkssitemap.xml list of indexable pages

  • SEO Related Modules Path Path Auto Page Title Global Redirect Path Redirect Meta Tagsby Pathby Node Type XML Sitemap Search 404 Menu Attributes Links Checker SEO Friend SEO Checklist SEO Checker HTML Purifier Google Analytics Service Links Nofollow List RobotsTxt Excerpt Alinks More Like This Related Content Featured Content Glossify Internal Links URL List Custom Breadcrumbs Pathologic Automatic Node TitlesYIKES!!!!!!http://www.kristen.org/content/drupal-seo-modules

  • Path Clean URLs Requires apache mod_rewrite http://test/admin/settings/clean-urls Off - http://test/?q=admin/settings/clean-urls On - http://test/admin/settings/clean-urls

  • Path path moduleOptional core moduleEnableEdit page & specify in URL path settings text fieldUse short, intuitive paths with good keywords

  • Path pathauto moduleEnable & Configure - site building > url aliases > automated alias settingsGeneral settings Update ActionNode path settings default can be empty, patterns for specific content typesEdit a page - automatic alias will be checked (be careful if unchecking!)Keyword relevant patterns => good URLs

  • Path path_redirectEnableConfigure pathauto Update ActionCreate custom redirects301 redirects from old aliases to new aliases

  • Path - globalredirect Enable & Configure site configuration > global redirect Will make sure duplicate URLs are handled with 301 redirectsnode/1/ => node/1?q=node/1 => node/1

  • Content - page_title Enable & Configure content management > page titlesAdd patterns (site specific)Check content types for text field Edit page enter page title will follow pattern if specified tag is MOST important on-page optimization (marketing + search algorithms)

  • Content nodewords Enable & Configure content management > meta tagsTags to show on edit form (description, optionally keywordsFront page info Edit a page and fill in meta tag text Description shows up in some results (marketing!)

  • Tools - xmlsitemap Enable (base module + submission and node) Configure site configuration > xml sitemapDefaults okay Run cron Creates [domain]/sitemap.xml e.g. http://test/sitemap.xml Provides list of pages for search engines

  • Tools SEO Friend Enable & Configure content management > SEO FriendRequired, min/max length & words, duplicate checkingPathauto checkbox (keeps track if unchecked) Reports reports > SEO reportsList of SEO modules installedList of page titles and meta data and duplicatesPathauto update action check Open to new features!!!

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